Melbourne to Robe Road Trip – Surprising Stops to Visit Along The Way

Melbourne to Robe Road Trip
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The distance from Robe to Melbourne is 333 miles (or 536 kilometres), and a journey from Robe to Melbourne by direct route should take around 6 hours and 32 minutes under typical driving conditions.

Travelling to Robe in South Australia on the open road is an experience that should be had by everyone at least once in their lives. If you are in a hurry, flying from one location to another is an option for getting to your destination quickly; but, if it is not required to be in a hurry, you can think about taking a road trip from Melbourne as a fun way to spend a short holiday.

You will have about a seven-hour drive ahead of you through some of the most beautiful and interesting scenery in Victoria if you believe what good old Google Maps says. Additionally, once you reach the destination of your journey, you will have a plethora of options available to you in terms of where to stay.

Along the road, there is a large variety of restaurants to eat, as well as gas stations and rest stops, so you won’t have any trouble finding somewhere to stop and get some sleep if you feel like you need it.

Now, without any further ado, let’s begin.

Melbourne to Robe Road Trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions

The trip from Robe to Melbourne covers a total distance of 529 kilometres.

Robe, situated on the Limestone Coast of South Australia, is both a town and a fishing port. The robe can be found in the state of South Australia. A short distance from the Princes Highway may be found in the little coastal community of Guichen Bay, which is located on the bay’s southern shore.

It has a spectacular coastline that is rocky and exposed to the wind, and it also has a variety of beaches that are both beautiful and isolated, including one that is 17 kilometres long and is called Long Beach.

If you are travelling by car from Melbourne, as we did, there are various different routes that you may take, including the following: From the Great Ocean Road, via the West District, and lastly via Horsham.

However, before we go into further details, let’s have a look at the entire length of time it takes to travel from Melbourne to Robe as well as the total driving distance between the two cities.

Total Distance329 miles (528 kilometres)
Car Drive Time6 hr 17 min in normal traffic
Bus Time10h 31m
Stops37 Stops
Nearest AirportMount Gambier (MGB) Airport

Melbourne to Ballarat

Driving TimeDistance
1 hr 27 min115 km

Your journey from Melbourne to Robe road trip will begin by leaving for Ballarat city area. The driving time from Melbourne to Ballarat is about 1 hr 27 mins which distance of about 115 km. 

In the Central Highlands of Victoria, Australia, you’ll find a city by the name of Ballarat. Ballarat has a populace of 116,201 according to the Census conducted in 2021, which placed it in third place among the cities located in the state of Victoria.

Even though there are no national parks in the vicinity of Ballarat, the city is surrounded on all sides by expansive bushland, including to the north, south, and southwest, as well as to the east, where there are sensitive wetland areas. The 130-hectare Victoria Park, which has an abundance of ovals and fields, playgrounds, walking tracks, and peaceful lanes, is the municipal park that is located closest to the city centre. 

There are a number of big reserves and state parks in the surrounding area, including Lake Burrumbeet park, Mount Buninyong Reserve, Mount Warrenheip Flora Reserve, and Creswick Regional Park. Other parks in the area include Enfield State Park and Creswick Regional Park. There are also a number of smaller parks, including Black Hill, Victoria Park, Pioneer Park, and Yarowee Reserve, all of which are situated within a short walking distance of the central business district.

Top Attractions in Ballarat: 

  • Lake Wendouree
  • Sovereign Hill
  • Ballarat Botanical Gardens
  • Art Gallery of Ballarat
  • Ballarat Wildlife Park
  • Ballarat Tramway Museum
  • Australian Ex-Prisoners of War Memorial
  • Arch of Victory
  • Lydiard Street

Accommodation in Ballarat: 

  • Sovereign Park Motor Inn
  • Ballarat Premier Apartments
  • Best Western Plus Ballarat Suites
  • The Provincial Ballarat
  • Quest Ballarat Station
  • Seymours on Lydiard
  • Craig’s Royal Hotel
  • Oscar’s Hotel & Cafe Bar

Restaurants in Ballarat:

  • Carboni’s Italian Kitchen
  • Cafe Merkama
  • Meigas
  • Cafe Lekker
  • Harry Limes
  • Mitchell Harris Wine Bar
  • L’Espresso
  • Japanese restaurant kambei
  • The Red Lion
  • Hop Temple

Ballarat to Snake Valley

Driving TimeDistance
25 min29.3 km

Snake Valley is a town located in the District of Pyrenees in central Western Victoria, Australia. It is on the Linton-Carngham Road, 27 kilometres (17 miles) west of Ballarat, and 153 kilometres (95 miles) west of Melbourne. Snake Valley is included in the Pyrenees region. The first official day of operation for a post office was March 1, 1859. The population of Snake Valley was 743 at the time of the 2016 census, which represented a significant increase from its 2006 count of 329.

