Melbourne to Mount Gambier Road Trip – A Perfect Itinerary for 2 Days

Melbourne To Mount Gambier Road Trip
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“The Sporting Capital of the World”, Melbourne is the most livable city on earth. Also, it’s a great base to start your road trip to nearby gem areas in Australia. One such beautiful place worthy of a road trip is Mount Gambier. So, quickly plan for a Melbourne to Mount Gambier road trip. 

Mount Gambier is a stunning place where road trippers, craggy outdoors people, and young adventurers will have a great time. Melbourne to Mount Gambier road distance is 435 KM. The approximate driving time is 5 hours and 11 minutes. 

Starting driving in the morning, you can reach your destination within a day. But we are planning a two-day road trip so that you can explore the attractive places along the way. Our two-day Mount Gambier road trip is fully action-packed. And we included several stops in the plan to get unlimited experiences. 

So, let’s get going into the details. 

Melbourne To Mount Gambier Road Trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions 

270 miles or 435 KM is the direct drive distance between Melbourne and Mount Gambier. In normal traffic, the non-stop drive time is 5 hours and 11 minutes. However, you can reach Mount Gambier more quickly through a flight of 2 hours and 50 minutes. 

If you have enough time, plan and enjoy a road trip in the stunning Mount Gambier drive. There are 35 attractive places along this route from both ends. You must visit all these attractive spots to ensure your journey is fulfilled. 

However, here we will explain the complete two days itinerary. If you can arrange 3-5 days to explore all these visiting places, that will be better. But two days is still enough time to explore all the cities and attractions on this route.

Bus 6 Hours & 55 Minutes 
Drive 5 Hours 
Stops 35
Nearest Airport to Melbourne Melbourne Essendon Apt (MEB) Airport 

Day 1 

Start driving from Melbourne. The closest spot from Melbourne to stop is Geelong. So, first, break your journey here and explore the abundant blessing of this place. 

Melbourne To Geelong 

The driving distance between Melbourne to Geelong is 73.5 KM. On the contrary, the direct distance between these two destinations is 40 miles or 65 KM. Following the M1 road, drive for 58 minutes to cross this distance. On your Mount Gambier road trip, the first place where you should break your journey is Geelong. 

Geelong is a bustling city. And it’s the gateway to the peninsula. This city is packed with many different things to do. The travellers who head toward Mount Gambier road for them it’s a popular stopping-off point. 

Geelong is full of natural attractions. From spectacular surf beaches to the natural bush, everything is available here. Also, you will find here the cosmopolitan shopping Centre and historic township buildings and monuments. 

To get away from the big city, bus life, and urban madness, a good option is Geelong. This city is a fabulous waterside retreat. It is the second largest in Victoria. But it’s more likely a district town with friendly locals, quality, and a relaxed social vibe. 

You can spend an entire day exploring all the things and attractions around Geelong. To see Victoria’s best tourist attractions, Geelong is undoubtedly a perfect base. The Geelong Waterfront is perfect for unwinding, relaxing, and having fun. 

In Geelong, a popular place to visit is Eastern Beach. During the 1930s, in the Art Deco style, this beach was built. This place boasts an abundance of charm, beauty, and history. There are also some beautiful places in Geelong where you can cool down, enjoy fun and relax on a summer day. 

Top Attractions In Geelong

  • Eastern Beach Reserve 
  • Geelong Botanical Gardens 
  • National Wool Museum 
  • The Carousel 
  • Geelong Gallery 
  • Museum of Play & Art 
  • Geelong Gaol Museum 
  • Bellarine Rail Trail 
  • Buckley Falls 

Accommodation In Geelong

  • Quality Hotel Bayside Geelong 
  • Novotel Geelong 
  • Quest Geelong 
  • R Hotel Geelong 
  • Rydges Geelong 

Restaurants In Geelong

  • Alma Restaurant 
  • Bistrot St Jean 
  • Emerge 
  • Sailors’ Rest 
  • Tulip Bar & Restaurant 

Geelong To Mortlake 

Following the M1 road, drive for 43 minutes to cross the 49.5 KM Geelong to Mortlake distance. Mortlake in Australia is a historic settlement. It is located at the base of an extinct volcano, Mount Shadwell. This town lies in the fertile volcanic plains area. 

While visiting this town, you will find the impressive bluestone buildings in large numbers. For the olivine crystal, this area is known more. The Mortlake History Trail contains Mortlake’s 20 historic buildings. 

Around the Bluestone Heritage of Mortlake town, you can enjoy a very excellent and detailed walk. You can also visit the History Museum to explore its local history. Initially, it was a popular attraction. But eventually, it became closed. 

The History Museum in Mortlake was the recreational hall and billiards room from 1920. A group of small civic buildings is also available here. You can visit these abandoned buildings to explore the architectural beauty of the past. 

The town has an attractive park, along with historical and abandoned buildings. Initially, the name of this park was the Mortlake Botanical Gardens. This park covered 50 acres area. In 1988 a new lake was created in the park named the Tea Tree Lake. 

This park has a fitness area, pleasant walking paths, and play areas for children. However, Mortlake has a visitor information centre also. You can visit the visitor centre if you need help exploring this place. 

Top Attractions In Mortlake

  • Cobra Killuc Wildlife Reserve
  • Mortlake History Trail 
  • History Museum 
  • Temperance Hall 
  • Group of civic buildings 

Restaurants In Mortlake

  • Charlies Café 
  • Esteban Restaurant & Bar 
  • Salam Namaste 
  • Zetabar 
  • Hong Kong Kitchen 

Stay At Mortlake 

On day 1, you will surely feel tired after visiting the attractive places in Geelong and Mortlake. So, we recommend you avoid driving at night. Therefore the best option is to stay in Mortlake at night. There are several accommodation facilities available here including hotels, motels, and resorts. 

