Pentridge Prison Ghost Tour: Step Into The Shadows

Pentridge Prison Ghost Tour
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Are you a fan of the paranormal and intrigued by infamous prisons? The Pentridge Prison Ghost Tour in Coburg, Victoria, Australia, is tailor-made for you. Here’s everything you need to know about this eerie yet informative tour.

History of Pentridge Prison

Established in 1851 in Coburg, Victoria, Pentridge Prison was a formidable Australian penitentiary constructed from bluestone. It featured various security zones, ranging from low-security quarters for well-behaved inmates to the notorious maximum-security zone known as “Jika Jika.”

Notably, Pentridge housed infamous criminals such as Ned Kelly, Harry Power, and ‘Chopper’ Read. The prison closed its doors officially in 1997, with some buildings demolished and others restored and redeveloped.

Is It Worth Visiting the Pentridge Prison Ghost Tour?

The Pentridge Prison Ghost Tour is an undeniably intriguing and worthwhile experience. Seamlessly blending history and hauntings, it offers a unique and captivating journey.

Expert guides enrich your exploration by intertwining the prison’s rich history with chilling tales of the supernatural. The authenticity of the prison’s original structures and eerie ambiance add to the overall realism.

This tour promises an unforgettable night, where encounters with the unexplained are not uncommon. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a paranormal lover, or simply searching for an exhilarating adventure, the Pentridge Prison Ghost Tour caters to all. It provides an opportunity to connect with history, engage in paranormal investigations, and craft remarkable stories.

Overview: Pentridge Prison Ghost Tour

Explore the intriguing history of Pentridge Prison in Coburg, Victoria, Australia, dating back to its establishment in 1851. Uncover its dark past, notorious inmates, and the origins of the Pentridge Prison ghost tour.

This article guides you through the journey, highlighting what you can expect, from expert-led terms to spine-tingling encounters with the paranormal. Discover what separates this tour as it blends history, mystery, and the supernatural. Prepare for a unique and haunting experience, and book your adventure today.

The Birth Of The Pentridge Prison Ghost Tour

Pentridge Prison has, over time, garnered a chilling reputation for its haunted history. Former inmates and guards have recounted spine-tingling encounters with restless spirits within its formidable walls. These unsettling paranormal experiences have paved the way for the Pentridge Prison ghost tour, an adventure that calls out to the curious and the courageous.

Tour Experience and Highlights

The Pentridge Prison Ghost Tour is a gripping 90-minute walking journey, leading visitors through one of Pentridge Prison’s most notorious divisions, Division D. It promises a chilling exploration of Coburg, Victoria’s eerie history. It offers the chance to witness high paranormal activity using the latest equipment or your gear.

The tour runs on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings at 7.30 and 9.30 p.m. and is suitable for those aged 16 and over. Be prepared for spine-tingling encounters; this tour isn’t for the faint-hearted or children.

What’s Included

  • The Pentridge Prison Ghost Tour is a 90-minute walking tour guiding visitors through one of Pentridge Prison’s most infamous divisions, Division D.
  • Additionally, the tour encompasses an experience gift pack featuring a personalised voucher and a message card for a memorable touch.
  • Ghost tour with no refund.

What’s Not Included

  • It’s important to note that the tour does not cover transportation to and from the prison.
  • Furthermore, this tour is unsuitable for children and not recommended for participation.
  • Transfers
  • Other expenses are not mentioned.

What To Expect On The Pentridge Prison Ghost Tour

The Pentridge Prison ghost tour promises an unforgettable night where you’ll boldly step into the unknown. Here’s what awaits:

Guided Exploration

Under the shroud of darkness, seasoned guides will lead you through every shadowy corner of this haunting institution. They’ll regale you with tales of the prison’s tumultuous history, the infamous inmates it once housed, and the eerie encounters etched into these walls.

Eerie Encounters

Let’s prepare ourselves to come face to face with the supernatural. Many previous visitors have reported inexplicable happenings, from ghostly apparitions to enigmatic sounds resonating through the dimly lit corridors. Will you be a witness to the unexplained?

History Comes Alive

As you traverse the prison cells, exercise yards, and watchtowers, you’ll gain an intimate glimpse into the grim history that unfolded here. The tour breathes life into the past, enabling you to grasp the hardships endured by those incarcerated within Indeed.

Paranormal Investigations

For the brave souls among you, select tours offer the opportunity to embark on your paranormal investigations. Armed with equipment like EMF metres and night-vision cameras, you can seek out your very own otherworldly encounters.

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Why The Pentridge Prison Ghost Tour Stands Out

The Pentridge Prison Ghost Tour offers a unique and thrilling way to delve into the haunted history of Coburg, Victoria. With its spooky yet informative exploration of Pentridge Prison’s infamous Division D and the chance to witness paranormal activity, this tour is a must-see for anyone fascinated by the supernatural or the history of Coburg, Victoria. It’s an unforgettable experience for those seeking an eerie adventure.

