Margaret River to Albany Road Trip: Winery To Coastal Beauty

Margaret River to Albany Road Trip
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A Margaret River to Albany road trip is one of the most amazing things you can do in Western Australia.  This route, essentially a road trip through South West Australia, has recently been promoted as “The South West Edge.” With the best parts of the South West Edge itinerary, we offer you tons of insider information and suggestions.

The portion of this region that runs from Margaret River to Albany is the best.  After leaving Margaret River’s picturesque hills and coast, you’ll journey through Pemberton’s towering timber. These are undoubtedly the most stunning woodlands in Western Australia, extending into the untainted Walpole Wilderness.

Travel Distance370 km
Travel Time by car4 Hours 17 minutes

Margaret River To Nillup Village General Store

Travel Distance39.1 km
Travel Time by car31 minutes

In the small village of Nillup in Western Australia’s scenic region, there is a charming and necessary business called the Nillup Village General Store. The shop, which is surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, acts as a vital community hub by giving a variety of goods and services to both residents and visitors. Nillup, located in the southwest of Western Australia, is renowned for its peaceful countryside, verdant woods, and proximity to places of interest, including the Margaret River wine region and the breathtaking coastline.  

The Nillup Village General Store plays a significant role in upholding the village’s sense of community, evident despite its tiny size. The shop provides a vital lifeline for the community by providing a wide range of goods and services to meet their basic requirements. It is more than simply a conventional convenience store. The Nillup Village General Store ensures that locals can access the criteria without travelling long distances, offering everything from basic groceries and household necessities to fresh vegetables and locally sourced goods.

Nillup Village General Store To Nannup Skatepark

Travel Distance60 km
Travel Time by car39 minutes

For skaters and BMX riders of all ability levels, the Nannup Skatepark offers a variety of features and obstacles. It was created with input from the neighbourhood skateboarding scene, ensuring that it satisfies the requirements and preferences of frequent users. The park’s thoughtful arrangement promotes creativity and individual expression while upholding a secure and comfortable atmosphere. The high-quality concrete construction of the Nannup Skatepark is one of its distinguishing qualities. The park’s smooth transitions, ramps, ledges, and rails give skaters and BMX riders various opportunities to show prowess. 

Riders will face various problems due to the design’s transitional and street characteristics blend. All ages and skill levels of skateboarders are welcome at the Nannup Skatepark. You can enjoy yourself at this park whether you’re a novice learning the fundamentals or an advanced skater eager to test your boundaries. It acts as a gathering place for the neighbourhood’s skating and BMX communities, building a sense of community and promoting the expansion of these activities there.

Nannup Skatepark To Manjimup Heritage Park

Travel Distance56.9 km
Travel Time by car42 minutes

The Manjimup Heritage Park, located in the heart of the Manjimup townsite, celebrates the history and culture of the area. The State Timber Museum, Age of Steam Museum, a historical village with period buildings and displays, and a full-size replica fire lookout tower are all situated on 12 hectares of naturally landscaped and grassed picnic spots. The Snorting Liz, the Saw Pit, and the rail artefacts offer fascinating insights into the tools and methods used in earlier times, and a timber museum packed with artefacts will enthral everyone who visits.

The park is home to the Manjimup Woodturners Association, Manjimup Historical Society, and the Manjimup Community Garden, in addition to the numerous historical static exhibits from the early days of steam and timber. As demonstrated in the Manjimup Timber and Heritage Park, which provides an experience in learning about the region’s rich and colourful past, the Lower South West region of Western Australia was founded by the early pioneers of key industries. The Manjimup Timber and Heritage Park, surrounded by a stand of locally notable trees, will transport you to a period in history when a unique group of people toiled to create a prosperous future for the Manjimup district.

