Motorbike Road Trip in Australia: The Ultimate Guide

Motorbike Road Trip in Australia
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Australia is filled with breathtaking vistas from coast to coast, from top to bottom, and everywhere. And riding a motorcycle on open roads is one of the best ways to experience all that our nation has to offer in terms of gorgeous locales. But there are so many attractions and thrilling rides to share that it may almost feel overwhelming.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled this list of the top 8 motorbike rides in Australia to assist you in organising your upcoming adventure. These rides will likely start the engine of your imagination. So be ready with your motorbike and make a Motorbike Road Trip In Australia.

Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Golden Grove, the starting point of this 159-kilometre loop, certainly lives up to its name by making you feel as good as gold. The ride takes you on a long journey until it terminates in the neighbouring Tea Tree Gully. This magnificent ride through the Adelaide Hills offers everything, from lovely straight stretches of farmland to some terrific corners.

The only danger with so many unique cafés, restaurants, and wineries to discover along the road is that you’ll become distracted by all the excellent food and drink and forget to pay attention to the trip itself.

Great Ocean Road, Victoria

This 120-kilometre route from Torquay to Glenaire, one of Australia’s most well-known and well-liked rides, passes straight by the Twelve Apostles, one of the world’s seven natural wonders. Denying this can make the ride challenging because of the tourists and traffic.

However, there aren’t many more stunning or gratifying sights if you can ride this fantastic route at a more peaceful time. If you enjoy deviating from the norm, take some of the side roads you come across because they can take you to undiscovered seaside settlements. It’s not called the “Great Ocean Road” for nothing.

Kangaroo Valley Ride, New South Wales

Check out the Country park, beautiful waterfalls, roads along the coast, and stunning suburban vistas. Yes, this ride offers everything you could want.

It’s challenging not to feel a little regal on this journey fit for a king, which starts on the Princess Highway in Kirrawee and winds through the Royal National Park. You’ll pass the Macquarie Pass on the route, which provides a stunning vista of an 822-metre waterfall. This 116-kilometre route, pure bike nirvana, showcases some of the best that Australian nature offers.

Oxley Highway, New South Wales

The Oxley Highway must be included on Australia’s top motorbike routes. For a good reason, this is one of Australia’s most well-known and cherished riding roads. A motorcyclist’s paradise is the 165 km route from Wauchope to Walcha.

The ‘300 Bends’ t-shirts you may buy along the road will help you remember this remarkable experience if Oxley’s numerous turns and twists jumble your brain. However, this ride’s appeal is broader than its many turns; the view is spectacular. The Oxley offers a variety of sites to take in, from breathtaking mountain views to the lush jungle.

Strahan to Derwent Bridge, Tasmania

Although there are many places to ride in Tasmania, we’ve chosen this tiny treasure as one of the best. You’ll travel along the A10 to Queenstown before arriving at Derwent Bridge after leaving the lovely town of Strahan on Tasmania’s west coast. You’ll come upon the infamous “99 Bend Road” and learn how it gained its moniker. Along the roughly 130 km trek, you’ll discover why this ride matches any in Australia.

The Lions Road, Queensland

A few things will likely stick out as you go along The Lions Road (pun intended). You’ll first understand why this area is known as the Scenic Rim. Second, you should pinch yourself to see if you’re dreaming as you wind your way through this spectacular 96-kilometre adventure that crosses the state lines of Queensland and New South Wales. You may be confident that the road, the ride, and the breathtaking hinterland scenery are genuine and not only in your head.

The Putty Road, New South Wales

The Putty Road is undoubtedly familiar to everyone who grew up in Australia and was interested in motorcycling. Let’s establish the stage for those who are unfamiliar. You’ll have access to what can only be referred to as “motorcycling heaven” for 177 km along Sydney’s western border.

Don’t trust us? The Wollemi and Yengo National Parks are two outstanding national parks on either side of The Putty. Enjoyment and beauty multiplied by two. Or, if you want speed, you might prefer the 16-kilometre run around Singleton at the northern end of the Putty. This brief period of motorcycle bliss, also called “the 10 miles,” must be experienced to be truly appreciated.

Mount Glorious, Queensland

Mount Glorious, a short ride from Brisbane’s central business district, will thrill city riders seeking a change of scenery. The journey takes you up through the mountain range’s open eucalyptus woodland and, closer to the summit, deep rainforest before passing through the farming of Samford Valley.

Riders are encouraged to slow down, relax, and take in the scenery by the small, winding road and the uneven road surface. Most riders claim that climbing back up the mountain from the D’Aguilar National Park side is the most thrilling aspect of the ride. No matter where you ride in Australia, it’s crucial to safeguard yourself from accidents.

Darwin To Litchfield Park, Northern Territory

The Darwin to Litchfield Park route is one of Australia’s must-ride motorbike routes and makes for a beautiful day excursion for riders in the North. This journey from the state capital begins on the Stuart Highway, passes through the Batchelor gateway, and comes to a stop by travelling through Litchfield Park Road inside the National Park, where you can find the stunning Wangi, Florence, and Tolmer Falls.

The route is slightly more than 120 kilometres long and is ideal for new cyclists because it includes more straight roads.

Balingup To Nannup, Western Australia

The Balingup to Nannup Road in Western Australia is last on our list. While travelling 40 kilometres of this short but challenging route, you’ll get stunning vistas of state forests and nature preserves. While you’re there, spend some time exploring Beyonderup Falls and Hegarty Creek, and don’t forget to stop by the quaint little cafés and eateries you pass on the way.

Rosebery To West Coast, Tasmania

Tasmania appears to have never-ending gorgeous landscapes and highways created by motorcycle riders. The Mount Murchison Regional Reserve is only reached through a 38 km road, but from there, you can travel in any direction.

