7 Fun Places to Visit in Longford Australia

Places to Visit in Longford
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Longford is a delightful town situated in Tasmania, Australia. When it comes to ‘Places To Visit In Longford,” It beckons travellers with its rich historical heritage, splendid architecture, and idyllic surroundings, making it a perfect destination for those eager to uncover the beauty and culture of this region.

From the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Brickendon Estate to the serene gardens of Woolmers Estate, there’s no shortage of captivating places to explore and immerse yourself in the local history.

The town itself boasts a collection of charming colonial buildings and a thriving local community. You’ll find many cafes, galleries, and boutique shops to wander through and savour.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a lover of nature, or simply searching for a tranquil escape, Longford offers a well-rounded experience that caters to all tastes and interests.

History Of Longford

Governor Macquarie granted land rights to early settlers in an area initially known as Norfolk Plains. The town, originally named Latour, began to take shape with the construction of the Longford Hotel in 1827, built by Newman Williatt. It wasn’t until 1833 that the town received its current name, Longford.

‘Longford’ is derived from the Irish word ‘Longford.’ Historically, the region was known as Anghaile or Annaly. The local Ui Feraghail (O’Farrell) clan, which held sway over the southern and central parts of County Longford, constructed a fortress along the Camlin River at the original location of Longford town. Tasmania founded Langford in 1813.

Longford Is Good To Live

Indeed, Longford, Tasmania, is often regarded as a great place to live. It offers various amenities and activities for residents of all ages. The presence of a Village Green with a playground for children and a Skate Park for older kids adds to the recreational options. 

Longford is also well-suited for outdoor enthusiasts, with opportunities to bike, walk, and even ski the South Esk River during summer. Additionally, its proximity to Launceston, just a twenty-minute drive away, and easy access to ski fields and fishing spots in the Highlands make it a convenient and appealing place to call home.

7 Places To Visit In Longford

Longford serves as an ideal destination for those seeking a rural escape within the scenic landscapes of Tasmania. Whether you’re mapping out a single-day excursion or a weekend retreat from Launceston or other nearby destinations, Longford offers a delightful retreat to immerse yourself in the charm of rural Tasmania.

Woolmers Estate

image 144

Woolmers Estate, constructed by Thomas Archer with the labour of convicts, is a unique and captivating reflection of colonial life in Tasmania. It holds a place of significant historical importance as one of Australia’s most historically meaningful heritage properties. Today, Woolmers Estate faithfully preserves and presents colonial life in its authentic and original form, accurately portraying Tasmanian heritage.

Visitors can partake in daily house tours to delve into this rich history. Along Wellington Street, a thoroughfare with historical significance, several notable buildings contribute to the town’s heritage. These include The Library (1858), originally the Market Square Inn and later renamed Tattersalls Hotel; 59 Wellington Street (1887).

The Longford Town Hall, originally built as the Assembly Rooms by Elizabeth Noake, owner of the Queens Arms; the Queens Arms Hotel (1835), known as the Kings Arms until Queen Victoria’s reign; the Iron Horse Trough and Lamp Standard, installed in 1897 to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee; and Brown’s Big Store, erected in 1889. Each of these structures adds to the tapestry of Longford’s rich history and heritage.

Brickendon Colonial Farm Village

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Brickendon Colonial Farm Village, situated in Longford, Tasmania, Australia, is a captivating historical attraction with roots tracing back to 1824. This village holds the distinction of being a World Heritage-listed colonial farm village.

Visitors to Brickendon can journey through time as they explore the village and marvel at the remarkably preserved, convict-built structures, including the homestead, stables, and barns.

This village is particularly special because it is still operated by the original families, providing an authentic historical connection. Visitors can immerse themselves in the village’s storied history and the lives of the people who once lived and worked here.

In addition to its historical charm, Brickendon boasts a splendid garden filled with a diverse array of plants and flowers, making it a delightful place to wander and admire the natural beauty.

Bell And Gong

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Bell & Gong, located in Longford, Tasmania, Australia, is a beloved and well-visited attraction. This delightful establishment is a charming cafe renowned for its delectable coffee, tea, and homemade cakes and pastries.

Housed within a historic building from the 1800s, Bell & Gong exudes a warm, inviting atmosphere that beckons patrons inside. Visitors can savour their coffee and delectable treats in the cosy indoor seating area or amidst the enchanting garden, creating a pleasant, relaxing ambiance.

This cafe is a perfect spot to take a break while exploring the treasures of Longford. It comes highly recommended by those who have experienced its welcoming ambiance and delightful offerings.

Overall, Bell & Gong is a must-visit attraction for anyone journeying to Longford, Tasmania, seeking a cosy, charming cafe experience that combines history with culinary delights.

National Rose Garden

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The National Rose Garden in Longford, Tasmania, is a captivating and tranquil destination that is an absolute must-visit for travellers. Established through the dedicated efforts of volunteers in 2001, this garden occupies a portion of the old orchard and boasts an impressive showcase of over 5,000 roses in full, glorious bloom.

