Newcastle to Broken Hill Road Trip – The Ultimate Adventure!

Newcastle to Broken Hill Road Trip
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When it comes to long journeys in New South Wales, there is no more exciting journey than the one from Newcastle to Broken Hill! This road trip of 1300 kilometres will take you through various landscapes, from the dazzling coast to the red Outback.

In a region of the nation that so few people have seen, you will travel through, come across some magnificent places, and meet some unique characters.

And when you take into account the fact that the majority of people really make this trip as a round trip from Newcastle to Broken Hill and then return another route, it truly is more than 1300 kilometres of continual discovery.

Without wasting time, let’s jump into details.

Ideal Route from Newcastle to Broken Hill

There are 8 different routes you can take for this road trip. 8 different routes come with different itineraries. The most popular is 2 routes, one goes through Sydney, and one goes through Hunter Region/Hunter Valley, Coolah, Dubbo and Cobar.

The second possible route is the one that we are going to take. You will be driving 1300 km to complete this road trip, which can take roughly 16 hours. If you are not in a rush, try to spend a day or 2 at Hunter Valley.

There are so many things to discover and explore.

Newcastle to Broken Hill Road Trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions

Here, we will provide you with a detailed 4 stops road trip plan from Newcastle To Broken Hill, including information on accommodations, activities, and transportation.

Total distance is approx 1300 km and driving approx 16 hrs

Bus Distance16 Hours
Drive / Car Distance16 Hours
Stops4 Stops
Nearest AirportBroken Hill Airport

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Newcastle to Coolah

Total distance is approx 273 km Driving Approx 3 hrs 16 mins

Coolah is a picturesque valley town. The picturesque town leads to Coolah Tops National Park, where bushwalking, mountain biking, and camping are popular.

Check out the work of local artists at the Pandora Gallery, then chill at the Coolah Garden Cafe and Pantry. Follow colonial explorer and botanist Allan Cunningham to Pandoras Pass, a natural break across the Warrumbungle Range.

Warrumbungle and Liverpool mountains merge at Coolah Tops National Park. The park has bushwalking, mountain biking, campgrounds, waterfalls, and lookouts. Wallabies, gliders, kangaroos, and eagles live there.

The Macquarie Dictionary suggests that the 1850s Black Stump Wine Saloon, where two horse-drawn coach routes crossed near Coolah, popularized the phrase. Governor Darling’s Black Stump Run border inspired the saloon’s name.

The saloon burned in 1905. Black Stump Rest Area indicates the colonial boundaries. The lovely rest spot with picnic shelters, an electric BBQ, and more.

Top attractions in Coolah

  • The Black Stump
  • Norfolk Falls Picnic Area
  • Coolah Tops National Park
  • Bob’s Shed

Accommodation in Coolah

Restaurants in Coolah

  • Coolah Bakery
  • Black stump Hotel
  • The Stump Coolah
  • Coolah Valley Pub

Coolah to Dubbo

Total distance is approx 135 km Driving Approx 1 hr 30 mins

Dubbo is a bustling regional city on the Macquarie River in the Macquarie Valley. Explore museums, parks, and the award-winning Taronga Western Plains Zoo. Rhinos and large cats live in Taronga Western Plains Zoo. Walk, drive, or bike the Zoo’s five-kilometre circle and enjoy daily keeper activities.

Old Dubbo Gaol boasts Australia’s greatest collection of hangman’s knots. The Western Plains Cultural Centre is a museum and gallery, and the Dubbo Heritage Walk lets you appreciate magnificent buildings and learn about pioneers and bushrangers.

Discover Terramungamine Reserve’s Aboriginal grinding grooves. On First Lesson Cultural Tours, Senior Wiradjuri Elder Peter Peckham leads tours to the site, a Scarred Canoe Tree, and bush medicine and tucker.

Dubbo Observatory has excellent telescopes for stargazing. Take stunning star photos in an astrophotography session. The famous Royal Flying Doctors has a flying simulator.

Top attractions in Dubbo

  • Taronga Western Plains Zoo
  • Old Dubbo Gaol
  • Western Plains Cultural Centre
  • Dubbo Observatory

Accommodation in Dubbo

  • Bluegum Dubbo Motel
  • Orana Motel
  • Country Apartments

Restaurants in Dubbo

  • Reflections Restaurant
  • Old Bank Restaurant & Bar
  • Ha Noi Corner
  • Cattleman’s Restaurant

Dubbo to Cobar

Total distance is approx 297 km Driving Approx 3 hrs 20 mins

Cobar City, situated at the crossing of the Barrier Highway and Kidman Way, is a fascinating town with a long mining history and beautiful natural surroundings. Explore open-cut mines, marvel at ancient Aboriginal rock art, and learn about the region’s rich history by visiting some amazing museums and colonial buildings.

Mount Grenfell Historic Site is 70 kilometres from Cobar and has a rock overhang covered in ancient Aboriginal rock art, accessible by a path passing among cypress trees. Dreaming stories are painted in red, yellow, and ochre at this place, which has special importance for the local indigenous people.

The Cobar Heritage Walk is a self-guided tour that allows you to learn about the town’s historical past at your own pace. The route takes you through several historic buildings dating back to the Victorian and Edwardian eras and early miners’ cottages.

