Melbourne to Coober Pedy Road Trip – An Unforgettable Adventure!

Melbourne to Coober Pedy Road Trip
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The journey to reach Melbourne from Coober Pedy is exceptionally long. If you drive continuously, the journey takes 16 hr 59 mins, approximately 1559 km (or 968 miles). However, a non-stop trip could be more enjoyable, and we wouldn’t recommend this at any cost. Before we get into the details of your journey, let’s first look at – why you need to take this outback trip.

Outback Australia is a long cherished dream for many, especially for travellers. If you like the Simpson Desert, hiking through the glorious trails of Flinders Ranges, or camping under the star-studded sky, there are various things to look at and do in the outback of Australia.

Melbourne to Coober Pedy Road Trip: Itinerary, Attractions, and Activities

Driving Distance1559 km or 968 miles
Time In Car16 hr 59 mins
Trip Duration5 days
Stops30 stops
Nearest AirportCoober Pedy Airport, South Australia

Why Should You Take The Melbourne To Coober Pedy Road Trip?

The answer is straightforward: Coober Pedy is one of the most uncommon, undervalued spots in outback Australia. When you go there for the first time, you may seem less fascinated, but gradually you will enjoy all of its beauty and appreciate it. On the other hand, the places you visit on the way to Coober Pedy are outstanding.

The recklessness of the Little Desert National Park, the rolling hills of the Clare Valley, and the noticeable beauty of Adelaide and Glendambo will make your road trip a “must-do” thing in Australia. Extend this trip for 4-5 days to make your journey more enjoyable. This will be the best period to glorify the attractive spots between Melbourne to Coober Pedy.

Quick Lookout Which Route You Take

  • National Highway A87: 16 hr 59 mins (1559 km) – the fastest route.
  • National Highway A8 and A87: 17 hr 20 mins (1561 km) – not the quickest way and not recommended at all.

Renting A Car In Australia

To go there, you need a car. But if you have your vehicle, please ensure your car’s condition is safe for the total journey. This means you do not need to take a car that can crack down mid-way. Besides, if you are a tourist renting a car is the most suitable thing for you if you are a tourist. There are a lot of rental car options nowadays in Australia.

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The Best Melbourne To Coober Pedy Road Trip Stops

Look at the finest road trip stops between Melbourne and Coober Pedy (listed in the order if you drive from Melbourne).

  • Melbourne → Ballarat (1.5 hours)
  • Ballarat → Horsham (3.5 hours)
  • Horsham → Bordertown (1.5 hours)
  • Bordertown → Adelaide (3.5 hours)
  • Adelaide → Clare Valley (4 hours)
  • Clare Valley  → Port Augusta (4 hours)
  • Port Augusta → Glendambo (3.5 hours)
  • Glendambo → Coober Pedy (3 hours)

1. Melbourne To Ballarat

Ballarat 1

The first stop you will get on your Melbourne to Coober Pedy road trip will be Ballarat – one of the most attractive places on your journey. When you enter this city, you will love its Victorian architectural heritage. The town is tremendously proud of its deep roots, dating back to the gold rush days of the 19th century. Again, the city is filled up with so many historical places, that’s why you can enjoy and learn many things.

You should stop and spend some time at Ballarat for many reasons. Firstly, it doesn’t matter if you like historical places; many things might interest you. If you love modern cuisine, you can see the fantastic culinary scene. Again, you can stop at Ballarat and enjoy delicious local cuisine at Catfish for Thai food, Fu Man Lou Dumpling Bar for dumplings, and The Forge for fresh classic pizzas.

After pizza, dumplings, or any other cuisine, you may want to drink. Here is the alpine Wine Company to satisfy you with the durable taste of different wines.

But going there you need to spend 40 minutes, that is awesome. Furthermore, you can check the Ballarat Wildlife Park if you have kids. They will love to spend time with native animals like kangaroos, koalas, and other reptiles. Additionally, you can visit the top-ranked outdoor museum Sovereign Hill.

2. Ballarat To Horsham (A Place That Must Visit)


The next stop where you can stop is Horsham. When you enter Horsham, you will be amazed to see the most beautiful places in Australia. The city has got many places with natural beauty. Moreover, the tourists will get a chance to enjoy the region’s visual beauty. The city is renowned for making a living environment where the local people work to develop crafts and sectional progress together with the government.

Places like The Horsham Police Paddock, Horsham Botanic Gardens, and Horsham Regional Art Gallery enlarge your knowledge and please your eyes. Besides, if you drive 30 to 35 minutes more from the city, you will reach the Grampians National Park and the famous Silo Art Trail. If you go through more from Horsham, you will find Dimboola’s Pink Lake and Murtoa Stick Shed.