Manjimup Heritage Park To Lake Muir Observatory

Travel Distance61.4 km
Travel Time by car41 minutes

The observatory is close to Lake Muir’s shoreline, a charming freshwater lake ringed by peaceful woodland. Because of its isolated location, distant from the lights of big towns, it has minimal light pollution, making it a fantastic destination for astronomers and sky lovers. Modern telescopes and other tools are available at Lake Muir Observatory, allowing scholars and visitors to delve into the mysteries of the galaxy. The facility serves amateur and professional astronomers’ interests by providing various telescopes with varying sizes and capabilities. 

Precision observations and astrophotography are made possible by sophisticated image equipment and computerised tracking systems in these telescopes. An extensive reflector telescope with a sizable aperture, one of the main telescopes at Lake Muir Observatory, offers exceptional views of far-off celestial objects. Astronomers can investigate galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, and other intriguing phenomena with this device in outstanding detail.

Lake Muir Observatory To Rocky Gully Public Restroom

Travel Distance35.9 km
Travel Time by car22 minutes

The Rocky Gully Public Restroom is ideally situated to serve the needs of travellers taking in the region’s breathtaking natural scenery and attractions. This facility offers a much-needed pit stop for visitors going through the area and is surrounded by beautiful vegetation, rolling hills, and peaceful woodlands. The Rocky Gully Public Restroom is distinguished by its dedication to cleanliness and hygiene. Because of the facility’s good upkeep, guests can enjoy a tidy and welcoming setting. 

To improve the comfort of its customers, the restroom is frequently cleaned and furnished with contemporary conveniences. The building is built to accommodate people with various accessibility requirements. The toilet is wheelchair accessible and has roomy interior designs so everyone can easily use them. This diversity demonstrates the community’s dedication to ensuring that everyone in Rocky Gully has equitable access to necessities.

Rocky Gully Public Restroom To Gloria Dieu Orchard

Travel Distance48.3 km
Travel Time by car29 minutes

Come and enjoy the friendly farm hospitality. They are a working farm that provides seasonal fresh apricots from their orchard, commercially processed dried fruit goods, fresh grass-fed lamb to customers directly at our farm shop, and local coffee. The cost includes free coffee, scones, and an all-premium product sampling session for up to 4 individuals on the first morning. This is a genuine farm experience thanks to the many friendly farm animals (sheep and hens). 

The cost covers up to 4 guests. The campers must be self-sufficient. They are ideally situated 20 km from several wineries, including West Cape Howe, Plantagenet wines, and Windrush, to name a few, 15 km from Mt Barker and 43 km from Denmark. There are none in this location. Campers are required to be independent and leave no trace. No pets, please. Please do not enter any commercial structures or orchards without management’s permission.

Gloria Dieu Orchard To The Sandalwood Shop

Travel Distance53.3 km
Travel Time by car34 minutes

The Sandalwood Shop is where you can buy sandalwood in Australia. We are Australia’s most enormous sandalwood-inspired beauty, health, and lifestyle goods retailer with two retail locations in Western Australia. We use sandalwood oil in our products since it is a natural wellness ingredient with outstanding functional qualities that make it perfect for skin and aroma-based applications. It has a warm, creamy scent. Among the goods available are those from Quintis Sandalwood Album and Mt. Romance Australian Sandalwood. We used to go by the name Mt. Romance, but we’ve been providing high-quality sandalwood items for more than 20 years now.

The Sandalwood Shop To Albany Visitor Centre

Travel Distance14.6 km
Travel Time by car15 minutes

The Albany Visitor Centre is in Albany’s shopping centre on York Street. In addition to helping you make reservations for your preferred excursions and lodging, our award-winning information and booking service, handled by helpful and friendly locals, can give you detailed information about the South Coast region. The group can offer you the ideal lodging choices based on your requirements. Make the most of your time in their stunning city with the assistance of local attraction experts.

Let them guide you to the most incredible wineries, beaches, fishing, diving, and surfing spots, or suggest a cruise on the Southern Ocean during the whale migration season. Visit the facility and pick up your free South Coast Holiday Planner or one of their numerous pamphlets to assist you in planning your trip in their region for insider tips only locals would know.

