20 Must-See Festivals in Australia: Celebrate Like a Local

Must-See Festivals in Australia
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Australia is one of the exciting countries that comes alive during events like New Year’s Eve and Sydney Mardi Gras. The nation boasts an active cultural and folk scene and is well-known for its diverse and large animals and breathtaking vistas.

There are many venues to hang out and events to attend during your visit to Australia since Australians love to party. Regarding some of Australia’s most well-known festivals is an excellent opportunity to experience this fascinating country’s culture fully. 

Must-See Festivals in Australia

Adelaide Festival

Adelaide Festival Hero
Credit Source: Adelaide Festival Centre

One of Australia’s arts festivals debuted in 2017. Since then, this treasure has grown to be one of the country’s largest celebrations of art, capturing the interest of people throughout the world. There are many events, but most focus on new media, visual arts, dance, opera, cabaret, literature, and classical and contemporary music. The festival has become so large that it overlaps with other city-wide cultural events, including WOMADelaide and Adelaide’s Writers Week.

International Comedy Festival in Melbourne

comedy festival
credit Source: Adventurebilities

This festival offers performances from amusing to exquisite stage art, making it one of the nation’s primary venues for aspiring and seasoned stand-up comics. The open mic competition allowed emerging Australian comics to be introduced to a larger Australian audience. The easiest way to enjoy the festival, which is held in Town Hall, is to choose a concert randomly from the list on the large, dusty whiteboard outside. But you can make reservations in advance for the central performances.

New Year’s Eve

clock champagne new year s day new year s eve

This is the pinnacle of Australian New Year’s Eve celebrations. The nation is engulfed in fireworks, light shows, and beach parties, with festivals that rival those in London or New York in scale. Try to attend one of Australia’s most lovely family-friendly events in 2022 is highly advised.

Byron Bay Bluesfest

Byron Bay Bluesfest 8670997487

One of the sexiest music events in Australia in 2022 is Byron Bay Bluesfest, which features superstars like Robert Plant and Lionel Richie. This annual event, which draws over 5,000 attendees, will rank among the top blues festivals in Australia by 2022. Large food courts, legal bars, fast-food areas, and beer counters all add to the allure of this music lover’s paradise. These things are the stuff of dreams.

Melbourne International Arts Festival

The pinnacle of Australian festivals and celebrations is an international festival that searches out all types of art available, including dance, music, visual arts, theatre, and the lost art of the circus. Over 400,000 people attend the festival, which is held in the city of Melbourne.

Melbourne International Arts Festival
Credit Source: Broadsheet

Epic artistic performances have been featured at the festival. It is one of the few, yet well-liked, festivals that still feature exhibitions or performance art activities. One of the most well-known events in Australia, the Melbourne Festival provides a window into the global cultural exchange between artists and their audiences.


Credit Source: Moshtix

Parrtjima, one of Australia’s most unique and lovely events, started last year. The festival focuses on the nation’s Aboriginal artists and is set against the allegedly 300 million-year-old MacDonnell Ranges in the Northern Territory. To increase public knowledge of the old and little-known art forms created by the Aboriginal people who once lived in these areas. Nearly 16,000 people travelled to Parrtjima last year to attend the festival, which is undoubtedly a unique celebration of the arts and culture.

Woodford Folk Festival

If you enjoy the arts and music, go to the Woodford Folk Festival. Australia is one of the largest folk festivals in the world. With performances spanning dance, music, comedy, film, street theatre, and more, the festival, which is focused on folk music, provides a haven for artists worldwide.

woodford folk festival lantern parade supplied by woodfords flickr

Even workshops are available here where you may pick up the finer points of building something from scratch alongside like-minded others. Oh, and there are plenty of fireworks to welcome the new year. Take it from us: in Australia in 2022, this is a must-attend cultural and music festival.

Melbourne Cup – Spring Racing Carnival

Melbourne Cup – Spring Racing Carnival

If there is a place to see how popular horse racing is in Australia, then at the Melbourne Cup. The event, customarily held on the first Tuesday in November, stops nationwide. Alongside the race, there are many activities, including Derby Day and Oaks Day. The Victoria Racing Club organises the 3200-meter sprint race, which takes place at Flemington Racecourse. This yearly racing spectacular debuted in 1861 and is enormous; the 2018 prize pool was $6.2 million.

Sydney Mardi Gras

Sydney Mardi Gras 2021 51011754931

The procession staged after this three-week-long celebration of LGBT rights, one of the best in Australia, is legendary. The largest gay carnival in the world, Mardi Gras, has been held in Sydney for the past forty years and draws over 200,000 visitors each year. People worldwide are gathered in Sydney for this crazy and exciting festival of pride, self-expression, and love. Everyone is captivated by the vibrant, festive Mardi Gras parade, and tourists and onlookers join in the fun. It can be considered one of Australia’s national holidays.

Vivid Sydney Winter Festival

Vivid Sydney Winter Festival

Because Australia is located in the earth’s southern hemisphere, it has winters when we are experiencing summer. The next time you want to enjoy June, book a flight to Australia for winter festivals and vacations.

Sydney comes alive during this largest winter celebration in the Southern Hemisphere with light projections, music, and fireworks. Another option is the Queenstown Winter Festival, which features a tonne of grilled cuisine, loud music, fireworks, and sleds. Additionally, a black-tie ball will be held here.

