Melbourne to Broome Road Trip – Enjoy An Epic 6800+ Kilometres Car Drive

Melbourne to Broome Road Trip
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This is the perfect road trip for you if you want to go from one side of Australia to the other, as well as explore the greatest sites, beaches, hikes, animals, and reefs the country has to offer. Yeah! You have it exactly right; I am referring to the Melbourne to Broome road trip.

This tour will take longer than 20 days, and during that time, you will visit amazing coastal destinations like the Great Ocean Road as well as awesome national parks like Cape Le Grand National Park, Karijini, and the Grampians.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to swim in some of the most breathtaking waterfalls and swimming holes that Australia has to offer.

You will also get the chance to interact closely with native Australian animals in their natural environments, such as kangaroos, emus, sea lion pups, dolphins, and other marine life, as well as many more species!

Ideal Route from Melbourne to Broome

The distance between Melbourne to Broome is about 5000 kilometres if we take the short route that goes through South Australia to Northern Territory. But we are not going to take that route.

That’d be too much boring, to make this trip much more interesting we are going to take the great ocean road all the way to Perth and from there we are going to take the typical Broome route and this route will be about 6500 kilometres.

More than 20 days will be needed to complete this road trip from Melbourne to Broome. So, without wasting any minutes pack your bag and jump on the road.

Best Time to Travel Broome

The months from May to October offer the most favourable weather in Broome, making these months the ideal time to travel there. Despite the fact that Broome is a fantastic place to visit for the vast majority of the year, this is the greatest time to go.

Melbourne to Broome Road Trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions

Bus Distance2 Days 13 Hours
Drive / Car Distance75 Hours
Stops17 Stops
Nearest AirportBroome Hill Airport

Here, we will provide you with a detailed 17 stops road trip plan from Melbourne to Broome, including information on accommodations, activities, and transportation.

Total distance is approx 6600 km and driving approx 80 hrs

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Melbourne to Great Ocean Road

6336862300 7411c133f7 b
The Great Ocean Road – Victoria | looking along the great Oc… | Flickr

Total distance is approx 210 km Driving Approx 2 hrs 40 mins

The day begins with a drive out across the world-famous West Gate Bridge, followed by a journey down the Great Ocean Road to some of Australia’s finest surf spots.

Next, visit Memorial Arch, one of several must-stop photo points. While travelling along the Great Ocean Road, stop at the beach and learn about its history. As you go on, the road will get very windy. If you’re lucky, you may soon come across some wild koalas. King parrots, lorikeets, rosellas, and even kookaburras and wedge-tailed eagles are among the local avian species.

Stay on the winding road until you reach Apollo Bay, a beautiful summer destination where you may spot whales in the winter months (June, July, August, and September). The Otway Rainforest is the next stop on this journey.

Giant mountain ash trees, a variety of species, and some of the purest air you’ll ever breathe may all be found here.

Get some more classic shots by heading to the Shipwreck shoreline. You should spend 45 minutes there before continuing on to Loch Ard Gorge, a breathtaking location with a beautiful beach inlet where you may read about the fate of the survivors of the infamous shipwreck.

Before continuing on to Warrnambool, stop by The Gibson’s Steps and London Bridge. Finally, you should leave Warrnambool and head north to Halls Gap, where you may spend the night.

Top attractions in The Great Ocean Road

  • Memorial Arch
  • Apollo Bay
  • The Otway Rainforest
  • Loch Ard Gorge

Accommodation in The Great Ocean Road

Restaurants in The Great Ocean Road

  • The Captain of Aireys
  • Great Ocean Road Brewhouse
  • Little Feast

Great Ocean Road to Grampians National Park

Grampians National Park Victoria Australia 01
Grampians National Park Victoria Australia 01.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Total distance is approx 200 km Driving Approx 2 hrs 30 mins

After a quick breakfast, you may begin your day by visiting Reeds Lookout and Halls Gap. Immediately after, you should make your way to the Balconies for a chance to capture one of the day’s most memorable shots.

