Perth to Shark Bay Road Trip – 11 Best Tourist Attractions To See

Perth to Shark Bay Road Trip
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If you’re planning your New Year road trip to Shark Bay from Perth, you’re in for a great deal! The fastest route would be via Brand Hwy and National Route 1. It’s a straight route of about 756 km, which would take you approximately 7 hours and 50 minutes. 

Unfortunately, there are no buses or flights for that route. And why even go on them when you can get the best travelling experience through the road trip?

Shark Bay is located in the Gascoyne region of Westernmost Australia. With its exceptionally vast golden-hued islands and lush grass beds beside the mighty ocean, it stands as a UNESCO world heritage. 

Your journey from Perth to Shark Bay can be a golden memory as you move by these natural beauties. And to make it more interesting, there are tons of tourist attractions to enjoy at some stops on the route. 

Yanchep, Lancelin, Cervantes, Jurien Bay, Green Head, Eneabba, Dongara, etc., are some beautiful places to taste the best tourist attractions. Ready to know more about them? Let’s dive in!

Perth to Shark Bay Road Trip (The Easy Way)

Shark Bay is almost 800 km north of Perth. Although the distance is a bit much, the modes of transportation are quite limited. 

As mentioned, there are no buses or flights on that route. Let’s check out the approximate time required to reach the destination from Perth by the possible means of transportation.

Transportation ModeRouteApproximate Time 
CarBrand Hwy and National Route 17 hours 53 minutes

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Perth to Yanchep

Yanchep National Park Administration Building September 2021 01
Yanchep National Park Administration Building, September 2021 01.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Driving Distance: 56 km

Driving Time: 42 minutes

Driving Route: Mitchell Fwy/  State Route 2

When you start your journey from Perth, as you move via the Mitchell Fwy, after about 42 minutes, you’ll be in the beautiful coastal suburb of Yanchep. Yanchep is an exciting place to stop and enjoy some amazing natural sites on your road trip.

The Yanchep National Park is where you can spot wonderful koalas in the tree. Next comes the blue, breathtaking Lagoon beach and the mesmerizing Crystal Cave, with a guide to give you all the exciting information about the place. 

Also, if you want to enjoy a helicopter ride, the West Coast Heli Scene is the place for you, and there’s a lot more waiting to be explored!

Top attractions in Yanchep

  • Yanchep National Park
  • Yanchep Beach Road
  • Yanchep Lagoon Beach
  • Crystal Cave
  • Ragnarok Axe Throwing

Accommodation in Yanchep

  • Yanchep Inn
  • Indian Ocean Hotel
  • Seatrees Accommodation and Holiday Letting
  • Quest Joondalup

Restaurants in Yanchep

  • Oceans 27
  • Yanchep Sushi
  • Block Smoke and Grill
  • Leopard Lodge Steakhouse

Yanchep to Lancelin

49224821648 b21af38216 b
20191204_173349 | Lancelin | Ian Cochrane | Flickr

Driving Distance: 81.7 km

Driving Time: 59 minutes

Driving Route: Indian Ocean Dr/ State Route 60

Starting your trip again from Yanchep, as you move via State Route 60/ Indian Ocean drive, in about an hour, you’ll reach Lancelin. 

It is a small tourist town by the coastline, with a unique landscape surrounded mostly by white sand. Although it’s a small zone, there are plenty of tourist spots to look at here.

Lancelin is most popular and loved by tourists as a quad biking, sandboarding, fishing, or 4WDing spot. It is a first-class nature reserve with exquisite species of aquatic organisms and plants. 

If you stop by Lancelin, don’t forget to check the Back beach, the 200 m-long Nilgen lookouts, and the snowy white dunes.

