Perth to Bunbury Road Trip: A Journey to Western Australia

Perth to Bunbury Road Trip
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Perth To Bunbury Road Trip where you will end the journey from a seaside city in Western Australia, Bunbury is 175 kilometres south of Perth, the state capital. With about 75,000 residents, it is the third-largest city in the state behind Mandurah and Perth. 

Perth, the state’s capital, is located where the Swan River and the southwest coast converge. Sand beaches may be found all along its suburbs, in addition to the sizable riverside Kings Park and Botanic Garden atop Mount Eliza, which provides panoramic view.

State ballet and opera companies are housed in the Perth Cultural Centre, which also houses the Art Gallery of Western Australia as part of its central precinct.

Travel Distance174 km
Travel Time by car2 Hours 1 minutes

Perth To Elizabeth Quay

Here are the travel distances and times you must travel from Perth To Elizabeth Quay. 

Travel Distance850 m
Travel Time by car4 minutes

Perth’s core business centre has a mixed-use development project called Elizabeth Quay. The precinct, which encompasses a region near the iconic Swan Bells on Perth Water’s north side, was given its name in honour of Queen Elizabeth II during her Diamond Jubilee.

Perth’s hot spot for seeing and taking pictures. The BHP Billiton Water Park, the island playground, public art, promenades, open spaces, and various cafés and restaurants can all be found here.

The project involves constructing an artificial inlet on what was formerly the Esplanade Reserve, making changes to Barrack Square’s surroundings, and opening up nine plots for future development. 1,700 residential flats, 150,000 square metres of office space, and 39,000 square metres of retail space were previously anticipated to be included in the finished amenities.

Elizabeth Quay To Carnabys Park Winery

Here are the travel distances and times from Elizabeth Quay to Carnabys Park winery. 

Travel Distance125 km
Travel Time by car1 hour 22 minutes

Myalup, Western Australia, has a planned vineyard and restaurant called Carnaby’s Park Vineyard. The project was planned to launch in 2015, when it was first revealed in 2013. However, bureaucratic and regulatory obstacles have caused a delay in the project. The project is still on hold as of 2023, and there is no projected opening date.

A variety of wines, including Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay, would be produced at the winery, which would be situated on a 100-hectare estate. The eatery would serve regional food and provide views of the nearby vineyards. A function area that may be utilised for weddings, business gatherings, and other events would also be available at the winery.

The neighbourhood has reacted to the proposal in a variety of ways. While some people are pleased about the winery’s potential to boost the local economy, others are worried about how it may affect the environment.

Carnabys Park Winery To Old Whittakers Mill Rest Area

Here are the travel distances and times from Carnabys Park winery to Old Whittakers Mill Rest Area. 

Travel Distance3.3 km
Travel Time by car2 minutes

52 km north of Bunbury in Western Australia is where you’ll find Old Whittakers Mill Rest Area on the South Western Highway.

The rest facility offers a sizable grassy area, picnic tables, and barbeques. The rest area doesn’t have any restrooms or showers. Once a community, Old Whittakers Mill was abandoned in the early 1900s. The rest area is currently a well-liked location for travellers to pause and unwind.

Old Whittakers Mill Rest Area doesn’t provide any particular activities, but it’s a fantastic area to unwind and take in the views. You can also visit some of the nearby walking paths. The rest area is a well-liked location for travellers to pause and unwind. It’s a fantastic spot to relax after a long drive and enjoy the scenery. You can also visit some of the nearby walking paths.

Old Whittakers Mill Rest Area To The Crooked Carrot

Here are the travel distances and times from Old Whittakers Mill Rest Area to The Crooked Carrot. 

Travel Distance11.2 km
Travel Time by car7 minutes

It is possible to find The Crooked Carrot at Myalup, Western Australia. Since 2013, the family-run company has been providing its neighbourhood with services. The cafe is renowned for its delectable cuisine, warm hospitality, and laid-back ambience.

There are many different culinary options available at The Crooked Carrot, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A variety of hearty and healthful dishes, all produced with fresh, regional ingredients, are offered on the menu. Additionally, the café offers a wide variety of coffee, tea, and smoothies.

The Crooked Carrot not only serves cuisine, but it also boasts a kid-friendly rustic playground. There is plenty of room for children to run around and explore because the playground is situated on 325 acres of rural farmland. The cafe also offers a sizable green outdoor area that’s ideal for picnics, a game of soccer, or a household cricket match.

The Crooked Carrot To Silken Twine Australia

Here are the travel distances and times from The Crooked Carrot to Silken Twine Australia. 

Travel Distance16 km
Travel Time by car10 minutes

A small company called Silken Twine Australia is headquartered in Bunbury, Western Australia. They make handcrafted presents with an Australian theme that incorporates Shelley Barton’s watercolour artwork. The goods are constructed from premium components and have a beautiful and useful design.

Many different products are available from Silken Twine Australia, including scarves, placemats, table runners, pillow coverings, and more. All of the items were influenced by Australian local flora and animals, and they make wonderful presents for anyone who adore that country.

Shelley Barton, an entrepreneur and enthusiastic artist, launched the business in 2012. Shelley wanted to start a company highlighting Australia’s natural beauty, and she thinks Silken Twine Australia offers just that.

Silken Twine Australia To Australind First Settler Landing Stone Seat Memorial

Here are the travel distances and times from Silken Twine Australia to Australind First Settler Landing Stone Seat Memorial. 