3. Horsham To Little Desert National Park

Little Desert National Park
Little Desert National Park

The next stop is the Little Desert National Park, located between the Wimmera River and the South Australian border. This place is famous for hiking walks and overnight camping. People only take camping trips from Melbourne to the Little Desert National Park. So, if you like tacking, and love to take on challenges, then the Little Desert National Park is the sweetest place for you.

4. Little Desert National Park To Bordertown


Bordertown is famous for its Walkway Gallery and Bob Hawke Museum. There are also a lot of places. But you must take advantage of these two places. Because in future the gallery will provide you with an outstanding experience of various exhibitions and events.

On the other hand, if you are lucky, you might see a local artist painting in front of you. Also, you might be able to see white kangaroos at the Bordertown Wildlife Park. In Australia, this is the only natural territory for them.

5. Bordertown To Adelaide


Adelaide requires no such introduction, honestly. It is one of the most charming cities in Australia. This city is a soul-stirring cultural town with thriving restaurants, exquisite bar scenes, vineyards, beaches, and much more. You can go to The Adelaide Botanical Gardens, which has a volume of 50 hectares. 

You might also see countless native plants of Australia here. Various plants like the Amazonian water lilies and Madagascan palms are very famous. Visiting this botanical garden requires no entry fee, so that you can go there with your family and friends. Again, you can also experience the largest market of the Southern Hemisphere, the Adelaide Central Markets.

Here at least 70 sellers will sell their food items and local products. You can also visit surrounding restaurants if you want to fill your tummy or want to satisfy your craving with a drink. There is also an option for you to watch a game at Adelaide Oval. Also, you can see the Clare Valley, Adelaide Hills, and Fleurieu Peninsula.

6. Adelaide To Clare Valley

This city has an evergreen history, incredible wine cellars, luxury accommodations, and award-winning restaurants. In Clare Valley, you shouldn’t miss:

  • Wander through the Riesling Trail.
  • Look into the wineries of Sevenhill Cellars and Pikes Wines.
  • You can book a luxury house.
  • Enjoy week-long festivals, markets, and local fare.

7. Clare Valley To Port Augusta

With a population of around 13000 people, Port Augusta is a good-sized country town. Even though Port Augusta doesn’t come up with many wanderings, you can still check Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park, which is only a 2 hr drive away from the central point of Port Augusta. So, the city will be your best place to relax if you plan to stay here overnight.

Port Augusta is feasibly known as the home of the Master’s Golf Tournament, held for the first week in April. In this area, you can also find a centre for medicine, manufacturing, and the military.

8. Port Augusta To Lake Hart

The city is located in the Woomera region. Lake Hart is one of the most beautiful and accessible lakes in South Australia. Especially take advantage of the sunrise over Lake Hart. Its beauty is very admirable from 6 am to 8 am.

Lake Hart looks deep. It is a natural lake where you can swim or kayak. You can also see fish, including Musky, Panfish, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, and Walleye.

9. Lake Hart To Glendambo

Glendambo is one of the most significant stops along the Stuart Highway, which offers you a range of travel services to Coober Pedy. This is where you can rest and find all your vital requirements. Coober Pedy is 254 km north of Glendambo, so you can stay overnight at the nearby caravan park.

  • If you want to stay overnight, Kingoonya Hotel is an option.

10. Glendambo To Coober Pedy

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Coober Pedy Harry | Coober Pedy (1 916 habitants) est un vil… | Flickr

Finally, you reached Coober Pedy town. It is also called the “opal capital of the world.” Because 95% of precious opals are produced in Australia, Coober Pedy town is in the northern part of South Australia.

Where To Stay

It depends on where you want to stay between Melbourne and Coober Pedy route. Because the choice of dwelling, cost, and taste depends on your overall travel plan and how much time you want to spend at each point.

For example,

  •  If you want to stay 4-5 days in Adelaide and then move, you can do it quickly.
  • Secondly, all the places listed above and in the travel plan are well-fitted with various residence options. You have to choose what you want for your road trip: a luxury, a mid-range, or a budgeted stay for your residence. You can also use some road trip planners to help you find specific rest areas and budget hotel stays.

Things You Should Look Out For

If you have children, you must take care of them because he or they will be tired or go anywhere without telling you. Then it will be an odd situation. You can check where you can go to give your children more fun. It makes their mind fresher. So always be careful with them. 

On the other hand, if you have a pet, ensure that you can take it there. If they permit you to take your pet, you must also care for it. Feed your pet well. Otherwise, they will catch up with sickness.


The Melbourne to Coober Pedy road trip has a bunch of stuff to look at and make your journey more memorable. So, if you plan a road trip from Melbourne to Coober Pedy, ensure you have enough time because there are many things to see.

You can take advantage of these places while passing through this area. That is why plan and visit those places with your friends and family. 

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