Melbourne to Bright Road Trip – Enjoy the Victorian Countryside!

Melbourne to Bright Road Trip
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Do you want to go away from Melbourne for a weekend? Pack your bags and drive to the beautiful Bright area about five hours north. From Melbourne to Yarra Valley and passing via Bonnie Doon, this epic 344-kilometer journey ends in Bright.

On your way to one of Australia’s most famous inland spots, we’ll show you the best stops along the way. See what you can see on the Melbourne to Bright road trip by reading on!

We are going to take the route from Melbourne to Bright via Yarra Valley and Bonnie Doon.

Melbourne to Bright Road Trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions

Bus Distance 4 Hours  30 Minutes
Drive / Car Distance 3 Hours 30 mins
Stops 3 Stops 
Nearest Airport Albury Airport

Here, we will provide you with a detailed 5-hour 4WD road trip plan from Melbourne To Bright, including information on accommodations, activities, and transportation.

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Melbourne to Yarra Valley

Total distance is approx 42 km Driving Approx 45 mins

This 4WD from Melbourne To Bright road trip guide begins with leaving Melbourne. 

Put a bang at the beginning of your Melbourne to Bright road trip. The Yarra Valley in Victoria is considered to be the heart of Australia’s wine industry. We suggest starting the day with a journey into wine country, which is an hour away from Melbourne and can be reached by car in the morning. After that, choose to spend the night in one of the quaint accommodations that are dispersed across the undulating hills of the valley.

The wineries TarraWarra Estate, Yering Station, Dominique Portet, Coombe – The Melba Estate, Giant Steps, and De Bortoli come highly recommended as some of the best in the industry. But don’t be alarmed because this is only the top of the iceberg. You can also partake in a variety of other activities, such as wilderness hikes, bike rides, rides in hot air balloons, and more.

Top attractions in Yarra Valley

Some of the top attractions are listed below. You can always get to these places if you want a long road trip.

  • Healesville Sanctuary
  • Redwood Forest
  • Warburton Rainforest Gallery

Accommodation in Yarra Valley

Though it is a 5 hours road trip just in case, if you want to stay over, you can visit these places.

  • Yarra Gables
  • Balgownie Estate Yarra Valley
  • Yarra Valley Lodge

Restaurants in Yarra Valley

  • Herd Bar & Grill
  • Immerse Restaurant
  • The Independent Gembrook

Yarra Valley to Bonnie Doon

Total distance is approx 130 km Driving Approx 1 hrs and 30 mins

Leave the Yarra Valley and drive for around an hour and a half to two hours to arrive in the beautiful countryside of Bonnie Doon. Just a little diversion off the main road leading to Bright, Bonnie Doon sits on the water’s edge of Lake Eildon and was featured in the iconic Australian film The Castle. This charming town is just a short drive away from the well-known Mount Buller for those travelers who have a little bit more time on their hands.

Waterskiers, motorbike and four-wheel drive enthusiasts, fishermen, and wakeboarders are just some of the outdoor enthusiasts who flock to Bonnie Doon for the broad array of opportunities it provides for them to enjoy the great outdoors.

You may satisfy your cravings for skiing and snowboarding, as well as a more invigorating atmosphere, by traveling to Mount Buller. Memorial Rock and the community’s several Country Markets are a couple of the other sights that can be found here. A revitalizing pit stop would consist of spending anywhere from one to three days in the area.

Top attractions in Bonnie Doon

  • Mount Buller
  • Memorial Rock
  • Country Markets

Accommodation in Bonnie Doon

  • Mansfield Valley Motor Inn
  • High Country Holiday Park

Restaurants in Bonnie Doon

  • Bonnie Doon Hotel – Bistro Bar
  • Bonnie Bar

Bonnie Doon to Bright

Total distance is approx 175 km Driving Approx 2 hrs and 10 mins 

Bright is your final destination after a drive of around 2.5 hours from either Bonnie Doon or Mount Buller. Before heading further, make a pit stop at Wangaratta, which is only a one-hour drive from the Mount Buller region, if you have young children and are unable to complete the 2.5-hour hike. Your much-desired location can be found in the foothills of the Victorian Alps.

Bright is well-known for its four distinct seasons, each of which features beautiful colors. It would be a shame to pass up the opportunity to go along the Great Alpine Road, which is widely regarded as one of the country’s most scenic drives. You can take a winding path through the serenity of Mount Buffalo National Park, or you can climb Mount Hotham for views that will take your breath away. Make it a point to stop by Bright Brewery for some of their delicious handcrafted beers.

Canoeing and kayaking opportunities are available on the Buckland River, which you may access by going to Ovens Valley. Climbing, cycling, paragliding, caving, bushwalking, fishing, horseback riding, and other activities are only some of the things that may be done in this region. During the Autumn Festival, you will even have the opportunity to test your skill at panning for gold.

Bright Markets feature handcrafted items made of wood, as well as creative works of art, fashion, and jewelry, in addition to offering delicious fresh local cuisine and drinks. After you’ve worked up an appetite on a walk to one of Bright’s many breathtaking lookouts, make your way to the local markets. Visit the lookouts at Apex, Clearspot, Tower Hill, or Huggins for panoramic views of the area.

Top attractions in Bright

  • Canyon Walk
  • Murray to the Mountains Rail Trail
  • Mount Hotham
  • Cherry Walk Nature Trail
  • Market by the River

Accommodation in Bright

  • Bright Riverside Holiday Park
  • Adina Lodge Holiday Units
  • High Country Motor Inn
  • Bright Velo

Restaurants in Bright

  • Elm Dining
  • Tomahawks
  • Dr Mauve Bar and Lounge
  • Blackbird Cafe
  • The Riverdeck Kitchen

What is Bright’s Popular for?

