Melbourne to Queensland Road Trip – A Full Itinerary

Melbourne to Queensland Road Trip
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The driving distance from Melbourne to Queensland is 2,099 kilometres, and it will take 23 hours and 20 minutes to cover that distance by car. You will get the chance to travel around the magnificent state of Queensland and see places like Griffith, Cunnamulla, Charleville, Mount Enniskillen, and Barcaldine.

Take a drive from Melbourne to Queensland’s warm coastal metropolis, and while you’re there, stop off at some of the most stunning places along the road. Along the route, you will be able to see well-known towns such as the capital of Australia, take in breathtaking vistas of the coastline, and travel through some of the world’s most renowned wine-producing regions.

This epic road trip will give you the opportunity to experience the finest that Australia has to offer, including some of the world’s most renowned beaches and wine regions. Along the way, you will also drive by a huge banana, the opera house, and the building that houses the Australian Parliament. It is geared toward vacationers who have plans to spend at least two weeks away from home while on the road.

Now, without any further ado, let’s begin.

Melbourne to Queensland Road Trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions

Total Distance2,099 kilometres
Car Drive Time23 hr and 20 mins in normal traffic
Bus Time10h 31m
Stops30 Stops
Nearest AirportMount Gambier (MGB) Airport

The drive from Melbourne to Queensland (in the other direction, from Queensland to Melbourne) encompasses about the middle section of Australia’s East Coast. The total distance is 2,100 kilometres after taking into account all of the stops.

On a daily basis, the average amount of time spent driving is around three hours. We have made some recommendations for locations around town at which you may want to linger for a while. If you decide to take advantage of our recommendations, which we really hope you will, you will not only add a few more days to your schedule, but you will also create memories that will be with you for the rest of your life.

Keep scrolling down to see the route from Melbourne to Queensland and the distance between the two states.

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Melbourne to Nagambie

Driving TimeDistance
1 hr 38 min137 km

Your journey from Melbourne to Queensland road trip will begin by leaving for Nagambie. It will take around 1 hour and 38 minutes which distance of about 137 kilometres. 

In the state of Victoria, in the southern part of Australia, you’ll find the town of Nagambie in the Goulburn Valley. The municipality may be found in the Strathbogie Shire and is located on the Goulburn Valley Highway to the north of Seymour. A population count taken in 2021 revealed that there were 2,254 people living in Nagambie.

It was initially planned for the Goulburn Valley Highway to go through the middle of Nagambie. As a result, substantial amounts of traffic from Shepparton, southern New South Wales, and Melbourne were able to pass through the town on their way to Seymour and Melbourne.

The town was cut off from the motorway in 2013 when a freeway-standard road was finished being built on the eastern side of the town. This road extended from the former limit of the freeway to a location six kilometres north of Nagambie. This road allowed the town to be bypassed.

The elimination of the through traffic has resulted in a significantly reduced level of ambient noise. Business and trade in the town that was created by vehicle stops have also dried up; this is intended to be picked up by a gas station and fast food complex that will be built on northbound and southbound positions on the bypass expressway. Even though there has been a noticeable drop in traffic in the town in recent years, large new housing developments have been built in the area.

Top Attractions in Nagambie: 

  • Black Caviar Statue
  • Mitchelton Wines
  • Lake Nagambie
  • Goulburn Weir
  • Kirwans Bridge
  • La Galerie de Nagambie
  • Nagambie Lakes Community Markets
  • Nagambie Brewery & Distillery

Accommodation in Nagambie: 

  • Mitchelton Hotel
  • Nagambie Waterfront Motel
  • Centretown Motel Nagambie
  • Nagambie Motor Inn & Conference Centre
  • Seymour Motel
  • Comfort Inn Coach & Bushmans

Restaurants in Nagambie:

  • Nagambie Rowing Club
  • The Muse Restaurant
  • Nagambie Bakery
  • Zephyrz
  • Royal Mail Hotel
  • Billy Burgers
  • Old Lake Kitchen

Nagambie to Griffith

Driving TimeDistance
3 hr 40 min 321 km

From Nagambie to Griffith, it distance is about 321 km which will take around 3hr and 40 mins. 

