Melbourne to Broken Hill Road Trip Itinerary – The Ultimate Outback Experience

Melbourne to Broken Hill Road Trip
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Two things in life are certain: death and taxes. But there is one thing that is just as certain: the trip called the Melbourne to Broken Hill Road Trip.

The next time you’re in Melbourne, make sure to take a long trip along the famous route. This is a road trip unlike any other, starting on the beaches of Portsea and ending in the highlands of Kosciuszko.

What is Broken Hill Popular for?

Broken Hill is known for mining. The oldest Australian mining town, Broken Hill, has a rich colonial history dating back to the 1880s.

The Line of Lode Miner’s Memorial is a stunning structure that honours the lives and labours of more than 800 miners who passed away in this area.

It is perched high above the surrounding environment. This impressive memorial offers a commanding vantage point over the city below.

Surroundings of Broken Hill

In the Living Desert State Park, 9 km north of Broken Hill, there is a beautiful group of 12 huge sandstone sculptures called the Living Desert Sculptures. The sandstone changes colour with the light and shines brightly at sunset. 12 artists made it from around the world as a tribute to the beautiful desert landscape.

Mutawintji National Park is a beautiful place to learn about Aboriginal history. Visit the Mutawintji Historic Site, hike the Bynguano Range, and camp beneath the desert stars.

Melbourne to Broken Hill Road Trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions

Bus Distance13 Hours
Drive / Car Distance9 Hours
Stops4 Stops
Nearest AirportBroken Hill Airport

Here, we will provide you with a detailed 4 stops road trip plan from Melbourne to Broken Hill, including information on accommodations, activities, and transportation.

Total distance is approx 850 km and driving approx 9 hrs

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Melbourne to Bendigo

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Bendigo. On left is Colonial Mutual Life Building built 19… | Flickr

Total distance is approx 152 km Driving Approx 1 hr 50 mins

Your exciting road trip should begin at the Bendigo Art Gallery, which is widely recognized as one of the most stunning regional galleries in the whole country.

Take some motivation. Art is always a great way to start a conversation, and it can be a really informative activity for families with more artistic members.

Grab a cup of coffee from any of the local coffee shops before you hit the road because the café culture is very prevalent in this area. Don’t forget to visit Rosalind Park if you are truly a nature lover.

Top attractions in Bendigo

  • Bendigo Art Gallery
  • Rosalind Park
  • Golden Dragon Museum
  • Sacred Heart Cathedral

Accommodation in Bendigo

  • Bendigo Park Lane Holiday Park
  • Central Deborah Motel
  • Barclay On View

Restaurants in Bendigo

  • The Woodhouse Restaurant
  • Masons of Bendigo
  • The Dispensary
  • 8 Sisters Cafe & Grill

Bendigo to Charlton

Charlton scene
Charlton scene.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Total distance is approx 105 km Driving Approx 1 hr 20 mins

Our next stop will be a small town named Charlton, which has a great history. A tiny farming village, Charlton is situated in the last foothills of the Great Dividing Range.

It is situated on both sides of the Avoca River, at the crossroads of the Calder Highway and the Borung Highway, and it is located near the origins of the Avoca River. Charlton is a well-known resting place for travellers on their journey between Melbourne and Mildura.

Top attractions in Charlton

  • Wooroonook Lakes
  • Buffumville Lake
  • Capen Hill Nature Sanctuary

Accommodation in Charlton

  • Foundry Palms Motel
  • Charlton Motel
  • Wedderburn Goldseeker Motel
  • Donald Riverside Motel

Restaurants in Charlton

  • East Charlton Hotel
  • Lizard Roadhouse
  • Charlton Bakery Cafe

Charlton to Sea Lake

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Lake Tyrell, Sea Lake, Vic. | Darryl Kirby | Flickr

Total distance is approx 107 km Driving Approx 1 hr 10 mins

Visit the town of Sea Lake, which is located right in the middle of the Mallee region. The town is great for exploring Lake Tyrrell and the Silo Art Trail in Victoria’s wheat belt.

The largest salt lake in Victoria is located 7 kilometres to the north of Sea Lake. It has a surface area of 20,800 hectares.

There is evidence of ongoing Indigenous culture going all the way back 45,000 years, which may be seen in the area around dawn and sunset when the reflected surface of the shallow, old Lake Tyrrell allows for particularly spectacular viewing.

At any time of the day or night, travellers may arrive at the lake by travelling along the Calder Highway.

Top attractions in Sea Lake

  • Sea Lake Silo Art
  • Lake Tyrrell
  • Sea Lake Travellers Rest
  • Green Lake

Accommodation in Sea Lake

  • Lake Tyrrell Accommodation
  • Lazy River Motor Inn
  • Sea Lake Motel
  • Swan Hill Resort

Restaurants in Sea Lake

  • The Juke Restaurant
  • Royal Hotel Sea Lake
  • The Bottom Cafe

Sea Lake to Mildura

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Mildura. Rio Vista the fancy two storey home that William … | Flickr

Total distance is approx 190 km Driving Approx 2 hrs 10 mins

The main attraction of this road trip starts from reaching Mildura. In the sun-kissed town of Mildura, you can expect to find pristine riverscapes, cuisine experiences, and aquatic activities waiting for you.

