Perth to Karratha Road Trip – Must-See Places Along the Way

Perth to Karratha Road Trip
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The Perth to Karratha road trip takes 15 hours and 38 minutes. If, on the other hand, you hope to take in the sights of the countryside while you travel and otherwise enjoy your journey, you should schedule additional time for your trip.

Planning a Road Trip from Perth to Karratha—Itinerary, Stops, Distance, and Attractions

Bus Distance25 hours 05 minutes
Car Distance16 hours 18 minutes
Nearest AirportKarratha Airport (KTA / YPKA)

Perth to Bullsbrook:

Travel Time: 43 minutes

Travel Distance: 48.5 km

Bullsbrook is an outer northern suburb of Perth in Western Australia. Bullsbrook gives its occupants a peaceful, rural existence. Its rural areas are used for agriculture, grazing, market gardening, and vineyards. The site is rounded with parks and reserves that are wonderful for outdoor recreation.

Top Attractions in Bullsbrook:

  • Perth’s Outback Splash
  • Kingsford At Bullsbrook
  • Berry Sweet Strawberry Farm
  • Ellenbrook Speedway
  • Chequers Golf Club

Residential Hotels in Bullsbrook:

  • Chequers Hotel
  • Moonburra Stay
  • Shetland Park Chalets
  • Bullsbrook Farm Cottages

Restaurants in Bullsbrook:

  • The Mean Bean Diner
  • Red Shed Pizzeria
  • Doo-Duck Inn
  • Glamorous Chinese Restaurant
  • Bullsbrook Kebab

Bullsbrook to Dalwallinu:

Travel Time: 2 hours 13 minutes

Travel Distance: 207.9 km

Dalwallinu is a town in Western Australia’s Wheatbelt region. It is 248 kilometres from the capital city of Perth via the Great Northern Highway. Some of the most distinctive wattles in the world can be seen in the Dalwallinu area.

Roadsides and tourist hotspots often have these golden shrubs growing alongside them because of the cheer they bring with their vivid yellow flowers. The first town along The Wildflower Way, Dalwallinu, is situated in the middle of the wildflower region.

Top Attractions in Dalwallinu:

  • Dalwallinu Caravan Park
  • Dalwallinu Discovery Centre
  • Dalwallinu Cemetery
  • Dalwallinu War Memorial
  • Cailbro Mudbrick School

Residential Hotels in Dalwallinu:

  • The Old Convent Guest House Dalwallinu
  • Dalwallinu Wheatland Motel
  • The Rest Bed & Breakfast
  • Dalwallinu Hotel

Restaurants in Dalwallinu:

  • Tropicana Restaurant
  • Dally Best Filipino Cafe
  • Jenny’s Bakehouse

Dalwallinu to Mount Magnet:

Travel Time: 3 hours 19 minutes

Travel Distance: 317.0 km

 Mount Magnet is a small town worth visiting in Western Australia’s midwest. It is the oldest continuously inhabited gold mining community in California. A simple stroll up and down the main street, with a slight detour up Naughton Street to Laurie Street, is all it takes to learn about Mount Magnet’s rich history on the Mount Magnet Heritage Walk.

Top Attractions in Mount Magnet:

  • Mount Magnet Mining and Pastoral Museum
  • Mount Magnet Visitor Centre
  • The Granites 

Residential Hotels in Mount Magnet:

  • Mount Magnet Grand Hotel
  • Commercial Club Hotel
  • Gekkos accommodation

Restaurants in Mount Magnet:

  • Gem’s Outback Diner
  • Alex Scott Cafe
  • Mount Magnet Coffee Shop

Mount Magnet to Meekatharra:

Travel Time: 2 hours 4 minutes

Travel Distance: 194.5 km

You can see Meekatharra and the nearby mega pit mine from the Discovery Trail lookout. You can feel the district’s long history of gold mining in the air around Meekatharra. Both dormant and active mines offer an exciting and breathtaking spectacle.

Numerous prospecting spots in and around town consistently produce valuable findings. People love the northerly Peak Hill. Meekatharra’s red ground is carpeted in wildflowers after a winter shower. Anyone interested in nature should go. Meekatharra’s official flower is the red sturt pea.

Top Attractions in Meekatharra:

  • Meeka Town Heritage Walk
  • Meeka Rangelands Discovery Trail 
  • Meekatharra Museum

Residential Hotels in Meekatharra:

  • Meekatharra Hotel
  • Commercial Hotel Meekatharra
  • Meekatharra Accommodation Centre

Restaurants in Meekatharra:

  • Royal Mail Hotel
  • Auski Motel
  • Mama Moons Bakery

Meekatharra to Kumarina:

Travel Time: 2 hours 23 minutes

Travel Distance: 232.1 km

Kumarina lies precisely between Meekatharra and Newman on the Great Northern Highway in Australia. You will find a trailer park, roadhouse, restaurant, roadside tavern, and nature reserve.

