15 Fun Places to Visit in Perth, Western Australia

Places to Visit in Perth
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There are plenty of places to visit in Perth, Western Australia if you are looking for places to visit. There is something for everyone in Perth, whether you’re interested in exploring its history or enjoying its natural surroundings. A popular attraction is the Perth Mint.

The mint is responsible for producing Australia’s currency and offers tours and exhibitions that provide a fascinating insight into the process. Another option is to explore one of Perth’s many parks and gardens, such as Kings Park or Hyde Park. 

If you’re looking for something more active, you could go hiking or cycling in one of the city’s many nature reserves. Perth wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the beach as well. There is plenty to keep you active, whether you want to unwind and enjoy the sunshine or try your hand at surfing or fishing.

If you plan a trip to Perth, Australia, you will be spoilt for choices regarding things to see and do.  There are other lovely parks and gardens, along with some breathtaking beaches.

15 Amazing Places to Visit in Perth, Western Australia

The relatively tranquil backwater, situated along the Indian Ocean’s coast and the banks of the Swan River, is now bustling with activity.

Perth offers an abundance of amazing pubs, cafes, restaurants, great stores and boutiques, and a wealth of historical and cultural tourist sites. Here are the 20 best places to visit in Perth, Western Australia & what can be done has been highlighted.

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1. Fremantle

image 85
Fremantle-10 | Russell Charters | Flickr

The port of Fremantle must not be missed when backpacking Perth. In the late 1820s, European settlers began arriving in the area on land previously occupied by aboriginal groups. Immigrants from the Mediterranean arrived in New York City after World War II, bringing a vibrant café culture and a varied food scene.

Today, the neighborhood has a decidedly European flavor due to the emergence of many communities. It has long been a favorite hangout for musicians, poets, writers, artists, and other creatives. Diverse attractions are available to visitors.

Fremantle Market is huge, so go shopping there on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. You may find about anything you can think of in these two big sheds, which house a great selection of things distributed across many stalls.

It’s a favorite destination in Perth for some retail therapy, offering everything from locally grown food and usual clothing to alternative music, books, and trinkets.

During the week, you can explore delightful used bookstores, record stores, and fashionable boutiques, among other businesses. The best places to eat in Perth may be found in Fremantle, which also has Mediterranean influences and a diverse population.

You’ll find a broad selection of cuisine from all over the world, including Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, and Greek food. One of Perth’s top historical attractions is Fremantle Prison.

Take a stroll through the charming port, relax on the beaches, and spend the evenings experiencing the exciting nightlife.

2. Gnomesville

image 70
The Gnomes of GnomeVille | Some of the residents of Gnomesvi… | Flickr

Visits to Gnomesville are among the more intriguing things to do in Perth. The website features about 5,000 whimsical, adorable, kitsch, colorful, and one-of-a-kind gnomes in various shapes and sizes.

The bright garden decorations are placed in various realistic situations, and it’s not difficult to get the impression that the tiny statues are prepared to start wandering around at any moment.

The arrangement of the gnomes is well thought out, and many of the sequences are humorous. Gnomesville is said to have started in the 1990s, though it is unclear how or why the region attracted so many eccentric personalities.

Even your gnome can be added to the collection, provided you give it a name and indicate its source. The collections are always being updated and enlarged. The lovely “town” is available all year long and there is no fee to enjoy it.

Make sure your camera is fully charged because you’ll want to capture all the adorable moments in wacky Gnomesville on camera!

Explore the gnomes’ home and be amazed at the distances some residents have traveled; signs indicate that gnomes have arrived from the USA, the UK, Spain, and other countries worldwide.

Following the pathways, you can observe gnomes performing in bands, playing football, reenacting movie scenes, working various jobs, having parties, and much more.

Even a prison for mischievous gnomes and a division for homeless gnomes exist. Soak a trip through the woods to see the plants and animals, then sit down on a picnic bench to take in the odd sights and the beautiful natural surroundings.

3. The Central Business District

image 71
Central Business District | “Singapore’s Central Business Di… | Flickr

The Central Business District of Perth is a contemporary and active area of ​​the city where business is conducted. Many large, gleaming buildings can be seen, and many people are bustling about in suits.

With a wide range of things to see and do and accommodations to suit various interests, Perth’s CBD is also home to a sizable number of Airbnbs that are ideally positioned for visiting the city’s important tourist sites.

You won’t have much time to get bored with parks, public art, historic structures, museums, and art galleries. It’s simple to understand why so many people frequent the city center both during the day and at night when you consider the fantastic shopping options, the diversified culinary scene, and the vibrant nightlife.

