15 Fun Places to Visit in Nowra, Australia

Places to Visit in Nowra
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Welcome to Nowra, an enchanting town nestled within The beautiful Shoalhaven region in New South Wales, Australia. This hidden gem beckons with a wealth of attractions and activities, sure to enchant visitors of all inclinations. Whether you’re drawn to the history of naval aviation showcased at the Fleet Air Arm Museum or yearn for close encounters with magnificent creatures at Shoalhaven Zoo, Nowra offers an array of experiences to satisfy every curiosity. 

Be sure to seize the opportunity to savor the freshest seafood and meat products at Nowra Fresh Fish & Meat Market, or embark on a journey through time at Meroogal, a captivating historic house museum. With its scenic walking trails, vibrant markets, and the allure of nearby coastal treasures like Jervis Bay, Nowra is poised to deliver a memorable and diverse experience. Join us as we unveil the treasures and adventures that await in Nowra!

Is Nawra Worth Visiting?

Certainly, Nowra is worth a visit. This charming town in the beautiful Shoalhaven region of New South Wales, Australia, offers various attractions and activities. Whether you are interested in history, nature, wildlife, or simply seeking a relaxing getaway, Nowra has something to offer everyone. From museums and zoos to scenic trails and vibrant markets, Nowra provides a memorable and enriching experience for visitors of all interests.

Places to Visit In Nowra, Australia: Every Traveler Should Experience!

Nowra stands as a favored destination for water sports enthusiasts. The Shoalhaven River offers ample fishing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and boating opportunities. Visitors can rent equipment or partake in guided tours, embarking on adventures to explore the river and its tranquil surroundings. The river teems with diverse avian species, rendering it a peaceful and picturesque locale for a day in nature.

Fleet Air Arm Museum

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Aviation enthusiasts will find the Fleet Air Arm Museum a captivating destination. It boasts an impressive collection of historic aircraft, including helicopters, jet fighters, and naval aircraft carriers. Visitors can immerse themselves in the exhibits, which chronicle the evolution of naval aviation and the pivotal role played by the Fleet Air Arm in Australia’s military history. 

Interactive displays and simulators provide an engaging learning experience, enabling visitors to explore the aircraft in more detail and technology on show. A highlight not to be missed is the iconic Hawker Sea Fury, a formidable fighter aircraft hailing from the 1950s.

Shoalhaven Zoo


If you’re seeking a family-friendly outing, look no further than Shoalhaven Zoo. This zoological haven provides a wide range of activities that will bring joy to children and adults. The zoo has many animals, from majestic lions and tigers to playful monkeys, kangaroos, and fascinating reptiles. 

Visitors can explore various animal exhibits, observe daily feeding sessions, and even partake in close encounters and animal experiences, such as hand-feeding giraffes or enjoying up-close encounters with koalas. Additionally, picnic areas, a playground, and an on-site café provide the perfect setting for relaxation and enjoyment throughout the day.

Nowra Fresh Fish And Meat Market


For food enthusiasts, the Nowra Fresh Fish & Meat Market is a culinary treasure trove. This local market boasts an abundance of fresh seafood and meat products that will tantalize your taste buds. Here, you’ll discover a wide selection of locally caught and sustainably sourced fish, shellfish, and other seafood options, including snapper, salmon, and prawns. 

Various meat products, from beef to lamb and poultry, are readily available. The market also hosts stalls featuring locally sourced fruits, vegetables, and artisanal products. Whether planning a delectable seafood feast or simply seeking fresh ingredients, the market offers a delightful culinary experience. Additionally, visitors can savor meals at one of the market’s cafes or food stalls.


Meroogal viewed from Worrigee St in Nowra

History enthusiasts will find Meroogal to be a captivating destination. This historic house museum offers a fascinating glimpse into the lives of four generations of women from the same family. Constructed in the late 19th century, Meroogal has been meticulously preserved to reflect the distinct eras in which each generation resided within its walls.

Visitors can explore the house’s exquisitely decorated rooms, adorned with antique furniture, artworks, and personal possessions belonging to the women who once called this house their home. Guided tours are available, providing valuable insights into the family’s history and the evolving social norms of their times.

