Perth to Busselton Road Trip: From City to Beach Paradise

Perth to Busselton Road Trip
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Calling all adventure-seekers! A fabulous road trip from Perth to Busselton, Australia, is your gateway to uncovering the jaw-dropping beauty of Western Australia. Prepare for a journey filled with thrilling moments and a chance to explore some of the most cherished local attractions.

From sandy beaches that invite relaxation to charming towns that evoke nostalgia, from wineries that tantalise your taste buds to breweries that add a touch of fun – this adventure is a treasure trove for every kind of explorer.

But wait, there’s more! With a local’s perspective and insider knowledge of the Margaret River Region, you’re in for a personal and unforgettable journey. 

So, fasten your seatbelts, embrace the excitement, and dive into this exhilarating Perth To Busselton Road Trip itinerary that promises to create beautiful memories.

Why Visit Busselton?

Are you up for exploring stunning coastlines, wandering through national parks, or taking a break? Busselton is the place for you!

In Busselton, you can find amazing beaches for surfing and fantastic wineries and breweries if you love wine. Nature lovers can also enjoy hiking and camping in many national parks.

If you’re a food lover, Busselton has many top-rated restaurants with delicious local dishes and fresh seafood. With so much to see and do, your visit here will be unforgettable!

Let’s Drive From Perth To Busselton

Busselton is a town located 220 km southwest of Perth, 53 km south of Bunbury, 51 km northeast of the Margaret River and 26 km east of Dunsborough. It’s right along the Geographe Bay coast.

Let’s drive from Perth, the capital of Western Australia is a lively and lovely city. People love its beautiful beaches, exciting art scene, and laid-back lifestyle. Because of its climate, you can enjoy outdoor fun like swimming, surfing, and hiking. And guess what? It’s also a starting point to explore the unique landscapes of Western Australia.

Perth To Rockingham, WA, Australia

  • Travel Distance- 47 km
  • Travel Time by car- 41 minutes 

We start our road trip from Perth To Rockingham. Rockingham is a beautiful vacation spot and seaside town right at the southern tip of Greater Perth. It’s super popular with tourists now.

People love its safe and stunning beaches, water sports, relaxed island cruises, and beautiful nature spots. The city is growing fast and sits beside Cockburn Sound’s calm waters. And don’t miss the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park – amazing marine life and birds!

Rockingham Environment Centre 

You can find the Rockingham Regional Environment Centre at 49 Safety Bay Road, across from Lake Richmond. It’s been open since 2002 and is the first purpose-built environment centre in Western Australia.

It’s a place to learn and discover more about the environment and how to live sustainably. There’s cool stuff like reptiles, endangered loggerhead turtles, a butterfly house, a nature trail, a bushtucker garden, and a wetland ecosystem.

Rockingham To Penguin Island, WA, Australia

  • Travel Distance- 7 km
  • Travel Time by car- 10 minutes

Penguin Island is only 10 minutes south of Rockingham and is a paradise for nature enthusiasts. It’s home to the largest colony of Little Penguins.

The island has filled with dolphins, sea lions, stingrays, pelicans in the Shoalwater Islands Marine Parkns, and seabirds. Snorkelers can explore reefs and sea-grass meadows underwater.

The island has boardwalks and lookouts for nature lovers to enjoy. You can picnic on the beach – it’s perfect for kids to swim while parents relax.

Remember, stick to walk trails and marked beaches on the island as it’s a bird sanctuary. Penguin Island is closed from early June to September 14 for the little penguin nesting season.

Penguin Island To Mandurah, WA, Australia

  • Travel Distance- 33 km
  • Travel Time by car- 35 minutes

Mandurah has a relaxed holiday feel. It’s perfect for spotting dolphins, enjoying canal cruises, and exploring hidden wetlands and beaches – all within an hour from Perth. Mandurah is the place to experience a lifestyle without a hefty price tag. From affordable homes for first-time buyers to fancy canal houses, there’s something for everyone.

You’ll find incredible waterways super close to the town centre. You can drive to rugged beaches like Tim’s Thicket or relax at quieter spots like Town Beach and Halls Head Beach.

And don’t miss the Peel-Harvey Estuary – it’s double the size of Sydney Harbour and home to samphire salt marshes and the important Peel-Yalgorup Wetlands. Join an eco-tour to explore the wetlands by foot, kayak, or sailboat. You’ll see waterbirds and wildlife in their natural homes.

 Mandurah To Lake Clifton Thrombolites WA, Australia

  • Travel Distance- 32.5 km
  • Travel Time by car- 30 minutes

Imagine seeing something around 2,000 years old and the biggest in the southern hemisphere! These are the Lake Clifton thrombolites. You can check them out from a boardwalk above the lake. The best time to see them is from January to May when the water levels are low.

You can explore Lake Clifton and see these ancient creatures in their natural home when you visit. There’s a boardwalk and a viewing platform that makes it easy to watch them without bothering them.

Remember, these thrombolites are essential for the ecosystem, so when you go, take pictures and keep the place clean by leaving only footprints.

Want to visit? You can find them at Yalgorup National Park, south of Mandurah. And here’s a tip: take a guided tour to learn more about their history and importance.

Lake Clifton To Dolphin Discovery Centre WA, Australia

  • Travel Distance- 72.4 km
  • Travel Time by car- 52 minutes

Want to experience wild dolphins in Australia? Visit the Dolphin Discovery Centre in Bunbury, Western Australia! Just 30 minutes south of the Crooked Carrot, The Koombana Bay Dolphin Discovery Center in Bunbury is impressive, especially if you have kids. This place is all about protecting local dolphins and educating them about them.

