Perth to Alice Springs Road Trip: Explore Crossing Continents

Perth to Alice Springs Road Trip
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The Perth to Alice Springs Road Trip assures you of a memorable journey through the vast and varied Australian outback.

This road trip will take you thousands of km throughout the country, from the energetic coastal metropolis of Perth on the western shores to the legendary Red Centre and the stunning landscapes of Alice Springs in the centre.

Buckle in and get ready to see the arid beauty of the outback, with its vast deserts and prehistoric rock formations that reveal tales from a long-ago era. 

The ten kilometres of off-road bush cycling routes are an option for those with extra energy. Use the wonderful picnic and barbeque areas, then relax on the shady lawn as the kids play on the playground.

This serene location is perfect for overnight camping and a fantastic home base to explore Perth Hills. Stunning native trees and wildflowers border it. Just 45 minutes by car east of Perth lies Chidlow, where Lake Leschenaultia is situated.

Travel Distance2582 km
Travel Time by car31 Hours

Day 1

Perth To Lake Leschenaultia

Travel Distance49.9 km
Travel Time by car54 minutes

An outstanding recreational lake called Lake Leschenaultia is located in Perth Hills’ picturesque bushland. Lake Leschenaultia is ideal for a family day trip or camping break because it provides water and land-based activities. Hire a stand-up paddleboard or a canoe for a few hours.

You may also stroll the three-kilometre track that circles the lake to understand the environment better. You might spot any of the many different native bird species, kangaroos, possums, or echidnas that call the area home. 

The ten kilometres of off-road bush cycling routes are an option for those with extra energy. Use the wonderful picnic and barbeque areas, then relax on the shady lawn as the kids play on the playground.

This serene location is perfect for overnight camping and a wonderful home base to explore Perth Hills. Stunning native trees and wildflowers border it. Just 45 minutes by car east of Perth lies Chidlow, where Lake Leschenaultia is situated.

Lake Leschenaultia To Windward Ballooning Perth (Avon Valley)

Travel Distance56.1 km
Travel Time by car43 minutes

With the knowledgeable staff at Windward Ballooning, experience the serenity and peace of lighter-than-air flying. Windward offers daily champagne hot-air rides over Western Australia’s gorgeous Avon Valley from April to late November.

As you take off in the morning, you’ll gently glide over this rural area’s undulating hills, rich green fields, and flowing streams. As you soar through the air in your vintage wicker basket, observe how the dawn’s first rays illuminate the landscape, which is covered in a kaleidoscope of hues and patterns created by cultivated fields, verdant pastures, and growing crops. 

Celebrate your ballooning adventure with a French-style champagne breakfast after the flight. Your flight will take 45 to an hour, but the memories you make will last a lifetime. Windward Ballooning is the oldest and most seasoned commercial balloon company in Western Australia, which will mark 40 years in business in 2022.

Windward has received national tourism industry accreditation and won the WA Tourism Awards for Adventure Tourism in 2008 and 2009. Among Australia’s most seasoned aviators on its roster of licenced commercial pilots, Windward has an unmatched safety record.

Windward Ballooning Perth (Avon Valley) To Cunderdin – Ettamogah Pub

Travel Distance61.6 km
Travel Time by car42 minutes

Visit the Cunderdin – Ettamogah Pub to experience the authentic local flavour of Cunderdin, Australia. It’s a terrific spot to unwind with friends and treat tourists and locals as essential guests. You’ll notice that the pub has a colourful and unique appearance because Ken Maynard’s “Etamogah” cartoons inspired its design.

The pub not only serves the highest quality alcoholic beverages but also appropriately prepares meals for lunch and dinner. This pub’s outstanding offerings include the chicken bacon cheeseburger, Mobs burger, grilled fish, scotch fillet, and Pubway. The Cunderdin – Ettamogah Pub provides outside seating options and a children’s play area.