Albany Visitor Centre To Albany 

Travel Distance500 m
Travel Time by car6 minutes

Albany, a sanctuary for people who prefer a cold climate, sits on a calm harbour bordered by a national park. Adventure seekers can explore a rocky coastline with sculpted rocks, serene sandy beaches, and nature trails through aromatic bushes. Fans of the region’s small wineries, historic structures, and wine bars can take strolls through the town. Driving from Perth to Albany takes just over four and a half hours, or you can fly there in only one hour. Coach lines also serve Albany. Mountain cyclists may get the same feeling on a Munda Biddi trail. It is the world’s longest off-road bicycle track of its sort.

The perfect way to experience Albany’s incredibly alluring coastline is to stand on the edge of a 40-meter-high cliff with the ocean below and wind rushing upwards. The Gap is a see-through platform that protrudes ten metres from Torndirrup National Park’s granite face. Natural Bridge, a sculpted rock formation a short distance away, offers a more tranquil setting for considering nature’s forces. Take time to scan the horizon; there’s a fair chance you’ll spot humpback whales breaching there between May and October.

Take a whale-watching cruise to see whales up close, or keep a look out when driving around the Vancouver Peninsula to hidden beaches and bushwalking routes. In town, a 35-meter-tall ruby seadragon covers white grain silos, one of Western Australia’s numerous enormous silo art murals. It overlooks ancient structures from the time of the early settlers; the first European settlers in Western Australia arrived in Albany. Additionally, it points to Mount Clarence’s National ANZAC Centre. The museum provides a profoundly touching tour through Australians’ and New Zealanders’ experiences in World War One. Windows provide views of the natural harbour where 30,000 troops left, many of whom would never return to Australian soil.


What Can You See While On The Way From Margaret River To Albany?

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, Car Park Greens Pool, and Albany Wind Farm Car Park are the main stops from Margaret River to Albany. The Gloucester Tree, Jewel Cave, and Margaret River Visitor Centre are a few more well-liked sites.

How Long Should I Plan To Stay In Margaret River?

A three-night minimum stay is what we advise. You can travel to both the north and the south because of this. There will, of course, always need to be more time to see everything. With excellent restaurants and cafes, Margaret River town is a terrific location, and our guest home is within a 2-minute walk from the main street.

Is A Trip To Margaret River Worthwhile?

Margaret River, commonly known as “Margs” locally, is one of Australia’s most popular outdoor vacation destinations. Only a stay at Margaret River, renowned for its award-winning wines, magnificent beaches, and breathtaking natural wonders, would complete a trip to Western Australia.

Is Albany, New York, Worth A Visit?

Being the state’s capital, Albany is a fantastic place to visit while touring some of New York State’s top attractions. Yes, it’s a city sometimes eclipsed by its sibling, New York, but it’s still worthwhile to visit, especially if you’re travelling along the eastern edge of the state toward Vermont.

What Is Remarkable About Albany, Australia?

As the last port of call for troopships leaving Australia for the First World War, Albany is crucial in the ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) mythos. The final time service members set foot on Australian soil, making it a meaningful memorial.

Final Words

Spend an unforgettable night surrounded by some of Australia’s animal treasures at Donnelly River Village, immerse yourself in a First Nations tour unlike any other, go wine, cheese, and chocolate tasting in the gastronomic Margaret River region, and get to know the southern coast with wildlife and wilderness experiences in and around Albany.

This action-packed, picturesque, five-day journey from Perth (Boorloo in the local Whadjuk Nyoongar people’s language, who are the traditional owners of the land on which Perth is currently located) to the best that Western Australia’s south has to offer is full of time for you to take it all in. Relax, sit back, and take it all in. The Margaret River to Albany road trip is one of the most exciting road trips you can go on in Australia.

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