Perth to Margaret River Road Trip – The Ultimate Travel Itinerary Guide

Perth to Margaret River Road Trip
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Travelling by car from Perth to Margaret River takes about 2 hours and 57 minutes. However, you want to enjoy the scenery along the way and have a relaxing trip. In that case, you need to allow more time for your travels.

Why is Margaret River so well-known?

The cuisine and wineries of Margaret River are renowned all over the world. The coastal location and milder temperatures give the region’s wine its distinctive flavour and aroma. Margaret River is a picture-perfect vacation spot with exciting activities for all ages. There are breweries, cideries, and wineries around this area, ready to show off their wares to curious visitors.

Everywhere you turn in Margaret River, there is a different award-winning restaurant or cafe to try. You can dine around from casual to fine throughout your stay. A meal paired with a rare bottle of wine from one of the region’s picturesque wineries elevates the entire experience to new heights.

The Best Route to Get to Margaret River from Perth:

About 170 miles south of Perth, in Western Australia, is the town and coastline region known as Margaret River. Margaret River is a three-hour drive from Perth, and the best way to get there is by car. However, you may also take a train to Bunbury, a bus, a bus or a coach from the city, or a flight to Busselton and then a car. The quickest and most convenient option is taking the Kwinana or Forrest Highway to Margaret River from Perth.

The trip should take about three hours. It is also possible to travel inland to the town of Busselton via the South Western Highway. You can either travel due south from Busselton or take the scenic detour through Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park on Caves Road. Dunsborough and Yallingup both offer beautiful beaches worth visiting if appropriate.

Planning a Road Trip from Perth to Margaret River —Itinerary, Stops, Distance, and Attractions

Train and Bus Distance5 hours 41 minutes
Train and Bus Distance via Bunbury5 hours 25 minutes
Bus Distance5 hours 5 minutes
Car Distance2 hours 57 minutes
Nearest AirportBusselton Airport

Day 1

1) Perth to Aubin Grove:

Travel Time: 22 minutes

Travel Distance: 26.5 km

Aubin Grove is a suburb of Perth in the City of Cockburn. There was a time when Banjup’s rural community of Aubin Grove was a part of it. Aubin Grove has little infrastructure because it is one of the new communities that has opened up because of the recently extended motorway. Perth is your best opportunity if you are looking for a place with plenty of cafes and other public gathering spaces.

Top Attractions in Aubin Grove:

  • Hillarys Boat Harbour
  • Kings Park and Botanic Garden
  • Elizabeth Quay
  • Adventure World
  • Swan River

Residential Hotels in Aubin Grove:

  • Rendezvous Hotel
  • Novotel
  • DoubleTree
  • Vimal’s Homestay
  • Coranda Lodge

Restaurants in Aubin Grove:

  • Chung’s Kitchen
  • Harvest Lakes BBQ Chinese Restaurant
  • Tang’s Dancin Wok
  • The Grove Bakery
  • Brushfoot Cafe

Day 2

2) Aubin Grove to Kwinana Beach:

Travel Time: 17 minutes

Travel Distance: 16.5 km

Kwinana Beach is located to the south and west of Perth. It is one of Perth’s more established industrial neighbourhoods. Something about a beach that factories border is both charming and exciting. It is an oasis of calm amid a sea of bustling factories. The park at Kwinana Beach is one of the beach’s best features. There are plenty of open spaces, well-maintained grassy areas, and excellent picnic and BBQ facilities.

The beautiful and evasive Rufous Night Heron uses this area as a breeding habitat. In addition to bandicoots, snakes, wallabies, possums, and bats, the endangered Swamp Harrier can sometimes be spotted here.

Top Attractions in Kwinana Beach:

  • Wells Park
  • Kwinana Adventure Park
  • Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Residential Hotels in Kwinana Beach:

  • Quest Rockingham
  • Rockingham Apartments
  • Hotel Clipper

Restaurants in Kwinana Beach:

  • Kwinana Cafe
  • Simon Thai
  • Anne Cafe Lunch Bar
  • The Kwinana Local
  • Bikol Express Restaurant Catering Services

Day 3

3) Kwinana Beach to Mandurah:

Travel Time: 32 minutes

Travel Distance: 37.1 km

Mandurah is a Western Australia city near the coast’s southwestern corner. The Peel-Harvey Estuary attracts visitors because of the variety of native and migratory species it hosts. Exhibits on Peel region history can be seen in the Mandurah Community Museum. Mandurah is famous for its scenic rivers and laid-back vacation vibe. Beach goers flock to the Mandurah beachfront to enjoy the expansive grassy area along the estuary.

Families bring their kids so they may run around freely in the tree-shaded playground areas. In addition, there are the internationally significant Peel-Yalgorup Wetlands and the samphire saltmarshes of the Peel Harvey Estuary, which is twice the size of Sydney Harbour.

