Perth to Wave Rock Road Trip – 8 Exciting Stops to Visit Along the Way

Perth to Wave Rock Road Trip
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A weekend Perth to Wave Rock road trip is something you should add to your bucket list. The direct route is about 341 km and takes about 3 hours and 55 minutes to reach the destination by car. It can take a few buses to reach Wave Rock from Perth.

Wave Rock is a natural wonder site with a rock formation that looks like ocean waves. It is a distinctive tourist site in Hyden town, which is in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia. While Wave Rock is undoubtedly a must-visit tourist attraction, you can also stop by a few other locations to make it way more exciting!

Starting from Welshpool, Lesmurdie, Karragullen, to Brookton, Karlgarin, and many other places to stop by, you’ll be amazed at how wonderful the road trip turns! Without further ado, let’s dig deep into the details.

Perth to Wave Rock Road Trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions

With about 341 km distance from Perth to Wave Rock, driving a four-wheeler isn’t your only option. There are other modes of transportation as well, with the varying time required to cover the distance. So, if you suddenly change your mind on a road trip, there are other ways to reach Wave Rock. Let’s check them out and the time needed to cover the route.

Transportation ModeRouteApproximate Time 
BusState Route 85 hours 
CarState Route 83 hours 55 minutes

Perth to Welshpool

The old station at Welshpool geograph 2299927

Driving Distance: 10.6 km

Driving Time: 12 minutes

Driving Route: State Route 8

Your first stop on your road trip should most definitely be Welshpool. It is only about 11 km from Perth, basically a southeastern suburb. Although it’s not a vast area, it is a significant industrial area of Perth, Henderson, Kewdale, and more.

With plenty of tourist attractions, you can spend a couple of hours appreciating the beauty of Welshpool. Libraries, museums, natural gardens, historical sites, and even cultural centres are all included in the bucket list of tourists visiting the place.

Top attractions in Welshpool

  • Powis Castle and Garden
  • Powysland Museum and Welshpool Library
  • Glansevern Hall & Gardens
  • Llyn Coed Y Dinas Nature Reserve

Accommodation in Welshpool

  • The Hive Hostel
  • Kangaroo Inn
  • Britannia On William
  • Bentley Motel

Restaurants in Welshpool

  • Star Lunch Bar
  • The Mighty Burger Lunch Bar
  • Lunch Craft
  • Toscana Lunch Bar
  • Lucky Star Kitchen

Welshpool to Lesmurdie

mundy regional park perth 031 xl

Driving Distance: 12.6 km

Driving Time: 13 minutes

Driving Route: State Route 8

Your next stop is a rural retreat and an area for great produce, Lesmurdie. It is a suburban area of Perth, only 12.6 km from Welshpool, taking about 13 minutes to reach. Lesmurdie is undoubtedly a rural locality with jaw-dropping natural scenic beauty.

Besides, it is also close to the city of Kalamunda so that you can easily avail yourself of city amenities, shopping malls, and so on. Apart from the ecstatic natural beauty, there are wildlife rehabilitation centres, parks, lookouts, etc. Also, don’t forget to enjoy a wonderful hiking experience while you’re there!

Top attractions in Lesmurdie

  • Lesmurdie Falls Sunset & Sparkling Hike
  • Lions Lookout
  • Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
  • Mundy Regional Park

Accommodation in Lesmurdie

  • Mundaring Bed & Breakfast
  • Banksia Tourist Park
  • Discovery Parks- Perth Airport
  • Bickley Valley retreat bed and Breakfast

Restaurants in Lesmurdie

  • Lesmurdie Seafoods
  • Village Pizza Kitchen
  • KK Rice-N-Tea Chinese Restaurant
  • Tusta Indian Restaurant

Lesmurdie to Karragullen

Kings Park and Botanic Garden 23936295141

Driving Distance: 15.9 km

Driving Time: 15 minutes

Driving Route: Canning Road/ State Route 41

Your next stop is located within the City of Armadale, Karragullen, another suburban area in Perth. With a 15.9 km distance from Lesmurdie, it takes only 15 minutes to reach here by car. There are quite a few interesting facts about this small agricultural area; the first is its title, Orchard country.

