Perth to Karijini Road Trip – Amazing Must-See Places

Perth to Karijini Road Trip - Best Places to Visit in Western Australia
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The coast road from Perth to Karijini road trip takes 22 hours. From Perth to Karijini through Exmouth on the Ningaloo coast is a 1250 km drive, including stops in Dongara, Kalbarri, Shark Bay, Monkey Mia, and Coral Bay.

The Best Way to Get to Karijini from Perth:

Perth to Karijini takes 12 hours via Exmouth on the Ningaloo coast, with stops in Dongara, Kalbarri, Shark Bay and Coral Bay. Exmouth to Karijini is accessible by sea and land. Cheela Plains Station is en route from Exmouth to Karijini. Karijini is 370 km (4WD) or 484 km (2WD) from Port Hedland.

Planning a Road Trip from Perth to Karijini—Itinerary, Stops, Distance, and Attractions

Bus Distance28 hours 48 minutes
Car Distance14 hours 54 minutes
Nearest AirportParaburdoo Airport

Route 1:

Day 1

Perth to Jurien Bay:

Travel Time: 2 hours 21 minutes

Travel Distance: 218.8 km

Leave Perth in the morning and drive leisurely along the coast to your destination. Australian sea lion colonies are only found on islands off the shores of Western Australia and South Australia. Jurien Bay is an excellent area to fish for dinner or capture rock lobster.

Top Attractions in Jurien Bay:

  • Sandy Cape Recreation Park
  • Jurien Bay Jetty
  • Sea Spray Art by Kiera
  • Turquoise Way Trail
  • Drovers Cave National Park

Residential Hotels in Jurien Bay:

  • Jurien Bay Motel Apartments
  • Jurien Bay Beachfront Holiday Units
  • Blue Sky Apartment 
  • Jurien Bay Tourist Park 
  • Central Views

Restaurants in Jurien Bay:

  • Jurien Bay Oceanic 
  • Joy’s Thai Kitchen
  • Sandpiper Tavern & Pizzeria
  • Family Affair Cafe
  • Meraki

Day 2:

Jurien Bay to Dongara:

Travel Time: 1 hour 24 minutes

Travel Distance: 131.9 km

Granny’s Beach, Dongara Activity Park, and Illegal Tender Rum Co. are must-sees. Dongara and Port Denison are sides of the same seaside township, separated by the Irwin River. Dongara and Port Denison are easily accessible via the Brand Highway and Indian Ocean Drive.

Top Attractions in Dongara:

  • Dongara Activity Park
  • Dongara Denison Drive-In
  • Russ Cottage
  • Illegal Tender Rum Co
  • Granny’s Beach

Residential Hotels in Dongara:

  • Dongara Hotel Motel
  • Old Mill Motel Dongara
  • Breeze Inn
  • Seaspray beach holiday park
  • Port Denison Beach Resort

Restaurants in Dongara:

  • Pannarai 
  • Dat’n’thu restaurant
  • Dongara Pizza & Cafe
  • Dat N Thu’s Kitchen
  • BP Cafe

Day 3:

Dongara to Horrocks Beach:

Travel Time: 1 hour 37 minutes

Travel Distance: 137.6 km

Horrocks Beach’s beautiful sands and tranquil waters are protected by a significant outer barrier that forms a lagoon. Swimming, diving, and snorkelling are popular there. The bay has a houseboat in the summer. From September through January, Horrocks’ wildflowers bloom. From June to November, beachgoers can see Humpback whales migrate south.

Top Attractions in Horrocks Beach:

  • Hutt Lagoon
  • Geraldton Forshore
  • Lancelin Island
  • Hillarys Boat Harbour

Residential Hotels in Horrocks Beach:

  • Horrocks Beachside Cottages
  • Horrocks Beach Caravan Park

Restaurants in Horrocks Beach:

  • Horrocks Beach General Store

Day 4:

Horrocks Beach to Kalbarri:

Travel Time: 1 hour 4 minutes

Travel Distance: 93.1 km

Kalbarri National Park has towering inland and coastal canyons, safe swimming bays like the Blue Holes, significant trekking pathways, and over a thousand varieties of wildflowers. Spring and early summer wildflowers are beautiful. When visiting Kalbarri National Park, bring your water. Summer heat can be deadly. Winter and spring are better seasons for hiking.

