Melbourne to Perth Road Trip – 7 Days Complete Drive Itinerary

Melbourne To Perth Road Trip
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Melbourne to Perth road trip is one of the best options for travellers to enjoy their long vacation. The distance between Melbourne and Perth is 3420.7 KM. There are plenty of opportunities with joyful and exciting things to do on this trip. Therefore, you may wonder how you will adjust your time on this road trip. 

The driving time from Melbourne to Perth is 35 hours and 45 minutes. It’s a huge time and non-stop driving on this route is impossible. Therefore you must expand your trip time to break your journey in all the beautiful places along this route.

However, our goal is to make your trip easier and more exciting. Therefore here we developed a complete itinerary of 7 days for your Perth trip. So, now get going into the detailed discussion:

Melbourne to Perth Road Trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions

The drive distance between Melbourne to Perth is 3420.7 KM, following the National Highway A1. And the approximate driving time is 35 hours and 45 minutes under normal traffic. 

Flying to Perth from Melbourne requires only 5 hours and 58 minutes. But the problem with flying is you will be unable to explore all the stunning visiting places along the Melbourne to Perth route.

Therefore here we come with a complete itinerary of 7 days. In this itinerary, we included all those spots where you must visit or break your journey. So, now let’s dive into the details discussion:

Drive / Car Distance35 Hours and 45 Minutes 
Stops 40
Nearest Airport to Melbourne Melbourne Essendon Apt (MEB) Airport 

Day 1

On the first day, start your journey from Melbourne. Drive for a few hours and reach your trip’s first stop, Keith, South Australia.

Melbourne (VIC) To Keith (SA)

452 KM or 281 miles is the distance between Melbourne, VIC to Keith, SA. And the road distance between these two ends is 500.6 KM. Keith is the northern gateway to the beautiful Limestone Coast region. It is a beautiful city in South Australia. 

This city is renowned as the “Lucerne Capital of Australia.” And it’s a small city but mighty. At this stopping point, you should break your journey. A busy country town is Keith, to stop and stay on your Perth road trip. 

It is the key agricultural hub in South Australia. But it’s a refreshing and vibrant town. While staying in this city, visitors are enveloped instantly by country life. Instantly this city is recognizable due to its lush fields of Lucerne and Gums lining the Dukes Highway.

Stopping at the iconic Don Moseley Park is a must for visitors or tourists travelling to Perth or the Limestone Coast. Also, you can experience the diversity of environmental wonders, attractions, and nature walks. The Mount Monster Conservation Park is a must-visit place to get all these experiences.

Top Attractions In Keith

  • Don Moseley Park
  • Landover On A Pole
  • Cockatoo Downs Farmstay
  • Kelvin Powerie Conservation Reserve
  • Mt Monster Conservation Park

Accommodation In Keith

  • Keith Motor Inn
  • Sundowner Bordertown Motel
  • Gaerwood Bed & Breakfast
  • Padthaway Caravan Park

Restaurants In Keith

  • Henry and Rose Café
  • Keith Bakery & Coffee Shop
  • Keith Hotel Motel

After exploring all the beautiful places in Keith on the first day, we recommend you stay here at night. You must drive for a long time to reach your next destination. 

So avoid driving at night. Choose any of the accommodations options from above and stay in Keith on the first day of your trip.

Day 2

Leave Keith, drive for 5 hours and reach Port Augusta on the second day of your trip.

Keith (SA) To Port Augusta (SA)

Along National Highway A1, the driving distance between Keith and Port Augusta is 533.9 KM. Crossing this road requires driving for 5 hours and 46 minutes. Port Augusta is located at the Spencer Gulf top. In Australia, a good-sized country town is Port Augusta.

This place is known as the “Crossroads of Australia.” It is called so because it’s the intersection of the east-west route between Perth and Sydney. Also, it’s the main north-south route’s intersection between Adelaide and Darwin. While travelling for Perth, Port Augusta is a common place to stop.

However, many tourists often wonder if Port Augusta is worth visiting. Of course, this place is worth exploring. By visiting this vast country area, you can learn about its history, local culture, and incredible flora and fauna. 

Moreover, this city offers plenty of sporting facilities, shopping opportunities, parks, playgrounds, a library, etc.

Top Attractions In Port Augusta

  • Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden
  • Water Tower Lookout
  • Wadlata Outback Centre
  • Matthew Flinders Red Cliff Lookout
  • Port Augusta Cultural Centre – Yarta Purtli
  • RSL Military Museum
  • Port Augusta Train Park

Accommodation In Port Augusta

  • Crossroads Ecomotel
  • Majestic Oasis Apartments
  • Comfort Inn & Suites Augusta Westside
  • Standpipe Gold Motor Inn

Restaurants In Port Augusta

  • Standpipe Golf Motor Inn
  • Arid Land Botanic Garden Café
  • Archers’ Table
  • Mamma Lous
  • Indian Indulgences

After visiting all the nearby attractions in Port Augusta, we recommend you stop overnight here. If you stay at night, you will discover some great accommodations here.

