Perth to Esperance Road Trip – 5 Spectacular Scenic Drives

Perth to Esperance Road Trip
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The excellent news is there is a direct road from Pert to Esperance. The distance is 697.7 km via National Route 1. If you shelf drives in normal traffic, you will reach Esperance after 7 hr 32 min from Perth.

Bus, car, and aeroplane all options you can use to reach Esperance from Perth. Even you also can cycle as well!

So what is the exceptionality of Esperance? It has exceptional sea beauty! In all seasons-Esperance region offers many attractive things to visitors.

Esperance is beautiful, and Esperance is incredible! The wonderful scenery, awesome landscape, pristine national parks, shiny sandy beach, crystal clear water, and Fabolous wildlife-altogether makes this place one of the best tourist places in Australia.

Perth to Esperance Road Trip: Itinerary Attractions and Activities:

Transportation ModeTransportation Time
Bus10 hr
Car7hr 31 min

To reach Esperance from Perth, the car option is the best. Hence lots of great stops on this trip you can visit and explore when you are on the shelf driving service.

Different routes there to reach Esperance from Perth; the quickest way needs approximately one day. But there are other routes which may take 1 week to reach.

Options are-

  • Via Kalgoorlie (if you want to reach Esperance on the train and want to visit the Outback)
  • Via Margaret River & Albany (if you want a different taste of South West Zone of Africa)
  • Via Wave Rock (The shortest road via Western Australia’s Wheatbelt)

We will take the shortest route to reach Esperance from Perth via Albany. Then will return via Wave rock and York.

However, below road itinerary is for a direct drive from Perth to Esperance:

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Perth to Busselton:

Travel Distance: 222.2 km

Travel Time:2 hr 23 min via State Route 2 and National Route 1

On the road trip from Perth to Esperance, the first stoppage which we suggest stopping is Busselton. You can shelf drive to reach here and also can make a mixed trip by bus and car.

So why do we suggest stopping there? Of Course, there are plenty of tourist attractions. Busselton is a wonderful beachside city in Western Australia.

Mainly this southwest city is well recognized for two reasons. One is the sheltered beach, and another is the humpback whale.

Also, the Busselton Jetty (9th-century) is mentionable on this trip. It’s a 2km Wood pier offering a great Underwater Observatory. Visit this wonderful wood pier; every year, lots of travellers come to this place.

Top attractions in Busselton:

  • Fremantle Prison: It is a world heritage site. Formerly known as Fremantle Jail. Though the twenty buildings of this prison are now used for commercial, educational, and social purposes, tourism is also encouraging here.
  • Fremantle Markets: One of the traditional markets in Australia. This public market is popular for child clothing, craft, and many other things.
  • Penguin Island:45 minutes distance (on the south) from Perth. This 12.5-hectare Penguin Island is home to at least 250 penguins. Be sure you visit this place from mid-Sep to the first of June. Besides this, due to bad weather-this palace make restricted from all tourists. 

Residential Hotels in Busselton:

  • Busselton River Resort
  • The Royal Palms Resort
  • Busselton Ithaca Motel
  • Ringtails Motel
  • Esplanade Hotel

Restaurants in Busselton

  • Bistro Breton
  • Albies Bar and Bistro
  • Thai Lemongrass
  • Spice Odysee – The Hidden Kitchen
  • Great Wall
  • Dynasty Chinese Restaurant
  • Coco’s Thai
  • Equinox Restaurant & Bar

Busselton to Margaret River:

Travel Distance:51.5 km (Bussell Hwy), 71.9 km ( Sues RD and Rosa Brook Rd).

Travel Time:39 min via Bussell Hwy and 50 min via Sues Rd and Rosa Brook Rd

Margaret is such a palace-you can go there to escape from city life! If you travel by bus, it will take just 1 or 2 minutes extra to reach Margaret River from Busselton. The bus trip is available daily 3 times.

Though Margaret river is not a large town, it is popular in southwest Australia for its Wineries Factories, Boutiques Industries, and Craft Breweries. Also, this place is home to the best Australian spectacular vineyards.

