18 Fun Places to Visit in Torquay, Australia

Places to Visit in Torquay
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There are many incredible places to visit in Torquay, Devon, including brilliant red sand beaches, dramatic cliff-side walking paths, prehistoric underground treasures, and quirky model villages. Seed communities in Britain are experiencing a revival. 

Forget the outdated seafronts and gaudy amusement arcades of the 1980s. Today’s historic resorts are thriving as centres of the arts and culture, and Torquay in Devon is no exception.

Where Is Torquay?

Torquay has good air, train, and road connections to the rest of the United Kingdom. The beachfront Torquay rail station offers links to London and most other major British towns, typically via Exeter.

Similarly, a vast bus network links the neighbourhood to Exeter, an important transportation centre connected to most domestic locations. Exeter Airport, which offers flights to Manchester, London, Belfast, and a few other European cities, is about 40 minutes from Torquay.

This charming seaside town in England has recently experienced a revitalisation, and as a result, it is now dotted with hip bars and eateries. There are various distinctive local attractions, and the southwest of England is home to some of the most beautiful countryside. 

With its breathtaking beaches, cliffs, and animals, the English Riviera’s UNESCO Global Geopark is one of Torquay’s many cultural and natural treasures. This is a beautiful location for hiking, biking, and environmental immersion. The sights you can see if you wander along the South West Coast Path will wow you.

Visit the adjacent Torre Abbey, go deep below to the prehistoric Kent’s Cavern, or follow in the footsteps of Torquay’s most well-known resident, Agatha Christie, at Meadfoot Beach. There are many fantastic locations to explore in Torquay, regardless of your hobbies.

Best Places to Visit in Torquay, Australia

There are so many places to visit in Torquay. We are discussing 20 places in Torquay.

1. Wander Torquay Marina

I enjoy browsing all the gorgeous yachts in a place like this and deciding which one to buy in my “dream life.” Explore the marina on foot, breathe fresh air, and choose your favourite boat.

It serves as the starting point for many beautiful walks in the area, which will take you by lovely Victorian mansions, along the coast, to some breathtaking overlooks, and, of course, by a few ice cream stores for some necessary fuel.

2. The English Riviera

The 22 miles of beautiful coastline make Torbay best explored from Torquay. Due to its distinctive geology, this protected southwest coast area is recognised as a UNESCO Global Geopark.

Private coves, untamed cliffs, and various walking trails with breathtaking sea views may all be found here. You may travel the English Riviera by foot, bicycle, or automobile, passing through charming communities like Babbacombe, Paignton, or Brixham.

3. Take A Trip To Babbacombe Model Village

Are you looking for something different to do in Torquay? Visit Babbacombe Model Village right away. You’ll feel enormous as you go through this scaled-down replica of an English village, complete with elaborate model homes and verdant gardens. 

The model village has been open for over 50 years and has approximately 400 small structures. If you also need to occupy children, this is your ideal pastime. The teeny-tiny scale of everything will astound children.

Be sure to explore the charming village, the famed Babbacombe Theatre, and the Babbacombe Cliff Railway while in the area.

4. Visit One of Torquay’s Trendiest Restaurants to Eat

Due to its proximity to the sea, Torquay is a great site to try fresh seafood caught in the abundant waters off the coast of south Devon. For new and delicious fish dishes, go to Rockfish at the Harbor if you want recommendations. One of the most popular dishes is fish tacos.

East in the West in Paignton, a short distance from the shore, is an excellent spot for authentic Keralan food and frequently makes the list of top eateries in the Torquay region. 

However, The Elephant, a Torquay institution that has maintained its Michelin star for 15 years, is undoubtedly the king of the city’s dining scene. Here, the menu emphasises locally sourced, sustainably produced foods and is creative and fresh.

5. Go To The Beach For The Day

Summer is the perfect season to visit Torquay, and when the weather is nice, there’s only one thing to do: hit the beach. Twenty stunning beaches and coves with fine sand, calm waters, and lots of chances for water sports can be found on the English Riviera.

With its distinctive red sands and adorable beach houses, Oddicombe Beach is one of the best in the area and is close to the community of Babbacombe. You can also plunge if you’re bold, but remember that this is England, so don’t expect it to be warm. 

Another undiscovered gem is the isolated Anstey’s Cove, encircled by high cliffs and covered in lush vegetation that is a suitable habitat for local wildlife. Sit back, unwind, and soak up some sunshine anywhere you pick.

6. Go For Brunch In Torquay

The Blue Walnut Cafe Bar and Cinema is your best option if you’re looking for a vegetarian brunch alternative in a hip, unique environment. This fantastic local hub has a full calendar of events and is an excellent location for a leisurely breakfast.

A delightful afternoon cream tea or a full English breakfast is available at the Singing Kettle Tearoom. The Rock Garden, where you may have American-style pancakes or a variety of other brunch options (even pizza! ), is also a great alternative if the weather is nice.

7. Check Out Living Coast Torquay

A seaside zoo and aquarium called Living Coast Torquay are the focal point of numerous regional conservation initiatives. Learning more about the diverse bird and marine species that call this lovely shore home is possible.

While learning about the area’s delicate ecosystems, you can interact closely with animals, including penguins, otters, seals, rays, seahorses, and octopuses. One of the best things to do in Torquay with kids, this is perfect for wet days.

8. Enjoy The Nightlife In Torquay

A good selection of nightlife alternatives is available in Torquay, one of the most well-liked vacation spots on the south coast, to keep you engaged while you’re there. Take advantage of Coco in the town centre for drinks, where you may see skilled mixologists demonstrate their craft.