Top Attractions in Kalbarri:

  • Kalbarri National Park
  • Red Bluff
  • Island Rock & Natural Bridge
  • Kalbarri Visitor Centre
  • Murchison River
  • Chinaman’s Beach

Residential Hotels in Kalbarri:

  • Kalbarri Edge Resort
  • Riverview Holiday Apartments
  • Kalbarri Palm Resort
  • Kalbarri Reef Villas
  • Kalbarri Seafront Villas

Restaurants in Kalbarri:

  • Kalbarri Edge Resort Restaurant
  • Upstairs Restaurant
  • Finlay’s Kalbarri
  • The Jetty Seafood Shack
  • Wild Ocean Indonesian Cuisine

Day 5:

Kalbarri to Hamelin Pool:

Travel Time: 2 hours 32 minutes

Travel Distance: 245.3 km

Hamelin Pool is a popular Western Australia tourist spot. Hamelin Pool has the most stromatolites. Hamelin Pool is one of two places where living fossils may be found. Hence it’s famous. Birdwatchers should visit here.

Top Attractions in Hamelin Pool:

  • Hamelin Pool Telegraph Station
  • Ocean Park Aquarium
  • Peron Heritage Precinct
  • Eagle Bluff Lookout
  • Shark Bay Dive & Marine Safaris

Residential Hotels in Hamelin Pool:

  • Hamelin Station Stay
  • Hamelin Pool Caravan Park
  • Hamelin Bay Vista
  • Hamelin Bay Seaclusion
  • Wrenwood Chalets 

Restaurants in Hamelin Pool:

  • Ampol Overlander Roadhouse
  • Hamelin Pool Caravan Park & Café

Day 6:

Hamelin Pool to Carnarvon:

Travel Time: 1 hour 59 minutes

Travel Distance: 196.7 km

Carnarvon, Western Australia, approximately 900 km north of Perth. You can swim to the Fascine footbridge and fish around the beautiful crescent. Most Carnarvon fishermen head to One Mile Jetty. The Jetty is no longer accessible to the public but it is a great photo opportunity.

Top Attractions in Carnarvon:

  • Carnarvon Visitor Centre
  • Gascoyne Growers’ Market
  • Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum
  • Carnarvon Yacht Club
  • Carnavon Fascine
  • Kennedy Range National Park 

Residential Hotels in Carnarvon:

  • Carnarvon Central Apartments
  • Carnarvon Hotel
  • Gascoyne Hotel
  • Coral Coast Tourist Park
  • Carnarvon Motel

Restaurants in Carnarvon:

  • A Taste of Thai by fon
  • Sails Restaurant
  • Old Post Office Cafe
  • Chicken Treat
  • Good Paddock Restaurant

Day 7:

Carnarvon to Lyndon:

Travel Time: 2 hours 28 minutes

Travel Distance: 238.1 km      

Lyndon is a small Western Australia rural location near Carnarvon. Coral Bay’s main beach has excellent white sand. The sea is azure, and magnificent coral reefs lay near offshore.

Top Attractions in Lyndon:

  • Main Beach
  • Coral Bay Beach
  • Ningaloo Reef Dive
  • Mahi Mahi Fishing Charter
  • Yardie Creek

Residential Hotels in Lyndon:

  • Ningaloo Reef Resort 
  • Lyndon Haven
  • Adina Apartment Hotel 
  • Boat Harbour
  • Lakeside Inn

Restaurants in Lyndon:

  • Harbourside Cafe Restaurant
  • Buzzard’s Pizza
  • Ann’s Dinner

Day 8:

Lyndon to Nanutarra:

Travel Time: 1 hour 26 minutes

Travel Distance: 135.6 km

The family-run Nanutarra Roadhouse is situated in Western Australia’s Pilbara region. Nanutarra Roadhouse has a gas station, 24-hour truck stop, restaurant with home-cooked meals, trailer park, camping area, and accommodation. Most people stop here en route to or from adjacent cities.

Top Attractions in Nanutarra:

  • Nanutarra Roadhouse Campground
  • Nanutarra Bridge
  • Cane River Conservation Park
  • Cheela Plains
  • House Creek Rest Area

Residential Hotels in Nanutarra:

  • Caravan Bays 
  • Nanutarra Roadhouse
  • Cheela Plains

Restaurants in Nanutarra:

  • Nanutarra Roadhouse Campground

Day 9:

Nanutarra to Tom Price:

Travel Time: 3 hours 59 minutes

Travel Distance: 292.8 km

Tom Price is Western Australia’s highest municipality. Jurndamurneh, or Mount Nameless, is Tom Price’s highest peak. You may witness amazing sights from its peak, which can be reached by 4WD or on foot. 

