Perth to Monkey Mia Road Trip: Find Out the Proper Directions!

Perth to Monkey Mia Road Trip
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Take in the breathtaking seaside scenery as you go further out of the city—Trek through the Kalbarri National Park’s interior to explore the magnificent Murchinson Gorge. Visit wild dolphins as they swim up to your feet in Monkey Mia’s shallow waters. So what are you waiting for? Plan for Perth to monkey mia road trip now—highlights of the Perth to Monkey Mia tour.

  • Visit Lancelin’s stunning coasts.
  • See the magnificent rock formations in the Pinnacles Desert.
  • See the world through nature’s window by visiting Kalbarri National Park.
  • Trek into Kalbarri National Park’s Murchison Gorge.
  • See the renowned bottlenose dolphins of Monkey Mia up close.
  • Learn about stromatolites, one of the oldest living things on the planet.

Perth is 847 kilometres from Monkey Mia, and the trip takes 8 hours and 54 minutes. The Pinnacles, Houtman-Abrolhos Islands, Lancelin Sand Dunes, and Kalbarri National Park are a few of the top stoppage sites for road trips.

Distance And Driving Time From Perth To Monkey Mia 

Monkey Mia is 847 kilometres away from Perth by automobile. The total time spent driving is eight hours and 54 minutes. It’s time to start looking for good road trip breaks because only some people will choose to go that distance in one go. There are fortunately lots of choices.

Start by looking at the seaside communities of Jurien Bay, Cervantes, and Lancelin.

The 90-minute drive from Perth to Lancelin passes via Yanchep National Park. A sandboarding tour on the sizable Lancelin dunes is at the top of the list of things to do in Lancelin. Yet, there are also excellent ocean beaches.

The best place to stay in Lancelin is the four-star Lancelin Lodge.

Shark Bay

Shark Bay stromatolites

The Shark Bay area’s Monkey Mia has earned deserved fame for its wild dolphin feeding events. Yet, it also works well as a base for touring Shark Bay World Heritage Area.

Yet, it takes some work to travel to Monkey Mia from Perth—Western Australia’s largest city and state capital. Western Australia is a big country, and driving there can be tough.

Before departing, Perth offers magnificent Swan River cruises, day visits to Rottnest Island, and gold-pouring experiences at the Perth Mint.

Cervantes and Jurien Bay On The Trip From Perth To Monkey Mia

You should keep going to Cervantes, near Nambung National Park’s lunar-like Pinnacles desert. The 197-kilometre drive from Perth to Cervantes offers activities like snorkelling at Hangover Bay and witnessing replacements at Lake Thetis. The elegantly four-star Pinnacles Edge Resort and the welcoming RACV Cervantes Holiday Park are two lodging alternatives in Cervantes.

Yet, Jurien Bay is undoubtedly the friendliest of these Indian Ocean beach villages. It takes two hours and 20 minutes to drive from Perth to Jurien Bay. There is a beautiful beach to relax on, but Turquoise Safaris also offers snorkelling with sea lion expeditions in Jurien Bay. In Jurien Bay, you may also go skydiving and land on the beach. The Jurien Bay Tourist Park cabins, the conveniently placed Jurien Bay Hotel Motel, and the roomy Jurien Bay Motel Flats are a few choices for lodging in Jurien Bay.

Dongara and Geraldton

The next place to visit is Dongara, which is worth considering even if the surrounding Lesueur National Park is beautiful during the wildflower season. The largest city along the route between Geraldton and Jurien Bay. There are many lovely walking paths here, but the most excellent pass is through Seaspray Beach, a favourite of surfers, and the Irwin River Overlook.

The best Dongara activities include a walking tour of local history and food and an inside look at the Illegal Tender Rum Distillery. The Dongara Breeze Inn, surrounded by gardens, and Seaspray Beach Holiday Park are the ideal places to stay.