Bright is a riverfront town that is known for its picture-perfect tree-lined streets, mountain views, local food and wine, boutique stores, markets, and outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and paragliding.

Bright is nestled in the foothills of the Australian Alps. Bright is now firmly established as one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations as a result of all of these factors. Which are located in close proximity to the alpine ski resorts in Victoria.

Surroundings Of Bright

Although Bright is the better-known of the two, the region of Bright & Surrounds is truly breathtaking, with its lush valleys formed between alpine mountains by the Ovens, Kiewa, and Buckland rivers. Drive Australia’s highest sealed road to the alpine community of Dinner Plain, or hike through the hills to Mount Beauty for breathtaking views of Victoria’s highest mountain.

Prepare to relax in one of the many country inns, breweries, or vineyards in the area, take a hike through the woods, or splash around in one of the many lakes or rivers that make up the stunning Surrounds.

Where Should You Dine and Drink in Bright?

Best Restaurant in Bright:

Bright’s best restaurant is Elm. Bright’s 100-year-old medical practice, the Victorian doctor’s cottage, is now the restaurant. The ancient building was meticulously converted into a restaurant while retaining its vintage elements. A nine-course tasting menu using local seasonal produce will be served by the Victorian fireplace with candles.

Even better, the in-house sommelier will select perfectly matched wines from the comprehensive wine collection. Elm Dining is expensive, but it makes Bright exceptional. If you want a quiet, Bright restaurant, try Tomahawks. Tomahawks serve Asian-inspired small meals, burgers, beverages, and good attitudes.

Best Coffee in Bright

Sixpence Coffee has the greatest Bright coffee. Sixpence is a family-owned, small-batch roastery in Victoria’s Australian Alps. Small coffee shops in the high country buy beans from Bright’s roastery because they’re the best. The magic happens in the Sixpence Coffee Bar, located in an old mechanics garage in town. Head in for a cup at the brew bar, and don’t forget to grab a bag so you can enjoy the Sixpence experience at home. 

For Craft Beer And Local Spirits:

Billy Button Wines is Bright’s top wine bar and Alpine Valley cellar door. Expect great local wines in a cozy cellar door with 7 wine tasting awards. Sit at the bar for free wine tastings.

Wine by the glass is available with a deli fridge cheese or charcuterie platter. Take a bottle to the Ovens River and drink it there.

Train Or Bus From Melbourne To Bright?

Unfortunately, getting to Bright from Melbourne by V/Line is not an option. Getting from Melbourne to Wangaratta via train and coach is the best option. Wangaratta is connected to Beechworth, Myrtleford, Porepunkah, and Bright by V/daily Line’s coach services.

There are bus services that run from Melbourne to both Falls Creek and Mount Hotham during the snow season.

To purchase tickets and view schedules for bus trips from Melbourne to Mount Hotham and Dinner Plain, visit Alpine Bus Services. Local services are available between Myrtleford, Bright, Harrietville, Hotham, and Dinner Plain.


How Do I Travel From Melbourne To Bright Without A Car?

You can take the rail from Southern Cross Station to Wangaratta (3 hrs), and then the coach from Wangaratta to Bright (1 hrs 30 mins) takes 4 h and 30 min and costs $41. Check out V/Line to learn more about fares and schedules.

There are typically cafes and snack bars on board, as well as restrooms, areas suitable for people using wheelchairs, and a small number of places to lock up bicycles.

How Long To Drive From Melbourne To Bright?

From Broome To Darwin is about 321 kilometers which can take up to 4 hours if you take the straight highway route with four-wheelers. The trip typically takes about 4 hours and 30 minutes if you travel combined by bus and train.

How Long Is The Flight From Melbourne To Bright?

There is no flight from Melbourne To Bright. The flight will fly from Melbourne to Albury, which will take about 55 minutes approx and costs $300 to $800 for each ticket. Then you will need to take a bus or cab which will take around 1 hr 30 mins from there.

Is Bright worth visiting?

Bright is one of Victoria’s and Australia’s top destinations, but you’ll need a car to get around. This makes it ideal for a weekend, Victoria, or Australia road trip.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Get From Melbourne To Bright?

The bus is indeed the cheapest way to get from Melbourne To Bright. A bus ticket will cost you $41, whereas a flight will cost you up to $800.

What Is The Fastest Way To Get From Melbourne To Bright?

The fastest way to get from Broome to Darwin is a flight which will take about 55 minutes approx and costs $300 to $800 for each ticket. Then a one a half hour drive from there.

Which Airlines Fly From Melbourne To Bright Airport?

Qantas and Rex fly from Melbourne to Albury airport, which will take about 55 minutes approx and costs $300 to $800 for each ticket.

How Much Is A Bus Ticket From Melbourne To Bright?

It will cost about $41 to travel from Melbourne To Bright with a combined bus and train.


Travel time between Melbourne and Bright is about 3.5 hours through a direct route, which is significantly shorter than the alternative. However, the other destinations on this route cannot be visited if you choose this quicker option.

Fly into Albury Airport and then drive your rental car the 1.5 hours to Bright for a simple and quick way to experience the region’s beauty. But I’d suggest going via Yarra Valley and Bonnie Doon to make your Melbourne to Bright road trip memorable.

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