Melbourne To Lakes Entrance Road Trip – Ultimate Itinerary Guide

Melbourne To Lakes Entrance Road Trip
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Are you planning a road trip from Melbourne to Lakes Entrance? Look no further! Along the picturesque oceanside roads from Melbourne to Lakes Entrance road trip is an adventure that you’ll never forget. You will see lush green forests, parks, crystal clear lakes, and bright turquoise ocean waves as you tour through quaint little towns.

With plenty of surprises, unique restaurants, and attractions to explore, a road trip from Melbourne to Lakes Entrance can be an adventure of a lifetime – if you have the right guide.

This ultimate guide will provide you with all the information you need to have a smooth and enjoyable journey. Our guide will guide you through every aspect of the trip, from which route to take to which stop to make along the way. We will also tell you where to stay and what to pack. 

Whether you’re a local looking for a quick getaway or a traveller looking to explore the beauty of Victoria, this road trip is a must-do. So pack your bags, hop in the car, and prepare for an unforgettable adventure from Melbourne to Lakes Entrance.

Melbourne To Lakes Entrance Road Trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions

Bus Distance5 hours 40 minutes  (20 $ to 40)
Car Distance3 hours 44 minutes  (35 $ to 60$)
Train5 Hours 30 minutes  ( 25$ to 35$) 
StopsGumbuya WorldYarragon Ale House Trafalgar Holden MuseumOld Gippstown Moe Haunted Hills Mountain Bike ParkStratford Highway Park Lightfoot and Sons BairnsdaleLakes Entrance 
Nearest Railway StationMelbourne station

The Melbourne to Lakes Entrance road trip is a popular and scenic journey that takes you through the heart of Victoria. The trip is approximately 320 kilometres and can be done within 3 to 5 hours, although it’s recommended to take your time and break it up over a few days to enjoy the attractions along the way.

Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to visit various attractions, such as the Tarra-Bulga National Park, the Sale Common, and the Gippsland Lakes. If you’re a nature lover, be sure to make a stop at the Tarra-Bulga National Park to see the beautiful fern gullies and rainforests.

Once you reach Lakes Entrance, there are plenty of things to do and see, such as the Lakes Entrance Lookout, the Lakes Entrance Bowls Club, and the Lakes Entrance Visitor Information Centre. And when it comes to accommodation, there are plenty of options, from camping grounds to hotels and motels.

Melbourne To Gumbuya World

The total distance is approx 77 km. Driving Approx 1 Hour 10 Minutes

Our journey began in Melbourne, and our first stop was Gumbuya. It was an exciting beginning when we set off from Melbourne to visit Gumbuya World. 

Along the way, Gumbuya World offers visitors some fantastic attractions to enjoy in and around the area, like Cannibal Creek Vineyard, unlocking a unique collection of Gippsland wines. 

Continuing further, a visit to Mt Cannibal Flora and Fauna Reserve promises spectacular views as far and wide as the eye can see, with outstanding flora and fauna for all to explore. 

Lastly, before arriving at Gumbuya World is a stop at Gembrook Railway Station, where one can take a ride on Puffing Billy Railway and learn more about what life was like in the area back in time.

Top attractions in Gumbuya World

  • Cannibal Creek Vineyard – Gippsland Winery
  • Mt Cannibal Flora and Fauna Reserve
  • Gembrook Railway Station – Puffing Billy Railway

Accommodation in Gumbuya World

  • Tallawarra Homestead
  • Garfield Hotel
  • Mercure Pakenham

Restaurants in Gumbuya World

  • Cannibal Creek Vineyard – Gippsland Winery
  • Little Miss Hangry

Gumbuya World To Yarragon Ale House

The total distance is approx 42 km. Driving Approx 35 minutes.

After visiting Gumbuya, we will move on to our second stop at the Yarragon ale house.

As you drive along the Great Alpine Road, take advantage of the breathtaking views. Follow up with a stop at Tarra Bulga National Park, where you can take in the incredible unspoiled rainforest. 

End your adventure in Yarragon Ale House and enjoy some locally brewed beers in their rustic brewery surrounded by lush greenery. 

