Perth to Kununurra Road Trip: Enjoy and Have Some Relax

Perth to Kununurra Road Trip
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A Perth To Kununurra Road Trip is similar to a tour through the captivating landscapes of Western Australia, where every curve of the road unveils a new adventure. You’ll be immersed in the untamed beauty and expanse of the Australian Outback as you travel north after leaving the energetic city of Perth. This road journey offers a remarkable fusion of scenic vistas, cultural encounters, and the exhilaration of the open road. 

The Perth to Kununurra road trip promises a memorable exploration of the varied and awe-inspiring landscapes that define this corner of Australia, from the striking red earth of the Pilbara region to the lush greenery of the Kimberley, and from encounters with native wildlife to the chance to connect with Indigenous cultures. So buckle up, grab your sense of adventure, and prepare for an amazing road trip from Perth to Kununurra as you explore Western Australia’s hidden treasures.

Travel Distance3022 km
Travel Time by car33 Hours


Perth To Nesci Estate

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Travel Distance56.5 km
Travel Time by car43 minutes

Before the Second World War, Cosmo Nesci, a young Italian, left his hometown in Calabria and immigrated to Perth, Western Australia. There, he bought 1,000 acres of untamed wilderness in Lower Chittering and began raising Hereford cows with his family. Three generations of the Nesci family worked on the land over the years to transform it into the Nesci Wine Farm Estate known today.  

The first vines in Chittering were planted by Antonio, Cosmos’s 18-year-old son, in 1948. Together, Antonio and his wife Carmela cleared the land by hand and planted and cared for vines that today produce some of the best wine-making grapes in the area. They were both powerful, resourceful individuals. 

Nesci Estate To Victoria Plains Hotel

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Travel Distance87.2 km
Travel Time by car56 minutes

North of New Norcia, on the Great Northern Highway in Waddington, the Victoria Plains Hotel opened its doors about 1878. The business’s first owner was J. B. Jenks. The Victoria Plains Hotel, a stable, a general store, a blacksmith’s shop, a carpenter’s shop, a bootmaker’s shop, a goal, and a hall grew there as a little township. Travellers, particularly those carrying criminals or convicts, would halt in the town. In addition, the hotel ran a post office and, later, a telephone exchange. The racetrack and cricket field were located 2 miles south of the hotel. 

Over the years, the hotel has also gone by Waddington Hotel and Waddington Inn. The two hotel buildings shown here, which are stone constructions without roofs or floors, are all left of the town. A timber grape trellis initially served as a connection between these. Another building’s ruins can be found on the side of the highway opposite it. The hotel structure housed people until the 1960s when it was abandoned and started to deteriorate.

Victoria Plains Hotel To Dalwallinu Caravan Park

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Travel Distance102 km
Travel Time by car1 Hour and 3 minutes

Dalwallinu Caravan Park is a friendly and peaceful place to stay in Dalwallinu, Western Australia. If you’re travelling in your caravan or looking for a cozy spot to set up your tent, this caravan park welcomes you with open arms. Surrounded by nature’s beauty, you’ll find spacious sites and all the facilities you need for a comfortable stay. There are clean bathrooms, hot showers, and a camp kitchen for cooking meals. 

The park’s friendly staff are always ready to assist you. Plus, you can take a stroll to explore the town’s charm or relax and enjoy the peacefulness of the countryside. If you’re passing through Dalwallinu Caravan Park, it offers a warm and welcoming place to rest and recharge on your journey.

Dalwallinu Caravan Park To Decorated Tree

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Travel Distance155 km
Travel Time by car1 Hour and 42 minutes

The Decorated Tree along the Great Northern Highway is a unique sight that brings joy to travellers passing by. Standing tall and proud, this tree is adorned with colourful decorations and ornaments, making it a cheerful landmark in the Australian Outback. You can’t miss the tree’s vibrant and festive appearance as you drive along this highway. It’s a heartwarming reminder that even in the remote stretches of the road, the spirit of celebration and community can shine brightly. 

Many people stop by to take pictures and share in the happiness this tree brings. So, if you’re ever on the Great Northern Highway, don’t forget to look out for the Decorated Tree – a simple yet excellent display of positivity in the vast Outback landscape.

Decorated Tree To The Granites

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Travel Distance155 km
Travel Time by car1 Hour and 42 minutes

The Granites, located along the Great Northern Highway, is a special place in Western Australia. Here, you’ll find ancient rocks and landscapes that tell stories dating back millions of years. These massive granite formations, which seem to rise up from the earth, create a breathtaking sight against the vast Australian Outback.

Visiting The Granites is like stepping into a natural wonderland. You can explore the rugged terrain, hike along the trails, and even picnic while enjoying the stunning views. It’s where you can connect with nature and appreciate the beauty of this remote part of Australia. Remember your camera. You’ll want to capture the remarkable sights of The Granites to remember your visit for years to come.