While not all of the churches in Snake Valley are actively being utilized as places of worship, there are churches in the area that adhere to each of the five major Christian faiths. The Woady Yaloak Mission District, which is under the jurisdiction of the Anglican Diocese of Ballarat, has the Holy Trinity Anglican Church, which can be found on Linton-Carngham Road. 

St. Brigid’s Catholic Church, which is a part of St. Peter’s Parish in Linton and can be found at the junction of Linton-Carngham Road, is a place of worship for Catholics. Recitals on the organ have been held at the Carngham Uniting Church, which is located on Linton-Carngham Road. These recitals are a feature of the Organs of the Ballarat Goldfields Festival.

Top Attractions in Snake Valley: 

  • Linton Bike Hire
  • Kathabeas
  • Smythesdale Gardens
  • Ballarat-Skipton Rail Trail
  • Lake Goldsmith
  • Bodies of Water
  • Kilderkin Distillery
  • Red Duck Micro-Brewery
  • Ozzie Creations
  • Arch of Victory

Accommodation in Snake Valley: 

  • Railway Hotel Linton
  • Alfred Motor Inn
  • The Ambassador Motor Inn Ballarat
  • Peppinella Motel
  • Club Wyndham Ballarat
  • Begonia City Motor Inn
  • Lake Wendouree Luxury Apartments on Grove

Restaurants in Snake Valley:

  • Wares, Plants ‘n’ Things
  • Miingo’s Cafe and Takeaway
  • The Courthouse Hotel Bistro
  • Thru the Gate Cafe
  • Akita Sushi
  • Lazy Moe’s
  • Greenside Bistro
  • Ballarat Golf Club
  • The Alfredton Fish Shop
  • Cattle Yards Inn

Snake Valley to Lake Bolac

Driving TimeDistance
50 min70.3 km

A settlement known as Lake Bolac can be found in the Western District of Victoria in the Australian state of Victoria. The Glenelg Highway cuts right through the middle of the town, which is located on the water’s edge of Lake Bolac. Lake Bolac and the areas immediately around it had a total population of 368 people as per the census taken in 2021.

The word “bulluc,” which may refer to either a swamp or a lake in the Djab Wurrung language, is where the name comes from. The Girai wurrung people are the indigenous people that have traditionally inhabited this region.

An Aboriginal ceremonial site in the vicinity of the town, the Lake Bolac stone formation takes the form of a gargantuan stone eel and was constructed using stones.

There is a school in Lake Bolac that educates students from kindergarten to year 12.

During the warm summer months, many families choose to spend their vacations in a caravan park that is located on the lake. Anglers have a lot of success fishing in the lake because of its clear waters.

Top Attractions in Lake Bolac: 

  • Lake Bolac Information & Business Centre
  • Visitor Centers
  • Narrapumelap Historic Homestead
  • Points of Interest & Landmarks
  • Lake Buninjon

Accommodation in Lake Bolac: 

  • Lake Bolac Motel
  • Mount William Station Homestead
  • Grampians View Bed and Breakfast
  • Dunkeld Old Bakery Accommodations
  • Royal Mail Hotel
  • Courthouse Hotel
  • Shire Hall Hotel
  • Ararat Colonial Lodge Motel
  • Southern Cross Motor Inn
  • Ararat Motor Inn

Restaurants in Lake Bolac:

  • Country Kitchen Wok & Grill Cafe
  • Elephant Bridge Hotel
  • Caramut Western Hotel Cafe
  • Mac’s Hotel Mortlake
  • The Stables Motel
  • Clarke’s Pies
  • Moyston General Store
  • Izzy’s Cafe
  • Dunkeld General Store

Lake Bolac to Hamilton

Driving TimeDistance
54 min78.8 km

The major Australian town of Hamilton is at the crossroads of the Glenelg and Henty highways in southwestern Victoria. It is possible to go to Geelong from Lake Bolac through the Hamilton Highway.

