10 Fun Places to Visit in Wagga Wagga

Places to Visit in Wagga Wagga
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Wagga is a bustling provincial city that is just under five hour’s drive (or an hour’s flight) from Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra and about three hour’s drive (or an hour’s flight) from Wagga. On the Murrumbidgee River, the city of Wagga is a part of the Riverina area. There is always new information to investigate.  Find many cafes and restaurants, beautiful walking trails, and a never-ending list of day trips and activities.

There are a lot of places to visit in the Wagga Wagga and remain in the city. Free zoo and aviary are available in Wagga Botanic Gardens. It would be best if you also saw the Willians Hills Miniature Railway while you are there. At Wagga Beach, ranked the ninth most fantastic beach in Australia in 2020, have a picnic or go swimming! Day visits to Bidgee Strawberries and Cream to harvest strawberries or to Wollundry Grove Olives to try locally produced olives.    

The National Art Glass Gallery and the Museum of the Riverina, two must-see attractions, are within easy walking distance of the Riverina Recovery House on Fitzmaurice Street.

Riverside: Wagga Beach

A well-liked natural landmark in Wagga Wagga is Wagga Beach. The Murrumbidgee River’s sandy stretch offers golden sand, sunshine, water for a swim, and lots of shade to keep cool. In 2020, Wagga Beach came in ninth among the top 20 beaches in Australia.

Riverside Wagga Beach

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Wagga Beach is ideal for enjoying the Murrumbidgee River because it has a playground, covered BBQ spaces, grassy picnic places, and seats to take in the scenery.

Recreational possibilities abound, including swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and lengthier walks along the Wiradjuri Trail that circles Wagga Wagga. You don’t have to go far to locate this little slice of paradise. It’s only 5 minutes from the city’s central business district. Those hiking the Wiradjuri Trail can stop at the beach for a well-earned break and utilise the facilities.

Remember to have fun, wear a life jacket, and respect the river if you dip in the Murrumbidgee River. Family and pets are welcome at the beach. However, dogs must be leashed. There are also accessible amenities and restrooms.

Wiradjuri Reserve

Wiradjuri Reserve

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Residents of Wagga Wagga have traditionally used the Wiradjuri Reserve, which lies north of the city centre, as a place to go boating, fishing, and swimming. Given its history as a traditional camping location with access to the riverbed, beach, and shallow water for gathering, corroboree, fishing, camping, and swimming, the reserve is also vital to the Wiradjuri people of this region.

Learn about abundant freshwater animals, plants, and other natural resources. As a traditional Wiradjuri river crossing site where the caretaker of the “Nurrang gungali,” or crossing spot, sits, you might also want to get a deeper understanding of this place. The reserve has accessible amenities and boating facilities that can be used.

Wagga Wagga Railway Station

The Wagga Wagga Railway Station is more than just a place to go about; its spectacular forecourt and old buildings are included on the State Heritage Register. Enter the station complex to view distinctive 1870s architecture that highlights Wagga Wagga’s significance as a junction in the State rail network at the time.

Wagga Wagga Railway Station viewed from Mothers Bridge

You can visit the station and its surrounding structures daily to explore them and learn more about Wagga’s railway history at the Rail Heritage Museum. The museum is home to a sizable collection of exquisite images and railroad artifacts, including machinery and several operational models of railroad layouts. For a nominal $2 entrance fee, visit the museum on Fridays and Saturdays from 11 am to 2 pm.

National Art Glass Collection And Wagga Wagga Art Gallery

The rich Riverina arts culture finds inspiration, vitality, and innovation at the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery. By assisting local and national artists and fostering a vibrant, experimental creative environment that everyone can access, it engages both local and worldwide populations.

national art glass gallery

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You can see the work of excellent Riverina artists all year long, and if you’re lucky, you can also see some of Australia’s top touring exhibitions. Take advantage of the National Art Glass Gallery, which houses the largest and most important collection of contemporary art glass in Australia, consisting of over 4,000 pieces.

At the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, 40 different exhibitions and displays are available yearly, so there is always something new to appreciate. The Gallery includes amenities for visitors who need them and is entirely accessible. 

Historic Council Chambers, Riverina Museum

Museum of the Riverina WCC

Meaningful narratives about the people and occasions that helped mold Wagga Wagga and the Riverina region are shared by the Museum of the Riverina. In the centre of Wagga Wagga’s downtown, the Museum’s location at the Council Chambers features a constantly-changing schedule of significant exhibitions. 

The 1881 construction of the historic chamber building is a stunning illustration of the avant-garde design of the era. Although there is parking for cars, it is effortless to get to the museum by bus, train, or bicycle. 

City Murals And Cbd Public Art

Public Art

Specifically, Wagga Incorporates sculptures, Wiradjuri weaving, murals, mosaics, and bronze works into its collection of contemporary public artworks. Wagga is one of those cities that has embraced the theory and beauty of public art. Visit the several outdoor areas turned into one-of-a-kind art galleries so that the entire community can appreciate them as they walk about the town.

When you leave Fitzmaurice Street’s cafes, restaurants, and boutique shops, you’ll find many more significant murals than life in the Cadell Place laneway. It would be best to climb the Wiradjuri Trail near the Murrumbidgee River to get a bird’s eye perspective of these incredible local creations. Alternately, look at the “Morning Light” painting at the intersection of Tompson and Baylis streets.