You can book any hotel or motel in Mortlake within your budget. Moreover, you can enjoy the benefits of free cancellation at the selected hotels. You will enjoy several benefits if you stay in a 3-star or 3-5 star business-friendly motel or 4.5-star luxury hotel. In these hotels, you will enjoy free parking, Wi-Fi, a pool facility, breakfast, etc. 

However, to save your time and money, we have put together the name of several accommodation options. From the list, select one that is within your budget. 

Accommodation In Mortlake

  • Cascade Motel 
  • Manifold Motor Inn 
  • Comfort Inn On Raglan 
  • City Heart Motel Warnambool 
  • Eight Spence 

Day 2 

On the second day, wake up early as you still have to drive many more miles. Have your breakfast and leave from Mortlake towards your next destination. 

Mortlake To Hamilton (Victoria) 

78 KM is the Mortlake to Hamilton (Victoria) distance. And 86.9 KM is the road distance between these two ends. Another popular place to stop from Mortlake is Hamilton (Victoria). In Victoria, a thriving regional city is Hamilton. This major centre is located in Victoria’s southwest part. 

This city has an art gallery, unique architectural buildings, and cafes. Hamilton is a lively provincial town. And day-trippers find this place attractive. It has many stunning visiting places and popular attractions. All these beauties make visiting this place worth enough. 

Historically the “Wool Capital of the World” is Hamilton (Victoria). Due to the richness of the surrounding land, this city is the production centre of beef and dairy cattle. This town is full of rustic sophistication and vast rural wealth. 

Hamilton features a commercial centre and attractive tree-lined streets. This city boasts a couple of stunning & impressive churches. You will find this “Church Hill” at the Western end of Grey Street.

Moreover, Hamilton has several attractive parks, recreational areas, and gardens. The Botanical Garden is a significant collection of oak and pine trees. The garden also has a fountain, cottage, rotunda, and animal enclosure. 

Top Attractions In Hamilton (Victoria)

  • McKenzies Falls 
  • Nigretta Falls 
  • Wannon Falls 
  • Hamilton Botanic Gardens 
  • Campe’s Motor Museum 
  • Hamilton Gallery 
  • Lake Hamilton 
  • Hamilton Cinema 
  • Hamilton Farmers Market 
  • Commercial Hotel Hamilton 

Accommodation In Hamilton (Victoria)

  • Hamilton Townhouse Motel 
  • Bandicoot Motor Inn 
  • Hamilton Lakeside Motel 
  • AAt 28 Goldsmith Motel 
  • Hamilton Lonsdale Motel 

Restaurants In Hamilton (Victoria)

  • Tosca Browns 
  • Thai Town Hamilton 
  • Botanical Motel 
  • Little Koi 
  • Racha Thai 

Hamilton (Victoria) To Mount Gambier 

Following the C187 and Princes Highway / A1, the distance between Hamilton and Mount Gambier is 125.2 KM. The total driving hours are 1 hour and 20 minutes. Mount Gambier is located on the Limestone Coast of South Australia. It is Australia’s second-largest town. And it has an abundance of Geological wonders. 

This city has everything, including the volcanoes, ocean, caves, lakes, quirky accommodations, wildlife, etc. Moreover, it has an abundance of world-class wineries and fantastic food. From the beautiful places, you can pick and explore the one according to your own pace. 

However, one of the unique cities in Australia is Mount Gambier. For your road trip, it’s a perfect destination. Mount Gambier has become mind-blowing due to its abundance of natural geological wonders. This town sits right on an inactive volcano’s top. 

Here at the Umpherston Sinkhole, you can explore an underground Eden garden. A lake called Sinkholes turns bright blue on hot summer days. Simply put, Mount Gambier is the secret gem of Australia. But it’s most underrated also. 

Top Attractions In Mount Gambier

  • Umpherston Sinkhole 
  • Mount Gambier Visitor Centre 
  • The Blue Lake 
  • Cave Gardens 
  • Mount Schank 
  • The Valley Lake 
  • Echo Farm 
  • Mount Gambier RSL War Museum 
  • Centenary Tower 
  • Engelbrecht Cave 

Accommodation In Mount Gambier 

  • Barn Steakhouse 
  • The Commodore 
  • Arkana Motor Inn & Terrace Apartments 
  • Mount Gambier Hotel 
  • The Old Mount Gambier Gaol 

Restaurants In Mount Gambier

  • The Barn 
  • Bahn Kubo 
  • Wild Ginger Thai 
  • Thyme at the lakes 
  • Southern Thai Café 


How far is Mount Gambier from the Ocean? 

The ocean is around 35 KM away from Mount Gambier. The beach is framed by rocks and sits in a perfect wine-glass-shaped bay. 

How long should I spend in Mt Gambier?

If you are an active road tripper, spending 1 or 2 days in Mount Gambier is enough. 

Why do people visit Mount Gambier? 

People visit Mount Gambier to discover the famed Blue Lake’s dazzling sapphire waters and other natural beauties. Mount Gambier boasts of natural wonders. So this city offers many things for visitors to explore. 

Wrap Up 

A Melbourne to Mount Gambier road trip provides unforgettable scenery and huge adventure opportunities. If you are adventurous, this road trip is particularly great for you.

Comfortably you can complete visiting the cities or attractions in the Mount Gambier drive in two days. But if you have more days in hand, that will be better. 

However, you can comment in the comment box for further information regarding the Melbourne to Mt. Gambier trip. ASAP we will reply to you. 

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