When it comes to federal representation, Hamilton is part of the Southern Grampians region, whereas the surrounding city of Hamilton is part of the Wannon federal division.

Hamilton calls itself the “Wool Capital of the World” because of its deep historical roots in sheep grazing, which persist to this day. “Greater Hamilton: one location, many options” is the town’s motto.

It was in 1881 when William Guilfoyle, then the director of Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens, was hired to create the Hamilton Botanic Gardens. Rare plant species, a beautifully renovated rotunda, a small zoo with rabbits, cockatiels, and budgerigars, a playground, and the elaborate Thomson Fountain may all be found inside the gardens’ 4 acres (1.6 hectares).

The Hamilton Gallery The English landscape painter Paul Sandby is included in the permanent collection of the Hamilton Gallery, which opened in 1961 and is known for its outstanding exhibitions (1731-1809).

On the first Monday and Tuesday of every August, the Hamilton Show-grounds play host to Sheepvention, a wool-related trade show, and exposition that draws a crowd of up to 20,000 people.

As a monument to the historical significance of the wool industry in the area, The Big Wool Bales was a popular attraction that has since closed.

Items from the early days of Ansett Airlines’ operation are on exhibit in the Sir Reginald Ansett Transport Museum, which was opened to commemorate the 1935 establishment of Ansett Australia in Hamilton.

Top Attractions in Hamilton: 

  • McKenzies Falls
  • Sir Reginald Ansett Transport Museum
  • Nigretta Falls
  • Hamilton Botanic Gardens
  • Wannon Falls
  • Hamilton Gallery
  • Campe’s Motor Museum
  • Lake Hamilton
  • Hamilton & Grampians Visitor Information Centre

Accommodation in Hamilton: 

  • Hamilton Townhouse Motel
  • AAt 28 Goldsmith Motel
  • Bandicoot Motor Inn
  • Lake Hamilton Motor Village & Caravan Park
  • Hamilton Lonsdale Motel
  • Budget on the Lake
  • Comfort Inn Grange Burn
  • Comfort Inn Botanical

Restaurants in Hamilton:

  • Tosca Browns
  • Botanical Motel
  • Thai Town Hamilton
  • Racha Thai
  • Little Koi
  • Izzys Tavern
  • Woody’s Cafe
  • Hamilton Bakery and Cafe

Hamilton to Coonawarra

Driving TimeDistance
1 hr 34 min136 km

South Australia’s Coonawarra is a rural community located to the north of Penola. It is well recognized as the location that gave its name to the Coonawarra wine area.

According to one author, the Bindjali people were the indigenous Australians who inhabited the region before the arrival of Europeans. The name Coonawarra is said to have been their name for blackberry, however, this definition has also been assigned to the word Penola by the same author. 

The Mount Gambier railway line began service in 1887 and continued to Coonawarra, where it served as a station until 12 April 1995, when freight service was terminated there.

A few hundred meters to the west of the Riddoch Highway, which runs along the ridge in the centre of the Coonawarra wine area, is where you’ll find the settlement of Coonawarra. The South Australian Heritage Register has a listing for the historic Wynn’s Coonawarra Winery, which can be found on Memorial Drive.

Top Attractions in Coonawarra: 

  • Katnook Coonawarra
  • Wynns Coonawarra Estate
  • Brand’s Laira
  • Hollick Estates
  • Balnaves of Coonawarra
  • Zema Estate
  • Patrick of Coonawarra
  • Bellwether
  • Majella Wines Coonawarra
  • DiGiorgio Family Wines

Accommodation in Coonawarra: 

  • Coonawarra Bush Holiday Park
  • Highbank Winery Accommodation
  • Punters Corner The Retreat
  • Coonawarra Units
  • Coonawarra Cottages
  • Chardonnay Lodge
  • Coonawarra Hex Bubbles 4
  • Coonawarra Eco Planet Tents

Restaurants in Coonawarra:

  • Ottelia
  • Chardonnay Lodge
  • Upstairs Restaurant at Hollick
  • Pipers of Penola
  • Cafe in the Vines
  • Vintage Cafe

Coonawarra to Robe

Driving TimeDistance
1 hr 12 min112 km

Finally! After a long drive (although we stopped at numerous locations), we arrived at our final destination, which is Robe, the best fishing port located on the Limestone Coast of South Australia. 

