Melbourne to Merimbula Road Trip – Self-Drive Tour For 2 Days

Melbourne To Merimbula Road Trip
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Whether you are looking for a buzzing city break or an epic drive across Australia’s heart, Melbourne to Merimbula road trip is a good solution. Repeatedly Melbourne has been voted the world’s most livable city. It’s a beautiful cultural capital city. You can easily go for a sudden road trip from Melbourne to its nearby attractive places. 

However, we are planning a two-day road drive from Melbourne to Merimbula. The distance between these two ends is 360 miles or 579 KM. Approximately within 7 hours, you can reach your destination. But plan a two-day road trip to visit all the cities and attractions along both ends. 

Our aim is to make your job easier. Therefore we will explain the complete road trip itinerary of 2 days on the Melbourne-Merimbula route. So, sharply read this article till the end. 

Melbourne To Merimbula Road Trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions 

Bus 9 Hours 42 Minutes 
Drive 6 Hours 43 Minutes 
Stops 32 
Nearest Airport to Melbourne Melbourne Essendon APT (MEB) Airport

579 KM or 360 Miles is the non-stop driving distance between Melbourne to Merimbula. Under normal traffic, the approximate driving time is 6 hours and 48 minutes. That means starting your journey from morning within the day time you can easily reach Merimbula. 

However, flying to Merimbula directly from Melbourne will require less time, nearly 3 hours and 44 minutes. But whether you fly or drive non-stop to reach the destination, you will miss exploring all the attractions along this way. 

You will come across 32 cities or attractions while driving from Melbourne to Merimbula. If you miss visiting these places, that will be your misfortune. Therefore, considering all these, we have planned a two-day road trip. 

Within these two days, you can visit the other nearby cities and attractions on this route. 

Day 1 

Melbourne is the base to start your trip. So, on the first day, start hitting the road with your car and reach your first destination. 

Melbourne To Moe (Victoria)

Along the M1 road, 134.4 KM is the Melbourne to Moe (Victoria) road distance. Drive for about 1 hour and 42 minutes to reach your destination. Moe is a beautiful destination along your Merimbula road drive where you should break your journey. 

This city is home to old Gippstown and beautiful buildings of the 19th century. The nearby lakes and bushland to Moe provide great recreational opportunities to visitors. Moreover, Moe is the gateway to the Snowfields at MT Baw and historic goldfields at the Walhalla. Moe is part of the connected settlements line along the industrial Latrobe Valley. 

While staying in Moe, you will surely recall the European settlement’s early days by visiting the museums and art galleries. North of Moe, there is the Great Dividing Range’s southern slopes. Following this slope, you can travel to Walhalla’s Gold Rush. 

Top Things To Do In Moe 

  • Gippsland Heritage Park 
  • Edward Hunter Bush Reserve 
  • Moe Botanical Gardens 

Accommodations In Moe 

  • Moe Parklands Motel 
  • Moe Motor Inn 

Restaurants In Moe 

  • Surfside Bistro and Function Centre 
  • Tommy Brock Café 
  • Coffee Central Moe 

Moe (Victoria) To Sale 

From Moe (Victoria), you can reach Sale (Victoria) by driving along three routes. Along the C103 route, the driving distance is 86.8 KM. And driving time is 1 hour and 3 minutes. 

On the other hand, the total distance between these two ends following the Princes Highway / A1 route is 93.9 KM. And you have to drive 1 hour and 7 minutes on this road. Finally, following the M1 and Princes Highway / A1 routes, the total distance is 88.2 KM. And the driving time is 1 hour and 5 minutes. 

Sale in Victoria is a beautiful city to stop on your trip. This town has different popular attractions, including lakes, beaches, botanic gardens, etc. All these stunning places make visiting Sale (Victoria) worthwhile. 

To explore the vast Gippsland Lakes in Sale, you can start your boating journey. Moreover, by going through the Port of Sale, you will get access to the entire lake region. Many great beaches surround Sale, Victoria. So you can visit any beach to enjoy the sea and its waves. 

Top Things To Do In Sale

  • Sale Botanic Gardens 
  • Gippsland Armed Forces Museum 
  • La Trobe Swing Bridge 

Accommodations In Sale 

  • Bon Accord 
  • Mansi On Raymond 
  • At Home Apartments 

Restaurants In Sale 

  • Redd Catt 
  • Raymond Café 
  • The Criterion Hotel Sale 

Sale To Lakes Entrance 

The Sale (Victoria) to Lakes Entrance straight distance is 85 KM. In contrast, 105.8 KM is the road distance between these two destinations. Lakes Entrance is a stunning seaside town in Australia. If you love great food, sea beaches, and exploring new places, breaking your journey at this stop is a must. 

Lakes Entrance allows you to do many things all year round. Victoria Lakes Entrance is a premier destination where local and international tourists like to stay. Once you visit this spot, the local food, fishing, and wine will pull you around this city regularly. 

