Perth to Kalgoorlie Road Trip: Find Out the View Spots!

Perth to Kalgoorlie Road Trip
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In terms of size, Western Australia (WA) is around ten times larger than New Zealand. Covering little portions at a time is the most realistic approach to visiting the state because it would take months or even years to experience everything WA offers.

A gorgeous road that travels from Perth to Albany along the Western Coast, then along the Southern Coast to Esperance, back inland to Kalgoorlie, and finally back to Perth, passing through coastal villages, towering tree forests, gold mines, and dolphin encounters. That’s why the Perth to Kalgoorlie road trip is worth going.

The Ideal Season For A Trip From Perth To Kalgoorlie

Kalgoorlie is a remote desert town. It’s the most significant “Outback” City in all of Australia. That means winter might be relatively calm, especially at night, but summer is bitterly hot. The best times to travel to Kalgoorlie from Perth are in the early summer, between September and October, or in the early winter, between March and April. Yet, if you can handle the sharp temperature changes, you can go any time of year.

Flying From Kalgoorlie To Perth

Perth is only about 600 kilometres from Kalgoorlie. If you take the straight route, it will take you at least six hours. There are frequent flights from Perth to Kalgoorlie if you need a shorter drive.

Domestic flights are frequently scheduled on Qantas and Virgin Australia routes, and the duration is only about an hour.

The Airport In Kalgoorlie To The Center Of Kalgoorlie

Although the airport is far from the city, no public transportation connects the two. There are only two options from the Kalgoorlie airport to the city centre: taxis or rental automobiles.

Does A Bus Between Perth And Kalgoorlie Exist?

The primary transportation provider in this region of Western Australia is TransWA, but unfortunately, they do not offer bus service between Perth and Kalgoorlie. The only way to go to Kalgoorlie by bus is to first get to Esperance, where you can change to another bus. Yet, doing so would be significantly more expensive and take longer than catching the train.

Rail Travel From Perth To Kalgoorlie

Travelling from Perth to Kalgoorlie, the Prospector train is undoubtedly the most thrilling option if you’re not driving. Daily trains leave from East Perth Railway Station for this 7-hour journey. Online reservations for return tickets are presently available for 90 AUD.

Ridesharing From Perth To Kalgoorlie

There are many ride-sharing options from Perth to Kalgoorlie if you like to travel with new people. It can be an excellent option from Perth to Kalgoorlie if you are flexible and prepared to split costs. These are typically offered in Facebook Groups or irregularly on Gumtree.

Although you could make it an adventure and ride share from town to town, usually, someone drives to Kalgoorlie.

Driving From Perth To Kalgoorlie In A Rental Vehicle

Renting a car or campervan from Perth to Kalgoorlie is an option. Some firms even provide one-way rentals. You can deliver it to Kalgoorlie or even farther away. It’s advisable to conduct extensive research before selecting your rental business because each has various policies, vehicles available, and package options.

From Perth to Kalgoorlie, the following businesses rent out campervans, and there are also many more locations to rent a car, like

  • Apollo
  • Wicked Campers 
  • Britz

The Ultimate Road Trip For Travelling From Perth To Kalgoorlie

You can also travel with the help of the below table.

Places To VisitDistance You Go
Perth to Mandurah70 km
Mandurah to Bunbury110 km
Bunbury to Margaret River100 km
Margaret River to Albany380 km
Albany to Esperance480 km
Esperance to Kalgoorlie400 km
Kalgoorlie to Perth600 km

The 593-kilometre trip from Perth to Kalgoorlie offers fantastic scenic possibilities. You should take a self-drive tour to fully appreciate the shifting landscapes and small country communities.

Although crossing the Great Eastern Highway is the quickest option, other short and long alternatives are possible. The road travels through the beautiful Wheatbelt before entering the rough, arid Goldfields. One of Australia’s most underrated road excursions, it is an excellent experience.

The main route is entirely covered. However, several shortcuts are on gravel roads, though two-wheel drive cars can usually navigate these if you verify the conditions first. Through Main Roads, WA, you may do that.

The Road Journey From Perth To Kalgoorlie 


York Western Australia as seen from Mount Brown 19885634790

The City of York should be the first stop when travelling eastward from Perth. In reality, York was the first European community to be established inland from the coast of Western Australia. This cute little town was chosen for its location because the nearby river and valley reminded the pioneers from England of their native land.

There are heritage-listed structures, and more importantly, it’s one of the few locations in Western Australia where people addressed the crimes committed against the local Aboriginal people at the former courtroom and local museum.

  • York is located 99 kilometres from Perth.
  • York to Kalgoorlie distance is 494 kilometres.


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In the large region known as the Wheatbelt, where Corrigin is located, a little farming community called wheat is farmed in significant amounts. If you want to take a side trip to Wave Rock, it’s off the main route. Since Corrigin is home to a depressing dog graveyard, it stands out from the other little farming villages you’ll pass on the journey from Perth to Kalgoorlie. This tender land honours the community’s beloved pets and is a lively destination for animal lovers.

  • York to Corrigin distance is 136 kilometres.
  • Kalgoorlie is 450 kilometres away from Corrigin.

Wave Rock

Wave Rock is Australia’s Outback’s oddest and most unexpected sight. It is a long, curving rock gradually moulded by wind and rain over millennia. It is stunning and stands out in an otherwise repetitive landscape with its oddly colourful characteristic. However, it requires a slight detour from the main roadway. This rock is worth it.