The direct drive from Coonawarra to Robe will take around 1 hr and 12 minutes which distance of about 112 kilometres. 

Robe, on the Limestone Coast of South Australia, is a city and fishing port. The town’s old architecture, waterfront, fishing boats, lakes, and thick vegetation all contribute to its unique charm. The robe may is found along the Princes Highway and on the southern coast of Guichen Bay. In the most recent census, taken in 2016, 998 people called Robe home. The robe is the county seat for the District Council of Robe, and its namesake town serves as the county seat. It falls within both the MacKillop state electorate and the Barker federal division.

Robe, one of South Australia’s earliest towns, was built by the colonial administration as a port, administrative hub, and settlement just 10 years after the Province of South Australia was first proclaimed.

Inns like the “Bush Inn,” located just outside of town, were established along highways to serve the bullock teamsters who brought down the wool from Robe’s vast hinterland in western Victoria. Horsehide and wool were two of the most popular exports.

Robe has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate, characterized by hot, dry summers, pleasant, generally dry springs and autumns, and mild, wet winters.

Top Attractions in Robe: 

  • Robe Beach
  • Robe Town Brewery
  • Cape Dombey Obelisk
  • Cape Jaffa Wines
  • Ralph Fowler Wines
  • Robe Dairy
  • Wangolina
  • Robe Lighthouse
  • Robe Customs House Museum
  • Robe Visitor Information Centre

Accommodation in Robe: 

  • Harbour View Motel
  • Lakeview Motel
  • Robstown Motor Inn and Apartments
  • Best Western Melaleuca Motel
  • Sea Vu Caravan Park
  • Robe House
  • Guichen Bay Motel

Restaurants in Robe:

  • Adventurous Spoon
  • Union Cafe
  • Sails Restaurant
  • The Project Robe
  • Caledonian Inn
  • Robe Hotel
  • Robe Ice-Cream & Lolly Shop
  • Robe Seafood & Takeaway


How much would it cost to go from Melbourne to Robe?

If you’re looking for the quickest and cheapest way to go from Melbourne to Robe, your best bet is to take the train or car, which will set you back between $50 and $80 and take 9 hours and 12 minutes.

How quickly can I go from Melbourne to Robe, Australia?

From Melbourne to Robe, the fastest route is by air and bus, which will cost $140 – $320 and take 5 hours and 26 minutes of your time.

Are there any buses that go straight from Melbourne to Robe?

There is not a bus that travels directly between Melbourne and Robe. There are, however, services leaving from Southern Cross Coach Terminal/Spencer St and heading to Robe via Ballarat and Mount Gambier. It takes around 10 hours and 31 minutes to complete the trip, including transfers.

How many hours do you need to get from Melbourne to Robe?

The robe is located 536 kilometres from Melbourne. The accumulated kilometrage while travelling by car is 521.2.

Travel time from Melbourne to Robe, Australia?

It is around 5 hours and 26 minutes, including transfers, to go from Melbourne to Robe.

When and where can I board a bus from Melbourne to Robe?

V/Line provides bus service between Southern Cross Coach Terminal/Spencer St station in Melbourne to Robe.

How long would it take to fly from Melbourne to Robe?

From Melbourne Airport to Mount Gambier Airport, the fastest travel time is 1 hour and ten minutes on a direct flight.

Where does the bus from Melbourne to Robe arrive at its destination?

Robe station is where Stateliner’s Melbourne to Robe bus services stop.

What time zone are we in while travelling from Melbourne to Robe?

The time in Robe is 30 minutes later than in Melbourne. The time in Melbourne is 18:27, while in Robe it is 17:5


Your amazing journey here on a road trip, which began in Melbourne and ended in Robe in the state of Queensland, has finally come to a conclusion. This itinerary may be adjusted to meet your requirements by being shortened or extended, but we strongly suggest devoting as much time as you possibly can to following it.

If you have the time and are not in a rush, you should take various breaks along the way to take in the breathtaking scenery that Queensland state has to offer.

If you plan on travelling to more remote areas of Tasmania, it is essential to be well-prepared for any situation that may arise. Problems such as a flat tire or running out of water might be very detrimental to the situation.

We really hope that you were able to focus on the best travel strategy with the aid of this guidebook. Right, it’s time to pack everything up and get ready to travel.

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