Perth to Kimberley Road Trip Itinerary: A Full Guide

Perth to Kimberley Road Trip
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One of the most valuable natural areas in the world, the Kimberley is a vast, ancient landscape that reaches hundreds of thousands of square kilometres. The Kimberley region, which covers Australia’s northwestern corner and is three times larger than England and has less than 40,000 people, is one of the world’s remaining deserted borders. 

Here is the mapping for Perth To Kimberley Road Trips, which is a long journey, about 33 hours. 

Perth To Jurien Bay

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Start the journey from Jurien Bay by choosing your favourite route to go. 

Travel RoutesTravel TimeTravel Distance
Via State Route 602 hr 35 min219 km
Via Indian Ocean Dr State Route 602 hr 44 min248 km

You can take a long weekend, a road trip, or a single long day journey to visit Jurien Bay. The route shown here for a road trip from Perth to Jurien Bay can be modified to meet your needs and the duration of your trip.

Take the Mitchell Motorway out of the city and follow it until the very end. Once you’ve reached Wanneroo Road, turn left to head towards Yanchep after turning right at Hester Avenue. You may get to Jurien Bay by using Indian Ocean Drive, which turns into this route.

Jurien Bay To Geraldton

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Jurien Bay To Geraldton has a three routes to go. The routes are- 

Travel RoutesTravel TimeTravel Distance
Via National Route 1 and Indian Ocean Dr/State Route 602 hr 5 min196 km
Via National Route 12 hr 27 min234 km
Via Indian Ocean Dr/State Route 602 hr 38 min239 km

The Indian Ocean Drive and Brand Highway stretch 196 kilometres from Jurien Bay to Geraldton. If you don’t make stops at sights like Illawong Beach, the Greenough Wildlife and Bird Park, or Waigan Lakes, the drive takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

You’re only likely to travel from Jurien Bay to Geraldton if you decide to stay in Western Australia as part of a longer road trip. Jurien Bay is a turnoff to the west off Highway 1 if you’re travelling from Perth to Geraldton. But if you spend the night at Jurien Bay, it takes roughly two and a half hours to get from Jurien Bay to Geraldton. The drive down the coast is pleasant.

Geraldton To Carnarvon

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Travel RoutesTravel TimeTravel Distance
Via National Route 17 hr 8 min679 km

It is the fastest route to go to Carnarvon due to traffic conditions. If you want to learn about the Gascoyne region’s Indigenous and colonial pioneering background and experience natural beauty, exceptional local history, and a great deal of fresh fruit, vegetables, and seafood, the Carnarvon region is the ideal place to go.

Carnarvon To Coral Bay

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Travel RoutesTravel TimeTravel Distance
Via Minilya-Exmouth road and National Route 12 hr 27 min237 km

At the very least, spending a few days in Coral Bay is worthwhile. You can travel for a day journey and stay in Exmouth, or you can spend a few nights in Coral Bay to experience the village life. Coral Bay is a fantastic location for viewing the Ningaloo Reef and taking in the amazing marine life in the bay’s protected waters.

Ningaloo Reef Dive and Snorkel, the Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum, and Coral Bay Beach are the main attractions to see en route from Carnarvon to Coral Bay. Some must visits sites are Coral Bay EcoTours, Quobba Blow Holes, and Ningaloo Marine Interactions.

Coral Bay To Cape Range

Travel RoutesTravel TimeTravel Distance
Via Minilya-Exmouth Rd and Yardie Creek Rd2 hr 28 min229 km

The pristine seas of Ningaloo Marine Park are bordered by the rough limestone rock and dry coastal plain of Cape Rock, creating an amazing contrast in the landscape. Cape Range is home to various animals, including kangaroos, emus, echidnas, birds, and black-flanked rock wallabies.

Cape Range has attractions and activities for people of all abilities, including stroll trails with universal access, opportunities to see animals, camping, beachcombing, swimming, snorkelling, and beach fishing.

Cape Range To Karratha

Karratha Western Australia Aerial2
Travel RoutesTravel TimeTravel Distance
Via National Route 16 hr 36 min625 km

Karratha is the ideal starting point for exploring the surrounding area’s natural beauties. Karratha is about a twenty-minute drive from the port city of Dampier, the historic beach at Hearson’s Cove, and the ancient Aboriginal rock carvings on the Burrup Peninsula.