You can also join a 90-minute Dolphin Eco Cruise to see the natural world of dolphins up close! There are also displays and activities to teach kids about these incredible creatures.

After a $12 million upgrade, the centre is a must-see for anyone in the South West region. You can explore the Interpretive Centre on unique Eco Cruises and summer Swim Tours. Plus, you can relax and dine with ocean views at our Café/Restaurant.

The Dolphin Discovery Centre is a not-for-profit community group focusing on conservation, education, and research. Our income covers operational costs and supports research and rehabilitation projects.

We’re also committed to being environmentally friendly and have earned an Advanced Ecotourism Accreditation. This makes us one of the best places globally to meet wild dolphins.

 Dolphin Discovery To Bunbury Museum, WA, Australia

  • Travel Distance- 2.4 km
  • Travel Time by car- 4 minutes

Take a walk or use a vehicle to reach there because Here’s another excellent spot for history buffs – the Bunbury Museum and Heritage Centre. You’ll find it right in the middle of Bunbury. Inside, there’s an excellent collection of past stuff that tells the city’s story.

You can check out displays about things back then, like what people did for work and the local culture. And you can learn about the Indigenous history of the area too. There are also fun things you can do and hands-on stuff that makes history fun for kids. So, it’s a perfect place to visit on your road trip!

Bunbury Museum To Ferguson Valley, WA, Australia

  • Travel Distance- 15 km
  • Travel Time by car- 18 minutes

You’ll love the Ferguson Valley if you’re into good food and drinks. It’s a beautiful place with fabulous wineries, breweries, restaurants, and cosy places to stay.

From Bunbury, you can reach the historic town of Dardanup in just 15 minutes, and that’s the entry to the Ferguson Valley. As you drive through, you’ll be amazed by the views – green hills, cows, and vineyards all around. This valley is becoming a great wine region.

All over the valley, there are places where you can taste wines and even eat at their restaurants. Some cool spots include Saint Aidan Wines, Green Door Winery, and Hackersley Estate. You can also do a wine tasting at places like Talisman Wines and Willow Bridge Estate.

If you like beer, you’re in luck! The Wild Bull and Bush Shack Brewery make their beers, ciders, and fun drinks like ginger beer and alcoholic sodas.

A local tip: Bush Shack Brewery moved from Busselton to the Ferguson Valley – it’s a must-stop if you’re up for something different!

Ferguson Valley To Busselton, WA, Australia

  • Travel Distance- 54.7 km
  • Travel Time by car- 42 minutes

Once we’ve arrived at our chosen spot, the adventure begins! Busselton is a charming beach resort with green parks, historic buildings, and a stunning jetty. The Indian Ocean hugs this place and boasts gorgeous white beaches.

When he first saw this place in 1832, John Bussell said it was like something from Greek mythology: lush lawns sloping to the water’s edge and trees bending over the banks. Today, it’s a perfect holiday spot with lots to do.

Busselton is a haven for surfers, wine enthusiasts, and thrill-seekers! Whether you want to swim in the ocean or explore forests on foot, take wine tours or see incredible underground formations – Busselton is a hub of excitement.

Food lovers will adore this area too. There are tons of restaurants offering local food and excellent wines. From Shelter Brewery, which gives a view of the Busselton Jetty, to the famous Simmons Ice Creamery – there’s something for everyone.

Let the captivating beauty of this region sweep you away. Remember to carve out time to stop and savour the peacefulness that envelops you.


How Many Days Do You Need In Part To Busselton?

Allocate two to three days to discover the town’s attractions leisurely. And if your road trip ventures further into the South West region, Busselton is perfect for a brief afternoon halt to unwind and stretch your legs.

Is Busselton Worth A Visit?

Busselton offers many attractions to suit every interest, ensuring a fantastic time. Whether it’s a leisurely walk on the iconic Busselton Jetty, an exciting climb on a high ropes course, or a thrilling descent 8 meters underwater in an observatory – we’ve compiled a list of activities to enjoy in Busselton, Western Australia!

What Month Is Best In Perth?

Plan your trip between September and November or from March to May for the ultimate visit to Perth. From September to November, you’ll witness breathtaking wildflower displays amidst warm, mostly rain-free weather. Opt for the finest climate from March to May – warm days, refreshing nights, and pleasantly warm ocean waters.

What Is The Main Industry In Busselton?

Nestled within a globally acclaimed tourist hotspot, the City of Busselton has long been a focal point for agriculture. Beyond this, it’s a premier wine-producing area and a notable hub for technology-driven and creative sectors.

Is It Hot Or Cold In Perth?

Perth basks in scorching, dry summers and enjoys mild winters. While summers are marked by rare rainfall, winters can witness heavy rain and thunderstorms.

Our temperature and rainfall data will guide your plans if you consider visiting Perth. Remember, Perth experiences a hot and arid summer accompanied by minimal precipitation.

Final Thought

Summing it all up, Perth To Busselton Road Trip, Australia, opens doors to a mesmerising exploration of the captivating landscapes and attractions of Western Australia.

This road trip caters to diverse interests, from the breathtaking Margaret River coastline to the verdant vineyards and delectable culinary experiences. 

Whether you’re a fan of surfing, hiking, wine tasting, or simply savouring nature’s marvels, the Perth to Busselton road adventure promises indelible memories. So, pack your essentials, and embark on a thrilling escapade through one of Australia’s most picturesque domains.

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