The Great Western Hotel is a great example of a traditional rural Australian corner pub, complete with broad, shaded verandahs and iron lacework; it has been designated as a heritage building.

Top attractions in Cobar

  • Fort Bourke Hill Lookout
  • Cobar Miners Heritage Park
  • St Laurence O’Toole Catholic Church
  • Mount Grenfell Historic Site

Accommodation in Cobar

  • Cobar Oasis Motel
  • Cobar Central Motor Inn
  • Cobar Crossroads Motel
  • Cobar Copper City Motel

Restaurants in Cobar

  • Cobar Thai Restaurant
  • Country Simplicity
  • Cobar Bowling and Golf Club
  • The Farmer’s Daughter & Co

Cobar to Broken Hill

Total distance is approx 457 km Driving Approx 4 hrs 50 mins.

When travelling west from Sydney/Newcastle, New South Wales, you will eventually reach Broken Hill, the most famous outback town in Australia.

Since the discovery of the lead, zinc, and silver in the city’s underground mines, Broken Hill has had a series of booms and busts that have left their stamp on the town’s history in the form of household names like BHP, Pro Hart, and Priscilla. It’s easy to see why it was Australia’s first city to be included on the National Heritage List.

Take a trip to the Living Desert Sculptures at the Living Desert State Park, located just north of Broken Hill. This incredible collection has 12 massive sandstone sculptures. The sandstone, designed by a group of 12 artists from across the world as a tribute to the stunning desert scenery, alters its appearance depending on the time of day and, especially, the setting sun.

Mutawintji National Park is an amazing place to learn about Aboriginal culture. Trip highlights include a guided tour of ancient Aboriginal rock art at the Mutawintji Historic Site and a walk along the Bynguano Range bushwalking trail, all set against a glittering desert night scene.

Outside of Broken Hill, the night sky is clear and dark, making it an ideal spot for astronomy. Learn about dark energy, asteroids, and lunar mysteries while gazing at the stars and constellations on tour around the Milky Way with Outback Astronomy.

Top attractions in Broken Hill

  • Line of Lode Miners Memorial
  • Sulphide Street Railway & Historical Museum
  • Broken Hill City Art Gallery
  • Broken Hill Visitor Information Centre
  • Living Desert State Park

Accommodation in Broken Hill

  • Broken Hill Outback Resort
  • Broken Hill Outback View Holiday Park
  • Red Earth Motel
  • Gateway Motor Inn
  • Broken Hill Tourist Park

Restaurants in Broken Hill

  • S-Que Restaurant & Takeaway
  • Alfresco’s cafe
  • Silver City Chinese Restaurant
  • Silly Goat Cafe
  • Bell’s Milk Bar

The Best Time to Travel Broken Hill

Because the weather in Broken Hill is at its best in October and November, this is the best time to plan a trip there, as these are the months you’ll have the most pleasant experience. This is the best time to go to Broken Hill, even though it is a wonderful site to visit throughout the year.


What is Broken Hill Popular for?

The iconic outback city of Broken Hill is home to a vibrant artistic culture, a diverse variety of colourful people, and a rich and fascinating history. Mining is the primary industry of Broken Hill.

Broken Hill, the oldest mining town in Australia, has a significant amount of colonial history dating back to the 1880s. The Line of Lode Miner’s Memorial honours the almost 800 miners who lost their lives here. It has a magnificent viewpoint well above the area around it.

Is Newcastle To Broken Hill Road Trip Worth it?

Discover and explore a stunning variety of scenery at Broken Hill, ranging from lush wetlands and lakes to majestic flat-topped mesas and dazzling gibber desert plains.

Filmmakers and artists have been coming to this location for decades to attempt to capture the unique quality that the location exudes on film. Because of these factors, Broken Hill is undeniably a destination that should not be missed.

What is the Cheapest Way to Get from Newcastle to Broken Hill?

The bus is the most cost-effective transportation option from Newcastle to Broken Hill. It will take around 16 hours and cost you between $85 – $120.

What Is The Fastest Way To Get From Newcastle To Broken Hill?

The fastest way to go from Newcastle to Broken Hill is to take a flight, which will take around 6 hours and 15 minutes and cost between $160 and $310 for each ticket.

Which Airlines Fly From Newcastle To Broken Hill Airport?

Qantas and Regional Express fly from Newcastle To Broken Hill airport, which will take about 6 hrs 15 mins approx and costs $160 – $310 for each ticket.

How Much Is A Bus Ticket From Newcastle To Broken Hill?

It will cost about $85 – $120 to travel from Newcastle To Broken Hill by bus.

How Long To Drive From Newcastle To Broken Hill?

The distance between Newcastle and Broken Hill is around 1300 kilometres, which may take up to 16 hours to travel straight. However, knowing that no one can drive this long straight, you need at least to prepare for 5 days to enjoy this journey. It will be a perfect trip if you plan for 7 days. If you travel by bus, the trip will take about 16 hours.

Wrapping Up

If you love watching stunning landscapes, then Broken Hill is the place. Broken Hill offers landscapes ranging from lush wetlands and lakes to majestic flat-topped mesas and dazzling gibber desert plains.

Do you love capturing stunning views? Then pack your camera and bag and get ready to hit the road. Have a safe trip!!

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