See Boroka viewpoint and the Mackenzie Waterfalls around lunchtime if you have time. It’s a little bit of a hike down to the falls, but it’s not too hard, and once you get there, sit down and enjoy the view.

The Grampians are a great place to experience Aboriginal culture in Victoria. The history of the region, including that of the Aboriginal people and animals that once lived here, is well documented at the Brambuk Aboriginal cultural centre.

Please keep your eyes out for kangaroos and emus when exploring the Grampians. When you are finished, head to Adelaide.

Top attractions in Grampians National Park

  • The Pinnacles Walk
  • Venus Baths
  • MacKenzies Falls
  • Fish Falls
  • Boroka Lookout
  • Reed Lookout &The Balconies

Accommodation in Grampians National Park

  • The Mountain Grand Halls Gap
  • Grampians Motel
  • Grampians Chalets

Restaurants in Grampians National Park

  • Flame Brothers Restaurant & Bar
  • The Views Restaurant
  • Kookaburra Hotel
  • Spirit of Punjab

Grampians National Park to Adelaide

Adelaide SA 28182502559
Adelaide – SA (28182502559).jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Total distance is approx 475 km Driving Approx 5 hrs 20 mins

Adelaide, South Australia’s capital, has been getting recognition as a top travel destination. Adelaide is located on the Adelaide Plains, with stunning beaches to the west and the Mount Lofty Ranges to the east. The River Torrens flows through the heart of the city.

Adelaide is one of the finest Australian cities to visit due to its thriving arts, music, wine and several yearly events.

From the parkland in the heart of the city to the rolling hills of Adelaide to the white sands of the coast, there is no shortage of places to enjoy the outdoors. From Grampians National Park To Adelaide, enjoy to beauty of nature and take in the best breathable air of Australia.

Top attractions in Adelaide

  • Adelaide Zoo
  • South Australian Museum
  • Adelaide Botanic Garden
  • Art Gallery of South Australia

Accommodation in Adelaide

  • Adabco Boutique Hotel
  • Mayfair Hotel
  • Stamford Plaza Adelaide
  • Pullman Adelaide

Restaurants in Adelaide

  • Osteria Oggi
  • Peel St
  • Africola
  • Chianti
  • Marrakech Restaurant

Adelaide to Flinders Ranges

50239115692 815f80db9a b
Flinders Ranges in South Australia. The beautiful western … | Flickr

Total distance is approx 430 km Driving Approx 5 hrs

The Northern Flinders have had a dangerous four-wheel drive path carved through them that only goes in one direction. During the four-and-a-half-hour drive, the purpose of getting into the back of a specially designed open-top 4WD is to do more than simply take in the stunning view.

Take a morning flight around the edge of the bowl-shaped crater to get the most out of your experience of the Wilpena Pound.

Another challenging four-wheel drive trip to the top of the Chase Ranges, where you will watch the sun set over Wilpena Pound and the Elders Ranges. The breathtaking Brachina Gorge and Bunyeroo Gorge are both parts of the full-day trip from Rawnsley Park.

While you are learning more about the nation’s culture and geology, be on the lookout for Yellow-footed Rock Wallabies, Emus, and Euros.

Top attractions in Flinders Ranges

  • Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park
  • Wilpena Pound
  • Razorback Lookout
  • Arkaroo Rock

Accommodation in Flinders Ranges

  • Rawnsley Park Eco Villas
  • Wilpena Pound Resort
  • Arkaba Station

Restaurants in Flinders Ranges

  • Woolshed Restaurant
  • Prairie Hotel
  • Woolshed Restaurant
  • Prairie Hotel & Outback Lodge

Flinders Ranges to Eyre Peninsula

9649551713 bc0e25bee1 b
Eyre Peninsula coastline near Elliston South Australia. | Flickr

Total distance is approx 500 km Driving Approx 5 hrs 30 mins

After getting an early start for the spectacular hike up Dutchman’s Stern, head on to the wild and breathtaking Eyre Peninsula, which is one of the best-kept secrets in all of Australia.