Apart from being a small rural locality with its charming nature, vast greens, and unique landscape, it has many tourist attractions. This locality includes the mighty Pinnacles Desert, beautiful botanic gardens, and other historical sites. So don’t forget to stop by!

Top attractions in Karragullen

  • The Pinnacles Desert
  • Midgegooroo National Park
  • Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Accommodation in Karragullen

  • The Folly
  • The Getaway Roleystone
  • Farview Guest Accommodation
  • Hidden Valley Eco Lodges & Day Spa

Restaurants in Karragullen

  • Brook 508 Cafe & Restaurant
  • Naked Apple Cider House
  • Seven Sins Perth Hills
  • Zia’s Ristorante

Karragullen to Brookton

Brookton Hollow Farm BB Brooktondale New York 1381766731

Driving Distance: 98.4 km

Driving Time: 1 hour 1 minute

Driving Route: Brookton Highway/ State Route 40

It takes an hour to reach your destination, Brookton, from Karragullen. The route is about 98.4 km. Brookton is a gateway to the Great Southern Highways, dividing the Shire of Brookton and the Central South of Australia. Apart from several tourist attractions, it’s mostly known as the central town of the Old Railway Station.

Besides, the town has natural rock reserves, lookouts, traditional and vintage museums, and a heritage centre. The nature reserve and the caravan parks will open your hearts to the awe-striking beauty of Southwestern Australia, so don’t miss the chance!

Top attractions in Brookton

  • Boyagin Nature Reserve
  • Dryandra Woodland

Accommodation in Brookton

  • The Brookton
  • Bedford Arms Hotel Brookton
  • Pingelly Hotel
  • Gidanga House B&B

Restaurants in Brookton

  • Brookton Deli
  • Stumpy’s Gateway Roadhouse
  • 6 Seasons Cafe
  • Exchange Tavern

Brookton to Corrigin

Corrigin Post Office 2018 02

Driving Distance: 89.4 km

Driving Time: 58 minutes

Driving Route: State Route 40

About 229 km from the state capital, Perth, and about 89.4 km from Brookton, is your next destination, Corrigin. It takes about an hour to drive here from Brookton. To sum up, Corrigin is a rural agricultural locality with great produce and domestic farming. The most exciting fact about this place is that it holds the world record for ‘maximum dogs in a ute.

Apart from the exciting facts, it is also the abode of beautiful wildflowers, natural parks, rock formation reserves, and so on. Furthermore, if you are a historical enthusiast, don’t forget to visit the museums and heritage centres of Corrigin, holding traditions, history, memoirs, and a lot more.

Top attractions in Corrigin

  • Corrigin Wildflower Drive
  • Corrigin Dog Cemetery
  • Corrigin Pioneer Museum
  • Corrigin War Memorial

Accommodation in Corrigin

  • Corrigin Hotel
  • The Mains Guest House
  • Windmill Motel
  • Corrigin Caravan Park

Restaurants in Corrigin

  • Corrigin Roadhouse
  • The Mallee Tree Cafe
  • Taste of the Wheatbelt

Corrigin to Kondinin

Kondinin shire offices 2014

Driving Distance: 44.6 km

Driving Time: 28 minutes

Driving Route: State Route 40

About 28 minutes’ driving distance from Corrigin, your next stop, Kondinin, is located. It is a small town in the Shire of Kondinin, 44.6 km from Corrigin, situated in the Eastern Wheatbelt of Western Australia. Kondinin is a close community with a few hundred only populations, with vibrant nature, prominent farming land, and several tourist sites.

Statues Lake is one of the best places to visit when you stop by this area, so don’t forget this unique attraction. Besides, you can also enjoy nature’s serenity, the aquatic centre’s blue waters, and the cultural artifacts showcase.