Top attractions in Yarragon Ale House

  • Yarragon Ale House / YAR Brewing Co
  • Town & Country Art Gallery Yarragon
  • The Shot House

Accommodation in Yarragon Ale House

  • Yarragon Motel
  • Yarragon Hotel
  • Mirador Springs Retreat

Restaurants in Yarragon Ale House

  • Yarragon Ale House 
  • Agora – The Gathering Place
  • Yarragon Milk Bar

Yarragon Ale House To Trafalgar Holden Museum

The total distance is approx 10 km. Driving Approx 10 minutes.

Along the route, we’ll wind through lush countryside and vibrant towns offering breathtaking sights to savour along the way. 

Stop-offs at local restaurants and charming boutiques offer delightful distractions and a chance to experience life away from the bustling city.

Finally, we’ll arrive at Trafalgar Holden Museum, where, with all its magnificent displays of automobile history and engineering feats, you’re sure to feel like you’ve taken a tour of a different era.

Top attractions in Trafalgar Holden Museum

  • Uralla Nature Reserve
  • James Balfour Park
  • Trafalgar Station

Accommodation in Trafalgar Holden Museum

  • The Moe Motor Inn
  • Yarragon Motel 
  • Moe Parklands Motel 

Restaurants in Trafalgar Holden Museum

  • Eat Live Fresh
  • Cafe Thyme Out
  • Sampson’s Bar & Grill

Trafalgar Holden Museum To Old Gippstown Moe

The total distance is approx 10 km. Driving Approx 10 minutes.

A road trip from Melbourne to the quaint seaside town of Lakes Entrance is only complete with a stop at Old Gippstown. 

As a heritage park, you can explore genuine old buildings and equipment from Gippsland, which provides insights into days gone by.

The former Maffra Police Station and Cobb & Co shop provide an exciting glimpse into the past. Alongside old fire engines and farming equipment, some resident ducks are wandering around as reminders of blessed country life. 

Top attractions in Old Gippstown Moe

  • Apex Park
  • Edward Hunter Heritage Bush Reserve
  • Moe Botanical Gardens
  • Trafalgar Holden Mus

Accommodation in Old Gippstown Moe

  • Morwell Motel Traveller 
  • Coal Valley Motor Inn Traveller
  • The Moe Motor Inn 

Restaurants in Old Gippstown Moe

  • Gippstown Cafe
  • Silks Restaurant On George
  • Tommy Brock Cafe

Old Gippstown Moe To Haunted Hills Mountain Bike Park

The total distance is approx 10 km. Driving Approx 15 minutes.

The Haunted Hills Mountain Bike Park is an exciting destination located between Moe and Morwell in Victoria, just 142km from Melbourne. Pulling into the car park, you’ll find plenty of parking spaces, toilets, and an undercover BBQ area – all the amenities you need for a great day out.

There’s also a pump track, adding even more excitement and challenges to your ride! The potential for further development means there may be up to 15 kilometres of trails in the future, making Haunted Hills an appealing destination for any punk biker or gravity enthusiast.

Top attractions in Haunted Hills Mountain Bike Park

  • Haunted Hills Mountain Bike Park
  • Narracan Cemetery

Accommodation in Haunted Hills Mountain Bike Park

  • Brigadoon Cottages
  • Morwell Hotel
  • Mirador Springs Retreat

Restaurants in Haunted Hills Mountain Bike Park

  • Haunted Hills Mountain Bike Park
  • Rookies Pizzeria Bar & Grill
  • Turn Back Time Cafe

Haunted Hills Mountain Bike Park To Gippsland Aquatic Center

The total distance is approx 30 km. Driving Approx 30 minutes.

For the outdoor enthusiast with a taste for adventure, the journey from Haunted Hills Mountain Bike Park to the Gippsland Aquatic Center in Traralgon is sure to provide an enjoyable day of exploration.

Located 164 kilometres from Melbourne and 155 kilometres from Lakes Entrance, it’s the perfect pitstop on a long ride. The complex offers three indoor pools – a lap pool, a hydrotherapy pool, and a shallow pool – and two full-sized water slides in its indoor water park, great for families travelling with kids.

Top attractions in Gippsland Aquatic Center

  • Wilsons Promontory National Park 
  • Raymond Island 
  • Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine

Accommodation in Gippsland Aquatic Center

  • NRMA Bairnsdale Riverside Holiday Park
  • Sandy Point Beach Escape
  • Paynesville Holiday Park

Restaurants in Gippsland Aquatic Center

  • Cafe Evviva
  • Food Co, On Franklin
  • Zaab Zaab

Gippsland Aquatic Center To Port of Sale

The total distance is approx 40 km. Driving Approx 45 minutes.

