Perth to Geraldton Road Trip: A Journey Through Western Australia’s Hidden Gems

Perth to Geraldton Road Trip
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Australia is a country full of natural beauty. It is where roadsides are covered with islands, hills, and animals. Also, the skyline of Australia is one of the most sooting a man can ask for. But the Perth To Geraldton Road Trip is one of the best things one can ask for. 

Between Perth and Geraldton, there are several attractions point can be found along the rocky and frequently picturesque stretch of coastline. The first part of a much longer journey to Shark Bay, Broome, or even Darwin. They are a well-travelled road. This journey will show you the beauty of Western Australia

Necessity For A Road Trip

Before you start any type of journey, it will require essential preparation. If it is a road journey, one must be more careful before hopping into the car and starting the engine. 

There are some necessary steps that one should check before starting the journey. They are-

  • As it is an Australian road, 4WD cars are preferable for a road trip,
  • Have a digital and analog print of the map,
  • Carry food and clothes
  • Always double-check the vehicle condition,
  • Organize the toolbox with all necessary items,
  • Keep a medicine box,
  • Carry a tent or blanket.

Perth to Geraldton Road Trip Itinerary: The Total Journey Distance 

Perth To Geraldton Road Trip is a half-day trip if anyone does not want to take a break. If you prefer, take a break to enjoy a two-full-day journey on Australia’s road. The scenery of Australia will never disappoint you to going on a road trip. 

While it is a 4-hour long journey, one must know about the routes to drive to the destination without fearing losing the path. But if you want to enjoy the journey, you should go on the journey and take a break to visit the countryside. Which will make the journey 36 hours long. 

The route of going Perth To Geraldton is to start the journey by heading to the north on Indian Ocean Drive towards Cervantes. Here is the route map to reach your destination. 

Perth to Cervantes
Cervantes to Port Denison 
Port Denison to Geraldton

The Route And Places To Stop

Australia is a big country to plan a holiday. But choosing a part to plan a tour is not a bad idea. Even this will make your day more exciting and adventurous. When you are starting your journey from Perth, is it best to go by the Indian Ocean?

It will help to show you an unseen sight of Australia. Let’s discuss the paths and stops to Geraldton

Perth to Cervantes

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This is the starting journey to reach Perth. The driving distance is 232km which needs 2 hours and 45 minutes. From Yanchep, take Indian Ocean Road to Lancelin, which takes you through natural bushland and agricultural regions. Take the Lancelin exit to witness Western Australia’s biggest sand dunes. You can stop at Wedge Island for a beach picnic.

While you’re there, look at the rustic beach shacks on the undeveloped ground. The next destination is the Pinnacles, a distinctive limestone pillar formation that has become one of Western Australia’s most prominent tourist attractions. The road to the car park is cemented. However, there is a 4-kilometre dirt loop drive available.

After you visit the Pinnacles, make your way to Lake Thetis, a small inland saline lake that is one of just a few spots on the planet with living marine stromatolites. The 1.5-kilometre circular walk allows visitors to learn about fossils, geology, flora and animals, and Indigenous culture.

Cervantes to Port Denison 

Port Denison

This is the second route to the journey’s end. If you are taking a break and going on a road trip. So, this will be your second day’s journey. Cervantes to Port Denison needed a 1 hour 45 minutes ride, about 160km. You’ll leave Cervantes behind and travel north towards Jurien Bay. There are two lookouts are on the way. The name of the lookouts is Molah Hill and Grigson’s Lookouts.

These spots offer vistas of natural bushland, which is especially lovely in the spring when the wildflowers bloom. When you arrive at Jurien Bay, go along the jetty and experience the sights from above with Jurien Bay Skydive. Take a short break in 30 minutes each way to Stockyard Gully Caves, where a 1.3-kilometre return walk leads you down a sandy valley and into a chilly limestone cave.

You’ll need a lamp to see since the cave darkens, and you won’t be able to see anything. Take a stroll along the foreshore and up to Fisherman’s Lookout after arriving in Port Denison. Choose one of the Thungarra Trails or Dongara’s historic walk if you feel like going for a stroll. Don’t forget to take pictures with The Huge Red Western Rock Lobster while you’re in Dongara.

For further details about the towns and activities to do in Port Denison, you may find a guide to show you the town. Visit Seaz Denison Seafood for some freshly caught fish if you enjoy seafood.

Port Denison to Geraldton

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Near to end of the long journey. This will need 45 minutes to drive for 63km. Nowadays, it just takes a short drive to get from Port Denison to Geraldton. However, you may pause to learn about the area’s history at Greenough. Keep an eye out for the river gum trees on the right that are sagging from the persistently powerful southerly breezes.

For something to eat, walk along Geraldton Foreshore. Squeeze in a few attractions in the afternoon, such as the HMAS Sydney II Monument, Point Moore Lighthouse, and St. Francis Xavier Church.

You now have the option to remain longer in Geraldton and arrange a tour to see the Abrolhos Islands or fly over the Pink Lake, continue your drive to Kalbarri, or fly back to Perth. Between mid-July and the end of September, if you’re driving the Indian Ocean Road, consider taking a detour to see Wildflower Country.

Tips For Driving On Indian Ocean Drive Tips

There are many ways to go from Perth To Geraldton. But the Indian Ocean driving route is the best way to explore the sights of Australia and reach the final destination. But the road has been a little dangerous to drive, so the driver should remember some steps to experience an enjoyable, safe journey. 

Some of the tips for driving on the Indian Ocean.

  • Avoid driving when you are feeling tired because of the long distances and straight highways,
  • Take a break after two-hour driving,
  • Avoid driving when animals are most active, which is around sunset and sunrise,
  • Whether there is a single or double continuous white centre line, do not overtake,
  • On this road, trains, trucks, and caravans frequently pass through. Road trains can be up to 60 meters long, so only overtake when it’s safe.


Q1. Where Should I Stop Between Perth And Geraldton?

Ans 1. The top stops from Perth to Geraldton are the Pinnacles Desert, Caversham Wildlife Park, and Hillarys Boat Harbour. Some other popular stops include Yanchep National Park, Skydive Jurien Bay, and Lancelin Sand Dunes.

Q2. Is Geraldton Worth Visiting?

Ans 2. It is an excellent destination for those looking to enjoy the outdoors but offers much more. This vibrant coastal city has a laid-back vibe that draws people to visit and stay for an extended time.

Q3. Is Geraldton The Largest Town?

Ans 3. Geraldton is the largest town north of Perth and one of Western Australia’s most attractive coastal centres. It is a beautiful city with an excellent view. 

Q4. Why Do People Go To Geraldton?

Ans 4. It provides the ideal beach lifestyle, and Geraldton’s gorgeous coastline draws visitors worldwide. The beaches are world-class for water sports, fishing, seeing our friendly Sea Lions, or simply relaxing.

We Reach Our Destination

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world. It is a place that is rich in culture and natural property. Also, this country has land of mountains, deserts, and beaches with white sands and stunning oceans. Going on a road trip in Australia is a blessing for travellers.

It will help them to relax, and the Perth to Geraldton road trip is 36 hours long. Which will allow you to take a break from regular routine and fix your mood. This journey will be worth remembering and making some unforgettable memory. 

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