Moomba Festival

2014 Moomba Parade 60th Anniversary Melbourne 13054780573

Moomba is a custom that occurs each year and is one of the biggest community festivals in Australia. Moomba is the place to go if you’re searching for excitement and enjoyment during your trip to Australia over the Labour Day weekend. It is a four-day festival. The cuisine, rides, and carnival-style decorations draw you to the event.

Darwin Festival

Darwin Festival
Credit Source: northernterritory.cn

Darwin Festival is the most exciting and raucous of all the festivals held in Australia. It is not merely a festival; it also honours the way of life in the Northern Territory. During the 18-day festival, you can enjoy fantastic food, music, theatre, cabaret, dance, and more. Attending this festival while on vacation in Australia could not be more exciting.

Ultra Australia

australia og 2020

If you enjoy music, Ultra Australia is an experience you will remember. Keep an eye out for one of Australia’s most exciting festivals in 2022, where you can hear from the top musicians in the world. International performers, including Afrojack and DJ Snake, will perform at the festival in Sydney and Melbourne. You should anticipate it in 2022 because it is one of Australia’s top music events.

Castlemaine State Festival

castlemaine state festival
Credit Source: Bendigo Tourism

Love the theatre? Next, make your reservations for the Castlemaine State Festival. The opera, music, drama, dance, and visual arts programs of the 10-day arts and theatrical festival will keep you entertained. What else do you require? Since 1976, the concerts have fascinated audiences with sparkle and ferocity. Make sure to go if you are an art critic. It’s undoubtedly one of Australia’s most well-known festivals.

Splendour In The Grass

Editors performing at 2007 Splendor in the Grass Festival

Undoubtedly, one of Australia’s top music festivals is Splendour in the Grass. This festival should be experienced at least once by every music enthusiast because it is an unforgettable event. The festival has a stellar lineup of performers and is located beautifully. Since its start in 2001, this Australian music festival has engaged people. Any Australian will tell you how fantastic this festival is.

The Australian Open

The Australian Open, one of the most significant athletic events in the nation, attracts the best tennis players from across the world and more than 550,000 spectators to Melbourne Park for two weeks of top-notch tennis competition. With games aired on giant screens across the city, festive beer gardens, pubs, and live music, the colourful and boisterous atmosphere extends far beyond the court.


Floriade Canberra 2013

Floriade’s most fantastic flower festival in the Southern Hemisphere brings more than a million blossoms each spring to the nation’s capital, turning it into a sea of colour. Most of the month-long celebration occurs at Commonwealth Park, with a fun schedule of musical performances, shows, gardening classes, and other celebrations.

Mano Foma

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The summer festival for music, art, and culture in Tasmania is called Mona Foma, and it takes place over two weekends, first in Hobart and later in Launceston. Because it cooperates with the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), you can anticipate a wide range of traditional and modern genres and an energetic environment brimming with imagination and curiosity.

Eat And Drink Festival In Noosa

Eat And Drink Festival In Noosa

To celebrate all things food and drink most celebrated chefs in the nation and foodies from all over the world in the Noosa Eat & Drink Festival brings together. You’ll discover everything from live cooking demos and holiday feasts to beach parties and lots of tastings and entertainment along the way, all set against the lovely tropical backdrop of Noosa.

Melbourne Cup Carnival

Melbourne Cup Carnival
2013 Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup Carnival, which includes celebrations, food, fashion, and horse racing, has the entire country on the edge of its seats. Parties, parades, special activities, and four special race days, including the renowned Melbourne Cup Day on the first Tuesday in November, occur nonstop for over a week.


Q: What Is Australia’s National Holiday?

A: The National Folk Festival (NFF) is an Australian institution celebrating folk music and culture for many years. It takes place in Canberra, the nation’s capital, every Easter.

Q: What Do Australians Celebrate?

A: Australia’s official national holiday is called Australia Day. The First Fleet’s arrival at Sydney Cove in New South Wales in 1788 and Arthur Phillip’s raising of the Union Flag are commemorated on January 26 each year.

Q: What Is Australia’s Most Well-Known Festival?

A: Parrtjima – A Festival in Light is among Australia’s most well-known celebrations. Focusing only on promoting Aboriginal culture, Parrtjima uses engaging workshops, breathtaking setups, movies, live music, and talks to raise awareness of the long-underrated Aboriginal art forms.

Q: What Are The Top Three Celebrations?

A: The Three Pilgrimage Festivals, also known as Shalosh Regalim (Hebrew), are three significant Jewish holidays: Pesach (Passover), Shavuot (Weeks or Pentecost), and Sukkot (Tabernacles, Tents, or Booths), during which the Torah required all ancient Israelites who were able to do so to make a pilgrimage to the Temple in Jerusalem.

Q: Are There Any Celebrations In Australia?

A: A national holiday honoring both Australia and being Australian is called Australia Day. On January 26, every year in Australia, the nation celebrates its nationality with particular activities. The 26th is a momentous day since on the same day in 1788 that the British made their first landing in Australia.

Final Words

We hope you understand everything about the Top 20 Must-See Festivals In Australia: Celebrate Like A Local. With some of the world’s biggest and best events, Australia does a great job.

It is abundantly clear that Australia is the party’s epicenter, with everything from a massive midnight fireworks display to some of the most prestigious international sporting carnivals and plenty of music, culture, and entertainment in between.

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