If you start driving directly from Perth, it will take 3 hours to reach here. However, this place is a good tourist spot for many reasons. Lots of things you can see, and you can do in the middle of the Busselton to Margaret River road trip. 

Margaret River is on the bank of this river, and it is enjoyable differently in each season. Like in the Autumn (March-May), the river stays calm and becomes less winter at that time. But if you want to enjoy the whale from the coastline the, spring is best. And the middle of the spring offers you to enjoy the wildflower’s carpet over miles to miles!

Top attractions in Margaret River:

  • Voyager Estate: It is a garden that allows you to walk around inside enjoying wineries at a time. You can enjoy a beautiful pairing of wine and garden sitting here! However, I spent 4 hrs there. 
  • Margaret River Farmers Market: Popular for all local fruits, foods, and flowers. The delicious local foods are well recognized here. I liked the bakery item in this market.
  • A Maze’n Margaret River: The maze is full of fun and enjoyment. Do not miss the mazes and the games inside of it! The mini golf and the garden are perfect for sitting for more than an hour.
  • Cape Mentelle Vineyards: It is a wine manufacturing company. There is a scope to visit this factory. This factory has a testing room as well.
  • Surfers Point: It’s the very iconic natural scenery ever I have seen. Both the sunshine and the surfers you can see here at a time. This point made me nostalgic for a while.
  • Eagles Heritage: Eagles heritage combines a park, garden, and a little zoo. This place’s wonderful geographical formation will surely make you astonished. So include this place on your must-visit list.

Residential Hotels in Margaret River:

  • Losari Retreat
  • Margarets Beach Resort
  • Margarets In Town Apartments 
  • Stay Margaret River
  • Grand Mercure Basildene Manor
  • Eight Willows Retreat
  • Losari Retreat

Restaurants in Margaret River:

  • La Scarpetta Trattoria
  • El Toro Margaret River
  • Elkamo
  • Morries
  • Margaret River Tuck Shop
  • Swings & Roundabouts Margaret
  • Chang Thai Kitchen

Margaret River to Pemberton:

Travel Distance:134.5 km

Travel Time:1 hr 34 min via Vasse Hwy

Pemberton is also a famous wine-producing town in southwest Australia. Lots of wineries are located in this town. However, Pemberton city is like a pearl surrounded or enclosed by a karri forest. 

Lots of rivers, 5 fantastic national parks-all are in Pemberton city. You can do much fun here, while Pemberton offers many things to travellers. You can hike here and can enjoy ice fishing as well. 

Besides these, outdoor activities like Slow Food Cycle and 4×4 Rally are popular seasonal activities you can enjoy in this city.

2 days is pretty enough to visit Pemberton. If you intend to enter this wonderful city’s deep nature, extend the trip as per your choice.

Top attractions in Pemberton:

  • Gloucester National Park: All the tall karri trees and the Gloucester Trees make a wonderful lookout of Gloucester National Park. Also, do not miss visiting the Cascades waterfall and Lefroy Brook’s Rocky Rapids in this park. Visit the Gloucester tree, lots of these giant trees are available in this park.
  • The Pemberton Museum: With more than 2,000 artifacts and photos, this museum has become one of the greatest attractions in Pemberton. You can explore the Pemberton Valley here. This museum has collected many historical documentaries since 1982.
  • Big Brook Dam: 2 to 3 hours is perfect for visiting this wonderful beaches dam. This  4.2k-long dame offers plenty of enjoyment! Fishing, Swimming, Canoeing, Sailboarding, and Boating-all are available here.
  • Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree/Warren National Park: It’s originally a 75-meter-long Karri Tree in Warren National Park, Pemberton. You can climb on this bicentennial tree to make it more enjoyable. Climbing up 53 meters of the ground is possible here. 
  • D’Entrecasteaux National Park: This park is not in the centre of Pemberton. Rather, you have to go 30 minutes more to get here. This park features wonderful natural scenery, which can almost make your day.
  • One Mile Lake: Especially in the summer, this lake becomes a busy tourist place for people of all ages. The standup paddle boarders beside the lake and the calm water makes this lake perfect and safe for Swimming, Canoeing, and Picnicking.
  • Others: Pemberton Visitor Centre, Peter Kovacsy Studio & Gallery, Pemberton Fine Woodcraft Gallery, Beedelup National Park, Warren National Park

, Yeagarup Dunes, etc. If you have time, you can cover them one by one.