Located in the northwestern portion of New South Wales’ Riverina area, which is frequently referred to as the food bowl of Australia, lies the significant regional city of Griffith, which is part of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area. In addition to this, it serves as the primary administrative centre for the City of Griffith local government region. Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin were the architects behind the construction of Griffith, as well as the additions to the neighbouring town of Leeton. 

Canberra, the capital of Australia, was also planned by the Griffins. Arthur Hill Griffith, who was serving as the Secretary for Public Works for the state of New South Wales at the time, is the inspiration for the name Griffith. In 1987, the area that is now Griffith was designated as a city, and as of June 2018, the population of the city was 20,251.

It is possible to reach it by car from Sydney and Canberra by way of the Hume Highway and the Burley Griffin Way; from Melbourne, it is possible to reach it by way of the Newell Highway and either the Kidman Way or the Irrigation Way; and from Brisbane, it is possible to reach it via the Sunshine Coast Highway and the Burley Griffin Way. 

The Mid-Western Highway, the Rankins Springs road, and the Kidman Way may be used to get to Griffith from a variety of different locations, including Adelaide, Orange, and Bathurst. Other routes include the Rankins Springs road from Rankins Springs and the Kidman Way from Goolgowi.

Top Attractions in Griffith: 

  • Yarran Wines
  • Wineries & Vineyards
  • Calabria Family Wines Riverina
  • Griffith Pioneer Park Museum
  • Griffith Visitor Information Centre
  • Berton Vineyard
  • Hermits Cave
  • Lake Wyangan
  • Cocoparra National Park
  • City Park

Accommodation in Griffith: 

  • Quest Griffith
  • The Grand Motel
  • Acacia Motel
  • Yambil Inn Motel
  • The Gem Hotel
  • Exies Bagtown
  • Hotel Victoria
  • Econo Lodge Griffith Motor Inn
  • Coro Club Motel

Restaurants in Griffith:

  • La Scala
  • Bertoldo’s Bakery
  • Zecca
  • Il Corso Cafe
  • Limone Dining
  • Giuseppe’s Restaurant & Bar
  • Belvedere Restaurant

Griffith to Cobar

Driving TimeDistance
4 hr 11 min374 km

Base metals and gold mining are the mainstays of the economy of Cobar, a town located in western New South Wales, Australia. It is located around 712 kilometres (442 miles) northwest of the state capital of Sydney by road. Location: where Kidman Way and Barrier Highway meet. East of the outback is where you’ll find Cobar and the local government area (LGA), Cobar Shire. As of the last census in 2016, 3,990 people called Cobar home. With a total size of 44,065 square kilometres and a population of over 4,700, the Shire is rather sizable (17,014 sq mi).

The area surrounding Cobar is rich in cultural attractions. The town has preserved a lot of its colonial buildings from the nineteenth century. The Towers Huts are remnants of extremely modest colonial homes dating back to circa 1870 and are located 3 km south of town but are now off-limits to the public. Some of Australia’s biggest and most significant ancient Aboriginal rock art is located at Mount Grenfell. In April 2022, the doors of the brand-new Cobar Sound Chapel were unlocked to the public.

