Northern Territory Road Trip Itinerary: See the Top Stops

Northern Territory Road Trip Itinerary
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Australia is a place that is full of natural beauty and wildlife. This country will give you a vibe of going on a road trip and exploring the country site with your own eyes. As you drive through the Northern Territory, learn some of the secrets of outback Australia.

Explore the Northern Territory as it reveals some of Australia’s best-kept secrets: incredible road journeys, odd country pubs, and individual rural villages.

Here we will start the Northern Territory Road Trip Itinerary: discover the best attractions while travelling. 

Select The Journey Route

If you’re considering taking a road trip in the Northern Territory, there are plenty of options, each with something unique. However, a few roads on this list are partially unsealed, and others are only for 4WD. These roads in the Northern Territory are bitumen sealed and well-maintained.  Check caution and pay attention to the state of the roads. Do not hurry. Take your time and take in everything that is there.

Plenty of wildlife, gorgeous waterfalls and waterholes, magnificent rock formations, and, most importantly, expect to run into some interesting personalities along the road. There are many options for staying there. Your journey through the Northern Territory will be among the nicest trips you’ve ever had because of the unique communities, roadhouses, and remote camping areas.

Northern Territory Road Trip Itinerary

Explorer’s Way

John McDougall Stuart, one of the first interior explorers, walked from South Australia to Darwin.  The entire length of the Territory can be travelled by The Explorer’s Way, which will take you past many well-known locations like Alice Springs, The Devils Marbles, Tennant Creek, Mataranka Hot Springs, and Katherine Gorge. Take your time driving; many side possibilities will make your tour across the Territory more enjoyable. 

Visit one of the many hot springs along the road north, or visit Uluru, Kata Tjuta, and Kings Canyon.  Have fun driving. Stopping at one of the several hotels and roadhouses along the route and spending the night is highly recommended.   You’ll get to know some fascinating locals and take in some of the specificity of the Northern Territory.

Darwin To Litchfield

You may see another aspect of this tropical paradise with a simple day journey from Darwin City.  A natural rainforest featuring swimming holes like Buley Rockhole and Florence Falls, magnetic termite mounds, and waterfalls can be found in Litchfield National Park. 

There are various walking trails and tracks to explore, making it ideal for bushwalkers.  You can explore the Lost City, a collection of massive freestanding sandstone structures that resemble an old city in ruins if you have a 4WD.

Darwin To Robin Falls

From Darwin or Katherine’s major cities, Robin Falls is a fantastic destination for a day excursion or a brief camping break.  This stunning freshwater waterfall is a wonderful spot to visit and is close to Adelaide River, just south of Litchfield National Park.

It takes just 20 minutes to walk to the falls, following the clear creek.  Robin Falls is a great site to experience the Top End, with wildflowers and birds along the bushwalk. Plan your visit at the beginning of the dry season because access to the area is seasonal.

Darwin To Kakadu

A road trip to Kakadu National Park is one of the most popular activities in the Northern Territory.  Along the route, stop at the Adelaide River Jumping Crocodile Cruise.  Spend a few days at Kakadu to fully experience this incredible region of the world.

Take an Aboriginal Cultural Tour to see historic rock drawings at Nourlangie and Ubirr, climb Ubirr Rock for a stunning sunrise or sunset, and go on a sunrise or sunset sail on Yellow Water Billabong.  One of the most stunning locations on earth is Kakadu, which is classified as a World Heritage Site.

Nature’s Way

This journey from Darwin to Kakadu and Nitmiluk National Parks and back to Darwin is ideal.  It also includes Pine Creek, which gained a reputation during the 1870s gold rush. Visit the only war cemetery in Australia at Adelaide River. Remember to pay respect to Charlie the Buffalo from the renowned Crocodile Dundee movies at the Adelaide River pub.

Arnhem Way

If you want to travel somewhere quiet, Arnhem Land is one of the off-the-beaten-path destinations in the Northern Territory. To get to the Gove Peninsula, currently called Nhulunbuy, take Arnhem Way. Passing through rushing rivers, wildlife-rich savannah woods, and wetlands abounding with fish, ancient crocodiles, and amazing fauna. 

Discover Aboriginal culture by talking to the rural residents still engaging in traditional hunting and gathering practices. For further information, visit the Dhimurru Aboriginal Corporation and East Arnhem Land websites; you will need a permit to enter Arnhem Land.

Alice Springs To Darwin

Taken this road journey many times before, and it showcases the Northern Territory at its finest.  Keep your eyes open and enjoy the ride since there is much to see along the route. Karlu Karlu, also known as the Devils Marbles, is one of the most magnificent spots to visit, so be sure to take a stroll in this spiritual place. 

Some of the attractions of this drive include Katherine Gorge, Mataranka Hot Springs, and Tennant Creek. There is a lot more to view, so take your time.

Red Centre Way

You will experience breathtaking scenery as you journey through spinifex and mulga forests as you take the Red Centre Way from Alice Springs to Uluru.  The Red Centre Way passes through west southwest, crossing Ormiston Gorge and the Finke River’s beginning to Glen Helen. The Red Centre Way, initially known as the Mereenie Loop route, is mostly unsealed and requires a 4WD.