Residential Hotels in Pemberton:

  • The Forest Lodge Resort
  • Clover Cottage Country Retreat
  • RAC Karri Valley Resort
  • Rainbow Trail Chalets
  • The Pemberton Hotel
  • Pump Hill Farm Cottages

Restaurants in Pemberton:

  • Treehouse Tapas and Wine Bar
  • Jaspers Pemberton
  • Wild at Heart Café
  • Chefingo’s
  • Cafe Mazz
  • Café Brasil
  • Brockman Fish ‘n’ Chips
  • Source Kitchen
  • Hidden River Estate

Pemberton to Albany:

Travel Distance:231.1 km

Travel Time:2 hr 35 min via Muir Hwy/State Route 102

You can reach Albany from Pemberton bay by bus and car. Albany is so popular you may already hear a lot about the full beach city. Especially the  Popular Middleton Beach here is well recognized. 

Exploring Albany not only offers you the beach sides beauty. Furthermore, the intrinsic scenery, wonderful landscape, and vibrant weather with picturesque attractions offer a lot to the visitors. 

Also, the local galleries, local museums, luxury living facilities, parks, bars, and shopping complexes will make your Albany day full of enjoyment.

Taking a few drinks with you, sitting on the Albany Marina beach-just awesome to enjoy the sunsets. Also, the Stirling Terrace is a perfect place to hit the steady night into a bombastic one!

Top attractions in Albany:

  • The Gap and Natural Bridge: If you are in Torndirrup National Park, you will see this awesome attraction. It’s a spectacular channel situated inside the coastal granites. The blue water inside the off-white granites makes the environment feel like heaven.
  • National Anzac Centre: Cover the National Anzac Centre with other nearby attractions. This Speciality Museums centre will let you introduce Albany’s history.
  • Little Beach: Visit this fabulous blue water beach on a clear day. There are so many natural attractions to engage you full-time; you will not know how time passes here. Additionally, the wild variety also gives you a lot more feel.
  • Chainsaw Sculpture Drive: 1 hour is enough to visit this landmark. This art piece is a brilliant work of the artist, which makes you astonished for a couple of seconds. Every piece of this artwork is so carefully, and technically crafted-finally it makes a unique masterpiece for all time.
  • Albany Wind Farm: It’s not such an important place, just a short walk path on the line of the coastal beach. This place is on my list because it’s only a short decor from the main road.

Residential Hotels in Albany:

  • Albany Motel & Apartments
  • Spencer Suites Albany
  • Hilton Garden Inn Albany
  • Albany Central Apartments
  • Duke of Albany Lodge
  • Six Degrees Albany CBD Boutique Hotel

Restaurants in Albany:

  • Little Italy Restaurant Albany
  • Venice Pizza Bar & Restaurant
  • The Earl of Spencer Historic Inn
  • Rustlers Steakhouse & Grill
  • The White Star Hotel Albany
  • Majuba Bistro
  • Albany Indian Tandoori Restaurant

Albany to  Esperance:

Travel Distance:299 mi (481 km)

Travel Time:5 hrs 38 mins

Though the road distance is only 500 km, on this road trip, many side trips and attractions will make you stop for a long time. If you drive via National Route 1, you will reach Esperance from Albany comparatively faster. The top stoppage into this road trip is-

  • Little Beach
  • Bluff Knoll
  • Fitzgerald River National Park
  • Granite Skywalk
  • Castle Rock
  • The Old Marron Farm
  • IRONWOOD Estate Wines

Staying for only one day in this city will hamper your tourist activity. Therefore stay a minimum of 3 or 4 days there and explore this city. When you leave the main township, ensure you have had enough food and water for the whole day trip.