Top Attractions in Tom Price:

  • Tom Price Visitor Centre
  • Tom Price Tourist Park
  • Mount Nameless
  • Mount Sheila
  • Lestok Tours

Residential Hotels in Tom Price:

  • Tom Price Tourist Park
  • Bottlemart Express – Tom Price Hotel Motel
  • Windawarri Lodge

Restaurants in Tom Price:             

  • Chicken Treat
  • Crave Juice Bar Mobile Van
  • Karijini Cafe
  • Brumby’s Tom Price
  • Mountain View Sporting Club

Day 10:

Tom Price to Karijini:

Travel Time: 48 minutes

Travel Distance: 71.8 km

Karijini National Park protects Pilbara plants, animals, and their natural habitats. Karijini National Park has kangaroos, emus, rock wallabies, echidnas, dingoes, and bats.

Top Attractions in Karijini:

  • Karijini National Park
  • Hamersley Gorge
  • Dales Gorge Campground
  • Hancock Gorge
  • Weano Gorge

Residential Hotels in Karijini:

  • Karijini Eco Retreat
  • Auski Tourist Village

Restaurants in Tom Karijini:

  • Karijini Cafe
  • Karijini Eco Retreat
  • Auski Tourist Village        

Route 2:

Day 1

Perth to Dalwallinu:

Travel Time: 2 hours 42 minutes

Travel Distance: 245.3 km

Dalwallinu is notable for its vivid yellow Wattle trees, which attract tourists. Locals and tourists celebrate Wattle Week in September.

Top Attractions in Dalwallinu:

  • Dalwallinu Caravan Park
  • Dalwallinu Discovery Centre
  • Wubin Wheatbin Museum
  • Jingamia Cave
  • Watheroo National Park

Residential Hotels in Dalwallinu:

  • The Wheatland Motel
  • The Old Convent Dalwallinu Guest House
  • Bottlemart Express
  • The Rest B&B Dalwallinu
  • Wubin Hotel Motel

Restaurants in Dalwallinu:

  • Tropicana Restaurant
  • Dally Best Filipino Cafe
  • Jenny’s Bakehouse

Day 2:

Dalwallinu to Mount Magnet:

Travel Time: 3 hours 18 minutes

Travel Distance: 317 km

Mount Magnet is the economic and geographic centre of Western Australia’s outback. By following early pastoralists, gold prospectors, and astronomers, you will uncover a spot where time has stopped still, and ancient landscapes coexist with stunning wildflower country.

Top Attractions in Mount Magnet:

  • Mount Magnet Mining and Pastoral Museum
  • Mount Magnet Visitor Centre
  • Mount Magnet Caravan Park

Residential Hotels in Mount Magnet:

  • Mount Magnet Grand Hotel
  • Commercial Club Hotel
  • Gekkos Accommodation
  • Mount Magnet Cabins
  • Outback Gold Accommodation

Restaurants in Mount Magnet:

  • Gem’s Outback Diner
  • Ampol Swagman Roadhouse
  • Alex Scott cafe
  • Mount Magnet Coffee Shop

Day 3:

Mount Magnet to Kumarina:

Travel Time: 4 hours 28 minutes

Travel Distance: 426.5 km

Kumarina is halfway between Meekatharra and Newman on Western Australia’s Great Northern Highway. You can experience a small wildlife sanctuary, bar, motel, restaurant, roadhouse, and Trailer Park.

Top Attractions in Kumarina:

  • Hamersley Gorge. National Park.
  • Mount Augustus

Residential Hotels in Kumarina:

  • Capricorn Village
  • Kumarina RoadHouse 
  • Seasons Hotel Newman

Restaurants in Kumarina:

  • Kumarina Roadhouse and Tavern

Day 4:

Kumarina to Karalundi:

Travel Time: 1 hour 49 minutes

Travel Distance: 176.7 km

Karalundi is a medium-sized aboriginal village 60 kilometres north of Meekatharra in the Shire of Meekatharra. Karalundi Caravan & Camping Park in Meekatharra has natural, calm surroundings, fresh water, beautiful grassy sites, and accommodation to meet your needs.