A beautiful path that passes through Mount Sonder, Gosse Bluff, Kings Canyon, and the breathtaking Western MacDonnell mountains.  This is where the Australian Outback begins.  Uluru and Kata Tjuta National Park will be an additional treat at the end of the drive. 

West MacDonnell Ranges

To fully enjoy this road journey, you must stay a while. This drive takes you from Alice Springs to Glen Helen Gorge and the beginning of the Finke River. Take your camera with you because the area has wildlife, stunning beauty, fantastic rock formations, and numerous hikes through the ranges.

You can see places like Simpson’s Gap, Standley Chasm, Ellery Creek Big Hole, Ormiston Gorge, Redbank Gorge, and more along the route.

Binns Track

one of the recently constructed 4WD trails in the Northern Territory.  Travel to Timber Creek, a gold mining village in the Top End, from Mount Dare, a border town with South Australia.  You will tour Gregory National Park, Tennant Creek, the East MacDonnell Ranges, and the Davenport Ranges. Travelling across the East MacDonnell Ranges, you will witness enormous dunes and prehistoric Arrernte rock sculptures in Central Australia.

Before visiting Karlu Karlu or the Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve, prospect for semi-precious stones at Gemtree and pan for gold in the deserted gold rush villages of Arltunga. You will pass past sizable cattle stations as you travel off-road before arriving at the Judbarra or Gregory National Park, renowned for its barramundi, boab trees, and limestone landscapes.

Campervan Hire In Darwin

With all of the major rental companies providing car rentals out of Darwin, Darwin has numerous campervan rental alternatives. There are several 2WD alternatives, but you advise renting a 4WD camper because it will give you more freedom to travel off the beaten path, encounter the outback with fewer people, and camp in more secluded areas. Another choice would be renting a 4WD vehicle and bringing camping gear and tents.

Whichever route you choose, be sure the rental agreement lets you travel on dirt roads so you may experience the best of the Australian Outback. You can rent a 4WD Landcruiser, and you will enjoy this. The car is simple to operate over rocky and sandy terrain, short river crossings, and dirt highways. The roof tent was easily set up daily, and all the kitchenware and bedding were included.

Darwin To Jabiru (Kakadu National Park)

In Darwin, pick up your 4WD, and head straight toward Kakadu National Park. Paved roads make the trip to Jabiru simple. Make sure you stop in the town of Coolalinga to stock up on food before leaving Darwin. Before leaving Darwin, you should load up on as many groceries as possible in your car.

There is only one modest grocery shop in the little village of Jabiru, located within Kakadu National Park. Also, remember that you cannot buy alcohol for takeout inside Kakadu National Park, so if you want to stock up on drinks, you must do so in Darwin. In the South Aligator River, we saw our first crocodiles, and it was exciting to see how rapidly the scenery changed from the city to the desert.

Visit the Bowali Visitor Information Center if you have time. If you still need to, you can finish it the following day.

Cahills Crossing

Cahills Crossing should be visited when in the area. One of Australia’s most hazardous bodies of water is Cahills Crossing, which is on the East Alligator River. It is a tidal river that leads into Arnhem Land and has witnessed several fatal crocodile attacks. Some people find crossing difficult, as the rusting upturned cars downstream show.

Despite the crocodile warning signs, you could see guys risking their lives while standing shin-deep in the river to fish off the causeway and cars making the crossing. Many crocodiles are visible in the area, and you couldn’t believe they were fishing!


Q: What Is The Best Way To See The Northern Territory?

A: With sealed highways connecting 95% of the NT’s attractions, driving is one of the greatest ways to see the region.

Q: What Is Special About Northern Territory?

A: The true Outback is found in Australia’s Northern Territory, which is six times larger than Great Britain. The Northern Territory is noted for its iconic natural resources, ancient Aboriginal culture, birds and wildlife, stunning scenery, possibilities for adventure, and colourful characters. It is also known for being welcoming and relaxed back.

Q: Why Do People Visit The Northern Territory?

A: There is nowhere else in the world like the Northern Territory. It is a region with a vibrant indigenous culture. Uluru, one of Australia’s most recognizable landmarks, is located there. And it serves as the backdrop for unique encounters amidst breathtaking natural beauty, from the tropical top end to the outback of the Red Centre.

Q: Is The Northern Territory beautiful?

A: The Northern Territory is enormous and amazing, from the massive monolith Uluru and the desert town of Alice Springs to the coastal capital of Darwin and its nearby islands. You will undoubtedly leave the Northern Territory with newfound travel experiences that are remarkable.

Q: What Is The Best Season To Visit The Northern Territory?

A: The dry season, which lasts from May to October, will be the best time to travel. Our well-known events, including the Darwin Festival and the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets, also occur during this period. Don’t let the wet season stop you, even though the dry season is when most visitors arrive.

In The End

Northern Domain excursion manual for arranging your movements. It can be changed to fit the available days and includes the best camping and sightseeing spots. Additionally, we have included a great deal of additional information, such as travel times, distances, and the ideal travel time of year.

Into the Northern Territory Road Trip: Discover the Best Attractions While Travel blog. This course takes you through urban areas and towns like Darwin, Katherine, and Jabiru. You’ll stop at Katherine Gorge, Litchfield National Park, and Kakadu National Park, three of the Northern Territory’s best attractions.

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