The Perth Mint is Australia’s oldest operating mint, where you can see money being created in front of your eyes. View the impressive exterior of the Jacobean Revival-styled Government House, which dates to the middle of the nineteenth century.

One of the most famous landmarks in Perth is St. Mary’s cathedral, which has gothic architecture. Another notable landmark is Perth Barracks, built in the Tudor style.

4. Chittering Valley

image 72
New Norcia, Chittering Valley and Toodyay Day Tour incl. Lunch – Perth – Epic deals and last minute discounts

The picturesque Chittering Valley, which is part of the Darling Range, offers a variety of landscapes, peaceful settlements, nature, stunning vistas, and experiences. The Swan Valley, one of Perth’s more well-known locations, is frequently preferred over the Chittering Valley, which offers a top location to enjoy nature without being surrounded by people.

The valley is traversed by picturesque drives and walks that pass rich vineyards, untamed bush, wetlands teeming with wildlife, pastoral terrain, sparkling lakes, aromatic orchards, luscious woodlands, and fields that, at certain times of the year, are covered in wildflowers.

To cover more land, drive through Perth’s Chittering Valley. Make many stops along the way to take gorgeous walking paths and to see other villages, farms, and market stalls. Visit the Chittering Farm Flavour Trail in Agnes Land.

You can stop by any farm to learn more about your food. You can see items like grapes, avocados, cherries, oranges, and mangos growing because many farms follow organic principles. Visit the wineries and vineyards along the Chittering Valley Wine Trail to learn about winemaking.

5. Northbridge Perth

image 73
Northbridge Perth | Perth eGuide for Perth travel informatio… | eGuide Travel | Flickr

Northbridge, one of the top destinations in Perth for a lively nightlife, creative environment, and diversified culinary scene, is occasionally perceived as having a gritty and somewhat sordid character and is one of the greatest locations to go.

Over time, the neighborhood has softened and is now a well-liked hipster hangout and a hub for alternative retail. Backpackers and low-cost travelers are drawn to it as well. There is also a ton of art, from neatly arranged galleries to striking street art and graffiti.

We advise visiting the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts and the Art Gallery of Western Australia if you’re in the Perth area. These venues will provide you with inspiration and art to admire. Take a stroll through one of Perth’s hippest neighborhoods to see the amazing street art that lines many of its lanes.

Explore the small but vibrant Chinatown’s herbalist, bakery, noodle, and massage parlors, relax and watch the world go by in one of the hip cafés, enjoy a beer at Northbridge Brewery, soak up the sun at Northbridge Piazza, and peruse the independent, vintage, and eccentric stores along William Street.

6. Swan Valley

image 74
Bluff-above-Swan-Valley | By: Bob Wick, BLM | BLMIdaho | Flickr

One thing you know about Australian wines is that they’re famous worldwide. One of Australia’s oldest wine-generating areas is Perth’s Swan Valley, which has almost 2 hundred year-vintage wine history.

The work of European immigrant farmers was a major factor in the growth of the wine business. There are several beautiful views around every curve, as well as colorful and different landscapes. 

The Swan Valley provides ample entertainment for visitors, ranging from farms and numerous wineries to charming chocolate factories and kid-friendly attractions. Visitors coming in the spring will be greeted by the breathtaking sight of colorful wildflowers adorning the landscapes with bursts of color.

Bike along the Swan Valley Heritage Cycle Trail to take in the scenery while pedaling. It winds its way past several renowned wineries (where you can halt to sample excellent wines and cheeses), unique art galleries filled with works by indigenous artists, and other cool things across a distance of 12 kilometers (7.5 miles). Do you like to walk? Several shorter routes travel through the towns and open spaces.

7. Cottesloe Beach

image 75
Cottesloe Beach | The Indiana Tea House/Surf Lifesaving club… | Flickr

There is no fee to enjoy the well-known Cottesloe Beach, making it one of the places to visit in Perth for beach lovers and thrifty tourists. The beach became popular with British settlers who wanted days at the seaside. The beach is conveniently located near the city’s center, boasts a relaxed atmosphere, and is now popular among surfers.

It is a favorite among couples and groups of friends and has soft, white sands, clean waters, and mild waves, making it ideal for families. There are other locations around where guests may unwind while enjoying a good dinner or a few drinks, and there are a variety of activities to satisfy all beachgoers.