DAY- 2

The Granites To Willare Bridge Roadhouse & Caravan Park

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Travel Distance1573 km
Travel Time by car17 hours and 5 minutes

The Willare Bridge Roadhouse & Caravan Park is a special place where travellers can rest in Western Australia. One of the most beautiful things about Willare Bridge is its stunning natural surroundings. You’ll be surrounded by the rugged beauty of the Kimberley region, with its wide-open spaces and breathtaking sunsets. If you’re a bird lover, this is an excellent spot for birdwatching, with many different species to admire.

The friendly staff at Willare Bridge make you feel welcome and can offer helpful advice for your journey. So, whether you’re passing through on a long road trip or looking for a peaceful place to camp by the Fitzroy River, Willare Bridge Roadhouse & Caravan Park is a welcoming haven for travellers in the heart of Western Australia.

DAY- 3

Willare Bridge Roadhouse & Caravan Park To Fitzroy River Lodge

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Travel Distance232 km
Travel Time by car2 hours and 25 minutes

The Fitzroy River Lodge is a special place to stay in Australia. It’s located in a beautiful area called the Kimberley region. This lodge is like a home away from home when exploring the Outback. It has comfortable rooms where you can rest after a day of adventure. You can enjoy peaceful walks along the riverbanks and spot crocodiles or colourful birds.

The lodge also has a restaurant where you can try delicious local food. It’s a great place to meet other travellers and share stories of your adventures. If you plan to explore the Kimberley region, the Fitzroy River Lodge is a welcoming place to start or end your journey. It’s a place where you can experience the beauty of the Australian Outback while enjoying comfort and good company.

Fitzroy River Lodge To ANZAC Hill

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Travel Distance637 km
Travel Time by car6 hours and 41 minutes

Alice Springs, Australia, has a special site called ANZAC Hill. It resembles a miniature mountain with a lookout. This hill is significant because it honours the military service of Australian and New Zealand soldiers. To honour these brave troops, a sizable monument with the inscription Lest We Forget is at the top. Visitors come to ANZAC Hill to take in the stunning views of the town and the desert surroundings. It’s a tranquil setting to reflect on the past and the warriors’ sacrifices.

ANZAC Hill To Kununurra

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Travel Distance8.4 km
Travel Time by car8 minutes

Western Australia’s Kununurra is an exceptional location. Beautiful natural features like vast lakes and untamed mountains surround it. People travel here to take in the breathtaking scenery and engage in outdoor pursuits like boating, fishing, and hiking. The Indigenous cultures of the region, which are an important aspect of Kununurra’s history, can also be studied. It’s a small town with a huge heart and the ideal location for anyone who enjoys nature or wants to see the natural splendour of Australia’s northwest.


Q: Does It Make Sense To Drive From Perth To Exmouth?

A: One of the greatest ways to explore a variety of unique sights along Australia’s Coral Coast is to take a road trip from Perth to Exmouth. You may travel along one of the most beautiful stretches of the Western Australian coastline on the drive from Perth to Exmouth.

Q: How Long Does A Car Trip Through Western Australia Take?

A: Given the state’s size and the attractions’ dispersed nature, you’ll need significant time to see everything. Give yourself at least 3 weeks to travel the entire length of Western Australia, then make the loop back to Perth. This is the bare minimum, which is only one night in most places.

Q: Is Perth An Excellent City To Call Home?

A: Perth, consistently rated as one of the most liveable cities in the world, is an excellent place for international students. The finest advantages of living in Perth include its pleasant temperature, affordability, and expanding arts scene, to name just a few.

Q: What Is Famous About Kununurra?

A: With all the romance of the open road rolling out in front of you, set out on the outback adventure of a lifetime down the renowned Gibb River Road. Waterways and marshes abundant with wildlife are Kununurra’s claim to fame.

Q: What Crops Are Cultivated In Kununurra?

A: The Ord River Irrigation Area, centred on Kununurra, comprises more than 20,000 hectares of productive agricultural area where tropical fruits, chickpeas, sugarcane, chia seeds, sandalwood, and other crops are grown.

In The End

In conclusion, embarking on the Perth To Kununurra Road Trip is a thrilling adventure promising a diverse and memorable experience. This journey allows travellers to traverse Western Australia’s vast landscapes, from the pristine beaches of Perth to the rugged, red terrain of the Kimberley region in Kununurra. Along the way, one can encounter the natural wonders of the Pinnacles Desert, the ancient landscapes of the Pilbara, and the untamed beauty of the Gibb River Road. 

While the vast distances and remote areas may present challenges, careful planning, ample supplies, and a sense of adventure will ensure a memorable and rewarding road trip. From exploring vibrant cities to communing with nature in its purest form, the Perth to Kununurra road trip is an unforgettable odyssey through the heart of Western Australia, offering an authentic taste of the wild and captivating beauty of this remarkable corner of the world.

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