The Lucky 7 Club in Paignton is a fantastic spot to catch a cabaret, burlesque show, or live music because of its welcoming atmosphere and kitsch design.

Last but not least, check out Fougou Music at Churston Golf Club for some of the best live music in the area and an exciting schedule of jazz and blues concerts.

9. A Visit To The Grand Flea

Go to The Grand Flea Market if you enjoy finding deals. Every Thursday, the store opens at dawn and sells anything from expensive jewellery and elegant antiques to books, clothes, and other unusual items.

This Torquay neighbourhood hotspot is situated in Castle Circus. Searching among the treats may take some time, but you never know what you might find. It’s also a fantastic solution for inclement weather.

10. Visit Cockington Country Park For A Walk

There are numerous outdoor attractions and places to walk about in the magnificent scenery surrounding Torquay while you’re there. The tranquil Cockington Country Park, with its well-kept gardens, parkland, and wooded sections, is only ten minutes from Torquay.

It serves as a marketplace for local artists, offering works for sale. You never know. You might find a painting or a piece of sculpture.

11. Kents Cavern Prehistoric Caves

With displays dating back 45,000 years, Kents Cavern’s caves and trails are a well-liked tourist destination for individuals interested in prehistory. The tunnels’ constant temperature of 14 degrees Celsius made them the perfect place for ancient humans to spend the winter. Visitors can tour the chambers and tunnels, watch Shakespeare performances, or even meet Santa Claus.

12. Torre Abbey

The fantastic variety of flora, trees, and abbey remnants may be found in the Torre Abbey Gardens. The gardens are a fun destination for tourists of all ages since they are brimming with intriguing exhibits that writings by Agatha Christie inspired. The museum has a cafe in addition to the gardens and residence.

13. Torquay Museum

The Torquay Museum is a famous regional history museum featuring an Agatha Christie gallery. The museum’s holdings include items from archaeology, ancient Egypt, natural and social history, and pottery. A charming Victorian building has galleries, including the Agatha Christie Gallery, crammed with pictures, personal items, first editions, and more.

14. Cockington Country Park

In the middle of the Devon countryside, the 450-acre rural estate of Cockington offers peace and tranquillity. The park is home to a bustling craft centre with over 20 studios. The adorable town of Cockington has thatched cottages and a manor house, and all of these attractions are in a beautiful environment.

15. Bygones

The Bygones Museum displays replica Victorian-era stores, period rooms, a model railroad, and a trench from a previous conflict. With cobblestone alleys dotted with antique shops from the 1800s, the attraction offers a striking sight.

16. Meadfoot Beach

On England’s east coast, not far from Torre Abbey Beach, is Meadfoot Beach, calm and peaceful. It is well-known for its safe swimming conditions, breathtaking coastline, cliffs, and Thatcher Island views. The beach features a comprehensive platform with beach cottages painted in blue tones, making it a popular place for picnics and relaxing by the water.

17. Torquay’s Dinosaur World

Torquay’s Dinosaur World is a family-friendly indoor attraction with life-size dinosaur exhibits and fossils. With many photo possibilities besides the scaled models and small activities dotted throughout to keep kids occupied, it’s ideal for rainy days.

18. Institute Beach

Institute Beach is the only private beach you must consider if you want a romantic setting. This tiny beach, hidden behind the Livermead Cliff Hotel, is ideal for people who prefer a more sedate experience because stunning red sandstone cliffs border it.

If you intend to spend time at this beach, bring your supplies as there are no designated facilities like restrooms.


What Is Torquay Famous For Most?

Torquay is well known for its top-notch sailing, with frequent national and international competitions in the gorgeous horseshoe-shaped bay; on the marina, yachts and superyachts softly bob. You may explore the shoreline from stunning Torre Abbey Sands in the most picturesque way.

Why Do Travellers Go To Torquay?

Torquay’s lively and upbeat town is the epitome of a “traditional British seaside” resort. Torquay, located on the South Devon Coast in the heart of the English Riviera, is well known for its sandy beaches, family attractions, and genteel Victorian aspect.

Is Travelling To Torquay Expensive?

For your holiday in Torquay, you should budget about AU$106 ($71) daily, the average daily price based on what other guests spend there. The average cost of meals for a day for previous tourists was AU$ 31 ($21), and the average cost of local transportation was AU$ 48 ($32).

Is Torquay An Australian City?

Torquay, a resort on the beach in Victoria, Australia, is the starting point of the Great Ocean Road and faces the Bass Strait. It is located 21 kilometres south of Geelong. Point Danger and Zeally Bay are two of its coastal features, and Spring Creek forms its western border.

How Big Is Torquay?

Torbay is another name for the three towns of Torquay, Paignton, and Brixham combined. Its 62.87 square kilometres (24.27 sq mi) of land is centred on an English Channel natural harbour that faces east.

Last Word

Torquay is referred to around the world as the riding capital of Australia. The famous Bells Beach, one of Victoria’s best beaches, is close to the coastal town. It also marks the beginning of the Great Ocean Road, making it a popular destination for surfers, tourists, and all-around beach bums. 

Indeed, Torquay’s stunning beaches, such as Torre Abbey Sands, Babbacombe, Oddicombe, and Antsey Cove, attract visitors and homebuyers. Excellent retail and leisure options, a good selection of schools, and competitive property prices attract potential residents.

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