Top Attractions in Mandurah:

  • Mandurah Performing Arts Centre
  • Amaze Miniature Park
  • Dolphin Quay

Residential Hotels in Mandurah:

  • Dolphin Quay Apartment Hotel
  • Seashells Mandurah
  • C Mandurah Apartments

Restaurants in Mandurah:

  • The Stage Door Waterfront Restaurant
  • Alfresco Restaurant and Cafe
  • Catch22 Tapas & Cocktail Lounge
  • Redmanna Waterfront Restaurant
  • Flics Kitchen

Day 4

4) Mandurah to Bunbury:

Travel Time: 1 hour 11 minutes

Travel Distance: 103.6 km

The city of Bunbury is an essential port in Western Australia, located south of Perth. Koombana Bay is well-known for the wild bottlenose dolphins that frequently visit the area. Situated on a peninsula, Bunbury is often referred to as the City of Three Waters. To the west is the crashing surf of the Indian Ocean, while to the east are the placid waters of Koombana Bay and Leschenault Inlet.

All kinds of water sports, including surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, canoeing, and boating, are hugely popular. Whether you are looking for a location to call home, start a business, or take a vacation, you will find it in Bunbury. Its residents enjoy convenient access to various amenities, including multiple schools, stores, beaches, and nightlife.

Top Attractions in Bunbury:

  • Marlston Hill Lookout
  • Bunbury Regional Art Gallery
  • Bunbury Farmers Market
  • Bunbury Lighthouse
  • Bunbury Museum and Heritage Centre
  • Bunbury Wildlife Park

Residential Hotels in Bunbury:

  • Bunbury Apartment Motel
  • Quality Hotel Lighthouse
  • Quest Bunbury

Restaurants in Bunbury:

  • Yours Or Mine
  • Nicola’s
  • Simply Thai Restaurant
  • Kokoro
  • Market Eating House
  • Funkee Monkee Eatery & Bar
  • White Elephant Thai Restaurant
  • Mojo’s Kitchen, Bar & Bottleshop

Day 5

5) Bunbury to Busselton:

Travel Time: 42 minutes

Travel Distance: 52.9 km

There is a town called Busselton in the southwestern corner of Australia. It is well-known for the humpback whales that visit during the summer. Busselton Jetty, built in the 19th century, may be found at this beach. Nearly two kilometres of this wooden pier lead to an underwater observatory where visitors may see coral reef ecosystems up close. Despite being in the path of a cyclone, a storm, and a fire, Busselton’s 1.8-kilometre-long timber-piled jetty is still the longest in the Southern Hemisphere.

The jetty’s beginning is home to an information centre where spectators can learn about the area’s past. Busselton’s bay provides a safe environment for boaters. Busselton is a popular stop for families and travellers looking for a destination that caters to a wide variety of interests, thanks to its convenient services and relatively child-friendly beaches. 

Top Attractions in Busselton:

  • Busselton Jetty
  • Busselton Foreshore
  • Shelter Brewing Co.
  • ArtGeo Gallery
  • Busselton Visitor Centre

Residential Hotels in Busselton:

  • Busselton River Resort
  • The Royal Palms Resort
  • Nightcap at the Ship Inn

Restaurants in Busselton:

  • Bistro Breton
  • Albies Bar and Bistro
  • Spice Odysee – The Hidden Kitchen
  • Thai Lemongrass
  • Great Wall

Day 6

6) Busselton to Margaret River:

Travel Time: 41 minutes

Travel Distance: 51.5 km

Margaret River, a small town in Western Australia’s South West, is well-known for its many boutiques, artisan breweries, and wineries. The coast is dotted with beaches and surf spots, and its seas attract migrating whales. Margaret River is one of the most extraordinary places on Earth, with its world-famous wine, pristine beaches, breathtaking inland rivers, towering wood forests, and ancient cave systems.

As a living representation of historical geography and Wadandi song lines, the Margaret River Region is a must-visit for any history buff. A vacation here is just what you need to unwind from city life. It is full of natural beauty, wide open spaces, excellent wine, and clean ocean air.

Top Attractions in Margaret River:

  • A Maze’n Margaret River
  • Cape Mentelle Vineyards
  • Voyager Estate
  • Eagles Heritage
  • Margaret River Visitor Centre
  • Margaret River Farmers Market

Residential Hotels in Margaret River:

  • Riverview Tourist Park
  • Vintages Margaret River
  • Margaret River Hotel
  • Smiths Beach Resort
  • Forte Leeuwin

Restaurants in Margaret River:

  • La Scarpetta Trattoria
  • El Toro Margaret River
  • Elkamo
  • Chang Thai Kitchen
  • Miki’s Open Kitchen


What Is the Cost-Effective Way To Get From Perth to Margaret River?

The bus ride from Perth to Margaret River is the most affordable option, costing $15 to $19 and taking 5 hours and 5 minutes.

What Is the Best Time to Travel to Margaret River?

From March to May, Margaret River underwent a less windy season than Spring and is ideal for those who want tranquil, sunny days with gentle breezes.

What Is the Swift Way To Get From Perth to Margaret River?

Travelling by car takes 2 hours and 57 minutes and is the shortest way to get from Perth to Margaret River.

Final Thoughts

March through May is a busy month for campers and fishermen in Margaret River. Still, it is no surprise that a road drive from Perth to Margaret River is not a good time for outdoor recreation any time of year. Margaret River is one of the most scenic places to spend a day swimming, fishing, and picnicking with loved ones.


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