The Gippsland Aquatic Centre to Port of Sale is a great road trip from Melbourne to Lakes Entrance. Located on the Princes Highway, the Port of Sale building is an ideal place for a break or sightseeing along the way.

Inside the building, you will find the Gippsland Art Gallery, which has free entry and lots of interesting exhibits; there’s also the tourist information centre to help guide your journey. 

Plus, there is a cafe with a fantastic view of the Thompson River, so you can refresh while watching the boats float by.

Top attractions in Port of Sale

  • Gippsland Art Gallery
  • The Wedge-Performing Arts Centre
  • Sale Botanic Gardens

Accommodation in Port of Sale

  • At Home Apartments
  • Port Sale Apartments
  • The Matador Motel

Restaurants in Port of Sale

  • Redd Catt 
  • The Criterion Hotel Sale 
  •  Raymond Cafe.

Port of Sale To Stratford Highway Park

The total distance is approx 40 km. Driving Approx 45 minutes.

Take a break from your travels to Port of Sale and make a stop at Lightfoot and Sons winery near Bairnsdale, only 48.1 kilometres away from Lakes Entrance. 

You can sip Shiraz, Pinot Noir, or Chardonnay as you watch the Mitchel River flow past. 

If you’re feeling peckish, try their signature local food platters or sit back and relax with a drink inside or outside the cellar door. 

Top attractions in Stratford Highway Park

  • Knob Reserve
  • New Zealand’s Only Glockenspiel
  • Visit the Hollard Gardens 
  • Check Out the Percy Thomson Gallery

Accommodation in Stratford Highway Park

  • Stratford on the River Tourist Park
  • Comfort Inn & Suites King Avenue

Restaurants in Stratford Highway Park

  • Badger & Hare
  • Grill Em
  • The Vines on Avon

Stratford Highway Park To Lightfoot and Sons Bairnsdale

The total distance is approx 40 km. Driving Approx 45 minutes.

The drive from Stratford Highway Park to Lightfoot and Sons Bairnsdale is beautiful. As the journey starts, you will cross through a charming country town surrounded by farmland.

On one side of the road, towering gum trees reach the sky with their sprawling branches covering the bright blue sky. Along your way, you will pass rolling hills adorned with old-fashioned windmills dedicated to powering rural Ozarks towns.

Top attractions in Lightfoot and Sons Bairnsdale

  • Lightfoot Wines
  • Mitchell River Walk
  • Howitt Park

Accommodation in Lightfoot and Sons Bairnsdale

  • Bairnsdale Main Motel
  • Bairnsdale Motel
  • Bairnsdale International

Restaurants in Lightfoot and Sons Bairnsdale

  • Lightfoot Wines
  • The Long Paddock
  •  Lake Whadie Cafe

Lightfoot and Sons Bairnsdale To Lakes Entrance

The total distance is approx 40 km. Driving Approx 45 minutes.

Our long trip to Lakes Entrance is nearly finished. As we left Lightfoot and Sons in Bairnsdale, our anticipation for what awaited us at our destination began to grow. The sights along our route, from the cityscapes to natural wonders, are something we will remember for a while. 

Now that we have arrived, the possibilities for exploring are endless! There are bountiful activities in Lakes Entrance to explore new places or return to an old favourite. 

You can take a romantic stroll along the Lakes Entrance beach or picnic alongside family and friends at Nyerimilang Heritage Park. 

Top attractions in Lakes Entrance

  • Gippsland Lakes
  • Lakes Entrance Beach
  • Nyerimilang Heritage Park

Accommodation in Lakes Entrance

  • The Esplanade Resort & Spa
  • BIG4 Whiters Holiday Village
  • Ocean Views Motel Lakes

Restaurants in Lakes Entrance

  • Funkey Monkey Cafe
  • Floating Dragon
  • Wyanga Park Winery


Ultimately, the Melbourne to Lakes Entrance road trip is a must-do for anyone interested in exploring the beauty of Victoria. With its stunning landscapes, rich history, and abundant attractions, there is something for everyone along the way. 

Whether you’re a nature lover, a history buff, or just looking for a quick getaway, this trip has it all. While the trip can be done in a day, it’s recommended to take your time and break it up over a few days to fully enjoy all the journey offers. 

Follow this ultimate guide, and you’ll be well on your way to creating lasting memories and experiencing all that Victoria has to offer.

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