Ben’s Walk

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Nature enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers will relish the experience of traversing Ben’s Walk. This picturesque walking trail meanders alongside the enchanting Shoalhaven River, offering breathtaking vistas of the river’s course, lush green landscapes, and abundant avian wildlife.

Whether you’re an avid hiker looking to complete the 10-kilometer trail or a leisurely stroller seeking a tranquil interlude in nature, Ben’s Walk caters to all. Along the way, benches and picnic spots provide opportunities to pause, take in the serene surroundings, and absorb the natural beauty. Cyclists, too, will find joy in pedaling through this idyllic landscape.

Nowra Farmers Market

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If your palate craves a taste of the local flavors, the Nowra Farmers Market is a destination to be noticed. Held weekly, this market is a cornucopia of fresh produce, delectable baked goods, artisanal creations, and more. Peruse the stalls to discover an array of fruits, vegetables, honey, cheeses, olive oils, and other locally sourced delights. 

Food vendors offer ready-to-eat temptations like gourmet pies, crepes, and freshly brewed coffee. The market provides an ideal opportunity to support local farmers and producers while savoring the region’s essence.

Pinot and Picasso South Coast

pinot picasso south coast

Release your inner artist and revel in a delightful experience at Pinot and Picasso, a paint-and-sip studio in Nowra. Here, visitors can unlock their creative potential during guided painting sessions, all while sipping on their favorite wine or beverage. No artistic experience is necessary, as instructors offer step-by-step guidance to help participants create their masterpieces.

All necessary materials are provided, and at the end of the session, you’ll depart with your unique artwork—a cherished souvenir of your creative journey. It’s a splendid activity for friends or couples, a chance to tap into your artistic side and bask in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Treetops Adventure Nowra

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Thrill-seekers and adrenaline enthusiasts will discover a world of excitement at Treetops Adventure Nowra. This outdoor adventure park offers many exhilarating activities, including high ropes courses, ziplines, and aerial challenges. Visitors can test their skills and courage while navigating treetop obstacles, swinging bridges, and flying foxes. 

The park accommodates adventurers of all ages and experience levels, with courses tailored for kids, beginners, and seasoned thrill-seekers. Safety equipment and trained instructors ensure a fun and secure experience for everyone. Treetops Adventure Nowra provides the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself, conquer your fears, and relish a day of exhilaration amid nature.

Nowra Croquet Club


For those searching for a more leisurely and social pastime, the Nowra Croquet Club extends a warm invitation. Croquet is a traditional lawn sport that Attracts people of all ages and fitness levels. The club welcomes newcomers and experienced players, offering equipment and guidance to those new to the sport. 

Visitors can play friendly games, learn the rules and tactics, or participate in club competitions and events. It’s an ideal way to spend a leisurely afternoon outdoors, socialize with fellow enthusiasts, and relish the club’s well-kept croquet lawns.

Falcon Crescent Link Track


The Falcon Crescent Link Track presents an idyllic walking trail for explorers yearning to immerse themselves in the natural wonders of Nowra and Bomaderry. This scenic path meanders along the enchanting Shoalhaven River, bestowing mesmerizing vistas of the surrounding landscape.

Visitors can relish a tranquil walk or bike ride, soaking in the serene atmosphere and encountering many avian species and other wildlife. The well-defined and accessible trail suits all fitness levels, with benches and picnic spots inviting moments of relaxation amid the peaceful surroundings. The Falcon Crescent Link Track is a hidden gem awaiting outdoor enthusiasts and nature admirers.

Jervis Bay

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Located near Nowra, Jervis Bay is a coastal haven renowned for its unspoiled beaches, crystalline waters, and rich marine life. Spend your days basking on the pristine sandy shores, swimming in the turquoise seas, or embarking on snorkeling and diving adventures to discover the vibrant underwater world. Jervis Bay is home to Hyams Beach, boasting the world’s whitest sand—an absolute must-visit. 