Top attractions in Lancelin

  • Back Beach
  • Nilgen Lookout
  • Lancelin Island
  • Lancelin Surf
  • Lancelin Sand Dunes

Accommodation in Lancelin

  • Salty Shack Lancelin
  • Experience Lancelin Holiday Park
  • YHA Lancelin Lodge

Restaurants in Lancelin

  • Lancelin SEAFOOD Fish & Chips
  • Silver Coast Bakery
  • Endeavour Tavern
  • Offshore Cafe

Lancelin to Cervantes

32673561998 651780a93d b
Cervantes. Western Australia. The Pinnacles National Park … | Flickr

Driving Distance: 154 km

Driving Time: 1 hour 38 minutes

Driving Route: Indian Ocean Dr/ State Route 60

Cervantes is another small fishing town along the coastal line situated in the Western part of Australia.

As you restart your journey from Lancelin on the Indian Ocean Drive route, you’ll land on Cervantes after about 1 hr and 38 minutes. 

Within this small town lies a history, mythology, ancient features, and natural beauty.

This small town serves as the gateway to the stunning Pinnacles Desert, the Nambung National Park, and abode to the mesmerizing dunes shifting and flowing. 

If you stop by Cervantes, don’t forget to take an hour or so to explore the Pinnacles, the long blue Hangover Bay, the natural miracles of Stromatolites and much more!

Top attractions in Cervantes

  • The Pinnacles
  • Nambung National Park
  • Lake Thetis
  • Stromatolites
  • Cervantes Art Trail

Accommodation in Cervantes

  • RAC Cervantes Holiday Park
  • Cervantes Lodge
  • Cervantes Pinnacles Motel
  • Pinnacles Edge Resort

Restaurants in Cervantes

  • Cervantes Bar & Bistro
  • Sea Breeze Cafe
  • Seashells Cafe

Cervantes to Jurien Bay

Jurien Bay 2013
Jurien Bay, 2013.png – Wikimedia Commons

Driving Distance: 26.7 km

Driving Time: 19 minutes

Driving Route: Indian Ocean Dr/ State Route 60

About 220 km north of Perth, you’ll land in the Jurien Bay area as you take the Indian Ocean Drive from Cervantes. It is a small town along the coastline in the Wheatbelt area of the Western part of Australia. 

Apart from its reputation as a popular fishing spot, it is a surprising land of various tourist attractions to stop by and glance at.

As you step on the vast green and blue land of Jurien Bay, you can enjoy memorable walks in the National park area. You can even go sandboarding at Sandy Cape Recreation Park, and a lot more to explore as you go there!

Top attractions in Jurien Bay

  • Lesueur National Park
  • Jurien Bay Jetty
  • Sandy Cape Recreation Park
  • Drovers Cave National Park

Accommodation in Jurien Bay

  • Jurien Bay Motel Apartments
  • Jurien Bay Hotel Motel
  • Jurien Bay Tourist Park

Restaurants in Jurien Bay

  • Sandpiper Tavern & Pizzeria
  • Joy’s Thai Kitchen
  • Family Affair Cafe

Jurien Bay to GreenHead

Dynamite Bay Green Head 2013
Dynamite Bay, Green Head, 2013.JPG – Wikimedia Commons

Driving Distance: 32 km

Driving Time: 22 minutes

Driving Route: Indian Ocean Drive

This small coastal town located amidst Perth and Geralton in Western Australia is a great place for a relaxing vacation. 

As you move on the Indian Ocean Drive from Jurien Bay, it’ll take only 22 minutes to reach Green Head. You’ll undoubtedly fall in love with this place’s serene atmosphere, shiny white beach sands, and offshore islands.

Apart from the natural beauty, there are tons of variety of things to do here, starting from fishing, snorkelling, swimming in the blues, scuba diving, and whatnot! 

Green Head, the home to the popular Dynamite Bay, Milligan Island, Three Bays Walkway, etc., is one enjoyable place to stop by.