Day 2

Cunderdin – Ettamogah Pub To Coolgardie Visitors Centre & Goldfields Exhibition Museum

Travel Distance398 km
Travel Time by car4 Hours 13 minutes

The historic Coolgardie Courthouse, which was once a tent city but is now made of bricks and mortar, explains the history of the 1890s gold rush and is a treasure mine of antiques from local collectors. Discover Coolgardie’s mining heritage and local heroes’ victories, such as the divers who freed trapped miner Modesto “Charlie” Varischetti. The Museum’s founder, Scott Properjohn, is the subject of a more contemporary tale. 

Many of the exhibits in the Museum and other local museums were created by Properjohn. Discover unique artefacts from the history of cameleers, like an “Afghan” beaded serpent, and be amazed by the expansive bottle collection in the former courthouse or the pharmacy goods on exhibit on the main floor. Take notice of the odd Ben Prior Park, an outdoor museum across the street from the Museum. Rare mining machinery may be found in the park, honouring local heroes like Ernest Giles and his camel.

Coolgardie Visitors Centre & Goldfields Exhibition Museum To Coolgardie

Travel Distance190 m
Travel Time by car1 minute

In 1892, Coolgardie became well-known worldwide as the site of the first gold rush, which sparked the most extensive human exodus in Australian history. One of the best-preserved gold mining towns in the country, it proudly preserves the charms of its early history. It is the starting point of the Golden Quest Discovery Trail, an extensive historical journey. Going to Coolgardie via the Great Eastern Highway takes six to seven hours from Perth. Alternatively, the trip takes 40 easy minutes if you’re coming from Kalgoorlie. 

The Golden Quest Discovery Trail leads via 25 historically significant sites and spooky ghost villages to Laverton in the far north and runs 965 miles through the region’s gold rush past. Stroll down Coolgardie’s broad main street to catch the majestic glimmers of its heydey as Western Australia’s third-largest town. You might be surprised that the city formerly housed over 16,000 people and had 26 hotels, three breweries, two stock exchanges, and seven newspapers.

Day 3

Coolgardie To Leonora

Travel Distance273 km
Travel Time by car2 Hours 55 minutes

The iconic State Hotel in Leonora and the iron and hessian miners’ cottages in the spooky gold rush ghost town of Gwalia are just two examples of the outback town’s wealth of history and legacy. The best route to Leonora is a three-hour drive north of Kalgoorlie via the Golden Quest Discovery Trail. You may stop at a few informative sites if you have more time.

As gold, nickel, and silver mining brought success, expansion, and prosperity, canvas tents, iron cottages, and wooden shacks gave way to many more excellent brick hotels and establishments from the area’s early settler days, dating back to when John Forrest set up camp here in 1869. 

A quick journey to the abandoned hamlet of Gwalia reveals more of the area’s historic gold rush history. An awe-inspiring excursion into the area’s past is made possible by lovingly preserved artefacts of its heydey, from its founding in 1897 until the closure of the Sons of Gwalia mine in 1963. Wander through the 20 original miners’ homes that make up the precinct.

The Gwalia Historical Museum is worth a visit. Or stay the night in the historic Hoover House, which served as the former home of Herbert Hoover, the 31st President of the United States. Hoover immigrated to Western Australia to work as a mining engineer before pursuing a political career.

Day 4

Leonora To Uluru

Travel Distance1228 km
Travel Time by car15 Hours 56 minutes

The Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is home to Uluru, popularly referred to as Ayers Rock. Most visitors to this area come to see the design of the large rocks. With a circumference of 9 km, this is the largest monolithic monolith in the world. It was formed 600 million years ago. It is both stunning and mysterious; the rock is ochre red overall, its flawless surface shimmers in the sunlight, and it pierces the sky in the vast desert of nothing. The rock’s colour changes with time, demonstrating great strength. Thus, “Magic Stone” was given. 