On the southern bank of the Murray River, you’ll find a place where you may take a tour on an old paddle steamer, play golf on a course surrounded by beautiful vegetation, engage yourself in a thriving cultural scene, or explore a national park that is on the list of World Heritage Sites.

A vacation on a houseboat is an experience that should not be missed. If you rent a houseboat from Mildura Houseboats, you may look out onto the river in the morning without any distractions.

A cruise along the Murray on the PS Melbourne is yet another option to enjoy the peace and quiet of the river. You also have the option to rent a boat and a canoe, kayak, or stand-up paddle board.

Top attractions in Mildura

  • Mildura Arts Centre
  • Apex RiverBeach Holiday Park
  • Mildura Arts Centre & Rio Vista Homestead
  • Mildura Riverfront

Accommodation in Mildura

  • Mildura Motor Inn
  • Quest Mildura
  • City Colonial Motor Inn
  • Mercure Hotel Mildura

Restaurants in Mildura

  • The Spanish Grill
  • Stefano’s Restaurant
  • Botanica Cuisine By Dag Demarkow & Co
  • Andy’s kitchen

Mildura to Broken Hill

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Broken Hill, Torrey Pines Park, San Diego | Click this link … | Flickr

Total distance is approx 300 km Driving Approx 3 hrs 30 mins

The iconic outback city of Broken Hill is immersed in history, a thriving artistic community and a cast of colourful people. Discover magnificent galleries, iconic sculptures, stylish cafes, magnificent federation heritage and huge mining structures in Australia’s first heritage-listed city.

Learn about the city’s unique history on the Broken Hill Heritage Walk Tour. A journey down Argent Street shows many fantastic shops, galleries, cafes and restaurants, including The Palace Hotel.

The colonial history of Broken Hill, Australia’s oldest mining town, dates back to the 1880s. The Line of Lode Miner’s Memorial, towering above the region, remembers the more than 800 miners who died there. This impressive monument offers a magnificent panorama of the surrounding area.

The Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery has been open longer than any other regional gallery in New South Wales. Take a look at the work of the five artists that made up the Brushmen of the Bush.

Their members include Pro Hart, Eric Minchin, and Jack Absalom. Indigenous art by Badger Bates, Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri, and Emily Kame Kngwarreye is also on display.

Top attractions in Broken Hill

  • Line of Lode Miners Memorial
  • Sulphide Street Railway & Historical Museum
  • Broken Hill City Art Gallery
  • Broken Hill Visitor Information Centre
  • Living Desert State Park

Accommodation in Broken Hill

  • Broken Hill Outback Resort
  • Broken Hill Outback View Holiday Park
  • Red Earth Motel
  • Gateway Motor Inn
  • Broken Hill Tourist Park

Restaurants in Broken Hill

  • S-Que Restaurant & Takeaway
  • Alfresco’s cafe
  • Silver City Chinese Restaurant
  • Silly Goat Cafe
  • Bell’s Milk Bar

The Best Time to Travel Broken Hill?

The months of October and November offer the most favourable weather in Broken Hill, making these months the ideal time to travel there.

Despite the fact that Broken Hill is a fantastic place to visit for the vast majority of the year, this is the greatest time to go.


What is the Cheapest Way to Get from Melbourne to Broken Hill?

The bus is indeed the cheapest way to get from Melbourne To Broken Hill. A bus ticket will cost you $60 – $95, whereas a flight will cost you up to $270.

What is the Fastest Way to Get from Melbourne to Broken Hill?

The fastest way to get from Melbourne To Broken Hill is a flight which will take about 4 hours and 40 minutes approx and costs $160 to $270 for each ticket.

Which Airlines Fly from Melbourne to Broken Hill Airport?

Regional Express and Qantas fly from Melbourne To Broken Hill, which will take about 4 hours 40 minutes approx and costs $160 to $270 for each ticket.

How Much is a Bus Ticket from Melbourne to Broken Hill?

It will cost about $60 – $95 to travel from Melbourne To Broken Hill by bus. 

How Long does it take to Drive from Melbourne to Broken Hill?

From Byron Bay To Sydney is about 850 kilometres which can take up to 9 hours if you take the straight highway route with four-wheelers. The trip typically takes about 13 hours if you travel by bus.


It’s a location where you can get the genuine feeling of what this nation is all about and of the beautiful people who make it all work.

I’m really delighted that I took advantage of the opportunity to see this magnificent symbol of outback Australia. I’m really glad that I did.

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