Wollundry Precinct

In the centre of Wagga Wagga, the Wollundry Precinct features gardens and a lagoon, giving a place for both locals and guests to enjoy and explore. The Wiradjuri people of Wagga Wagga treasure Wollundry Lagoon for its spiritual, historical, social, and aesthetic aspects. It is related to the legend of the Wawi, a spirit that lived in and guarded the lagoon and was described in the Dreaming.

Wollundry Lagoon

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A lovely garden area in the city’s heart, the Victory Memorial Gardens on the banks of Wollundry Lagoon was created in 1925 to memorialise those who fought and lost their lives in World War One. Thomas Kerr also made the Sydney Botanic Gardens and designed this region.

Some highlights include the poplar trees lining Anzac Avenue, the Garden of Peace Roses and the Sunken Garden. The gardens are also dotted with numerous memorials for those who have served Australia in wartime. Wollundry Precinct is a free public space for everyone of all ages and abilities. It is a family and dog-friendly park with picnic facilities and accessible amenities.

Wagga Wagga Botanic Gardens

Wagga Wagga Botanic Gardens

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The Wagga Wagga Botanic Gardens, which covers 22 acres at the foot of Willans Hill, is a gorgeous must-see destination that will keep youngsters entertained for hours. They are open every day. The Willans Hill Miniature Railway operates each month’s first and third Sundays. The track runs through woodlands, a tunnel and over a bridge.

A small admission fee and enclosed shoes are required to ride the trains. The Wagga Wagga Zoo + Aviary is open Thursday to Monday, 9 am to 4 pm and every day during school holidays (except Christmas Day and Good Friday). The zoo contains diverse native and other animals and a vast free-flight aviary. Entry is free. Adults within the zoo must accompany children, and dogs are strictly prohibited.

Pomingalarna Reserve

Locals refer to it as “Pomi,” and it regularly holds a variety of sporting occasions, such as endurance races and trail marathons. This destination is for people looking for more and a mountain biking haven. While the steep, rough terrain keeps you on your toes, the higher viewing spots offer stunning panoramas of the city and surrounding areas.

Pomingalarna Reserve

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Four designated paths in Pomi provide varying degrees of difficulty. Use of the outlying fire routes is advised for horseback riders. In 2022, Pomi’s new multisport cycling complex was scheduled to be finished. Currently, four cycling facilities are used: a velodrome, a jump track, and a pump track for children.

Pomi is reachable on foot through the Wiradjuri Trail and has two parking lots. It features scenic locations with vistas of the surrounding area. It features shaded picnic spaces with amenities for those with disabilities and is pet- and family-friendly.

Lake Albert

Lake Albert Oval 1

People like Lake Albert for boating, fishing, swimming, and other water sports. Many people enjoy using the 5.5 km walking track, including cyclists, joggers, and walkers. This is a place to get active and feel good, with eight fitness stations spread over 4 locations along the walking track on the eastern shore of Lake Albert.

It would help if you also went boating. On the eastern side of the lake, Apex Park has a public boat ramp, and on the western side, Bosley Park has a ramp reserved for Wagga Wagga Boat Club members. A playground for kids with a fenced area for younger children is also located in Apex Park.


What Has Made Wagga Wagga Famous?

The Sporting Hall of Fame (Museum of the Riverina), Kapooka Army Barracks, RAAF Base Wagga (which contains the Wagga Aviation Training Facility), and the Wagga Campus of Charles Sturt University are all located in Wagga today.

Is Wagga Worth A Visit?

Wagga Wagga is a regional capital known as the Garden City of the South because of its stunning parks, rivers, and gardens. Wagga Wagga is relatively accessible to visitors and tourists because it is between the Sturt and Olympic Highways, almost halfway between Sydney and Melbourne.

Is Wagga Wagga A Good Place To Live?

Wagga has a moderate to high crime rate in certain areas, particularly in Tolland and Ashmont. In some places, break-ins and vehicle torchings happen often. Serious assault and homicide rates are pretty low. Contrary to some other sentiments expressed here, Wagga offers excellent employment prospects.

What Makes Wagga Wagga So Costly?

Opportunities for employment in construction projects, an ever-expanding property stock, and growing housing costs have made the area considerably more popular, with Wagga real estate selling for high prices. In 2021, the median home price sold for $410K, and the weekly average rent was about $370.

What Language Is Wagga Wagga?

The word “Wagga” is taken from the language of the native Wiradjuri people, on whose land the City of Wagga Wagga presently stands. Wagga is often understood to mean “crow,” and the Wiradjuri people repeat the phrase to make it plural. As a result, Wagga Wagga means “the place of many crows.”

Final Words

Visit the Riverina and Wiradjuri Country’s center to discover more than just the well-known city with two names. The places to visit in Wagga Wagga are full of undiscovered treasures just waiting for you.

Would you believe that Wagga Wagga has a beach on the Murrumbidgee River that is so beautiful it was rated one of the country’s best? Or can Australia’s most extensive collection of modern glass art be found in Wagga?

Now you know that the city’s central business district (CBD) is more than simply a location for various dining and shopping options. It’s also an outdoor gallery with sculptures, murals, mosaics, and bronze works displayed around Fitzmaurice and Baylis streets.

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