Perth to Pemberton Road Trip – The Ultimate Itinerary for Adventure Seekers!

Perth to Pemberton Road Trip
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Road trips in Australia are like a match made in heaven. If you have ever been on a road trip, you will notice plenty of parking facilities nationwide. Sounds unbelievable, but it’s true. These facilities are not for a specific kind of vehicle. Instead, it is for all types of vehicles. You have to pick the right car, depending on the nature of your itinerary, and hit the road.

Generally, there are many towns and territories to explore. But the southwest part of Australia will give you a new experience if this is your first time going there. To make it easy, given below is your ultimate road trip plan from Perth to Pemberton. Therefore without wasting any time, let’s begin.

Perth to Pemberton Road Trip Itinerary In Short

Serial No.ParticularsShort Details
1.Distance and days.830 km. 4 days at best.
2.Why does it?Serpentine Falls, Bibbulmun Track, Blackwood River, Diamond Tree, Yalgorup National Park, and many more.
3.When to go?Autumn, Winter, or Spring.
4.Things I need to know.Most towns along the way have a visitor centre, general store, and petrol stations.
5.Vehicle access and safety.This particular road trip can be completed on a two-wheeler vehicle. However, if you hire a four-wheeler, you can have one too.

Day One: Perth To Collie Via Jarrahdale, Serpentine, And Dwellingup

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If you take the southwestern highway from Perth, you can reach Jarrahdale, a heritage-listed town in Australia. It will be better to stay there for one day to enjoy the scenic view of Serpentine Falls and Dam. If you want to explore further, go to Serpentine National Park or the award-winning Millbrook Winery.

Dwellingup is an attractive town south of Jarrahdale. The main attraction of this place is its natural beauty. Visitors are welcome to kayak and hike anytime. Dwellingup is one of the ten towns from which the famous Bibbulmun track passes through.

Your next place of attraction will be Collie. This is ideal for travellers to experience various swimming holes, mountain biking, and local food corners. One of the finest attractions is a night in a local camping ground or holiday park.

Day Two: Collie To Pemberton Via Donnybrook, Boyup Brook, Bridgetown, And Manjimup

Manjimup Imperials Recreation Club January 2022 03

Donnybrook is the next destination from Colie. It is also known as the capital of west Australia. This old town is famous for its fresh fruits. If you visit during harvesting season, you can spot fruit picking in the local orchard.

Passing through the small town of Boyup Brook, you will reach Bridgetown. Located at the banks of the Blackwood river, this town has the old-fashioned Bridgetown Bakery and a gallery of jigsaw puzzles.

Once you have completed visiting Bridgetown, your next stop will be Manjimup. As a part of the southern forest region, this area is filled with calm rivers and vast forests. Perigord truffles are produced mainly in this area, as it is a famous delicacy.

While travelling from Manjimup to Pemberton, stop by the Diamond Tree. This 51m tall tree played a vital role during the bushfire of the region. Even though you cannot climb it, there is a picnic area from where you can enjoy the scenic view from the bottom of the tree.

Pemberton is a short drive from the Diamond tree. This town has been described as a place with picturesque rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and dams. You can enjoy long mountain biking trails and wildflowers in springtime. Moreover, the accommodation system here is very comfortable.

Day Three: Pemberton To Busselton Via Northcliffe, Margaret River, And Yallingup

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Northcliffe is an adjacent town located in the south of Pemberton. This town is close to three of the southern forests’ national parks. Apart from these, you can also visit the Point of D’Entrecasteaux, go fishing at Cathedral rock, and walk on the trail leading to Lane Poole Falls.

Upon returning to Pemberton, you can stop by the Margaret river for a day. There you can experience wine tasting, cave touring, and beach walking. This town has many walking trails, including the Ten Mile Brook Trail, Margaret River Heritage Trail, and the renowned Cape to Cape track.

You can now move forward to Yallingup, a beach town. The sunset from Yallingup beach is an experience you don’t want to experience. Also, the accommodations near the beach are cheap and comfortable.

Day Four: Yallingup To Perth Via Busselton, Bunbury, And Mandurah.

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Since the fourth day is your last day of the itinerary, this is the time when you will need to relax and head back to where you have started in Perth. You must travel north to visit the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse or maybe Ngilgi Cave.

Busselton is where you will be heading next. It is a perfect place to picnic with friends and family. Many bushwalking, cycling, swimming, bird-watching, and snorkelling opportunities exist. You may also visit the Busselton Jetty from heading to your vehicle.

While going to Perth, you can stop at the Yalgorup National Park to enjoy the incredible view from the Lake Clifton Thrombolites. You can dine for lunch at Dolphin Quay at the Mandurah Ocean Marina. You should take the coastal road from Fremantle to enjoy the sea view upon returning.


What Is The Distance From Perth To Pemberton?

The distance from Perth to Pemberton is approximately 830 km.

How Many Days Are Needed For The Road Trip From Perth To Pemberton?

The minimum number of days required for the road trip from Perth to Pemberton is around four.

What Kind Of Vehicle is Suitable For The Road Trip?

A two-wheeler vehicle can complete this road trip, or you may also take a four-wheeler. The decision is all up to you.

What Are The Main Attractions Of The Road Trip?

The main attractions are Serpentine Falls, Bibbulmun Track, Local Donnybrook orchards, Blackwood River, Truffles in Manjimup, Diamond Tree, Margaret River wineries, Injidup Natural Spa, Busselton Jetty, Ferguson Valley, and Yalgorup National Park.

When Is The Best Time For The Road Trip?

The best time for the road trip is either Autumn, Spring, or Winter.

On A Final Note,

Perth to Pemberton road trip is one of the most adventurous journeys. Here you can enjoy the calmness of the forest and the vastness of the sea beach. The best time for the road trip is during autumn, winter, or spring. With endless attractive places, you will have a great time.

The best itinerary for the road trip is, at best, four days. So if you are planning a road trip, start by exploring this southwestern region of Australia. Now pack your bags and hit the road straight away!

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