After making a short pit break for lunch, it’s time to go to the coast to visit Venus Bay and Talia Caves. Along the way, you’ll get to see some unusual outback silo art in the teeny-tiny village of Kimba.

The Lake Newland sand dunes are the next stop, providing thrill-seekers with the opportunity to try their hand at sandboarding. After lunch, make your way to Coodlie Park.

Top attractions in Eyre Peninsula

  • Lake Newland Conservation Park
  • Woolshed Cavevv
  • Venus Bay
  • Lincoln National Park
  • Winter Hill Lookout

Accommodation in Eyre Peninsula

  • Tanonga
  • Cummins Hotel
  • Coodlie Park Farm

Restaurants in Eyre Peninsula

  • Coodlie Park Farm Retreat
  • Zeus on the Juice Yiros Bar
  • Oyster Bar
  • Sarin’s Restaurant & Bar/Bistro

Eyre Peninsula to Baird Bay

27014936306 a7c43bf190 b
Baird Bay IMG_4761 | BeauGiles | Flickr

Total distance is approx 240 km Driving Approx 2 hrs 50 mins

You will get the opportunity to swim, snorkel, and generally have a good time today with some really active dolphins and sea lions. This optional experience, which is handled by Baird Bay eco tours and costs only $160, will be one that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Carry on driving down the coast until you reach a spot where you may get surfing instruction on a quiet and unspoiled beach. During the time while the others are practising their surfing skills, those who do not wish to surf will have the opportunity to rest, go swimming or explore Sceale Bay.

Top attractions in Baird Bay

  • Baird Bay Ocean Eco Experience

Accommodation in Baird Bay

Restaurants in Baird Bay

  • Mocean
  • Elliott’s Bakery Cafe

Baird Bay to Nullabor

Nullabor Cliffs Eucla Australia Looking East
Nullabor Cliffs, Eucla, Australia Looking East.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Total distance is approx 525 km Driving Approx 6 hrs 20 mins

In the region of Nullabor, there is not a lot to do or see. However, if you want to camp in the woods, this is an excellent location. Visit the spectacular Bunda Cliffs to witness where figuratively speaking, the Australian continent ends and the ocean begins.

When you cross the border into WA in the afternoon, you’ll find that the celestial sphere is providing the evening’s free entertainment there. On the Nullarbor, you can have a bush camp. Koonalda Homestead is a popular spot for camping.

Top attractions in Nullabor

  • Bunda Cliffs
  • Nullarbor National Park
  • Koonalda Homestead
  • Koonalda Cave

Accommodation in Nullabor

  • Nullarbor Roadhouse
  • Border Village Roadhouse
  • Eucla Motel

Restaurants in Nullabor

  • Nullarbor Roadhouse
  • Border Village Roadhouse
  • Eucla Motel

Nullabor to Esperance

3416232802 c0e189f957 b
Beach Scenes. Esperance. WA | Could you find anything more p… | Flickr

Total distance is approx 1150 km Driving Approx 12 hrs

An early start today so you may travel the final part of the Nullarbor and enjoy the ocean breeze at the Caiguna Blowhole.

Small towns like Balladonia and Norseman have a touch of an exotic vibe to them due to the fact that their names sound like planets and they are filled with space trash. After the unexpected return of Skylab to Earth in 1979, Balladonia became a huge star throughout the world.

After lunch, continue driving to Esperance, which, after spending a few days in the middle of nothing, may look and feel like a busy metropolis.

Prepare yourself for some of the most breathtaking views in all of Australia, as this region of Western Australia is home to no less than 9 national parks and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The trip today was somewhat long, but it was well worth it.

Top attractions in Esperance

  • Esperance Visitor Centre
  • Esperance Diving And Fishing
  • Esperance Museum
  • Rotary Lookout

Accommodation in Esperance

  • Esperance Island View Apartments
  • Captain Huon Motel
  • Comfort Inn Bay of Isles
  • Bayview Motel Esperance

Restaurants in Esperance

  • Loose Goose Bar & Restaurant
  • Siam Thai Restaurant
  • Eljays Restaurant

Esperance to Stirling Ranges

15384777406 bbb9d29487 b
Stirling Ranges WA and canola paddocks. | . Bluff Knoll is t… | Flickr

Total distance is approx 460 km Driving Approx 4 hrs 50 mins

Explore the Porongurups, a single mountain range that rises from the surrounding land like an island and is the world’s oldest mountain range. To reach Castle Rock, which is a bit of a climb but worth every bit of the work since you are rewarded with beautiful views across the region, set out on a hike that will take you two hours and will take you through some spectacular woodlands.

