Mount Wellington Tour: Let’s Explore the Day Trip

Mount Wellington Tour
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South-east of Tasmania, Australia’s state of Tasmania, is home to Mount Wellington, also known as Kunanyi. It is located within the Wellington Park reserve and is at the top of the Wellington Range. The capital of Tasmania, Hobart, is situated at the mountain’s base.

The mountain’s lower slopes are heavily forested but are crossed by many walking paths and a few fire routes. The top is frequently covered with snow, sometimes even in the summer, and rises to a height of 1,271 meters (4,170 feet) above sea level. A sealed narrow road leads to the peak, 22 kilometers (14 miles) from Hobart’s leading commercial sector. 

Mount Wellington Tour will provide a near summit-covered viewpoint with views over the city below, the Derwent estuary, and the World Heritage Area around 100 kilometers (62 miles) to the west. The Organ Pipes, a cliff of dolerite columns, is Mount Wellington’s most recognizable landmark from Hobart.

Activities You Can Enjoy

Mount Wellington, Tasmania’s most famous natural feature, is adored and enjoyed by locals and tourists. The mountain’s sheer height and the Greater Hobart Region vistas are breathtaking.

Here are some activities idea you can enjoy while Mount Wellington tour.

Hiking: The hiking paths on Mount Wellington range from basic to challenging.

Scenic drives: Many beautiful routes provide breathtaking views of Mount Wellington and the surrounding area.

Visiting the Pinnacle: The Pinnacle, Mount Wellington’s highest peak, provides breathtaking views of Hobart and its surroundings.

Visiting the Organ Pipes: On Mount Wellington, many tall, slender rock formations are called The Organ Pipes.

Enjoy the Panoramic Views: Views over Hobart, the surrounding area, and the Southern Ocean are breathtakingly panoramic. Be in the wonder of the mountain’s and its surrounds’ beauty.

Sunrise or Sunset Viewing: Experience the magical moments of sunrise or sunset from the summit. Check the timings and plan your visit accordingly. Arrive early to secure a good vantage point.

What’s Included

  • Hiking
  • Learn about the history and ecology
  • Click Photos
  • See the sunset
  • Carry Water always

What’s Not Included

  • Litter
  • Feed the animals
  • Touch the plants
  • Go off-trail
  • Waste Food

Places You Can Go To Explore

Kunanyi/Mt. Wellington, a component of Wellington Park and easily accessible from the city core, must be visited during a trip to Hobart.

It’s a popular spot for so much more than just the journey to the summit to take pictures of the coveted view. Put on your hiking boots, grab a map and a backpack, and hit the trails.

Myrtle Gully Trail 

One of Kunanyi’s/Mount Wellington’s oldest and most picturesque trails, with massive eucalyptus trees, tree ferns, thick mosses, and unusual fungi. The parking lot at the top of Old Farm Rd in South Hobart is the best place to start the 2 km course.

It’s advisable to allow around 30-45 minutes for the walk because it is steep as it climbs up to Junction Cabin, ascending roughly 300m in elevation. Many waterfalls and handcrafted wooden bridges can be found along the trail as it winds along the traveling watercourse.  

This trail contains some undiscovered gems, such as waterfalls and cottage ruins. Once you get to Junction Cabin, there are several alternative walking paths, but the Old Farm Fire Trail is the most direct route back to the beginning. 

Here the walk time is 30-45 minutes one way with moderate difficulty. 

The Organ Pipes Track 

One of Tasmania’s 60 great short walks, the recently improved Organ Pipes Track is appropriate for walkers of all fitness levels. One of the distinguishing characteristics of Kunanyi/Mount Wellington is the enormous dolerite cliffs known as The Organ Pipes, which can easily be seen from Hobart.

A wonderful sense of scale is given to the granite columns and their buttresses by the nearly level route that skirts the base of the cliffs for about 2.5 kilometers. In the early summer, this pathway offers a colorful floral display of the Tasmanian Waratah, Wellington Park’s official flower.  

Driving up Pinnacle Road to The Chalet Carpark is the quickest method to get to this track. From there, take a short walk south to the intersection of the Pinnacle and Zig Zag tracks. The ‘out and back’ journey takes between 45 and 60 minutes. 

Here the walk time is 25 minutes which will go smoothly.

The Ice House Track 

The only route to the summit before the construction of the road from the Springs to the Summit was roughly along this pathway. As the name implies, this track used to provide service for several Ice House ruins. In the early years of Hobart’s colonial history, when refrigeration was far less frequent, the Ice Houses were established in 1849.  

The vegetation variations along this trail are a highlight. It begins in a tall, dense eucalypt forest, thins into a lovely subalpine Tasmanian Snowgum woodland, and ends with little heath flowers on the wind-whipped alpine plateau.