The bay also hosts playful dolphins, offering fortunate visitors the chance to witness these magnificent creatures frolicking in their natural habitat. Kayaking, paddleboarding, and fishing are popular pastimes in Jervis Bay, making it an oasis of tranquility far removed from city life’s hustle and bustle.

Jervis Bay Whale Watching Cruise


From May to November, Jervis Bay transforms into a premier whale-watching destination as thousands of humpback whales embark on their coastal migration. Joining a whale-watching cruise provides an up-close and Up-close experience with these magnificent animals in their natural habitat.

Expert guides offer informative commentary, sharing their insights into whale behavior and the potential sightings of other marine residents, such as dolphins and seals. Witnessing these gentle giants breaching and frolicking in the waters of Jervis Bay is an awe-inspiring experience, etching indelible memories.

Kangaroo Valley

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A brief drive from Nowra transports you to Kangaroo Valley, an enchanting valley renowned for its natural splendor and outdoor pursuits. Embraced by lush green environs, the valley boasts numerous waterfalls, walking trails, and scenic vantage points. Discover the valley on foot or by bike, savoring breathtaking panoramas and uncovering hidden treasures. 

Hikers can embark on the trails that wind through the valley, leading to secluded nooks and charming picnic spots. Canoeing and kayaking are favored activities in Kangaroo Valley, with the serene Kangaroo River providing an idyllic backdrop for aquatic adventures.


City Beach%2C Wollongong

Positioned approximately an hour’s drive north of Nowra, Wollongong emerges as a vibrant coastal city replete with attractions and activities. The city’s hallmark is its stunning beaches, including North Wollongong Beach and Port Kembla Beach, offering ample opportunities for swimming, surfing, and sun-soaked relaxation. Wollongong Botanic Garden invites visitors to explore magnificent gardens, picnic areas, and walking trails. 

For those inclined to history and culture, the Wollongong Art Gallery and Illawarra Museum showcase local artistry and historical artifacts. The city further offers a variety of dining options, shopping centers, and entertainment venues, ensuring a pleasurable experience for all.


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Another coastal gem neighboring Nowra is Kiama. Celebrated for its famous blowhole—a natural spectacle where water dramatically spouts into the air from a hole in the rocks—Kiama beckons visitors from near and far. The blowhole is most captivating during high tide when the crashing waves orchestrate a spectacular display. 

Kiama also boasts beautiful beaches, including Surf Beach and Kendalls Beach, where visitors can swim, surf, or luxuriate under the sun’s embrace. Charming shops, cafes, and restaurants adorn the town, making it an enticing destination for exploration, souvenir shopping, and delectable local cuisine.


What’s Nowra Famous For?

The Nowra region is characterized by its vibrant farming community, boasting a thriving dairy industry alongside substantial state-owned forested areas. Additionally, it has become an increasingly sought-after destination for retirement and leisure, attracting individuals from Canberra and Sydney.

Is Nowra NSW an Excellent Place To Live?

Nowra is a prominent regional hub, encompassed by picturesque beaches, majestic mountains, and expansive national parks. Key sectors driving employment include HMAS Albatross, serving the Australian Defence Force (ADF), and the healthcare and retail industries. Furthermore, numerous affordable buying and renting options abound in the region. The Nowra Central Business District (CBD) is transforming, creating a modern and refreshed appearance.

Why Do People Visit Shoalhaven?

People flock to Shoalhaven for a variety of reasons. Nature enthusiasts are drawn to the area for its exceptional bushwalks, providing ample opportunities to explore and encounter native flora and fauna. Moreover, the region’s vibrant local culture shines through its numerous annual food, wine, and arts festivals and events, making them increasingly popular motivations for a getaway.


Must places to visit in Nowra: Nowra and its neighboring regions present a diverse tapestry of attractions and activities, each catering to unique interests. From aviation history to wildlife encounters, outdoor adventures, and cultural immersion, Nowra promises an enriching and unforgettable experience.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a nature lover, an adventurer seeking thrills, or simply someone seeking a serene getaway, Nowra warmly extends its offerings to all.

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