Phillip Island Day Trip: Ultimate Guide!

Phillip Island Day Trip
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Phillip Island is Victoria’s perfect vacation spot. The Little Penguins, idyllic beaches, captivating coastlines, one-of-a-kind wildlife, and family-friendly activities, and You can look forward to world-class events and other attractions here.

Phillip Island Day Trip: Melbourne to Phillip Island will be the topic. Melbourne and Phillip Island are approximately 142 kilometres apart, or about two hours of driving from the city centre.

The Best Time To Visit Phillip Island

The typical winter daytime temperature of Phillip Island is around 14 degrees C. Night temperatures can get down to about 8 degrees C. The island is an exceptionally well-known summer objective with much to offer for winter guests.

Phillip Island

The best times to visit are in December, January, and February. Numerous outdoor pursuits are ideal during warmer weather. On Phillip Island, summer is a breeding season for the natural world. By the time summer arrives, most Little Penguins have made their first breeding attempt.

Reason To Visit Phillip Island

Phillip Island offers fantastic Australian natural life encounters set against the background of fabulous scenes. The renowned Penguin March is only the start, so prepare for a vacation with nature, nearby food and wine, and new ocean air. Car is The perfect way to reach Phillip Island.

Is Philip Island Worth Visiting?

Is it worth going to Phillip Island? Yes, simple answer. Particularly when you are not driving! There is a motivation behind why this island escape has been an inclined place to get away for the two local people and guests the same throughout recent decades.

Famous For

The island is well-known for its Little Penguin Parade and the illustrious Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix. However, there is much to see and do on the island, and Phillip Island 101 is your guide to seeing everything. There is island magic to be discovered across 101 km2 at any time of year.


This unforgettable full-day tour of Phillip Island from Melbourne includes hotel pickup and lets you get close to native Australian wildlife. At the island’s Koala Conservation Centre, you can meet adorable wallabies and koalas, visit Seal Rocks to see Australia’s largest fur seal colony, and watch the sunset penguin parade along the coast. This little gathering visit has a limit of 12 members, guaranteeing customised insight.

  • full-day tour to Phillip Island from Melbourne 
  • Learn about wildlife conservation on Phillip Island 
  • Ensures a more intimate experience with your guide
  • Enjoy beautiful views of French Island and Phillip Island 
  • Get up close to koalas and wallabies in their natural habitat 
  • Witness adorable penguins as they march back to their nests after a day in the ocean. 

What’s Included

  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Transport by air-conditioned minivan
  • Live commentary on board
  • Moonlit Sanctuary
  • Nobbies and Seal Rock

What’s Not Included

  • Food and drinks
  • Gratuities

Expect And Experience From Phillip Island Day Trip

Phillip Island Day Tour
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Phillip Island tour as we travel to Moonlit Sanctuary Conservation Park from Melbourne. Over 70 Australian mammal, reptile, and bird species can be observed and interacted with here. Take a keeper’s talk to learn more about koalas, hand-feed the kangaroos and wallabies, and watch rare marsupials in their enclosures. Many of the animal exhibits will be shown to you by your guide, and you can even pay for a photo with a koala. Let’s talk about expectations and experience.

Getting From Melbourne To Phillip Island

Driving from Melbourne to Phillip Island takes two hours, but we suggest bringing more time for scenic stops. Brighton Beach is your first stop on the coastal drive; the colourful row of bathing boxes is a great place to take pictures.

Melbourne to Phillip Island
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St. Kilda’s beach is also nearby if you prefer a quieter location; if lucky, you may spot wild penguins there! Are you feeling hungry? Stop by San Remo just before crossing the bridge to Phillip Island for some fish and chips!

Phillip Island Hidden Villages Trail

If you want, you can visit anytime; no matter what time of the year you visit, 101 km of island magic will be discovered there. Go off the beaten track and find seaside adventures, idyllic beaches, scenic hikes, delicious food and wine, fishing spots, local shops, and produce as you explore Phillip Island’s hidden villages.

Phillip village trail
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Explore Phillip Island’s villages off the beaten path to discover seaside adventures, idyllic beaches, scenic hikes, delectable food and wine, fishing spots, local shops, and produce. Uncover the charm of Newhaven, the scenic awe of Cape Woolamai, the tranquillity of Rhyll, the beach vibe of Smiths Beach, and the rolling farmland allure of Ventnor.

Explore more:

  • Newhaven village trail
  • Cape woolamai village trail
  • Rhyll village trail
  • Smiths Beach Village trail
  • Ventnor village trail

Things To Do And See Phillip Island

many more things to view and do on Phillip Island, regardless of what season you visit! Find experience attractions, family fun exercises, visits, scenic flights, and top-notch motorsports.

Countless activities involve the water! Take a kayaking tour or surf through the Rhyll Inlet around Cape Woolamai. Enjoy a day on the water by going on a boat cruise or fishing charter and taking in the stunning scenery!

Family Fun

Browse the shops, participate in some yoga, or unwind with a massage at a spa or wellness studio if that’s what you want. Become mixed up in the magic, deceptions, riddles, and labyrinths at A Labyrinth N Things!

Take To The Water

With the Ocean Adventures Jet Boat or Thundercat Tour, you can take in the breathtaking cliffs while getting an adrenaline rush! This tour is the ideal combination of epic scenery and thrilling adventure.