One of the big boulder screes, adequately named the Ploughed Fields and Devils Gulch, respectively, offers fantastic views of Bruny Island and the surrounding channel area.

The walk time is one hour one way with moderate difficulty. 

Ferntree To Silver Falls 

A quick 20-minute (one-way) hike up the pipeline track connects Ferntree to Silver Falls from Ferntree Park. It goes past the breathtaking Ferntree Bower, a popular destination since Hobart’s colonial era.

As the trail ascends the hillside next to Brown’s Rivulet, it is surrounded by soaring tree ferns. A short ascent reveals the diminutive but lovely Silver Falls, which continues to supply drinking water to Hobart.  

It’s a beautiful, cool area on a summer day, or in the winter, there is Ferntree Tavern to retreat to if the weather turns sour. This is a great family-friendly walk on a broad graveled route. 

Milles Track To Wellington Falls 

The Milles Track, which begins at the Upper Springs Carpark and travels to Wellington Falls along the southern slopes of Kunanyi/Mount Wellington, is recommended for more seasoned hikers. Beautiful views of Bruny Island and Greater Hobart may be seen from the route.

If you’re fortunate, you might stumble upon the elusive and breathtaking Disappearing Tarn, which only persists for a few hours following heavy winter rains. Dolerite stones with lichen-spotted surfaces flank the turquoise tarn, making it a photographer’s paradise.  

The trail ascends to the top of Wellington Falls through the ‘potato field’ boulder scree. The entire plateau is funneled through them, making them Wellington Park’s most fabulous waterfall. The 22-kilometer journey back takes the same path and is best completed in fine, fair weather.

Tour Experience

Get on a journey to Mt. Wellington and enjoy the view of Hobart and the surrounding scenery in this 2.5-hour tour. Cradling Hobart in its foothills, Mt. Wellington, is a must-see attraction for Hobart visitors, providing a picturesque city backdrop.

The summit of this mountain is 1,270 meters above sea level, making it the highest point in Hobart. This quick tour will allow you to visit St. David’s Park, the first burial ground in the region, and pass through the massive rock formation of the Organ Pipes on your way up the mountain.

Before seeing the ruins of the Female Factory, where female criminals were previously held before being assigned to settlers, you can admire the breathtaking views from the summit while snapping photos. The whole family, even the youngsters, would enjoy this trip.

Important Information

Here is some important information you should know before going Mount Wellington Tour. 

  • The weather on Mount Wellington can change quickly.
  • Some hiking trails on Mount Wellington range from easy to challenging.
  • There are a few places to buy food and drinks on Mount Wellington
  • Tourist destinations can get crowded, especially on weekends and during peak season.

Additional Information

Some extra information to make your trip hassle-free. 

  • Check the weather forecast before you go.
  • Consider the time of year.
  • Mount Wellington is home to a variety of wildlife. Being aware of the wilderness when you’re hiking or driving is essential.
  • There’s no need to rush your visit to Mount Wellington. Take your time, and enjoy.


How Much Time Should I Spend On Mount Wellington?

The Springs are at mid-altitude at 720 meters above mean sea level. Therefore, the trek to Mount Wellington only takes 1.5 to 2 hours (1271 meters). But if you’re physically active and want to move quickly, you can finish it in about an hour.

What Makes Mount Wellington Renowned?

It has served as a location for telecommunications infrastructure, the Barth Station of AUSSAT, and meteorological stations. Bushwalking, foot racing, cliff climbing, and sightseeing have all been used for leisure. On the Mountain, numerous shelters were constructed, and by the 1930s, a network of tracks was in place.

Can You Stay On Mt Wellington?

With a quiet location for relaxation and time in nature, Pipeline Chalet Mt. Wellington is located in the wildness of Wellington Park, only 15 minutes from the Hobart CBD. The Chalet is just one big room with a king bed on the mezzanine and a couch bed in the living area.

What Time Of Year Is The Greatest In Wellington?

Wellington is best to visit between March and May (the autumn shoulder season) when it’s nice outside but not too crowded. The low season of winter, which lasts from June through August, is frequently characterized by strong gusty winds.

Does Mt Wellington Have Snow?

On Mount Wellington, snowfall can happen at any time of year. However, snowfall is more likely to happen overnight in the mountain’s higher elevations and during the milder months of May to September. Water sources are limited on Mount Wellington, therefore, brings your water bottle or thermos.

Travel Tips

Here are some travel-related tips you will find helpful while going on the Mount Wellington Tour.

  • Choose the right tour
  • Book your tour in advance
  • Check the weather forecast before you go
  • Dress in layers
  • Bring sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses
  • Bring water and snacks
  • Respect the environment
  • Be aware of the wildlife

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