Top Attractions in Cobar: 

  • Fort Bourke Hill Lookout
  • Great Cobar Heritage Centre
  • Mount Grenfell Historic Site
  • Cobar Miners Heritage Park
  • Cobar Memorial Swimming Pool
  • Newey Reservoir

Accommodation in Cobar: 

  • Cobar Oasis Motel
  • Cobar Crossroads Motel
  • Cobar Copper City Motel
  • Great Western Hotel Motel
  • Cobar Town and Country Motor Inn
  • Hi-Way Motel Cobar
  • Cobar Miners Lodge
  • Cobar Motor Inn

Restaurants in Cobar:

  • Cobar Thai Restaurant
  • Cobar Bowling & Golf Club Chinese Restaurant
  • Great Western Cobar Hotel-Motel
  • Cobar Hot Bake
  • Gumnut Gifts and Homewares
  • Maddie’s Cafe Coffee Shop
  • Bryan’s Empire Hotel
  • Cobar Memorial Service Club

Cobar to Enngonia

Driving TimeDistance
2 hr 43 min 257 km

Enngonia, previously known as Eringonia, is a tiny town located in the Bourke Shire in the northwest of New South Wales, Australia. It is about 98 kilometres (61 miles) north of the Bourke regional centre. A little distance to the west of the settlement is where the Warrego River may be found. If you turn off Mitchell Highway at Belalie Street, you will be on the principal street, which is called Mitchell Street and runs in a north-south direction.

Enngonia is a territory inhabited by the Muruwari First Nation and is located in close proximity to the Kunja and Gunu nations. The cadastral division of Culgoa County in which the town is located is known as the Enngonia parish.

Top Attractions in Enngonia: 

  • The Back O’ Bourke Mud Map Tours
  • The Grave of Midnight
  • Thomas Law, Alias Midnight
  • The Murderous Captain Starlight
  • Belalie Station and Will Ogilvie

Accommodation in Enngo

  • Oasis Hotel/Motel

Restaurants in Enngonia:

  • Oasis Hotel

Enngonia to Cunnamulla

Driving TimeDistance
1 hr 42 min 159 km

In the state of Queensland, Australia, the community of Cunnamulla is both a town and a locality located inside the Shire of Paroo. It is roughly 750 kilometres (470 miles) west of the state capital, Brisbane, and is located around 206 kilometres (128 miles) south of Charleville. There were 1,140 people living in the area of Cunnamulla when the census was carried out in 2016.

There are two museums, in addition to an information centre for tourists. Two different caravan parks can be found in this town; one can be found in the Warrego Riverside, while the other can be found inside the town itself.

Cunnamulla has a hot semi-arid climate, characterized by very hot summers with sporadic rainfall, springs and autumns that range from warm to hot and are characterized by a relative lack of precipitation, and winters that are mild and dry.

Top Attractions in Cunnamulla

  • Cunnamulla Fella Visitor Centre Art Gallery and Museum
  • Cunnamulla All Aboard
  • Cunnamulla Railway Station
  • Matilda Highway
  • Bowra Sanctuary
  • Neil Spencer Gallery
  • Cunnamulla Bushlands

Accommodation in Cunnamulla

  • Warrego Hotel Motel Cunnamulla
  • Country Way Motor Inn
  • Hotel Cunnamulla Restaurant
  • Central on Stockyard
  • Billabong Hotel Motel

Restaurants in Cunnamulla:

  • Gidgee Bean Cafe @ Cunnamulla
  • Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla Restaurant
  • Cunnamulla Coffee Shop
  • Billabong Hotel Motel Bistro
  • Warrego Hotel Motel
  • Eulo General Store

Cunnamulla to Charleville

Driving TimeDistance
2 hr 6 min199 km

In the Australian state of Queensland, there is a small town and community known as Charleville. It is located in the Shire of Murweh. According to the census completed in 2016, there were 3,335 people living in the area that is known as Charleville.

Attractions for tourists include the Charleville Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia Visitor Centre, the Charleville Historical Museum, the Cosmos Centre, which is a stargazing centre, the World War II Secret Base, which displays the activities of the 3,500 United States Army Air Force personnel who were stationed in Charleville in 1943, and the Charleville Bilby Experience, which is a wildlife sanctuary that runs a captive breeding program for the greater bilby, which is a vulnerable species.