Then, as you make your way down Western Australia’s version of Victoria’s Great Ocean Road, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of sun-bleached boulders, turquoise waters, and towering red-rock cliffs that have been formed over the course of ages by smashing waves and rolling tides.

Pay a visit to the Gap, Natural Bridge, Elephant Rocks, and Green Pools, where you may go for a swim in a protected area and then make a pit break at the biggest Tingle Tree in Western Australia.

Top attractions in Stirling Ranges

  • Bluff Knoll
  • Mt Trio Bush Camp & Caravan Park
  • Toolbrunup Peak
  • Mount Hassell
  • Mount Trio

Accommodation in Stirling Ranges

  • Stirling Range Retreat
  • Kendenup Cottages and Lodge
  • The Lily Stirling Range

Restaurants in Stirling Ranges

  • The Bluff Knoll Cafe
  • Little Bit of Barker
  • Plantagenet Hotel
  • Maleeya’s Thai Café

Stirling Ranges to Perth

33968005221 e1b1cb1b4a b
Perth | Australia | Pedro Szekely | Flickr

Total distance is approx 400 km Driving Approx 4 hrs 20 mins

During this one-of-a-kind indigenous cultural adventure, you will get the opportunity to eat local cuisine, learn about bush medicine, and experience traditional fire lighting. Additionally, you will go deep into the Ngilgi Cave for an unforgettable didgeridoo cave experience.

Busselton is a popular destination for tourists, and the town is home to a Jetty that dates back to the 19th century and extends for 1.8 kilometres out into Geographe Bay.

It’s almost tough to find something negative to say about Perth, Western Australia. The climate is great throughout the year, the atmosphere is distinctly set, and there is a nice beach that is never too far away.

If you have the time, you should make reservations here for a few days. You’ll be pleased you did. Nambung National Park may be reached by driving north for two hours and is located on the edges of the Wheatbelt area in Western Australia.

The attraction of this area is the Pinnacles Desert, which has huge shards of limestone rising up from the ground to create an environment that some people describe as having a ghostly quality to it.

The local emus, on the other hand, do not seem to mind, and you will most likely witness them parading around while wondering what the big deal is. After this, you’ll make your way to the dunes at Jurien Bay, where you may try your hand at sandboarding if you’d like.

Top attractions in Perth

  • Kings Park and Botanic Garden
  • Hillarys Boat Harbour
  • Perth Zoo
  • The Pinnacles Desert
  • Nambung National Park

Accommodation in Perth

  • Hyatt Regency Perth
  • Pan Pacific Perth
  • Rydges Perth Kings Square
  • Alex Hotel

Restaurants in Perth

  • UMA Restaurant
  • Wildflower
  • Amano Restaurant
  • Balthazar

Perth to Kalbarri

Kalbarri NP Coastal
Kalbarri NP Coastal.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Total distance is approx 575 km Driving Approx 6 hrs 20 mins

The moment has come to go back on the road, Kalbarri. Get up nice and early in the morning and head to Kalbarri National Park for a walk that will take you through a variety of different landscapes.

After completing the Loop Walk, make your way to Nature’s Window, which offers breathtaking views of the Murchison River Gorge below, and then take a walk down to Z-Bend Gorge for a relaxing swim.

After lunch, continue your journey to Shell Beach, which is believed to be one of only two beaches in the world that are made up entirely of shells.

