Melbourne to Kangaroo Island Road Trip: Ultimate Itinerary

Melbourne to Kangaroo Island Road Trip
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In this article, we will give you information about places to enjoy and have fun with your family or friends. Therefore, there are three different routes to have the Melbourne to Kangaroo Island Road Trip.

Let me know about the roads below.

RouteDistanceTime Duration
Via National Highway A8907 Km.11 Hours,30 Minutes
Via National Highway M8 and National Highway A8911 Km.11 Hours,29 Minutes
via M79 and National Highway A8931 Km.11 Hours,30 Minutes

The Route Map From Melbourne to Kangaroo Island Road Trip

Well, we will take the shortest route where you can see the places to visit.

Sister Rocks

image 110
Total Distance From MelbourneTime Duration
239 Km.2 Hours, 49 Minutes

Near the Victorian gold mining town of Stawell, Sisters Rocks is a vast collection of gigantic granite boulders piled up in the surrounding vegetation along the Western Highway. Since settlers arrived in the area in the 19th century, the fantastic rocks have become a well-liked tourist and picnic spot. About 20 minutes from Stawell is the magnificent Grampians National Park.

Alongside Sisters Rocks, off the Western Freeway, is a sizable parking lot with a trash can and a (broken) picnic table. Climbing at Sisters Rocks is excellent. 

These massive, vibrant stones are perfect for kids to climb over, around, and under. 

 Through a succession of remarkable cave-like chambers, similar to those at Melville Caves in Brenanah, Victoria, you can navigate between and beneath the rocks.

Graffiti artists have covered the rocks in intriguing images, names, and messages as high as they can. There are differing views on this graffiti; some claim that the paint has destroyed the rocks’ inherent beauty. Others, however, claim that the artwork acts as a unique guestbook and just adds to the appeal of this well-known location.

Therefore, Some graffiti is older than the 19th century and may be considered a historical record. Sisters Rocks are distinctive in that other places like Breneah’s Melville Caves, tourists have never painted Maldon’s Rock of Ages, and Lillicur’s Quartz Mountain. Among the area’s first settlers who came to Australia during the mid-1800s gold rush, the three Levi sisters inspired the name Sisters Rocks. 

The Levi sister’s descendants are still present in the region today. To save this one of Australia’s oldest initiatives at nature conservation, Sisters Rocks was officially declared a protected area in the late 19th century to stop the stone from being utilized as construction material for the quickly expanding town. 

Green Lake Rest Area

image 111
Total Distance From Sister RocksTime Duration
58.2 Km.39 Minutes

There are rest places and automobile stops all around Victoria to assist drivers in taking regular breaks. Sections have been created within the rest areas. You can take a long rest break in a public parking lot away from the traffic.

The majority offer a variety of services. They can usually accept heavier trucks. Each section is intended for a quick break, such as a power nap, and may only have parking for light vehicles.

However, camping grounds or RV parks are intended for only some of the spaces. It needs to be in keeping with the rest stops’ intended use to use them for several overnight stays as part of a planned schedule. Search for campgrounds or RV parks in the towns along the route if you need accommodations for an extended stay.

Pink Lake

image 112
Total Distance From Green Lake Rest AreaTime Duration
58.2 Km.39 Minutes

A small, circular, salty pink lake, Pink Lake, formerly known as Lake Lochiel, is located on the Western Highway in Australia, just north of Dimboola. On July 20, 1836, Granville Stapylton, a member of Thomas Mitchell’s 1836 exploration party into western Victoria, reconnoitered Pink Lake. The lake’s striking pink hue gave rise to its moniker. The intensity of the color fluctuates depending on the amount of precipitation. 

The pink tint was previously thought to have been produced by red algae. Still, according to a recent study cited by Australian Geographic, the pigment is actually paid for by the Salinibacter ruber bacteria—a rest area with a view of the lake’s basin.

Since the 1860s, the Mount Zero Olive business and the Barengi Gadjin Land Council have been extracting salt from the lake; on average, 20 tonnes are extracted annually.

Commercial harvesting was suspended in the 1970s, but it was restarted following discussions in 2009 between the Mount Zero Olive Company, the Barengi Gadjin Land Council, and the Victorian State government.

Australian Pinball Museum

image 113
Total Distance From Pink LakeTime Duration
28.6 Km.20 Minutes

The most incredible collection of pinball machines in Australia is accessible for play at the Australian Pinball Museum, an interactive museum that is open every day of the week. Games dating back to 1932 are on display in the museum. Art, science, and history lovers must visit the Australian Pinball Museum.

The museum is operated on a non-profit basis. Every dollar you spend on the games goes toward maintaining the equipment and buying newly released games. No one is given a salary to support the museum; volunteers do all the work.

Instead of emphasizing quantity, the interactive museum’s primary goal is to display a collection of high-caliber pinball machines. Pinball machines from more than 80 years are on show!

There are machines you may play and enjoy that come from different eras and genres. ACDC’s Back in Black and the highly collectible original KISS are two very other machines, yet both are a lot of fun to play and are examples of pinballs in the music genre. 

About 50 pinballs from the collection are on display at this time. The vast majority of the pinball machines and arcade games in our collection are now stored in a facility, and we continually rotate the games so that you will always see a new one when you stop by.

The Nhill Oasis Motel is close to the Australian Pinball Museum. Open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. in the Australian Pinball Museum.

Kelvin Powrie Conservation Park

image 114
Total Distance From Australian Pinball MuseumTime Duration
28.6 Km.20 Minutes

The Kelvin Powrie Conservation Park, formerly known as the Kelvin Powrie National Parks Reserve, is a protected area in the Australian state of South Australia. It is situated 8 kilometres northwest of Keith’s downtown area in the state’s gazetted localities of Coombe and Keith.