Karratha To Port Hedland

1280px Darya Shanthi arrives at Port Hedland 2012 1
Travel RoutesTravel TimeTravel Distance
Via National Route 12 hr 24 min232 km

The 230km route from Karratha to Port Hedland through Western Australia’s Pilbara region. Unless you take a road trip detour to Point Samson or the Millstream-Chichester National Park, it will take about 2h 27m.

One of Western Australia’s most desolate segments is the section from Karratha to Port Hedland along the coastal road from Perth to Broome. In this region of the Pilbara, the two mining towns serve as the major population centre, but it’s safe to say that nobody is very keen to get there. Nevertheless, Karratha offers top-notch Aboriginal-led rock art tours.

On the route from Karratha to Port Hedland, there are a few road trip destinations worth taking into account if you stray from the main highway, though.

Port Hedland To Derby

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Travel RoutesTravel TimeTravel Distance
Via National Highway 17 hr 39 min755 km

The Town is a great spot to start a family because it boasts many top-notch sporting and recreational facilities, a theatre, an art gallery, cafés, and restaurants. Residents can attend a variety of thrilling events, such as the Spinifex Spree Carnival, Hedland Cup Races, and the North West Festival. Nearly on Port Hedland’s east side is Derby. Taking a vacation and having fun while sightseeing is simple. 

Derby To Kimberley

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Travel RoutesTravel TimeTravel Distance
Via Derby-Gibb River Rd5 hr 5 min350 km
Via Derby-Gibb River Rd and Mornington Rd4 hr 45 min314 km

Here is two routes to go to Kimberley. The first route is more preferable route to reach the destination. For the majority of them, Derby marks the start or end of their journey along the Gibb River Road. Even those who don’t want to drive the entire Gibb River Road frequently stop at Derby. Then they go along the first, well-maintained portion of the Gibb River Road before making a right left and diverging onto the highway while passing by the Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek national parks.

The Buccaneer Archipelago, a collection of 800–1000 of the world’s most remote islands, is another attraction. The Horizontal Waterfalls, a phenomena caused by powerful tides flowing through small spaces between islands, are also found here.


Q: Is It Worth Going To The Kimberley?

A: One of the most beautiful areas on earth is the Kimberley, located in western Australia. It can be challenging to choose where to begin because there are so many things to do in the Kimberley.

Q: How Many Days Does It Take To Drive From Broome To Perth?

A: How far is it from Broome to Perth? Driving 2,230 kilometres, or little under 24 hours of steady driving, would be required to travel nonstop from Perth to Broome.

Q: What Are The Best Months To Visit The Kimberleys?

To appreciate the natural beauty and engage in outdoor activities in pleasant, warm weather, we suggest planning your trip to Kimberley for the dry season, which runs from April to October. Aim for the beginning of the dry season if you want to see the waterfalls in the Kimberley at their best. Depending on the region, from March through May.

Q: What Is Kimberley Australia Famous?

A: The Kimberley region is home to waterfalls, old Aboriginal rock art, beautiful animals, freshwater swimming holes, and white sandy beaches. Take a coastal cruise to experience this wonderland for nature lovers fully.

Q: Is Kimberley A Good Place To Live?

A: A great area to live with a rich history and an exciting future is Kimberley. Kimberley is the ideal spot to reconnect with what’s important: the simple things. It is a stunning alpine landscape that surrounds its home to friendly, down-to-earth people who value the good things in life.


Many outback stations, magnificent canyons, abundant animals, freshwater swimming holes, and one of Australia’s best 4WD road adventures can all be found here. Despite its isolation, the region offers excellent dining, luxurious housing, hospitable residents, and one of the most charming beach towns on the planet. Perth To Kimberley Road Trips will be enjoyable for you.

The fresh air, time to yourself, and space allow for a movie-like reel of consciousness as thoughts and memories come and go as you observe the environment around you. Perth To Kimberley Road Trips will allow you to enjoy many experiences and make things memorable. 

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