Top attractions in Kalbarri

  • Kalbarri National Park
  • Chinaman’s Beach
  • Pelican Feeding Point Kalbarri
  • Red Bluff Lookout
  • Nature’s Window
  • Kalbarri Skywalk

Accommodation in Kalbarri

  • Kalbarri Edge Resort
  • Kalbarri Gecko Lodge
  • Kalbarri Seafront Villas
  • Kalbarri Palm Resort

Restaurants in Kalbarri

  • Upstairs Restaurant
  • Kalbarri Edge Resort Restaurant
  • Finlay’s Kalbarri
  • The Gorges Cafe

Kalbarri to Shark Bay

8183935651 0910ab9658 b
Shark Bay | Shark Bay was the first area in Australia to be … | Flickr

Total distance is approx 304 km Driving Approx 3 hrs 10 mins

On the other side of the Peron Peninsula lies a charming tiny headland known as Monkey Mia, which is known for its white dunes and turquoise waters. Even better, it’s a spot where, for the past four decades, a group of dolphins from the area has been known to swim up onto the beach in search of food without having to pay for it.

Be there to greet them first thing in the morning, then continue on to Carnarvon to check out the stromatolites at Hamelin Pool. These rocky clusters are some of the oldest living things in the world; nonetheless, their aesthetic appeal is not quite as striking as that of their cousins, the stalagmites.

Top attractions in Shark Bay

  • Eagle Bluff Lookout
  • Ocean Park Aquarium
  • Shark Bay Discovery Centre
  • Little Lagoon
  • Shell Beach

Accommodation in Shark Bay

  • RAC Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort
  • Bay Lodge Denham Shark Bay
  • Heritage Resort Shark Bay
  • Shark Bay Seafront Apartments

Restaurants in Shark Bay

  • The Old Pub
  • The Old Pearler Restaurant
  • Boughshed Restaurant
  • Ocean Park Aquarium

Shark Bay to Coral Bay

Coral Bay Perhentian Kecil
Coral Bay, Perhentian Kecil.JPG – Wikimedia Commons

Total distance is approx 486 km Driving Approx 5 hrs

Ningaloo Reef is a true national treasure since it has been declared as a World Heritage Site and because it is one of the biggest offshore coral reefs in the world. It is reported that this area is home to more than 500 kinds of fish and 200 types of coral, as well as turtles, dugongs, manta rays, and whale sharks; therefore, put on a mask and snorkel, and go have a look at what’s swimming about.

If you are the sort of person who would rather not get wet, another alternative available to you is to take a trip out to sea in a boat that has a glass bottom. Pass on the beach entirely and go for a spin on a quad bike instead if you have a fear of the ocean.

Top attractions in Coral Bay

  • Coral Bay EcoTours
  • Ningaloo Reef Dive & Snorkel
  • Coastal Adventure Tours
  • Ningaloo Marine Interactions
  • Coral Bay Beach
  • Sail Ningaloo

Accommodation in Coral Bay

  • Ningaloo Reef Resort
  • Ningaloo Coral Bay – Bayview
  • Peoples Park
  • Ningaloo Coral Bay Backpackers

Restaurants in Coral Bay

  • Reef Cafe
  • Fin’s
  • Bill’s Bar
  • Coral Resort Bakery

Coral Bay to Karijini National Park

14239962572 6bd99788aa b
Karijini National Park | Stephan Ridgway | Flickr

Total distance is approx 618 km Driving Approx 7 hrs 40 mins

After leaving the coast behind, make your way into the Pilbara, which is well-known for its rugged, rust-coloured terrain and the buried treasures it hides. As you make your way to Karijini, you will find that mining is a significant industry in this region, and you will get a glimpse of this as you go through the iron-ore outpost of Tom Price.

Karijini National Park would rival Kakadu and the Daintree if it weren’t in the middle of nowhere. You can swim in several gorgeous spots if you go to Dales Gorge, Weano Gorge, Circular Pool, Fern Pool, and Fortescue Falls. All of these places may be visited.

There’s a lot more exploration to be done, but the navigation of Hancock Gorge is definitely the most exciting part of the trip. Your reward for taking this circuitous route, which requires you to go down a ladder, is a refreshing dip in the green waters of Kermit’s Pool. This is not the simplest walk around.