Travel Distance4.7 km
Travel Time by car4 minutes

Many individuals pass a memorial on Old Coast Road today as they stroll or travel to and from work or school. Other Australind visitors stop their cars and pull off the busy street to explore the memorial and take in the scenery. Like other memorials, this one began as an idea, took longer to complete than anticipated, and was finally revealed in 1938 to great acclaim.

The Brunswick Farmers’ Association presented a display displaying the region’s main industries as part of Bunbury’s celebration of Western Australia’s Centenary on November 9, 1929. Every time the Association brought up the idea of a memorial at Australind, it received a favourable response.

Australind First Settler Landing Stone Seat Memorial To Australind Tourist Park

Here are the travel distances and times from Australind First Settler Landing Stone Seat Memorial to Australind Tourist Park. 

Travel Distance3.7 km
Travel Time by car4 minutes

Discover the wonderful nearby beaches, dine and drink in the magnificent Ferguson Valley’s vineyards and breweries, or go fishing in the Indian Ocean and Collie River. 8 kilometres separate Australind Tourist Park from Bunbury. On-site private parking is cost-free. Every day, guests are given 500 MB of free WiFi.

Each unit has a kitchen or kitchenette, and some have a private bathroom or shower. Some apartment,    s come with a balcony, a dining room, and/or views of the water. There is also a TV, a fridge, a microwave, a kettle, and a toaster available. There is a shower in the bathroom. Some flats come with linens and towels.

Seating space is present in every apartment. Some apartments come with a dining room and/or balcony. A kettle, an oven, a microwave, and other appliances are also available. Some apartments also include a kitchen with a refrigerator. Each unit has a separate bathroom with a shower. There are bed linens and towels available. There is a grill at Australind Tourist Park as well. A kids’ play area is available for visitors to use. There is a pub and a Chinese restaurant just next to the building.

Australind Tourist Park To Dolphin Discovery Centre

Here are the travel distances and times from Australind Tourist Park to the Dolphin Discovery Centre. 

Travel Distance7.2 km
Travel Time by car9 minutes

Since the Dolphin Discovery Centre is a nonprofit, every purchase you make with us helps to fund important conservation, eco-tourism, educational, and research projects that help to protect the future of our incredible marine life.

Collaborations between Bunbury Dolphin Discovery Centre, Universities, Government Departments and other like-minded organisations, both locally and internationally help ensure that the well-being of our wild dolphin population and our marine environment remain a central focus of our activities. In particular, our research partnerships have provided a scientific baseline understanding of our local dolphin population. Future research will include extending our 31 years of dolphin-specific research, monitoring our marine environment and exploring our wetlands.

Dolphin Discovery Centre To Bunbury

Here are the travel distances and times from Dolphin Discovery Centre to Bunbury. 

Travel Distance2.3 km
Travel Time by car4 minutes

In the South West of Western Australia, a local government area is called the City of Bunbury. It extends along the coast for 65.7 square kilometres, 180 kilometres south of Perth, the state’s capital. The Greater Bunbury sub-region comprises four local governments, including the City of Bunbury.

In addition to having vibrant street art trails and a family-friendly community with a coastline frequented by wild dolphins, Bunbury is renowned as the coastal city of innovation. Bunbury is renowned for having a thriving nighttime scene with eccentric cocktail bars, sought-after eateries, and historic pubs.


Q: Where Do You Stop On The Way From Perth To Bunbury?

A: Best rest spots on the Perth to Bunbury highway. The best places to halt along the route from Perth to Bunbury (with brief detours) are Penguin Island, Fremantle Prison, Kings Park, and Botanic Garden. The popular destinations are Swan River, the Rottnest Island Visitor Centre, and Cohunu Koala Park.

Q: Bunbury: Is It A Town?

A: The Bunbury-Geographe region’s centre is in Bunbury, Western Australia’s second-largest city. It is the regional service hub for Western Australia’s southwest and has a broad economic base. With a population of under 32,000, Bunbury offers a unique way of life in a beautiful natural setting.

Q: Why Relocate To Bunbury?

A: Kilometres of beachfront, top-notch dining establishments, wineries, adjacent small communities, and the legendary Bunbury Farmer’s Market are all nearby. Bunbury enjoys a beautiful Mediterranean climate thanks to its location in the South West, around 180 km south of Perth on the coast.

Q: Is Bunbury North Or South Of Perth?

A: Perth is 180 miles south of Bunbury. In Australia’s South West tourist region, Bunbury is on the west coast. On the coast of Koombana Bay and Leschenault Inlet, Bunbury confronts the Indian Ocean.

Q: Where Do The Wealthy Reside In WA?

A: Many of Perth’s most prominent and rich people live in Dalkeith, which the Swan River borders on three sides. These residents, ranging from mining tycoons to A-list celebrities, joyfully call some of the city’s most stunning homes home while enjoying the luxury and its distinguished postcode.

In The End

A Perth To Bunbury Road Trip offers a wonderful excursion through the beautiful landscapes of Western Australia and the chance to see various sights along the way. This journey has something for everyone, whether you enjoy the outdoors, the beach, or history. 

It is ideal for exploring natural beauty and coastal and cultural activities. The journey lets you relax, commune with nature, and enjoy Western Australia’s distinctive charm. Whether you travel on this road trip alone, with friends, or with family, you’ll undoubtedly make lifelong memories.

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