One of the top places to visit in this town is the 90-mile beach. You will find the Lakes Entrance beaches life savings during the warmer months. However, you can swim, surf at sea or enjoy walking around the beach. While walking along the beach, enjoy the waves and have fun in this beautiful town.  

Top Things To Do In Lakes Entrance 

  • Wyanga Park Winery 
  • Lakes Entrance Beach 
  • Nyerimilang Heritage park 
  • Lonsdale Eco Cruises 
  • Lakes Entrance Apex Park 

Accommodations In Lakes Entrance

  • The Esplanade Resort And Spa 
  • Bellevue On The Lakes 
  • Kalimna Woods Cottages 

Restaurants In Lakes Entrance 

  • The Floating Dragon 
  • Nick’s 
  • Wyanga Park Winery 

The perfect way to take advantage of all the best things is to stay in the Lakes Entrance. Several hotels and accommodation facilities are available here. So, after spending a busy and tiring day on your trip, we recommend you stay here at night. 

Day 2 

On the second day, leave the Lakes Entrance early in the morning. Then drive for a few hours to reach your next destination Orbost. 

Lakes Entrance To Orbost 

Along the Princes Highway / A1, drive for 42 minutes to cross the 59.3 KM distance between Lakes Entrance and Orbost. The straight distance between these two ends is 27.95 miles. Another must-visit beautiful city in Victoria, Australia, is Orbost. 

Orbost is the heart of the Snowy River. Forests, national parks, and beaches surround this small town. It is full of different popular attractions. Some are the Burncan Caves, Bunker Museum, Cape Conran Coastal Park, etc. Orbost in Victoria is the service centre for dairy cattle, beef, sawmilling, and other primary industries. 

Whatever types of attractions you are looking for, you will get everything in Orbost. National parks, lakes, monuments, architecture & landmarks, hiking/biking, everything is available here. Eat something from the cafés and bakeries of this town and then visit its historical places, galleries, etc. 

Top Things To Do In Orbost 

  • Orbost Information Centre 
  • Young Creek Falls 
  • Forest Park 

Accommodations In Orbost 

  • Orbost Country Road Motor Inn 
  • Snowy River Lodge Motel 
  • Orbost Country Man Motor Inn 

Restaurants In Orbost 

  • Orbost Bakery 
  • Wishing Tree Café 
  • Orbost Club Hotel 

Orbost  To Merimbula  

On the second day, your final destination from Orbost is Merimbula. Here ends your road trip after reaching Merimbula. Following the Princes Highway / A1, Orbost to Merimbula driving distance is 211 KM. The driving time is 2 hours and 27 minutes. 

On the sparkling Sapphire Coast, an enchanting seaside town is Merimbula. This town offers tranquil coastal lakes and rugged ocean beaches. Here you can do and explore many wonderful things. In Merimbula, you can enjoy whale watching, a wide range of water sports, and tasting the local seafood. Also, you can explore the wildlife sanctuary and aquarium here. 

Paddle and SUP at the Merimbula Lake’s protected waters, walk and lookouts, explore the sandy beaches and indulge in delicious eats. For seafood feasts and sheltered waters, undoubtedly a beautiful place is Merimbula. 

In simple words, Merimbula is worth visiting. This seaside town has many things to offer its visitors on the NSW South Coast. 

Top Things To Do In Merimbula 

  • The Merimbula Boardwalk 
  • Merimbula Aquarium & Wharf 
  • The Pinnacles 
  • Magic Mountain 

Accommodations In Merimbula 

  • Robyns Nest 
  • Hillcrest Merimbula 
  • Coast Resort Merimbula 

Restaurants In Merimbula 

  • Ritzy Wine & Tapas Bar 
  • The Waterfront Café 
  • Club Sapphire Merimbula 


Is Merimbula worth a visit? 

Merimbula is a popular tourist spot in Australia. And it’s worth visiting. On the NSW South Coast, Merimbula is a seaside town that has it all. You will get everything here, from the white-sand beaches to the national park to seaside markets. 

What town is halfway between Melbourne and Merimbula? 

Bairnsdale, Australia, is halfway between Merimbula and Melbourne. 

Is Merimbula closer to Sydney or Melbourne? 

Merimbula is closer to Sydney. By driving less than 6 hours, you will reach Sydney from Merimbula. At the same time, the Merimbula to Melbourne driving time is nearly 7 hours. 

Wrap Up 

And that’s the end of our Melbourne to Merimbula road trip itinerary. Before setting out across the Merimbula, take a break in all the beautiful spots. After a long time driving, stopping at all these attractive places, you will surely feel relaxed. 

The two-day trip is long enough. Therefore before hitting the road with your car, ensure you have undertaken enough preparation. Ensure you have everything that you need on this trip. 

Now, comment and tell us whether this road trip itinerary has been helpful for you or not. We will reply to you soon.

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