Top Attractions in Karalundi:

  • Mt Albert
  • Tunnel Hill
  • Bilyuin Pool
  • Peak Hill Ruins

Residential Hotels in Karalundi:

  • Karalundi Caravan Park
  • Royal Mail Hotel

Restaurants in Karalundi:

  • Karalundi Caravan Park

Day 5:

Karalundi to Capricorn:

Travel Time: 44 hours

Travel Distance: 4,163.0 km

Discovering the Capricorn region’s unseen riches, from the Southern Great Barrier Reef to the Capricorn Caves, will be an amazing trip.

Top Attractions in Capricorn:

  • Capricorn Caves
  • Archer Park Rail Museum
  • Lady Elliot Island
  • Pumpkin Island
  • Rubyvale Miners Heritage

Residential Hotels in Capricorn:

  • Capricorn One Holiday Apartments
  • The Capricorn Hotel Motor Inn
  • Capricorn Village

Restaurants in Capricorn:

  • Tsuruya Japanese Restaurant
  • Capricorn Tavern
  • Capricornian Restaurant
  • Capricorn Bar And Grill

Day 6:

Capricorn to Newman:

Travel Time: 44 minutes

Travel Distance: 70.32 km

Newman is the gateway to Karijini’s valleys and canyons. The Pilbara’s first golf course is in Newman. Wildflowers bloom from July through September.

Top Attractions in Newman:

  • Newman Visitor Centre
  • Radio Hill Lookout Newman

Residential Hotels in Newman:

  • Seasons Hotel Newman
  • Newman Hotel

Restaurants in Newman:

  • El Campestre Dos Restaurant
  • Santi’s Mexican Grill & Bnqt
  • Good Times
  • St. George Hotel
  • Taqueria Carolina

Day 7:

Newman to Juna Downs:

Travel Time: 1 hour 42 minutes

Travel Distance: 157.66 km

Six hours separate Karratha and Juna Downs. This cattle station is near Mount Meharry, Western Australia’s highest summit. Karijini National Park, near Juna Downs, has canyons, rock pools, and wildlife.

Top Attractions in Juna Downs:

  • Albert Tognolini Campground Walk
  • Mulla Mulla Walking Path

Residential Hotels in Juna Downs:

  • Spinifex Camp

Restaurants in Juna Downs:

  • Mulla Mulla Dry Mess
  • Packsaddle Dry Mess

Day 8:

Juna Downs to Karijini:

Travel Time: 16 minutes

Travel Distance: 29.29 km

Karijini National Park is a natural icon. A visit to this unique outback destination is unforgettable. Karijini’s gorges and canyons are notable. 

Top Attractions in Karijini:

  • Karijini National Park
  • Hamersley Gorge
  • Joffre Gorge
  • Karijini Visitor Centre
  • Fortescue Falls

Residential Hotels in Karijini:

  • Karijini Eco Retreat
  • Auski Tourist Village
  • Dales campground

Restaurants in Karijini:

  • Karijini Eco Retreat
  • Auski Tourist Village
  • Karijini Cafe

The Best Time to Travel Karijini

Karijini National Park is best in Australia’s late autumn, winter, and early spring cooler months. Although the days are warm, the evenings are chilly.


Is Perth to Karijini Road Trip Worth it?

Driving from Perth to Karijini is a lifetime experience adventure.

Why is Karijini so well-known?

Karijini is famed for its spectacular gorges and slot canyons, which contain 100-meter-deep towering sheer-sided chasms, dramatic waterfalls, rocky rivers, and cooling waterholes in a wide variety of colours, from scarlet to bright blue rocks and jade green water. Karijini National Park protects Pilbara’s beauty, plants, and animals.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Get From Perth to Karijini?

The most affordable option from Perth to Karijini National Park is to drive, costing between $260 and $380.

What Is The Fastest Way To Get From Perth to Karijini?

Flying and driving will get you to Karijini National Park from Perth in 5 hours and 46 minutes for $350 to $1,200.

Which Airlines Fly from Perth to Karijini Airport?

When travelling from Perth to Karijini, passengers can use Quantas’s flight options.

How Much Is A Bus Ticket From Perth to Karijini?

Once every week, a bus operated by Integrity Coach Lines travels from Perth’s Wellington Street to Karijini Drive and the Great Northern Highway. Depending on the date, ticket prices range from $240 to $390.


By devoting a few hours a day to your Perth to Karijini road trip, you can stop at places that grab your attention.

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