Melbourne to Eden Road Trip: Get Complete Itinerary Guidelines

Melbourne to Eden Road Trip
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Lakes Entrance, Cape Conran, and Mallacoota are the most significant stopping points driving from Melbourne to Eden. The distance from Melbourne to Eden road trip is 554 kilometres, and it takes about 6 hours and 23 minutes to complete.

A road trip from Melbourne to Eden takes you to the southernmost town on the coast of New South Wales. Of course, staying on the Princes Highway will allow you to complete this drive across Gippsland as soon as possible. However, it is far better accomplished over several days while making numerous pit stops.

Cross off tours of the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Yarra River dinner cruises, and cross-city hot air balloon flights from your Melbourne bucket list before leaving. 

Drive Time And Distance From Melbourne To Eden

The distance from Melbourne to Eden by automobile is 554 kilometres. This results in an approximate driving duration of six hours and 23 minutes. Adding a few beach excursions makes this longer. To get to the communities along the Gippsland portion of the Princes Highway, you must first travel through suburban Melbourne.

Brandy Creek Estate and Wild Dog Winery are located in Warragul, and neighbouring Mount Worth State Park is a great place to walk. Try the family-friendly Warragul Gardens Holiday Park or the Comfort Inn and Suites for lodging options in Warragul.

Melbourne To Eden Road Trip: Itinerary, Stops, Attractions

Gippsland Towns

The Melbourne to Eden route goes to Yarragon, which has several antique stores, on the Warragul to Traralgon portion. Narracan Falls are nearby, and Trafalgar is home to the Trafalgar Holden Museum. The outdoor Old Gippstown Heritage Park is located in Moe.

And PowerWorks in Morwell is devoted entirely to the coal industry in the area. The Moe Parklands Motel and the Morwell Motel are recommended hotels for this portion of the journey.

Traralgon, Sale, And Bairnsdale

The substandard Gippsland towns keep popping up. And, whisper it, becoming better. Activities in Traralgon include cooing at native creatures in the Wirilda Environment Park and taking aerobatic flights with Bandicoot Adventure Flights. The City Gardens Motel and the Big4 Park Lane Holiday Park are two places to stay in Traralgon.

On your way to Sale from Traralgon to Bairnsdale, you’ll pass Holey Plains State Park. The delightful Sale Commons Wetlands Walk, Port of Sale Heritage Cruises, and Sale Botanic Gardens are just a few of Sale’s attractions.

The Matador is a charming hotel that offers accommodations for sale. The largest town in East Gippsland, Bairnsdale, is reached after passing through Stratford on the Melbourne to Eden road.

Visit the St. Mary’s Church frescoes and the Krowathunkooloong Keeping Place to learn about both Bairnsdale attractions’ local Aboriginal culture. The historic Riversleigh and the superbly priced Colonial Motor Inn are two terrific choices for Bairnsdale lodging.

Lakes Entrance

From Bairnsdale to Lakes Entrance, the busiest tourist destination in the Gippsland Lakes, it takes another 40 kilometres. In Kalimna, there are two excellent lookouts over the lakes.

Activities in Lakes Entrance include splashing in the surf at Lakes Entrance beach and wildlife-focused lake cruises with Lonsdale Eco Cruises. Try the Lakeside Motel Waterfront, the NRMA Eastern Beach holiday park, or the Cunningham Shore Motel for affordable Lake Entrance lodging.

It becomes significantly more rural between Lakes Entrance and Mallacoota. Anyone who occasionally deviates from the Princes Highway will reap major benefits. The first option is Lake Tyers Beach, a beach community that is more informal than Lakes Entrance. The route from Melbourne to Eden passes by the less popular Ewing Morass Wildlife Reserve and Lake Tyers State Park to the north.

Marlo And Cape Conran Drive

On the route from Melbourne to Eden, Orbost is undoubtedly the best side excursion. The Marlo Road here only adds 15 minutes to the travel time to Marlo and Cape Conran. The Snowy River flows beside the highway, passing through the wildlife preserves of Lake Corringle and Lake Curlip on its way to the coast.

You can spend the night at the caravan park in calm Marlo. Alternatively, enjoy the Snowy River mouth from Lovelock Lookout and jump into the water at Mots Beach. Along the Marlo-Conran Road, there are numerous other beaches.

The pink-tinged Salmon Rocks and several walking trails are then brought to you by Cape Conran before the Cabbage Tree-Conran Road returns you to the Princes Highway.

East Gippsland Cann River And Bemm River

The route from Melbourne to Mallacoota then passes the Croajingolong National Park’s Bemm River region. Try the McKenzie River Rainforest Walk if you like going for a stroll.

