6 Fun Places to Visit in Epping, Australia

Places to Visit in Epping
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Epping is on the outskirts of Melbourne in Victoria. Located 19 km away from Melbourne, the area of this place is about 35 sq. km. Before visiting Epping, some things need to be considered—for example, accommodation facilities, places of attraction, cafes, and restaurants.

Top Places to Visit in Epping, Australia

Hawkstoe Picnic Area

The first place that comes to mind while visiting Epping is the Hawkstoe Picnic Area. Located in an isolated area of Plenty Gorge Parklands with a background view of Plenty River. This picnic area was once a homestead area and part of the more significant Hawkstoe Farm established in the 1850s by the Le Page family. 

An ideal picnic spot for your whole family. There are available electric BBQ and shelter facilities. Moreover, there are also toilet facilities at the back of the Le Page homestead. If you are lucky, then you may encounter some kangaroos too.

Latitude Melbourne

Latitude is a fun and adventurous place for both kids and adults. This place boasts performance trampolines, twelve exceptional climbing walls, an eight-meter-long bungee tower, a giant airbag, basketball lanes, etc. This place will be perfect for spending some quality time with your kids. If you want to have a thrilling experience, I recommend visiting Latitude.

Plenty Gorge Park

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The Plenty Gorge Park is located 20 km away from Melbourne. This place is beside the Hawkstoe picnic area. You may walk along the Kinglake Ranges and Plenty River Valley. Here, you can enjoy the most scenic views and encounter wildfires, such as Koalas or kangaroos. You can also spend the night at Nioka Bush camping grounds.

Archery Attack Arena

The archery attack arena is Melbourne’s first indoor competitive archery tag complex. This place hosts various exciting activities for you and your kids. Now you must be thinking, what is an arrow tag? This is a mixture of traditional dodgeball and a modern archery game. If you think about the kind of arrows you will be using, then stay tension free. The tip of the arrow will be blunt and patented with foam.

Yarrambat Park

Yarrambat Park is another picnic spot in this suburb. Perfect for a day out with family. All the necessary facilities are available here such as picnic tables, electric BBQ and toilet.

This park area is surrounded by wide open spaces where you can play cricket, and football, fly kites, or walk with your dog. Moreover, you can also enjoy the scenic view of the Kinglake National Park.

Nioka Bush Camp

The Nioka Bush Camp is a calm place that will let you experience the quietness of nature. You can give yourself a break from your stressful work life and visit here. The accommodation here is either you can stay camping or in the bunkhouse. While exploring the fantastic view of the pleasant bushwalk, you may cross paths with Eastern Grey Kangaroo or Sugar Glider.

Other facilities include toilets, hot showers, a campfire ring BBQ, a hall with a wood heater, and a kitchen. Most importantly, camping in Nioka Bush Camp is a prior booking only. You can do that online or by making a call.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where Is Epping?

Epping is a suburb located 19 km away from Melbourne, Victoria. Its total area is around 35 sq. km.

What Are The Attractive Places In Epping?

The predominant attractive places in the Epping area Hawkstoe Picnic Area, Latitude Melbourne, Plenty Gorge Park, Archery Attack Arena, Yarrambat Park, and Nioka Bush Camp.

Why Are These Places Attractive?

These places are mostly picnic spots for your friends and family. You can enjoy the scenic view of the environment and spend time with your near and dear ones.

What Is New About Archery Attack Arena?

Archery Attack Arena is an indoor archery sporting arena for kids and adults. The arrows used in this arena are blunt and foam coated so that no one gets hurt.

In A Nutshell

If you want to spend quality time with your friends and family, Epping is the right place. With plenty of picnic spots and fun activity corners, your kids will have a great time there. You can also spend the night on the camping ground to experience the calmness of the environment.

Moreover, if you walk on bush walk trails, you might be lucky to encounter wildlife animals like kangaroos or koalas. This amazing place is just 19 km from the central suburb of Melbourne. Therefore I recommend you take a day off to escape from your hectic routine and visit Epping with your nearer and dearer ones. 

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