Be sure to spread your towel on the beach to avoid sunburn, and cool off with a swim in the refreshing ocean. If you enjoy surfing, consider staying at a local hostel, getting up early, getting on your board, and hitting the waves before anyone else. If not, you can simply sit and observe how talented surfers manipulate the water.

8. Rottnest Island

image 76
Rottnest Island 20 | Abir Anwar | Flickr

Rottnest Island, sometimes known as Rotto, is one of Perth’s most well-known landmarks. It is about 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) off the city’s coast and has 19 square kilometers (7.3 square miles).

It is frequently regarded as a Perth must-see and is known to local aboriginal communities as Wadjemup. It was once a part of the mainland but was cut off 7,000 years ago by rising sea levels.

Numerous antique artifacts discovered on the island prove that people formerly lived in the area thousands of years ago. Currently, the island is home to about 300 inhabitants. However, that number rises as more visitors come.

Conservation initiatives aim to preserve the ecology and fauna of the islands, a prime location for wildlife viewing. Also visible to visitors is colonial-era architecture. The island is connected to the mainland by frequent ferries.

The peculiar quokka is a must-see in Perth since it is one of the few locations where the adorable marsupials can be seen in the wild. Because there are no natural predators on Rottnest Island, the little animals may survive there.

You’re likely to be pleased as you observe the animals in their natural setting. You might see dolphins, sea lions, and fur seals if you direct your attention to the waters. 

9. Abyss Adventure World

image 77
Abyss, Adventure World, Perth | Lift Hill. | Benjamin Roach | Flickr

One of the best family-friendly attractions in Perth is Adventure World, which was built on the site of an abandoned quarry and has been open since 1982. It’s a great place to fight the heat, chill down in the sun, and have a ton of fun because of the water park.

There are plenty of places to eat and drink for a great day out, and attractions are magnificent gardens and expansive lawns.

The Lagoon is a Hawaiian-themed pool with various amenities where you may laze around and unwind. Kahuna Falls is a sizable water-based play area featuring vibrant colors, fun sounds, slides, a huge tipping bucket, water jets, fountains, and more where kids can splash around.

10. Heirisson Island

image 78
Heirisson Island | The northern, Perth, side. commons.wikime… | Flickr

Heirisson Island is located in the middle of the city and has the main road across it, but many people are unaware of its existence, so if you mention it to many locals, you might get a somewhat puzzled face. A bustling causeway links the island’s two sides to the Swan River, where it is located.

The Beeloo Noongar group has a long association with the island and an aboriginal background. The mudflats were originally used as a tactical overpass. The island is now a terrific area to get away from the downtown streets, take in the sights on both sides of the river, and explore the paths and amenities.

On Heirisson Island, numerous kangaroos were released in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Since then, they have reproduced, and the island’s southern region is where you can see the amiable animals. One of the best sites in Perth to see kangaroos up close is there.

11. Kings Park, Perth

image 79
Perth view from Kings Park | See where this picture was take… | Flickr

Kings Park is a sizable metropolitan park filled with war memorials overlooking the Swan River. With a total area of almost 990 acres, Perth’s Kings Park is one of the world’s largest inner city parks.

It is Western Australia’s most popular tourist destination due to its abundance of natural Australian flora, numerous birds that make it home, the State War Memorial, and other significant landmarks.

If you’re looking for things to do in Kings Park, Perth, Australia, you’ll find plenty of options. Numerous walking trails, a Botanic Garden, and plenty of places to picnic. Additionally, you can go to the Aboriginal Art Gallery and the State War Memorial.

12. Bell Tower Perth

image 80
The Swan Bell Tower. Perth | The 82m Swan Bell Tower opened … | Flickr

The Bell Tower, which overlooks the Swan River botanical gardens, is unlike any other you’ve ever seen. Typical of Perth’s distinctive and recognizable architectural styles, the futuristic-looking structure has recently been listed as one of the city’s most popular attractions.

Of course, the Bell Tower wouldn’t be complete without antique bells! You’ll find a number of these displayed in the bell tower’s spaceship-like structure. These range from London’s St Martin-in-the-Fields church and date back to 1550. If they were being rung in this day and age, they could still be heard by all.

You may get a great view of the city, Swan River, and its surroundings from the top of the bell tower. Originally designed by local architects but drawing criticism at first, the glass-covered spire and enormous steel columns are now heralded as a success because of the boost in attention and investment it has given to tourist attractions around Perth.