The indigenous people of Australia refer to Uluru as the “holy mountain,” and Uluru was shut off on October 26, 2019. For those who take in the splendour of the Red Earth Centre from the air, it is a rare experience. To facilitate high-altitude photography, the glass of the chopper is raised outward. Excursions are available, with durations ranging from 15 minutes to 2 hours. Music and commentary in 5 languages (but not Chinese) are on board.

Day 5

Uluru To Rainbow Valley Access

Travel Distance414 km
Travel Time by car4 Hours 30 minutes

Sandstone cliffs and bluffs at Rainbow Valley are well known for their bands of variously coloured rock. It is a short day journey from Alice Springs. It is most impressive in the early morning or late afternoon when the colours change from ochre red to orange and purple or after significant rain when the entire panorama is reflected in the claypans. The best way to get to the Rainbow Valley Conservation Reserve is via four-wheel drive, located about 75 km south of Alice Springs. 

Many tours that leave Alice Springs give insight into the region’s relevance to the Aboriginal culture. The Rainbow Valley Conservation Reserve has the Rainbow Valley Campground. Within the campground, there are seven designated campsites. The park is full of historical Aboriginal connections. Petroglyphs, rock art, grinding stones, and stone tool chips are everywhere, especially along the hills and ridges.

Day 6

Rainbow Valley Access To Alice Springs

Travel Distance101 km
Travel Time by car1 Hour 17 minutes

A diverse and exciting place to visit is made up of stunning scenery, isolated towns, and distinct pioneering history. In addition to the surrounding natural attractions, such as the breathtaking Larapinta Trail and the MacDonnell Ranges, Alice Springs is renowned for the personality of its residents and both traditional and contemporary art. Meet Aboriginal artists in one of the town’s outstanding art galleries, go on a four-wheel-drive and camping adventure, watch the sunrise from a hot-air balloon, or stroll across the nearby hills.

Take a mountain bike or a camel for a ride through the desert. In a waterhole in the outback, swimming is even an option. Look at the Royal Flying Doctor Service, which offers medical attention to a region larger than 7 million square kilometres. Visit the Reptile Centre or Alice Springs Desert Park to learn more about the native plants, animals, and landscapes of the city. To hold a baby kangaroo at the Kangaroo Sanctuary, travel just outside town.


Is There A Sealed Road Between Perth And Alice Springs?

The road is still “unsealed” for more than 1,400 km, including 736 km of Great Central Road in Western Australia. Up until 2032, sealing is expected to be finished in stages.

Does A Train Go Between Alice Springs And Perth?

The total travel time, including transfers, is about three days and 0 hours. Is there a direct train running between Perth and Alice Springs? No, no direct trains are running between Perth and Alice Springs. There are, however, services that travel from Alice Springs to Perth through Adelaide Parklands.

Is A Trip To Alice Springs, Australia, Worthwhile?

Alice Springs is the best destination to travel to and spend a few nights experiencing the Red Desert. The town is the largest and nearest to Uluru in central Australia. You can take a day journey to Uluru from Alice Springs or various multi-day excursions to see the Red Desert.

How Long Do You Need To Stay In Alice Springs?

Three days is enough time to tour the renowned Uluru National Park and understand the isolated setting. Here are a few ideas for how to make the most of Alice Springs in just 72 unforgettable hours. Explore Alice Springs’ attractions on the first day.

Why Would One Visit Alice Springs?

The community in Alice Springs has a long history and rich culture. Visit neighbourhood hotspots like the Alice Springs Telegraph Station or the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Make Alice your starting point for additional East and West MacDonnell Ranges explorations.


The Perth to Alice Springs road trip offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience through the heart of Australia’s diverse and breathtaking landscapes. The magnificent coastline of Western Australia and the recognisable red deserts of the Northern Territory are just two examples of the magnificence of the outback that awaits tourists.

Along the route, there will be opportunities to see rare wildlife and enjoy the rich cultural history of indigenous tribes. This epic road trip is a must-do for any adventurous person seeking a genuine Australian experience since it is the ideal blend of natural beauty, cultural exploration, and unforgettable experiences.

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