Welcome to Geraldton

The next stop is Geraldton, the logical midpoint between Perth and Monkey Mia and the largest city along the route. Driving from Perth to Geraldton takes about 4.5 hours. The main draw in this area is the Museum of Geraldton, which has a wealth of information about disasters off the shore.

Yet Geraldton serves best as a point of entry to the location of the Batavia, the most well-known of these wrecks. The Houtman-Abrolhos Islands are the scene of a remarkable tale of death and survival after this Dutch ship ran aground there. Tours of the Abrolhos Islands that last all day include time for snorkelling off East Wallabi Island and narrating the story. A whale-watching tour and a lobster-fishing excursion are other options.

Accommodations in Geraldton include the motor-friendly Geraldton Motor Inn, the Mantra at the Marina, and the beachside Belair Gardens RV Park.

Go via Kalbarri

1280px In the Kalbarri National Park 15190052645

There is a strong case for staying on the coast and heading through Kalbarri, even if the fastest route from Geraldton to Monkey Mia travels inland. Driving from Geraldton to Kalbarri puts you close to Hutt Lagoon and Horrocks Beach. A scenic flight or buggy trip can be used to view this picturesque pink lake from the air.

Also, you’ll view some of the striking coastline rock formations in Kalbarri National Park. The options include Eagle Gorge, Pot Alley, Mushroom Rock, Red Bluff, and Blue Holes. Once in the town, fun things include sunset cruises, whale-watching excursions, and tours that involve dragging lobster pots.

Kalbarri’s accommodations include the elegant Sols Place Boutique Pool Villas, the close-by Big River Ranch, the well-equipped Murchison View Apartments, and the beachfront Kalbarri Palms Resort.

Shark Bay Landmarks

After that, you can explore the inland region of the Kalbarri National Park as you travel from Kalbarri to Denham. Above the Murchison River, all of this consists of red rock gorges. Excellent landmarks include Nature’s Window and the Kalbarri Skywalk.

Shark Bay, a World Heritage site for ecological and cultural grounds, comes next after Kalbarri. The world’s oldest living objects, silicate minerals, can be found in Hamelin Pool, and the World Heritage Discovery Centre in Denham recalls stories of early Dutch explorations of Western Australia. The spacious Shark Bay Seafront Apartments and the cottages at the Denham Seaside Caravan Park are two options for lodging in Denham.

Monkey Mia And The National Park Of Francois Peron

Francois Peron National Park 5

Denham to Monkey Mia is the final stop on the journey from Perth to that location. Although it takes a few minutes, you can make a side trip into the Francois Peron National Park en route. Big Lagoon, a popular destination for seeing dolphins and fish, is nearby. White sand, blue water, and red rocks combine magically at Cape Peron.

The RAC Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort is the only place to stay in Monkey Mia. Make reservations well before travelling. Moreover, there is a $15 per car Monkey Mia entrance fee.


Q1: How Long Will You Need To Spend At Monkey Mia?

A1: If you work five days a week, you will have enough time to cross everything off your list. While planning your holiday, consider dividing your time between Denham and Monkey Mia. Denham for day trips and adventure, and Monkey Mia for lounging, unwinding and playing.

Q2: Where Are Perth And Monkey Mia Halfway?

A2: Perth is 900 kilometres away from Monkey Mia. Geraldton, a sizable country town to stop at, is around halfway.

Q3: Is Monkey Mia Worth The Trip?

A3: Monkey Mia is undoubtedly off the tourist trail, but the journey is worthwhile. Shark Bay offers many attractions, especially if you enjoy beaches, fishing, water sports, quiet days at the beach, and beaches.


Bus and car travel from Perth to Monkey Mia costs between $100 and $160 and takes 13h 13m. Nonetheless, if you want to go quickly, it costs up to $150 to $370 and takes 3 hours and 35 minutes to go from Perth to Monkey Mia.

Monkey Mia has more than 14 hotels if you want to stay. The nightly rate starts at USD 100. So, if you plan to go on a road trip, Perth to Monkey Mia road trip is one of the best choices for you because this trip will make you relax and enjoy the natural attractions of Australia.

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