Day 3

On the third day, wake up early as you have to drive a considerable time to reach your next destination, Ceduna.

Port Augusta (SA) To Ceduna (SA)

Drive along the National Highway A1 for 4 hours and 56 minutes to reach your next destination Ceduna, South Australia. The total driving distance between Port Augusta and Ceduna is 468.2 KM. On the Great Australian Bight’s eastern side, a significant township in Ceduna. This city provides accommodation, food, and fuel facility to travellers.

Before entering the Nullarbor Plain’s Wastelands, the last easterly stop is Ceduna. This attractive town is located at Murat Bay. The habitat of this town is a significant Aboriginal population and a vibrant multicultural community. This city offers many great things to do and see. 

You can experience authentic local Aboriginal art, artifacts, and crafts by visiting this place. The Aboriginals owned the Arts and Culture Centre of Ceduna. The artwork is very high quality, different from other areas, and worthy of seeing.

Also there you can visit the Ceduna National Trust Museum. The Museum was built in 1912. In Ceduna, it was the first school. And later, in 1981, the authority opened it as a museum. Visit here to explore the pioneering families’ historic items and antique farm machinery.

Top Attractions In Ceduna

  • Head of Bight
  • Ceduna Jetty
  • Arts Ceduna
  • Encounter Walking Trail
  • Alexander’s Beach
  • Pinky Point Lookout

Accommodation In Ceduna

  • Ceduna Foreshore Hotel Motel
  • Highway One Motel
  • Ceduna Motor Inn

Restaurants In Ceduna

  • Ceduna Oyster Barn
  • Ceduna Bakery and Coffee House
  • Ceduna Foreshore Hotel Motel Bistro

Day 4

Enjoy your night stay at Ceduna. Now it’s time to leave this place and move to your next destination.

Ceduna (SA) To Border Village Roadhouse (SA)

Along National Highway A1, the distance between the Ceduna and Border Village roadhouse is 479.6 KM. The total driving time is 4 hours and 56 minutes. Without stopping at the Border Village Roadhouse, your tour will remain incomplete.

At 187 KM west of Nullarbor Roadhouse and 12 KM east of Eucla, the Border Village is located. From the Western Australian Agricultural checkpoint, the distance of the Roadhouse is only 50 meters. A full-day trip around the beautiful places at Border Village is highly appreciated.

The Roadhouse seems older, and its construction is more tiring. But to keep the Roadhouse clean takes great effort. While traveling along Perth drive, Border Village Roadhouse is a great place to restock, stop, refresh and recover. 

Whether you want to eat, fulfill the fuel tank, or want to stay, every facility is available at this place. Moreover, some more facilities are free Wi-Fi, gaming, a traveller’s chapel, a swimming pool, and more.

Top Attractions In Border Village Roadhouse

  • The Big Kangaroo – Rooey II

Accommodation In Border Village Roadhouse

  • Border Village Roadhouse

For your ideal stay on the fourth day night, a perfect place is the Border Village Roadhouse. So spend your night here.

Day 5

Hopefully, Border Village Roadhouse left you with beautiful memories of staying here. Now on the 5th day, your destination is Balladonia Roadhouse. So be ready and hit the road with your car.

Border Village Roadhouse (SA) To Balladonia Roadhouse (WA)

Leaving from Border Village Roadhouse, your next stopping point is the Balladonia Roadhouse. The distance between these two destinations is 530.3 KM. Along National Highway 1, the driving time is 5 hours and 25 minutes. 

Balladonia roadhouse is located 181 KM west of Caiguna and 191 KM east of Norseman. From 7 AM to mid-evening, the Balladonia Roadhouse remains open. However, the opening hours of the Roadhouse can vary depending on the peak and off-peak holiday seasons.

For travellers who are crossing Nullarbor and driving towards Perth, an important rest stop is the Balladonia Roadhouse. The Roadhouse itself is well-presented and modern. So it’s a very good place to stay on the 5th day night. The available facilities in this Roadhouse are the bar, restaurants, motel, camping facilities in Caravan Park, etc.

While staying in Balladonia Roadhouse on the 5th day, you can spend an entire day exploring the nearby beautiful places. You can visit the Balladonia Museum. The cultural heritage museum of Balladonia Hotel Motel covers the local area’s history. 

The history includes the European exploration of Aboriginal Heritage and settlement to the Royal Flying Doctor history.