Top attractions in Green Head

  • Sea Lion Charters
  • Drovers cave National Park
  • Dynamite Bay
  • Three Bays Walkway

Accommodation in Green Head

Restaurants in Green Head

  • Green Head Gallery Cafe
  • Dynamite Bay Takeaway
  • Cool Combinations

Green Head to Eneabba

Eneabba Sands Tavern 20141
Eneabba Sands Tavern, 2014(1).JPG – Wikimedia Commons

Driving Distance: 25.8 km

Driving Time: 18 min

Driving Route: Indian Ocean Drive

Another small town about 278 north of Perth in Western Australia, Eneabba, is an excellent coastal place to stop by. You can reach this beautiful place within an 18-minute drive from Green head and about 26 km to cross. 

Whether looking for the spectacular growth of spring wildflowers or wonderful sand plain terrains, Eneabba is the place to spend a few hours at least. 

Starting your day by exploring the mighty Stockyard Gully caves, then moving on to chasing natural beauty in the Tathra National park, surely you won’t get bored!

Top attractions in Eneabba

  • Tathra National Park
  • Stockyard Gully Caves
  • Lake Indoon
  • Stockyard Gully Reserve

Accommodation in Eneabba

  • Leeman Caravan Park
  • Amble- Inn B&B

Restaurants in Eneabba

  • The Whereaway Tavern
  • Leeman Fish & Chips
  • Eneabba Roadhouse & Accommodations

Eneabba to Dongara

Driving Distance: 81.8 km

Driving Time: 53 minutes

Driving Route: Indian Ocean Drive

It surely is if you’re wondering if this small coastal town is worth your visit. Only 53 minutes of driving from Eneabba via the Indian Ocean drive will take you to Dongara. 

Titled the ‘Rock lobster capital of Australia’, it has an exquisite rural charm with the Irwin river flowing amidst.

The colourful sky complementing the blue ocean and golden sand beach is surely one memorable sight to enjoy. 

Apart from the scenic beauty, you can also enjoy a historical extravaganza through the Irwin Districts Historical Society and the Irwin District Museum.

Top attractions in Dongara

  • Irwin Districts Historical Society inc.
  • Illegal Tender Rum Co
  • Irwin District Museum
  • Dongara- Port Denison Visitors Center

Accommodation in Dongara

  • Seaspray Beach Holiday Park
  • BIG4 Dongara Denison
  • Breeze Inn
  • Dongara Hotel Motel

Restaurants in Dongara

  • Pannarai- cafe & Restaurant
  • Dat’n’thu Restaurant
  • Seaspray Cafe

Dongara to Geraldton

Driving Distance: 64 km

Driving Time: 44 minutes

Driving Route: National Route 1

Following National route 1 from Dongara, you can reach the coastal city of Geraldton in less than 45 minutes. Compared to other towns to stop by on your journey to Shark bay from Perth, Geraldton is undoubtedly a bigger town with more to explore!

With vibrant and lively natural heritages to historical museums and sites, and of course, the beautiful beach island to experience, Geraldton will grab your attention. 

When you visit, don’t forget your visit to the stunning HMAS Sydney II Memorial, St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, Ton Beach, and more!

Top attractions in Geraldton

  • HMAS Sydney II Memorial
  • Museum of Geraldton
  • Geraldton Visitor Center
  • Town Beach

Accommodation in Geraldton

  • Rhodeside Lodge
  • Ocean Centre Hotel
  • Ibis Styles Geraldton
  • Sails Geraldton Accommodation

Restaurants in Geraldton

  • Skeetas Restaurant Bar & Cafe
  • Mia Restaurant
  • The Emerald Room Restaurant

Geraldton to Northampton

Driving Distance: 50.7 km

Driving Time: 39 minutes

Driving Route: Northampton, Western Australia

Only about 50 kilometres north of Geraldton, Northampton takes only about 39 minutes of drive to reach Geraldton. It is one of the oldest towns in Western Australia, with many surprises and exciting places to explore!

 It consists of popular tourist spots with diverse lifestyles, heritage, and scenic beauty. You’re on the right track if you’ve decided to stop by Northampton. 

Don’t forget to visit the memorial halls, animal sanctuaries holding exotic animals, architectural shrines, and speciality museums.