You can drive through Macquarie Heads, north to Zeehan, and then loop back to Rosebery as the route travels west. If you decide to continue, you can ride via the beautiful Lake St. Clair and on to the notorious Queenstown; this stop is worthwhile.

Walpole To Albany, Western Australia

Another ride for people who want more off-road exploration is this one. With the option to take the more picturesque route at Young Siding and enjoy the little villages along the way, the 114 km road leaves from the former timber mills town of Walpole and follows the south coast highway.

During whale viewing season, Albany makes for a beautiful lunch location with views of the stunning beaches. You might even get lucky and witness whales playing in the water. Other attractions include the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk, Elephant Rocks, and William Bay National Park.

Australia Motorcycle Trips With Guides

Our Motorbike Road Trip In Australia: The Ultimate Thrilling Guide will help you. Full escorted and autonomous motorbike tours are available throughout Australia through Odyssey Traveller. Three types of motorbike excursions are available to mature and senior travellers.

  • The Odyssey supervised a small group tour that included a motorcycle tour in addition to it.
  • Guided motorcycle excursions include a tour guide, a few other riders, and a small group tour itinerary.
  • The third choice is a private tour that allows you to take a self-guided tour with only minimal assistance from Odyssey.

This type of schedule is for older and senior travellers who are proficient riders, whether you are taking a guided motorbike tour or a self-directed tour. For any small group motorcycle touring chosen, each rider must show proficiency on the chosen motorbike, whether their own or one provided by us. Starting your motorbike touring program will frequently include a half-day training camp in Sydney about riding on sealed and unpaved roads. 

A motorcycle tour with Odyssey as the Australian outback is a harsh and unforgiving place to ride in with some of the world’s most incredible scenery to enjoy, whether traversing the Blue Mountains, the Hunter Valley as you leave or return to Sydney, departing Melbourne on the spirit of Tasmania for a guided motorbike tour of Tasmania or the Snowy mountains, or going north with us to Cairns and Cape York, we will support you.

Travelling With Your Motorbike

Take the roadway for a two-wheeled trip around Victoria’s breathtaking coastline and mountain roads. Your bicycle-related bucket list should include visiting the spectacular Great Ocean Road. The road is regarded as one of the top motorbike roads in the world and stretches 243 kilometres along Victoria’s southwest coast. 

Increase the length of your time riding and continue down the Great Southern Touring Route to return having seen the Grampians and Goldfields.

Take a spin across the Bay, a day excursion across the Mornington and Bellarine peninsulas for a quicker route, or use the Bays and Surf Coast Touring Route to extend your vacation to Phillip Island’s MotoGP.

On the well-known 27.9-kilometre Black Spur Drive, which connects the Yarra Valley with the mountainous regions near Marysville, you may weave your way up the Great Dividing Range while taking in the breathtaking tall-forest environment. Weekend cyclists frequently travel the neighbouring roads and pubs in Healesville, Kinglake, Flowerdale, Yea, St Andrews, and the Mount Dandenong Tourist Road.

The Great Alpine Road, Australia’s highest year-round accessible sealed road, will let you reach higher ground. From Wangaratta in the northeast to Metung on the Gippsland Lakes, the road spans 339 kilometres.

Between Bright and Omeo, the motorcycle route is the busiest. The Pyrenees and Grampian touring route in the west offer a beautiful journey from the Western Highway to Avoca, Halls Gap, and Ararat with plenty of open-road atmosphere with the rocky Grampians as a backdrop.


Is Australia A Good Place To Ride a Motorcycle?

Australia may provide riding that includes beautiful meandering turns, thrilling rainforest runs, or ribbons of ocean drive because each state has a diverse range of settings to explore. Here are the top motorcycle routes in Australia, broken down by state, if you’re itching to tour the country on two wheels.

Can You Ride A Motorcycle Around Australia?

In Australia, the roads are typically kept in good condition. However, being ready for various road conditions is crucial, especially if you travel off the beaten path. While driving: In Australia, you must go on the left side of the road.

Is It Safe To Ride A Motorcycle In Australia?

In Australia, riding a motorcycle is becoming more common for commuting and leisure. Due to their greater fragility, riders of motorcycles are at more significant risk of dying or suffering severe injuries than riders of other vehicles.

What Is The Best Motorcycle To Ride Around Australia?

Stay caught up in the choice. Around Australia, rides have been completed on a Hodaka Combat Wombat, a 1972 Harley Sportster, postie bikes, and Honda Goldwings. The BMW GS line, which includes the original R80/GS and the most recent R1200GS Rallye X, has an admirable reputation for quality and dependability.

Which Australian City Is Most Bike Friendly?

Melbourne is our top pick for cycling for several reasons, easily defeating its opponents on our list. That other city begins with “S.” To start with, it boasts a mild temperature that never gets too cold, making it ideal for long, brisk rides.

Last Word

There are many Motorbike Road Trip In Australia: The Ultimate Thrilling Guide we provide above. Every state in Australia has such a variety of landscapes to explore that riding can offer scenic bends, rollicking rainforest runs, or ribbons of ocean-skimming asphalt. The best motorcycle routes in each state of Australia are listed here for those eager to explore the country on two wheels.

Because Australia is such a huge country, you must enjoy riding and exploring. Additionally, you must be prepared to ride in any weather, including heat, cold, rain, or wind. However, you should consider the seasons when planning your route.

If you prefer to avoid riding, completing the country tour could take two years. In short, our Motorbike Road Trip In Australia can provide many ideas. Get ready with your motorbike now and plan for a road trip to Australia.

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