The conservation park is made up of land that lies on the border between the communities of Coombe and Keith, between the Dukes Highway on its southwest side, and the Melbourne-Adelaide railway on its north-eastern side. 

The conservation park is on land part of the Stirling and Archibald hundreds’ cadastral units. On March 4, 1971, the Kelvin Powrie National Parks Reserve was established under the National Parks Act of 1966. On April 27, 1972, the National Parks and Wildlife Act of 1972 was enacted, and the park was given the new name of Kelvin Powrie Conservation Park.

Its name honours James Kelvin Powrie, a researcher who identified the soil’s lack of trace elements in this region, formerly known as the Ninety Mile Desert. The conservation park had a total area of 17 hectares (42 acres) as of July 2016.

Old Tailem Town Pioneer Village

image 115
Total Distance From Kelvin Powrie Conservation ParkTime Duration
125 Km.1 Hour, 17 Minutes

The land on which Old Tailem Town now lies was given to Peter Squires by his grandfather.  Having visited and played on the land as a child, he knew its history.  Peter had to decide what he wanted to do with it when it was given to him. After recently visiting Swan Hill, another pioneer community, he decided to construct Tailem Bend similarly.

He bought historic structures, some of which were more than 100 years old, and moved them back to his property to re-create an earlier Australian town to maintain it authentic.

He was adamant that our past should be maintained for future generations to enjoy and that our children should briefly have their modern environment to live in that of their ancestoenthusiasm never wanes, and the hamlet keeps expanding, currently consisting of roughly 115 structures on 15 streets. Even better, your dog is welcome here if it is leashed because we are a pet-friendly establishment.

Fleurieu Aquatic Centre

image 116
Total Distance From Kelvin Powrie Conservation ParkTime Duration
104 Km.1 Hour, 15 Minutes

over 175 years, the non-profit YMCA has a remarkable history of fostering constructive change. From basketball and volleyball to group swimming lessons and lifeguards, world-changing innovations have resulted from its long-standing mission and genuine concern for its people.

Father’s Day, presidents of various countries, and recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize. Despite this, it is intensely local, wrapping itself around the current requirements and particular context, including your own. 

The South Australian YMCA was among the first in the world, having been established in 1850. Today, it is renowned for running some of the top gymnastic facilities, stadium courts, and entertainment centres in the State.

More than 2 million people visit a YMCA in South Australia annually between our recreation services and youth, disability, and children’s programs. It is situated in SA and is run independently by a board of directors who provide their time and knowledge freely.

They claim that joining the Y helps to improve both your own well-being and the wellness of your community as a whole. It promotes continuous financial support for crucially necessary locally operated institutions like the one you’ve just joined.

It ensures that any operating surplus is reinvested for social benefit, keeps your money in South Australia, and provides jobs for bright young people. The most important story, despite all the wonderful ones we might share about others who have been through the Y, is ultimately yours. On your journey to wellness, you can walk to chat. 

Kangaroo Island

image 117
Total Distance From Fleurieu Aquatic CentreTime Duration
169 Km.2 Hours, 55 Minutes

Kangaroo Island, also referred to as Karta Pintingga, or the “Island of the Dead” in the Kaurna language, is the third-largest island in Australia after Melville Island and Tasmania.

It is located 112 kilometres southwest of Adelaide in the state of South Australia. Snapper Point in Backstairs Passage, which is 13.5 kilometres from the Fleurieu Peninsula, is the location closest to the mainland. 

Aboriginal Australians who lived there originally and were known as the Kartan people vanished from the archaeological record sometime after the island was formed due to the Last Glacial Period’s rising sea levels, which occurred about 10,000 years ago.

Then, during the British colonization of South Australia, it was periodically populated by sealers and whalers in the early 19th century then permanently from 1836.

Since that time, the island’s economy has primarily been based on agriculture, with a developing role for tourism and a southern rock lobster fishery. Kingscote is the main town and the administrative hub.

The island includes several nature reserves to preserve the remaining native plants and wildlife, with Flinders Chase National Park at the western end being the biggest and best-known. The island is 145 km long from west to east and 0.94 to 54 km wide at its narrowest and widest spots in the north and south. 

It has a 4,405 km2 area. Its 540 kilometers of shoreline rise to a height of 307 meters in Flinders Chase National Park, which is located west of the intersection of the Playford and West End Highways.

Mount MacDonnell, 299 meters above sea level, is the second-highest point. Investigator Strait and Backstairs Passage divide it from Yorke Peninsula to the northwest and Fleurieu Peninsula to the northeast. Off the island’s eastern end is an archipelago of islets known as the Pages.


How Long Does It Take To Drive To Kangaroo Island?

Ans: The third-largest island in Australia is called Kangaroo Island. With a 4,405-kilometer square land area, it is reasonably simple to tour in a short amount of time. A two-hour drive will get you from one end of the island to the other.

Is Kangaroo Island Worth The Cost?

Ans: Kangaroo Island is unquestionably worthwhile if you prefer outdoor pursuits like hiking, wildlife viewing, and beachcombing. Kangaroos, koalas, seals, and sea lions are just a few of the native Australian wildlife that may be seen on the island.

Why Is Kangaroo Island Famous?

Ans: Although the island is widely known for its fauna, some of the fascinating creatures are cleverly concealed. Come along on an escorted day tour with an expert guide to see wild koalas, unusual kangaroos and wallabies, birds, and perhaps a wary echidna. Discover the amazing physical features of the island, such as the aptly called Remarkable Rocks.

Final Words

You can stop at our recommended places if you’re planning a Melbourne to Kangaroo Island Road Trip. To confirm the weather, double-check the road conditions. Find the top accommodations, eateries, and tourist destinations based on the most well-liked locations we propose.

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