13. Elizabeth Quay

image 81
Elizabeth Quay, Perth | David Davies | Flickr

This outstanding urban redevelopment project, which bears Queen Elizabeth II, is located nearby Perth’s central business district on the Swan River’s banks and surrounds an artificial inlet.

Elizabeth Quay, which was only completed in 2015, features some incredibly creative architecture. Its bridge’s sweeping arcs and the sculptures and abstract forms on display appear to reflect the movement of the water all around them.

In addition to its vibrant playground, the quay is home to several fantastic waterfront eateries and cafes and frequently organizes various cultural events and festivals. The quay also serves as a transportation hub because of its proximity to the city’s core and the neighboring bus, train, and ferry lines; as a result, many people pass through during the day.

14. Perth Art Gallery

image 82
Fergusson. Gallery Perth | It’s a condition of using our phot… | Flickr

The Art Gallery of Western Australia has a collection of foreign and Australian art from 1829 to the present day. It is located in the Perth Cultural Centre, about a minute’s walk from the closest train station. The artwork from Australia and the Indian Ocean Rim is given particular attention.

The gallery features works by renowned artists, including Hans Heysen and Frederick McCubbin, and a sizable collection of traditional and modern Indigenous art.

A renovation project is presently underway at the Art Gallery of Western Australia to provide a new rooftop event space with an outdoor sculpture path. Plans include two outdoor spaces with breathtaking views of Perth and a new interior gallery area for events and exhibitions.

Although admission to the gallery is free, a donation is requested at check-in, which art lovers will appreciate.

15. Perth Zoo

image 84
Giraffes and Zebras at Perth zoo | Tama Leaver | Flickr

Perth Zoo, located around three kilometers from the city center, has delighted animal enthusiasts since 1898. In the Australian Bushwalk and Wetlands exhibitions, visitors from other countries can see some of the distinctive species of the nation. Kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, wombats, and Tasmanian devils are all present.

Other displays transport you to other ecosystems all over the planet. Visit the African Savannah to feed giraffes, the Asian Rainforest to admire orangutans, the Elephant Show to watch elephants perform, or the South American Primate Exhibit to observe pygmy marmosets.

Buses, cars, trains, bicycles, and ferries are convenient ways to get to the zoo, and you may catch one at the Barrack Street Jetty.


What are Perth’s top attractions?

The following are the top attractions you must see while in Perth: The Bell Tower, King’s Park, Rottnest Island, Captain Cook’s Cruises, Aquarium of Western Australia, Penguin Island, Adventure World, Symphony Orchestra, and Perth Mint.

What Perth outdoor activities are the best?

Sandboarding and watching the sunset at Pinnacles Desert, dining on a Swan River cruise, biking at Rottnest, a cruise excursion to Fremantle, and quad biking in Lancelin are some of the top outdoor activities in Perth.

Is it safe to travel to Perth while it’s cold outside?

Australia is one of many nations that have implemented severe regulations to stop the spread of covid. Only those immunized are allowed to enter the nation for travel-related reasons. Those who wish to travel within Australia must get a health certificate from the government’s website.

The respected authorities should be given a negative RR PCR test result 24 hours before departure. Visitors must follow fundamental rules, including socially isolating themselves in public spaces and donning a face mask.

What does Perth famous for?

Perth is an Australian city that sits on the edge of the Indian Ocean with the Australian outback to its east. You will therefore have many possibilities to venture into the wild. Another thing Perth is well known for is the adorable Australian animals known as quokkas.

Which month is ideal for travel to Perth?

Perth is best visited in September, October, and November. Perth is experiencing a spring season with lots of sunshine and a few raindrops. Perth receives many visitors at this time, and most of the city’s well-known attractions are open to visitors.

Which month is ideal for travel to Perth?

The best time to visit Perth is from September to November. Perth is experiencing a spring season with lots of sunshine and a few raindrops. Perth receives many visitors at this time, and most of the city’s well-known attractions are open to visitors.

What can I do in Perth for a day?

Some of the most beautiful locations you might see while traveling through Australia are found in Perth. Adventure lovers will love Swan River, where they can participate in various sports or on a romantic dinner cruise.

Final Words

There are plenty of great places to visit in Perth, Western Australia. You will find something to your liking, no matter your interests. You will find something to your liking, no matter your interests. If you’re interested in history, you can visit the Perth Mint and learn about how Australia’s currency is produced.

Alternatively, you can explore one of Perth’s numerous parks and gardens if you prefer being outdoors. Whatever you choose to do, you’re sure to have a great time. So whatever you’re looking for, Perth has something to offer. Be sure to add it to your list of places to visit!

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