Nestled amidst rolling green fields adorned with hedges, the garden seamlessly embodies the English heritage of Woolmers Estate and the broader Tasmania region.

Visitors are invited to take unhurried strolls through this enchanting garden, immersing themselves in the captivating scenery and pausing to savour the delightful fragrance of the roses.

The National Rose Garden is a favoured location for photography enthusiasts and a serene oasis for those seeking respite amidst the wonders of nature. It’s a place where you can unwind, relax, and bask in the sheer beauty of your surroundings.

Brickendon Estate

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Brickendon Estate, located in Longford, Tasmania, Australia, is a historically significant farm estate with origins dating back to its founding in 1824. It is one of the region’s earliest and most prosperous farms. The estate draws its name from the village of Brickendon in East Hertfordshire, England.

Comprising a village, a manor house, and an expansive 465-hectare (1,150-acre) working farm, Brickendon Estate represents a remarkable blend of history and agriculture. The primary manor, constructed in the Georgian architectural style between 1829 and 1830, holds a place on the Tasmanian Heritage Register, attesting to its historical significance.

Visitors to Brickendon Estate can embark on guided tours, offering a unique window into Australia’s colonial history, the lives of the Archer family, and influential local pioneers and politicians.

The estate also serves as a venue for various events, including weddings and corporate functions. For those seeking accommodation, self-contained cottages are available.

Overall, Brickendon Estate is an absolute must-visit for individuals intrigued by history, architecture, and the rural way of life in Tasmania. It is where the past comes alive, and the essence of Australia’s colonial heritage is beautifully preserved.

Longford Municipal Hall

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The Longford Municipal Hall, situated in the heart of Longford, Tasmania, Australia, is a historic building with a rich heritage. Erected in 1867, this hall serves as a splendid example of Victorian architecture, reflecting the architectural aesthetics of its era.

Throughout its existence, the hall has played versatile roles, functioning as a courthouse, a school, and a community centre at different times. In the present day, it continues to be a focal point for community events, meetings, and functions, fostering a sense of community cohesion.

Visitors to the Longford Municipal Hall have the opportunity to appreciate the exquisite architecture of this building and delve into its fascinating history. Longford, itself classified as a historic country town, abounds with historic buildings and sites.

These include many convict-built structures, grand estates, and elegant houses, predominantly dating back to the early 1800s. In this historical tapestry, the Longford Municipal Hall stands as a noteworthy gem.

Longford Christ Church

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Christ Church, a historic Anglican church, graces the centre of Longford, Tasmania, Australia. This architectural marvel was painstakingly constructed between 1839 and 1844 and stands as one of the most exquisite historical treasures in the region.

Nestled within an expansive and picturesque churchyard, Christ Church is surrounded by beautiful gardens, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. It has become a favoured attraction for visitors to Longford, drawing many who marvel at its architectural splendour and the captivating stained glass windows that adorn its interior.

Adding to its historical significance, Christ Church boasts a clock in its tower presented by George IV. This feature contributes to the church’s rich heritage.

Christ Church is undeniably a must-visit attraction for anyone exploring Longford, Tasmania. It is conveniently located near famous landmarks such as Longford Municipal Hall, Browns Big Store, and the National Rose Garden. These attractions offer a captivating journey into Longford’s historical and cultural tapestry.


What River Is Longford Tasmania On?

Longford, Tasmania, is situated on the Macquarie River, which originates in the Tiers east of Ross. The river flows northwest through the village of Longford before ultimately joining the South Esk River near Longford.

Who Were The Traditional Owners Of Longford, Tasmania?

Before the arrival of European settlers, the indigenous inhabitants of the Longford area in northern Tasmania were the Panninher Band of the North Midlands Tribe of Aborigines. They frequented and inhabited this region.

What Is Longford Famous For?

Longford is known for several notable features. One of its main attractions is the Corlea Trackway, a distinctive wooden road that traverses the boglands and dates back to 148 B.C.

Additionally, Longford has connections to famous individuals, including the former Argentine President Edel Miro O’Farrell and Kitty Kiernan from Granard, who was the fiancée of Irish Leader Michael Collins.

Is Tasmania Cheap To Live In?

Tasmania is known for its affordable cost of living. It boasts the most reasonably priced housing in all of Australia. On average, rental prices in Hobart are approximately 40% cheaper than in Sydney.

Moreover, the purchase price per square metre for property in Tasmania can be as much as 70% lower than in other major Australian cities. This affordability can make Tasmania an attractive place for those seeking a more cost-effective lifestyle.

Final Thought

Places To Visit Longford in Tasmania, Australia. It is a place that offers a wide range of attractions and activities for visitors. Longford has something for everyone, from its rich history and heritage to its beautiful natural landscapes and outdoor adventures.

Whether you are interested in exploring the historic buildings and sites, strolling along the river, or pumping your adrenaline with outdoor sports, Longford has it all. The friendly locals and the relaxed atmosphere make it a great place to visit and soak up the local culture. So, if you plan a trip to Tasmania, include Longford in your itinerary.

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