To reach Cann River, the stunning entrance to the Tamboon Inlet region of Croajingolong National Park, the Princes Highway ascends through Lind National Park. The Point Hicks Lighthouse is the main draw in this area. Lt. James Cook’s expedition first saw Australia in 1770 from Point Hicks.

Genoa and Mallacoota

Travelling farther towards Eden, you can enjoy Alfred National Park, where Genoa Falls is frequently breathtaking following rain. As Mallacoota-Genoa Road enters the picturesque town of Mallacoota, plan another stop.

You may go kayaking and look for kangaroos at Gipsy Point, cruise through the Mallacoota Inlet to see pelicans, or just relax on the beach at Betka Beach. Try the Mallacoota RV park for cheap lodging or the more expensive Mallacoota Hotel Motel and Bruces Waterside Units.

Beowa National Park

There is much tropical vegetation in the last section from Mallacoota to Eden. The greatest stops are after the Maramingo Creek Nature Conservation Reserve, located just before the New South Wales border.

Mount Imlay National Park is to the west of the Princes Highway, and Beowa National Park is to the east. The second one is best equipped for visitors and was originally known as Ben Boyd National Park. If I had to choose just one highlight, it would be the coastal path from Bittangabee Bay to the Green Cape Lighthouse.

Visit the former Davidsons Whaling Station on Kiah Inlet, near Eden. The roadway then travels along Nullica Bay, passing through Boydtown, before arriving in Eden.

Swimming in the amazing Aslings Beach Rock Pool, going on a Cat Balou boat on Twofold Bay, and learning about the history of whaling at the Eden Killer Whale Museum are just a few of the things to do in Eden.

Two more tours include a private excursion along the Sapphire Coast and a photographic tour highlighting Eden’s greatest beaches.

Accommodations In Eden

Australian lodging expert Wotif provides lodgings in Eden starting at $90 per night. However, the following Eden lodging choices are excellent choices.

Sugar Rock Ranch

Sugar Rock Ranch is located on 39 acres of land deep within a forest on the Far South Coast of New South Wales, Australia. A wilderness ranch for wilder times is being created on land that was once cleared for animal feeding.

For eco-aware travellers looking for long weekend trips full of peace, nostalgia, and outdoor experiences, Eden, located opposite the northern end of the Beowa (Ben Boyd) National Park, is the ideal destination.

Saltwater Apartments Eden

Want to spend your upcoming vacation taking in the sounds of the ocean? If so, Saltwater Apartments is ideal for you and your entire family to stay.

Saltwater flats provide the best in contemporary living. Aslings Beach, our primary surf beach with numerous beautiful rock faces, cliff edges, and even a rock pool, is only a few meters from the apartments. With all your essentials on hand, we can meet your demands. Particular attention was paid to comfort, relaxation, and privacy when designing the home. 


A five-bedroom home with five magnificent bedrooms. Return your family to the previous state. There is more than enough space to bring a boat, bring the family dog, play a game of cricket or football, or just relax and take in the scenery. 

Dar-El is the perfect vacation destination for people who value simplicity in life. Dar-el has all contemporary amenities while retaining its vintage charm. The living, dining, and kitchen rooms are roomy and cosy. 


Is There A Bus That Travels Straight From Melbourne To Eden?

There needs to be a bus that travels directly from Melbourne to Eden Station. However, some services leave Flinders Street and travel via Traralgon and Bairnsdale to reach the Caltex Service Station/Princes Highway. Including transfers, the trip lasts roughly 10 hours and nine minutes.

Is It Worthwhile To Visit Eden, Australia?

In Australia, Eden is one of the top places to see whales during their annual migration between May and early November. There are many coastal lookout sites in and around Twofold Bay, and Green Cape Lookout is a well-liked location in Beowa National Park.

How Long Should I Stay In Eden?

At Eden, a day is truly an experience. It takes about four hours to tour the 30 acres of outside gardens and the inside Biomes. The location is packed with amenities to make your stay convenient and pleasurable.

How Do You Dress For Eden?

We advise bringing a coat or umbrella and comfortable clothing because there is a lot of outdoor exploration. Eat during less busy times. Please visit our cafes before or after noon. The great food on site is very popular, especially on wet days.

Is Eden A City Or A Town?

Eden, a city in the American state of North Carolina’s Rockingham County, is a component of the Piedmont Triad metro area’s Greensboro-High Point MSP. Fifteen thousand four hundred five people were living there as of the 2020 Census.


The sixth-largest nation in the world is Australia. It is a region rich in both natural resources and cultural heritage. Aside from that, this nation is home to lands with mountains, deserts, and beaches with fine sands and magnificent waters.

For tourists, taking a road trip to Australia is a blessing. The six hours and twenty-three minutes drive from Melbourne to Eden will aid in their relaxation. Consequently, you’ll be able to take a break from your daily routine and improve your mood. This journey will leave some unforgettable memories that are worth remembering.

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