Unravelling the Mystery

What sets the Pentridge Prison ghost tour apart from other haunted excursions? The fusion of history, mystery, and the supernatural makes this experience unique.

Historical Significance

Pentridge Prison isn’t merely a spooky locale; it holds immense historical importance. The tour allows you to connect with Australia’s past, fostering a profound appreciation for the trials endured by its former inmates.

Professional Guides

Your expedition within Pentridge Prison will be expertly guided by individuals passionate about history and the paranormal. Their knowledge and zeal will elevate your encounter, ensuring a memorable night.


The prison’s authenticity heightens the eerie atmosphere. Faded graffiti on cell walls, creaking cell doors, and the looming watchtowers collectively create a frozen ambiance.

Reasons To Go On The Tour

The Pentridge Prison Ghost Tour is a must-visit for paranormal enthusiasts and history buffs keen to uncover the haunted history of Coburg, Victoria. It provides a spooky yet educational exploration of one of Pentridge Prison’s most infamous divisions and offers the opportunity to witness high paranormal activity using state-of-the-art equipment.

The tour includes an experience gift pack with a personalised voucher and message card. Positive reviews from visitors commend the informative guides and the eerie atmosphere within the prison. Some even report experiencing paranormal activity during the tour.

Additional Information About Pentridge Prison

Beyond the Pentridge Prison Ghost Tour, Melbourne offers other ghost tours, such as the Williamstown Ghost Tour and the Point Cook Homestead Ghost Tour. Pentridge Prison’s name appears in popular culture, notably in the Australian soap opera “Prisoner” and the pilot episode of the TV series “Shantaram.” It was also the site of Australia’s last execution, which sparked protests then.

Comparison Chart

Here’s a comparison chart highlighting the differences between the two Pentridge Prison ghost tour packages you provided:

Aspect Of Tour PackagePentridge Prison D Division Ghost TourPentridge Prison Ghost Tour & Paranormal Investigation
Your NameD Division Ghost TourGhost Tour And Paranormal Investigation
Duration2 Hours3 Hours
LocationMelbourne, VICCoburg, Victoria
Departure LocationPentridge Prison D DivisionPentridge Prison D Division
Notable Historical Figures MentionedChopper Reed, Ned Kelly, Ronald RyanChopper Reed, Ned Kelly, Ronald Ryan
Description of TourHistorical and haunted tourHistorical and haunted tour with paranormal investigation
Ghost Tour & Investigation IncludedNoYes
Maximum Group SizeNot specified20
Approximate Duration of InvestigationNot applicable3 hours
TerrainMainly indoors, some stepsMainly indoors, moderate walking, some steps
Minimum Age RequirementAges 16+16 years old
Paranormal Activity LevelVery-HighVery-High
Recommended Items to BringN/ATorch, very warm clothes, ghost hunting equipment
Refund PolicyNo refundsChange of date permitted with a minimum of 5 days’ notice for a fee of $15 per order. A new date must be chosen at the time of rescheduling.Non-attendance and late cancellation and void your order.


What Is The Pentridge Prison Ghost Tour?

The Pentridge prison ghost tour is a guided tour of the historic Pentridge prison in Coburg, Melbourne. The tour takes participants through the prison’s eerie corridors and cells to learn about its dark history and paranormal experiences.

How Long Does The Tour Last?

The standard ghost tour at Pentridge Prison lasts approximately 2 hours. However, there may be different tour options available with varying durations.

Is The Tour Suitable For Children?

The Pentridge prison ghost tour is not recommended for children under 12 due to its potentially frightening and intense nature. Parental discretion is advised for older children.

Are Cameras And Recording Devices Allowed On The Tour?

Unfortunately, cameras and recording devices are not permitted on the ghost tour. This is to maintain the integrity of the experience and respect other participants’ privacy.

Is The Tour Wheelchair Accessible?

Unfortunately, due to the historic nature of the prison, wheelchair access is limited. The tour involves navigating uneven surfaces and staircases, which may pose challenges for wheelchair users.

Travel Tips

Here are some handy travel tips for the Pentridge Prison Ghost Tour:

Dress Accordingly: Since the tour occurs in the evening, it’s advisable to dress warmly and wear comfortable footwear. Considering unpredictable weather, bringing a jacket and an umbrella is a good idea.

By Equipment: Visitors are encouraged to bring their paranormal investigation equipment to enhance their experience.

Arrive Promptly: To ensure a smooth start, aim to arrive at least 15 minutes before the tour’s scheduled commencement. It allows ample time for check-in and tour preparations.

Adhere To Guidelines: It’s essential to follow the rules and regulations of the tour. It includes refraining from touching equipment, staying with the group, and not causing disruptions.

Listen To Your Guide: Your guide provides information and ensures a safe and enjoyable experience. It’s recommended to listen to their instructions throughout the tour attentively.

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