Make reservations in advance if you plan to spend the night at Wave Rock Caravan Park, located at the base of the rock.

  • Wave Rock is 112 kilometres away from Corrigin.
  • Kalgoorlie is 491 kilometres away from Wave Rock.

Southern Cross

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Southern Cross doesn’t have a little, but it’s a good side road to Kalgoorlie for gas and excellent homemade pies from the neighbourhood bakery. The Goldfields starts here, and the Wheatbelt terminates here. You have two options for travelling from Wave Rock to Southern Cross. Take the sealed road through Merredin or the rough road for a shorter route through stunning scenery. Despite being in usually an excellent condition, the way is dirt, yet the shortcut saves many kilometres.

  • Wave Rock and Southern Cross are separated by 200 kilometres of dirt roads and 320 kilometres of closed roads.
  • Two hundred twenty-five kilometres separate Southern Cross from Kalgoorlie.


The first Kalgoorlie was in Coolgardie. One of the earliest areas where gold was discovered. It was formerly one of the state’s major cities. But soon, everyone had moved to Kalgoorlie, which was only 40 kilometres away and had even more gold in the ground. It is now more of a weird old mining village than a city and makes for an interesting historical stop.

  • Coolgardie is 187 kilometres away from Southern Cross.
  • Kalgoorlie is 38 kilometres away from Coolgardie.

Lake Douglas 

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Lake Douglas is a lovely sight in a land deprived of water and located outside Kalgoorlie. During the weekends, it’s a favourite destination for Kalgoorlie natives and a fantastic place to camp and spends the night before entering Kalgoorlie.

  • Lake Douglas is 31 kilometres away from Coolgardie.
  • There are 15 kilometres between Lake Douglas and Kalgoorlie.

The Finest Activities In Kalgoorlie

There is enough to do and see in Kalgoorlie to keep you engaged for days before you return to Perth, continue to Esperance, or travel even farther into the Outback.

One of the favourite cities in Australia was Kalgoorlie, which people feel is one of Australia’s underrated tourist spots. Due to its industrial and gold rush history, Kalgoorlie has struggled to shed its Wild West reputation. Yet, it is a fascinating city with an exciting past and a promising future.

List Of Things To Do In Kalgoorlie

  • Super Pit of Kalgoorlie – The Kalgoorlie Super Pit, one of the biggest open-cut gold mines in the world, must be viewed to truly appreciate the enormous scale of this enterprise.
  • The Goldfields Museum – A fascinating look at the past of mining in Kalgoorlie and its future.
  • Gold prospecting – Get a licence and go gold panning.
  • Historic Hannan Street is the central street in Kalgoorlie, where everything started and still happens. Take a stroll down this street.
  • Discover the Craft Beer Scene – If you want to check out the developing and unusual craft beer industry in the Goldfields, head to Boulder.
  • Drink in the Historic Pubs and Hotels – Kalgoorlie was known as the Wild West because of its wild bars and hotels. Although the old lodgings and hotels are still intact, they aren’t less wild west once inside. At least, the majority of them aren’t.

Driving Tips For The Perth To Kalgoorlie Route

Those unfamiliar with Western Australia’s lengthy highways and remote location may find travelling from Perth to Kalgoorlie challenging. Here is some helpful driving advice to assist you on your journey:

  • Do not drive at night. 
  • If you can, stock up on supplies. Fill up at the first gas station you see. Whenever you come to a store, stock up. Fill up your water jug as soon as you can. You never know when you’ll discover another location to restock on supplies. 
  • Distances shouldn’t be considered. West Australia is huge. Don’t stay underrated by how far away everything is. 
  • Verify the weather and the state of the roads.


Q1: Is The Highway Connecting Perth And Kalgoorlie Sealed?

A1: You may go directly from Perth to Kalgoorlie via the Great Eastern Highway, a passable, sealed road for around 600 kilometres to the east.

Q2: Does Kalgoorlie Worth A Trip?

A2: It’s easy to understand why the outback town of Kalgoorlie is a popular destination for local tourists. It has exciting gold rush history, stunning springtime wildflowers, and beautiful classic surroundings.

Q3: Is Kalgoorlie Cold In Winter?

A3: A few days are cold and damp every winter with a below temperature of 12.0°C. The 19th of July 1961 saw the lowest recorded maximum temperature of 7.2°C. About four times in a typical season, overnight lows drop below freezing.

Q4: What Is The Average Rent In Kalgoorlie?

A4: In Kalgoorlie, the median rent for houses is $480, and for apartments, it’s $438%. In Kalgoorlie, the rental yield for homes is 8.46%, and for apartments’ is 10.09%.

Q5: What Is The Lifestyle In Kalgoorlie?

A5: Living in the town is highly active. Although the primary industry in Kalgoorlie, the city also benefits from the contributions of residents and recent immigrants. Everything is community-based.

Let’s End The Journey Here

You will experience excitement as you travel and learn as much as you can about the areas you visit. Most of the journey involves meeting new people and adjusting to a foreign society. Australia is a land of breathtaking scenery and unspoiled natural beauty.

You can appreciate many more things during a road trip in Australia than with an air or bus trip. The Perth to Kalgoorlie road trip will also be able to provide you with some priceless moments that will cause you to reconsider choosing a 2–9 days road trip.

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