Top Attractions in Charleville

  • Charleville Cosmos Centre
  • Charleville Bilby Experience
  • Royal Flying Doctor Hangar Visitor Centre
  • Historic Sites
  • Charleville Visitor Information Centre
  • Historic House and Museum
  • Outback Native Timber Walk
  • Angellala Creek Bridge

Accommodation in Charleville

  • The Rocks Motel
  • Waltzing Matilda Motor Inn
  • Mulga Country Motor Inn
  • Hotel Corones Charleville
  • Charleville Motel
  • Cosmos Country Motor Inn
  • Warrego Motel
  • Bailey Bar Motor Inn
  • Augethella Palms Motel

Restaurants in Charleville:

  • Heinemann’s Bakery & Cafe
  • On the Rocks Restaurant
  • Blue Gum Cafe
  • Hotel Corones
  • Charleville R.S.L Bistro
  • The Outback Restaurant

Charleville to Mount Enniskillen

Driving TimeDistance
2 hr 58 min272 km

From Charleville to Mount Enniskillen, it’s about 272 km distance which will take about 2 hr and 58 mins. 

In the state of Queensland, Australia’s Blackall-Tambo Region, you’ll find a rural community known as Mount Enniskillen. Mount Enniskillen was counted as having a total population of 13 individuals during the census that was taken in 2016.

The Landsborough Highway traverses the region from south to east all the way to west.

Top Attractions in Mount Enniskillen: 

  • Tamborine Mountain Distillery
  • Witches Falls Winery
  • Tamborine Mountain Botanic Gardens
  • Curtis Falls
  • Gallery Walk
  • Fortitude Brewing Company
  • Tamborine National Park
  • Tamborine Mountain Visitor Information Centre

Accommodation in Mount Enniskillen: 

  • The Manor
  • Lisson Grove
  • Shambala Eco Retreat
  • Mountain Sanctuary B&B
  • Amore Bed and Breakfast
  • Avocado Sunset Bed and Breakfast
  • Tamborine Mountain Bed & Breakfast
  • Pethers Rainforest Retreat
  • Villa Della Rosa
  • Seaview Farm Retreat

Restaurants in Mount Enniskillen:

  • Masala Shanti The Indian Experience
  • Three Little Pigs Bar & Bistro
  • Hickory
  • Spice of Life Cafe & Deli
  • Granny Macs Fudge Store
  • Mountain Brew Coffee
  • Tamborine Mountain Coffee Plantation
  • Songbirds Restaurant
  • Rainforest Restaurant & Lounge Bar

Mount Enniskillen to Barcaldine

Driving TimeDistance
1 hr 58 min172 km

In the state of Queensland, Barcaldine is both the name of the region and the name of a small town and community inside that region. The region of Barcaldine has its administrative headquarters right here in this town. The labour movement in Australia was greatly influenced by Barcaldine, who played a significant part in the movement.

There were 1,422 people living in the town of Barcaldine at the time of the census that was conducted in 2016.

The Tree of Knowledge, the Australian Workers Heritage Centre, and the Barcaldine and District Historical Museum are some of the places of interest that visitors may see while in Barcaldine.

Bowls and tennis clubs, a combined racecourse and showground next to the golf course, a historical and folk museum, a swimming pool, and tourist information centres are some of the amenities that can be found in Barcaldine.

Barcaldine has a warm semi-arid climate, characterized by very hot and humid summers with moderate rainfall, warm to hot and dry springs and autumns with only sporadic rainfall, and mild and dry winters with very little precipitation. The annual rainfall totals around 485.1 millimetres, which is equal to approximately 19 inches, with the wettest months being November through March, as is the case across all of Queensland.