Adventure Activities

On one of the scenic flights offered by Phillip Island Helicopters, take to the skies to take in the views of Phillip Island from above.

Explore more:

  • Attractions
  • Family fun
  • Surfing & Kayaking
  • Fishing & boating
  • Motorsports
  • Tours & scenic flights
  • Shopping
  • Spa & well-being

Nature And Wildlife

Nature Wildlife
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Little penguins, Australian fur seals, koalas, whales, and short-tailed shearwaters are just a few of the many species of wildlife found on Phillip Island and the islands surrounding it. These animals are among the most distinctive in Australia and draw visitors from all over the world. Walk through world-famous wetlands and along picturesque boardwalks as you explore one of Phillip Island’s nature reserves.

Being encircled by the sea implies there are a lot of sea shores to be investigated! From northern cove sea shores to vast sea surf sea shores, you will find one that suits your necessities on a warm summer’s day. The beaches of Phillip Island are a popular tourist destination and can be enjoyed throughout the year, from cooling off in the summer to taking beach walks in the winter. Swim between the flags. Please keep this in mind.

Explore things:

  • It’s time to get Sealy
  • Life’s a beach
  • Immerse in nature
  • Gaze into the night sky.

Walks And Trails

A must-do for any visitor to Phillip Island are the breathtaking coastal walks, scenic bushwalks, and trails on the island of Phillip. On the well-known Cape Woolamai Walk, take in the stunning views of the mountain peaks. Appreciate clearing waterfront sees and the opportunity to detect whales on the Pyramid Rock Walk or find the most southern mangroves on the planet on the Rhyll Bay and Preservation Slope Walk.

Walking trails Phillip Island
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Take a bike and a willingness to try new things and ride around Phillip Island! You can ride through the centre of Phillip Island on the shared footpath from Cowes to San Remo, stopping at several attractions along the way! Look at Super Cruzer’s E-Bikes for a new take on biking!

Explore things:

  • Scenic Walks
  • Touring Trails
  • On Your Bike
  • Spot Whales In Winter

Eat And Drink Phillip Island

Enjoy yourself on Phillip Island and its surroundings with food and drink! You’ll find something for everyone here, from cute cafes, waterfront restaurants, trendy cocktail bars, traditional pubs, wineries, and breweries.

Eat Drink phillip Island
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Fresh local seafood is one of the most significant advantages of being on the coast. You may Stop by one of the local markets to stock up on fresh produce from Phillip Island, San Remo, and the surrounding areas.

Explore more:

  • Cafes & takeaways
  • Restaurants
  • Wineries & Breweries
  • Local produce
  • Local markets

Discover passionate producers, modern cafes, restaurants, wineries, and breweries, and taste the flavours of Phillip Island!

Important Additional Information

  • The Penguin Parade at Sunset is a must-see attraction.
  • Explore the Koala Conservation Centre for a close encounter with koalas.
  • Witness stunning coastal views and wildlife at The Nobbies.
  • Experience traditional farming practices at Churchill Island Heritage Farm.
  • Enjoy surfing at famous beaches like Cape Woolamai and Smiths Beach.
  • Taste fresh seafood and diverse cuisines at local restaurants.
  • Remember to dress in layers and bring sunscreen for changing weather.
  • Take home unique souvenirs from the shops in Cowes.
  • Plan your day trip to last around 8-10 hours for a fulfilling experience.
  • Check official websites for updates on attractions and any travel restrictions.


Where To Stop Between Melbourne And Phillip Island?

San Remo sits at the central area end of the scaffold onto the island, and it’s a decent spot to break the drive on the off chance that you’ve descended from Melbourne or opposite Gippsland.

Can You See Penguins During The Day On Phillip Island?

The Penguin March Guest Center at present opens every day at 4 pm. Every evening, penguins arrive at sunset. We propose you arrive roughly one hour before the penguin’s appearance time.

Is Phillip Island A Town Or City?

It is Phillip Island’s entire town and regulatory focus and has an occasional environment with wonderful protected sea shores and numerous convenience choices.

Is Phillip Island Colder Than Melbourne?

The island has recorded temperatures of over 40°C and is typically around 30°C in the summer, despite the summer averages appearing to be very comfortable. If you have climate data for Melbourne, Victoria, summer temperatures on Phillip Island are by and large 2°C-3°C cooler in summer. Yet, essentials will more often than not be 1°C-2°C hotter.

How Long Do You Need To Visit Phillip Island?

You can spend anywhere from the end of the week to an entire week on the island, depending on how you need to fill your schedule. Always include a trip to Cape Woolamai, a stay in Cowes, and the opportunity to observe one of Australia’s largest fur seal colonies at Seal Rocks during a weekend on Phillip Island.

Travel Tips

Remember to relax, have fun, and immerse yourself in the unique experiences of Phillip Island!

  • Plan for your trip.
  • Get up early, To make the most of your time.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather and activities.
  • Pack essential items like sunscreen, a hat, and water.
  • Bring a camera to capture beautiful moments.
  • Follow wildlife guidelines and respect their habitats.
  • Stay on designated paths to preserve the natural surroundings.
  • Be mindful of the timing of wildlife activities and plan accordingly.
  • Enjoy the local cuisine and try some delicious seafood.
  • Regard the climate and leave no hint of your visit.

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