Top Attractions in Kumarina:

  • Mount Augustus
  • Hamersley Gorge. National Park

Residential Hotels in Kumarina:

  • Kumarina RoadHouse
  • Seasons Hotel Newman
  • Capricorn Village

Restaurants in Kumarina:

  • Kumarina Roadhouse and Tavern

Kumarina to Wittenoom:

Travel Time: 10 hours 25 minutes

Travel Distance: 990.0 km

Located in the Hamersley Ranges in the Pilbara area of Western Australia, 1,420 kilometres north-northeast of Perth, is the declared hazardous site and the former town site of Wittenoom. The hamlet of Wittenoom serves as its focal point. The breathtaking Karijini National Park, Ribbon Red Scarps, and Green Gorges surround it. The Karijini National Park may be discovered to the south of Wittenoom. 

Top Attractions in Wittenoom:

  • TNB Peak
  • Wittenoom Gorge
  • Joffre Gorge

Residential Hotels in Wittenoom:

  • Karijini Eco Retreat

Restaurants in Wittenoom:

  • Jo’s Curry House
  • L’Amour De La Femme Restaurant
  • Village Chinese Restaurant

Wittenoom to Millstream:

Travel Time: 2 hours 57 minutes

Travel Distance: 216.3 km

One may find Millstream Chichester National Park, which is part of Western Australia’s Pilbara area, 1,190 kilometres north of Perth. Millstream Chichester National Park is a great place to go camping if you are looking for a remote location with a breathtaking environment of hills, cliffs, rivers, and pools. Python Pool is a beautiful place to swim in a refreshing rock pool while taking in the spectacular view of the majestic, rocky, ochre cliffs.

The Roebourne-Wittenoom Road, located within the park, and a walking track make it easy to get to Python Pool. Millstream Chichester National Park has clean and well-maintained public camping facilities, including gas grills and meadow restrooms.

Top Attractions in Millstream:

  • Millstream Chichester National Park

Residential Hotels in Millstream:

  • Samson Beach Chalets
  • Millstream Hotels and Restaurants

Restaurants in Millstream:

  • Millstream General Store
  • Chilverton Cottages, Restaurant & Day Spa
  • Alcyone Hotel Residences

Millstream to Karratha:

Travel Time: 3 minutes

Travel Distance: 1.9 km

Karratha is an excellent jumping-off point for excursions along the Pilbara Coast, which features fishing villages, quiet beaches, towering sandstone cliffs, and winding coastal walks filled with colourful wildflowers. Karratha’s cafes, restaurants and seafood brasseries draw inspiration from the abundant marine life in the region’s waters. If you are hungry when in Karratha, you will be satisfied.

Karratha’s low levels of light pollution result from its isolation from other major population centres; as a result, the night sky is spectacular. Karratha is home to various lodging options, including hotels, resorts, motels, and campgrounds. This bustling town is known as the place to go shopping in all of Pilbara, owing to the abundance of modern, resilient malls and shopping centres.

Top Attractions in Karratha:

  • Red Earth Arts Precinct
  • Archipelago Adventures
  • The Youth Shed
  • Karratha Public Library
  • Karratha Tourism & Visitor Centre
  • Pilbara Dive and Tours

Residential Hotels in Karratha:

  • Karratha Central Apartments
  • ibis Styles Karratha
  • Karratha International Hotel
  • Econo Lodge Karratha
  • Comfort Inn & Suites Karratha

Restaurants in Karratha:

  • Lo’s
  • Bollywood Lounge Indian Restaurant
  • Onyx On Sharpe
  • The Pearlers Rest Family Restaurant Karratha
  • Big Poppas Pizza Pasta & Panini


What Is the Cost-Effective Way To Get From Perth to Karratha?

If you are looking for the cheapest method to get from Perth to Karratha, a car will cost you between $190 and $280.

What Is the Best Time to Travel to Karratha?

May to September is the finest month to visit Karratha.

What Is the Swift Way To Get From Perth to Karratha?

Flying between Perth and Karratha is the quickest option, costing between $270 and $750 and taking only 3 hours and 32 minutes.

Why is Karratha so well-known?

Because of these iron ore mines, Karratha has gained its reputation. Karratha is known for its crimson soil, impressive canyons, and beautiful beaches. The Red Earth Arts Festival is an annual event that features performances by a wide variety of artists.

What is the Best Way to Get to Karratha from Perth?

You can reach Perth from the south, and from the north, you can get Broome, all due partly to the North West Coastal Highway. While the Pilbara is relatively easy to access, this major paved route is just one of many high-quality roads that connect the region.

Final Thoughts

May through September are Karratha’s peak camping and fishing months. Still, no wonder you cannot enjoy the outdoors any time of the year on your road trip from Perth to Karratha. There is no more picturesque place to spend a day with the family swimming, fishing, and picnicking than Karratha.

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