Top Attractions in Barcaldine

  • Tree of Knowledge Memorial
  • Monuments & Statues
  • Australian Workers Heritage Centre
  • Lake Dunn
  • The Great Shearer’s Strike Memorial
  • Barcaldine Tourist Information Centre
  • Lara Wetlands

Accommodation in Barcaldine: 

  • Barcaldine Country Motor Inn
  • Shakespeare Hotel
  • Landsborough Lodge Motel
  • Ironbark Inn
  • The Union Hotel
  • Evanston Station
  • Wellshot Hotel

Restaurants in Barcaldine:

  • Roses ‘n Things Caravan Park & Tea Garden
  • Ridgee Didge Cafe
  • Satisfaction Bakery
  • Barcaldine Bakery
  • Iron Bark Inn Motel and Restaurant
  • TURF N SURF Barcaldine Restaurant
  • Cafe Crema on Oak

Barcaldine to Queensland

Driving TimeDistance
2 hr 23 min208 km

Finally! After a 2hr and 23 minutes of drive time and 208 km of distance, you have finally arrived at our destination, Queensland.

The state of Queensland in Australia is located in the northeastern part of the continent and has a coastline that is just under 7,000 kilometers long. The Great Barrier Reef, which is located offshore in this country, is the biggest coral reef system on the planet and is home to hundreds of different marine species.

The city of Cairns serves as an entry point to the Great Barrier Reef as well as the lush tropical Daintree Rainforest. Surfing beaches may be found on both the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, which are located on each side of the state capital of Brisbane.

Tourism is the most important tertiary business in Queensland because to the state’s diverse landscapes, mild temperature, and plentiful natural environment. Each year, millions of tourists from other states and other countries go to Queensland to experience its natural beauty. 

The Sunshine Coast, the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, and Port Douglas are some of the most popular tourist sites in Queensland. Other popular locations in the state include Brisbane (including Moreton and South Stradbroke islands and the Gold Coast) and the Great Barrier Reef.

After Sydney and Melbourne, Australia’s third most visited city is Brisbane, which places it in third place among the most popular Australian destinations. The South Bank Parklands, the Queensland Cultural Centre, which houses the Queensland Museum, Queensland Art Gallery, and State Library of Queensland, as well as City Hall, are among the most popular tourist destinations in the metropolitan area.

Top Attractions in Queensland: 

  • Noosa National Park
  • Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
  • Four Mile Beach
  • Pacific Fair Shopping Centre
  • Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures
  • Surfers Paradise Beach
  • Cairns Esplanade Lagoon
  • Castle Hill

Accommodation in Queensland

  • The Inchcolm by Ovolo
  • Coral Sea Resort Hotel
  • Meriton Suites Broadbeach
  • Maldives Resort
  • Pullman Reef Hotel Casino
  • Castle Crest Motel
  • Paradise On The Beach Resort Palm Cove
  • Port Douglas Motel
  • Rhapsody Resort
  • Noosa Sun Motel & Holiday Apartments

Restaurants in Queensland:

  • Betty’s Burgers
  • Little Humid Restaurant
  • Brazilian Flame Bar and Grill
  • Cairns Burger Cafe
  • Wooden Horse Restaurant & Bar
  • Espresso & Co Cafe Bar
  • Cafe One 3
  • Watergate Restaurant & Lounge Bar
  • Thai Eatery


How far is Queensland from Melbourne by plane?

Between Melbourne and Queensland, Australia, the shortest distance by flight is 1,886 kilometers (1,172 miles). It takes 2.09 hours to go from Melbourne to Queensland by aircraft, using the craft’s typical top speed of 560 miles per hour.

How long will it take to drive from Melbourne to Queensland? 

It will take about 23 hours and 20 minutes to cover the 2,099 kilometres of distance by car. 

How far apart are Queensland and Melbourne by car?

The distance between Queensland and Melbourne by car is about 2100 kilometers. 


Here ends your fantastic car adventure throughout Australia, which began in Melbourne and ended in the state of Queensland. We encourage spending as much time as possible on this plan, but you are free to adjust it as necessary to meet your requirements.

We hope this article was useful in determining the best course of action for your trip. Time to pack up and head out.

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