Usually, the whole trip is full of many rock formations. All the artificial walkways on mother nature’s granite rock make a wonderful creator ultimately.

Top attractions in Esperance:

  • Duke’s Vineyard: Stop there and get the taste of some best wine in southwest Australia.The address is 1328 Porongurup Rd, Porongurup WA 6324, Australia. The mentionable matter of this Vineyard is its full round-tasting scope.
  • Devil’s Slide: Moss and Lichen make this place bushy and green canvas-like.The local myth about this place is it’s an Eden which the devil himself makes!
  • Granite Skywalk, Castle Rock: It’s a wonderful Panoramic walkway made on another natural wonder, the high granite outcrop. So it gives a different hike up with a hot environment! As air circulation is less on the high, it brings excess water with you.
  • Castle Rock: Usually, it’s a Panoramic vista! So there is a skywalk facility on its huge granite boulder. To visit the top and to reach there-a moderate health condition is needed. You have to cross almost 2.2 km one way to reach the top.
  • Others: Torndirrup National Park, Nanarup Beach, The Old Marron Farm, Castle Rock Estate, Talyuberlup Peak, Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve, Little Beach, Waterfall Beach, Betty’s Beach, Mount Hassell, Toolbrunup Peak, etc.

Residential Hotels in  Esperance:

  • The Jetty Resort
  • Esperance Beachfront Resort
  • Esperance Island View Apartments
  • Esperance Clearwater Motel Apartments
  • Esperance Central Apartments
  • Comfort Inn Bay of Isles
  • Esperance Beach House & Villas
  • Hospitality Esperance, SureStay Collection By Best Western

Restaurants in  Esperance:

  • Loose Goose Bar & Restaurant
  • Fish Face Takeaway and Restaurant
  • Eljays Restaurant
  • Siam Thai Restaurant
  • Taylor St Quarters
  • Seasons
  • Emperor’s Garden Chinese Restaurant
  • Xing’s Sushi & Noodle

Return to Esperance via Wave Rock & York, again York to Perth:

As we have described the short route to reach Esperance quickly, you missed the wonderful Wave Rock and York on this trip. However, once you have reached Esperance after a long distance of approximately 700 km, take a few days’ rests in this incredible city, and explore the top attractions and all tourist activities here.

When it is time to return to Perth, cover the Wave Rock with the York. Esperance to Wave rock is a 382.4 km distance. So you have to drive 3 hr 55 minNational Route 1 and State Route 40.

If you see wave rock in the spring, there will be a wildflower carpet on the ground of the rock! When the wildflowers fully bloom, the rock seems like a live painting through a larger colourful canvas. Immerse yourself in the natural wonder of this wave-shaped rock, and then start the next trip towards York!

York is 263.9 km driving distance from Esperance. Driving time will be on around 3h 14m in normal traffic. York is another Inland city in the oldest southeast Australia. Though this city is a little bit tiny, you can explore many things in this town. Once you have visited York, return to Perk at a suitable time.


Can you drive Perth to Esperance one day?

Nonstop driving is required in that case. The total road trip from Perth to Esperance is about 700 km, so you must drive almost 7 to 8 hours, depending on how many breaks you want to take.

What is between Perth and Esperance?

The Eagle Bay, Bunbury Dolphin Centre, Corrigin Dog Cemetery, Jilakin Rock near Kulin, The Wave Rock Resort’s salt pool, and Lake Dumbleyung/Bluebird are so many things between Perth and Esperance.

Do you need a 4wd to drive from Perth to Esperance?

Yes, a 4WD is a must to drive from Perth to Esperance.

In a Nutshell:

Do not make your Perth to Esperance road trip an empty experience! Hence you have read our article-its time to enjoy the road trip with many memories and experiences.

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