Top attractions in Northampton

  • Elbenjo Animal Sanctuary
  • Chiverton House Museum
  • Ewe Turn
  • Mary Street Railway Precinct Specialty Museums
  • Northampton Craft Shops and Architectural Buildings

Accommodation in Northampton

  • Northampton Motor Hotel
  • Northampton True Blue Caravan Park
  • Old Miners Cottages
  • Gum Gully Bed & Breakfast

Restaurants in Northampton

  • Wren’s Place Bakery Cafe
  • Liberty Roadhouse Northampton
  • The Shearing Shed Cafe

Northampton to Meadow

Driving Distance: 181 km

Driving Time: 1 hour 49 minutes

Driving Route: National Route 1

Reaching the next destination from Northampton surely takes a long time but trust me, it’s worth the wait. 

Driving for approximately 1 hr and 50 minutes on the National route 1 from Northampton, you will land on the remote rural location of Meadow in Western Australia. Although it’s a suburban area of Mandurah, it has a lot to show you!

For golf lovers, here’s great news! There is a huge golf course in the area. Besides, hold your breath when you view the famous Silver Sand beach or Penguin Island. Apart from that, there are quite a few entertainment zones to spend leisure time in. 

Top attractions in Meadow

Accommodation in Meadow

  • Atrium Hotel Mandurah
  • Dolphin Quay Apartment Hotel
  • Seashells Mandurah
  • The Sebel Mandurah 

Restaurants in Meadow

  • Mandurah Kebab Masters
  • Billabong Roadhouse
  • Red Car Cafe

Meadow to Shark Bay

Driving Distance: 106 km

Driving Time: 1 hour 5 minutes

Driving Route: National Route 1 and Shark Bay Road

And finally, after an almost 8-hour drive from Perth and more than an hour’s drive from Meadow, you’ll reach your last stop, Shark Bay! 

This World Heritage is filled with surprising natural treasures, historical sites, painting-like sand beaches, and so on. 

Shark bay is well-known worldwide as the living place for marine stromatolites, aka ‘living fossils’, found along the coastline. 

Besides the vast aquatic and marine life in Shark Bay, there are also conservation parks for terrestrial animals and bird lookouts. As the final destination of your journey, you’ll surely enjoy it to the brim!

Top attractions in Shark Bay

  • Ocean Park Aquarium
  • Monkey Mia Conservation Park Visitor Centre
  • Eagle Bluff Lookout
  • Francois Peron National Park

Accommodation in Shark Bay

  • RAC Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort
  • Shark Bay Holiday Cottages
  • Oceanside Village Denham Shark Bay
  • Shark Bay Holiday Cottages

Restaurants in Shark Bay

  • The Old Pearler Restaurant
  • Western Woodfired Pizza
  • The Old Pub
  • El Rustico


How do I travel from Perth to Shark Bay without a car?

There are no direct buses from Perth to Shark Bay, but there are local buses covering short routes, which would take about 13 hours and 50 minutes to reach the final destination.

How many days do you need in Shark Bay?

If you want to visit every tourist spot in Shark Bay and enjoy them to the fullest, you’ll have to stay there for at least a week!

Do you need a 4WD to get to Shark Bay?

Shark Bay is mostly inaccessible by buses or plane flights, and 4-wheelers are the only option. If you ask the reason, that would be the sandy coastline route.

Can you fly to Shark Bay from Perth?

The Regional Express or Rex generally offer once-a-day flights from Perth to Shark bay that take about 2 hours to reach.

Can you see sharks at Shark Bay?

There is a reason why this coastline town is named so. Shark Bay stands as the largest artificial lagoon system with countless sharks. So, if you go there, you can spot one!


Your upcoming road trip from Perth to Shark Bay will be exciting as you stop by these stunning small coastal towns, suburbs, and villages. 

Enjoy your weeklong road trip via the sandy, dusky route. And hey! Don’t forget to visit all these amazing natural sites, beaches, historical spots, adventure parks, and countless more on the list!

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