Top attractions in Karijini National Park

  • Hamersley Gorge
  • Hancock Gorge
  • Joffre Gorge
  • Fortescue Falls
  • Knox Gorge Lookout
  • Kalamina Gorge

Accommodation in Karijini National Park

  • Karijini Eco Retreat
  • Tom Price Tourist Park
  • Auski Tourist Village
  • Windawarri Lodge

Restaurants in Karijini National Park

  • Karijini Eco Retreat Restaurant

Karijini National Park to Broome

Broome Coast Western Australia
Broome Coast, Western Australia.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Total distance is approx 910 km Driving Approx 9 hrs 40 mins

Your Melbourne to Broome road trip ends today. You should get ready to do some driving today because you have a significant distance to travel. On the bright side, the landscape is rather compelling, and you’ll get a strong understanding of the immensity of the scale of the place. Port Hedland is going to be the most important stop of the day.

The town of Broome, located in the Kimberley Region of North-Western Australia, is unlike anywhere else in the world. It is a town that stands out because of its location on a relatively narrow peninsula in the region.

At this point, the Indian Ocean meets what is considered to be one of the world’s last big wildernesses. Since its early days as a pearling centre, Broome has been home to a diverse and fascinating mix of people from all over the world.

Top attractions in Broome

  • Broome Historical Museum
  • Sun Picture Garden
  • Broome Courthouse Markets
  • Town Beach
  • Gantheaume Point
  • Cable Beach

Accommodation in Broome

  • Bali Hai Resort & Spa
  • The Billi Resort
  • Moonlight Bay Suites
  • Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa

Restaurants in Broome

  • Little Indian Restaurant
  • Papa Fuego
  • The Aarli
  • Ginreab Thai

What is Broome’s Popular for?

For a vacation that is both one-of-a-kind and relaxing, Broome, in the Australian state of Western Australia, is one of the greatest locations to go. This lovely town is at the point where the desert meets the sea and offers a wide range of activities and attractions to suit the needs of its visitors.

The beaches in and around Broome are really magnificent, particularly the well-known Cable Beach, which offers breathtaking views of the ocean. Broome is a laid-back place that offers visitors the chance to engage in a variety of fascinating activities thanks to the pleasant climate that prevails throughout the year.

Is Melbourne to Broome Road Trip Worth it?

Melbourne to Broome road trip offers an up-close and personal view of some of Australia’s most magnificent locations as well as the country’s many different people, sites, and landscapes. Even while it may need some organization, it has the potential to be one of the most satisfying travel experiences.


What Is The Cheapest Way To Get From Melbourne To Broome?

The flight is the cheapest way to get from Melbourne To Broome. A flight ticket will cost you $240 – $700, whereas a bus and train will cost you up to $450 – $900.

What Is The Fastest Way To Get From Melbourne To Broome?

The fastest way to get from Melbourne To Broome is a flight which will take about 6 hrs 51 mins approx and costs $240 – $700 for each ticket.

Which Airlines Fly From Melbourne To Broome Airport?

Virgin Australia and Qantas fly from Melbourne To Broome, which will take about 6 hrs 51 mins approx and costs $240 – $700 for each ticket.

How Much Is A Bus Ticket From Melbourne To Broome?

It will cost about $450 – $900 to travel from Melbourne To Broome by bus and train.

How Long To Drive From Melbourne To Broome?

From Melbourne To Broome is about 6600 kilometres which can take up to 75 hours straight drive but since no one can drive this far straight, you should at least make a plan for 20+ days to enjoy this trip.

The trip typically takes about 2 days 13 hours if you travel by bus and train.


Your fantastic Melbourne to Broome road trip has come to an end. This plan may be modified to suit any period of time that you have available; however, if you have extra time on your hands, we strongly suggest that you make it longer.

Because Western Australia is such a large state, if you are not short on time, there are a ton of different attractions that you should do while you are on this road trip.

Keep a good supply of water, supplies, and tools in the trunk of your car at all times, as travelling in rural areas of Western Australia can frequently put you out of cell phone range, and a flat tire can be a massive hassle.

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