Top attractions in Kondinin

  • Statues Lake
  • Silo Wheatbelt Cultural Artefacts
  • Kondinin Aquatic Center

Accommodation in Kondinin

  • Windy Hill Bed & Breakfast
  • Kondinin Caravan Park
  • Kondinin Roadhouse Motel
  • Bottlemart Express- Kondinin Hotel

Restaurants in Kondinin

  • Kondinin Roadhouse Motel
  • Kondinin Caravan Park

Kondinin to Karlgarin

14028295121 8afc77a087 b

Driving Distance: 48.3 km

Driving Time: 33 minutes

Driving Route: State Route 40

Karlgarin, your next desired stop, is located 48.3 kilometres from Kondini, which takes about half an hour to cover the route. Like the previous stops, Karlgarin is another rural locality with a reputation as a traditional farming station. Interestingly, Karlgarin has made the headlines as the poorest town in Western Australia.

Besides the notoriety, it is an excellent place for a couple of hours of tourism. If you want to take a nice walk around, Karlgarin is just the place with the calmness of the greens. Apart from that, there are natural reserves, parks, and lakes to soothe your travellers’ hearts.

Top attractions in Karlgarin

  • Mulka’s Cave
  • Karlgarin Country Club
  • Lake Magic

Accommodation in Karlgarin

  • Tressie’s Museum & Caravan Park

Restaurants in Karlgarin

  • Karlgarin Country Club
  • Terra Vista Restaurant

Karlgarin to Wave Rock (Hyden) 

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Driving Distance: 21.2 km

Driving Time: 16 minutes

Driving Route: State Route 40

And after almost 4 hours of driving and a 341 km distance to cover, you’ve finally reached your destination, Wave Rock! It is a natural heritage site with rock formations that look like tall ocean waves, as in the famous painting ‘The Great Wave of Kanagawa.’ Wave Rock is situated in Hyden town, Western Australia.

Apart from the distinguishing and awe-striking rock formations, you can also take your travellers’ hearts to other tourist spots in Hyden. There are vintage palaces, beautiful lakes, pools, and of course, the natural beauty of Western Australia that you must not miss!

Top attractions in Wave Rock (Hyden)

  • Wave Rock 
  • Hippo’s Yawn
  • Lake Magic
  • The Lace Palace
  • The Humps

Accommodation in Wave Rock

  • Wave Rock caravan Park
  • Wave Rock Hotel
  • Wave Rock Resort
  • The Cottage

Restaurants in Wave Rock

  • Bush Bakehouse Cafe
  • Wave Rock Cafe, Hyden WA
  • Wave Rock Bistro


How do I travel from Perth to Wave Rock without a car?

The bus is the most convenient way to travel from Perth to Wave Rock without a car. It takes around 5 hours to cover the distance via Transwa Bay Transwa East Perth to Transwa Hyden. However, it only leaves for the journey once a week.

Is the road from Perth to Wave Rock sealed?

Yes! So your long 4-hour drive won’t be rough or bouncy. And you can also enjoy the massive outcrops, vast green views, rock formation views, and of course, the spectacular wildflowers.

Can you take a caravan to Wave Rock?

Yes, you can take a Caravan to reach Wave Rock. However, no vehicles from outside or campervans are allowed in the campground. So, you need to park your caravan alongside the road with other cars.

What should I bring to Wave Rock?

The sun is going to be tough in Wave Rock. So, don’t forget to wear long-sleeve shirts, sunglasses, a wide hat protecting from the sunlight, and plenty of SPF15+ sunscreen!

What can tourists do at Wave Rock?

Wave Rock offers several opportunities for tourists. You can take indigenous tours using the walking trails, enjoy your time at Lake Magic, or check out fascinating places like Hippo’s Yawn, Salt Pond, etc.

How long does it take to climb Wave Rock?

Taking the walking trail and walking around every nook and corner of the place can take up to 5 hours. Instead, if you are looking around, about an hour and a half will do.


For a memorable road trip from Perth to Wave Rock, consider going there by car. With this, you can enjoy the trip more by stopping at several beautiful tourist stops, rural localities, farming lands, etc. Furthermore, explore the curvaceous rock formations along with other wonders of nature, amusement spots, and historic places throughout one journey. Have a great time, folks!

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