Top Attractions In Balladonia

  • Caiguna Blowhole
  • Lake Hillier
  • Pink Lake
  • Cape Le Grand National Park
  • Nullarbor Links
  • Cocklebiddy Cave
  • Esperance Stonehenge
  • Lucky Bay

Accommodation In Balladonia

  • Balladonia Roadhouse

Restaurants Near Balladonia

  • Balladonia Hotel Motel

Day 6

Enjoy your night’s stay at Balladonia Roadhouse. Now it’s time to drive again along the National Highway. After driving for a few hours, you will reach Southern Cross on day 6.

Balladonia Roadhouse (WA) To Southern Cross (WA)

Drive along the National Highway 1 and National Highway 94 to cross the 542.7 KM distance of Balladonia Roadhouse to Southern Cross. The total driving time is nearly 5 hours and 40 minutes. It is located in the constellation of the Crux. And it is a kite-shaped or cross-shaped asterism. 

More specifically, it is situated in Western Australia. It is home to an impressive selection of experiences and attractions. All the beautiful visiting places here make it well worth visiting. At the Great Eastern Highway, the Southern Cross is located. It is the central point of the Yilgarn Shire. 

The area contains the Marvel Loch, Bullfinch, Bodallin, Moorine Rock, and Koolyanobbing. Southern Cross is surrounded by a well-established and prosperous farming area. This place is the home to the state’s largest farms. 

The city is full of different popular attractions. In spring, this land becomes beautiful with wildflowers. Head toward the Wimmera Hill Lookout to enjoy this area’s panoramic view.

The surrounding goldmines and farmland of Wimmera Hill Lookout overlook the township. A Pioneer Memorial is located at the east of the town. Also, to get a glimpse of the Southern Cross area’s history, you can visit the Yilgarn History Museum. It opens daily.

Top Attractions In Southern Cross

  • Karalee Dam
  • Southern Cross Swimming Pool
  • Yilgarn History Museum
  • Karalee Rocks
  • Southern Cross Recreation Complex

Accommodation In Southern Cross

  • Southern Cross Motel
  • The Club Hotel
  • Southern Cross Caravan Park
  • Hampton View Homestead
  • Sandalwood Motor Lodge

Restaurants In Southern Cross

  • Hanger Café
  • Michel’s Patisserie
  • Coffeerush

Day 7

So, finally, on day 7, you will reach Perth, the final destination of your road trip. To reach Perth, you had to drive for all these miles. Now it’s time to finish your road trip on the 7th day.

Southern Cross (WA) To Perth (WA)

Along National Highway 94, drive for 4 hours and 7 minutes to cross the 369.5 KM distance between Southern Cross and Perth. An endless summer destination is Perth, where you can enjoy an extended vacation. Perth is a famous wine region in Australia. Moreover, it is home to beautiful beaches and plenty of natural attractions.

Perth has something to offer to every traveler. Whether you are a local or a tourist from another state, the city offers family-friendly activities for everyone. This place will offer you an eclectic mix of experiences, from the historic port town exploration to buzzing with trendy bars and cafes. 

Also, you can enjoy the popular and stunning Cottesloe beach with snorkelers and swimmers. There are more things to enjoy here, including the science museums, treetop walks, arts, and crafts, Swan River wine cruises, etc.

Top Attractions In Perth

  • Kings Park and Botanic Garden
  • Swan River
  • The Perth Mint
  • State War Memorial
  • The Bell Tower
  • SciTech
  • Elizabeth Quay

Accommodation In Perth

  • Double Tree By Hilton Perth Northbridge
  • Pan Pacific Perth
  • Hyatt Regency Perth
  • Alex Hotel
  • The Ritz-Carlton, Perth

Restaurants In Perth

  • Blasta Brewing Company
  • Rusty Fig
  • My Bayon


Is it worth driving from Melbourne to Perth?

Driving from Melbourne to Perth is worth it. Along the way, you will see 40+ cities and attractions. All the beautiful places, beaches, and stunning scenery along the drive make it worth driving along Perth road.

How much does it cost to drive from Melbourne to Perth?

The approximate round trip cost from Melbourne to Perth is $885.68.

Are three days enough for Perth?

Yes! Three days is enough to visit the top attractions in Perth city. To experience all the truly beautiful and glorious attractions in Perth, you must plan for at least three days’ vacation.

Wrap Up

The Melbourne to Perth road trip is a good way to understand and discover how big Australia is. Along the driving road, there are plenty of striking deserts, beach scenery, and wildlife to enjoy. As the driving distance between Melbourne and Perth is too much, people often prefer to fly rather than drive. 

But once you start driving along this route, it will surely mesmerize you. After driving for seven days from Melbourne to Perth, you will certainly leave with many good memories and a great smile on your face.

However, we have described an itinerary of 7 days. But at your convenience, you can change the itinerary for more or fewer days. If you need help making or changing your Melbourne-Perth trip plan, comment in the comment section. We will surely help you.

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