15 Fun Places to Visit in Warrnambool Australia

Places to Visit in Warrnambool
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Places to visit in Warrnambool is a lovely coastal city in Victoria, Australia, offering visitors a variety of great things to do. One highlight is the Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village, Where you can wander through historic structures and discover the rich maritime heritage of the region. Another fun place to visit is the Lake Pertobe Adventure Playground, a park with lots of activities for kids. 

If you love nature, you’ll enjoy the Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve, where you can see kangaroos, emus, and koalas. With its beautiful beaches, stunning coastal views, and lots of wildlife, Warrnambool is a fantastic destination for people who want to relax and experience the natural beauty of Australia’s southwest coast.

Is It Worth Visiting Warrnambool?

Warrnambool offers a wide range of attractions and Activities that are available and enjoyable year-round. You can explore the city’s maritime history at Flagstaff Hill, go whale watching, or visit the Tower Hill crater to see its wildlife. Additionally, you can take enjoyable day trips from Warrnambool, including food trails, exploring the Great Ocean Road, and relaxing in the nearby town of Port Fairy.

15 Attraction Places to Visit in Warrnambool Australia

Warrnambool’s attractions provide a diverse range of experiences for visitors, including outdoor adventures and cultural and historical sites. Whether travelling with children or seeking a romantic getaway, Warrnambool offers something for every type of traveller. Here are the top 15 places to explore in Warrnambool:

Lake Pertobe Adventure Playground

Warrnambool’s excellent Lake Pertobe Adventure Playground is a family favourite year-round. Covering 8 hectares, this adventure playground is a paradise for kids, offering giant slides, flying foxes, a maze, and boat rides. In 2022, it received an upgrade that added a 9-metre slide tower, a water play area, new sand play zones, and swings. There are scenic walking paths around the lakes, and the park provides charming picnic spots and sheltered BBQ facilities.

The Lake Pertobe area also hosts various sporting facilities, including lawn tennis courts, mini golf, and a nearby skate park. It’s worth noting that Trip Advisor recognized Lake Pertobe as one of the top 10 parks in the South Pacific Region. So, if you’re travelling with anyone under 15, put Lake Pertobe on your “must-visit” list in Warrnambool.

Bay Of Islands

Bay Of Islands

Spanning a vast 32 kilometres along Victoria’s coastline, from Peterborough to Warrnambool, this area boasts breathtaking ocean vistas and many intriguing geological wonders.

Here, you’ll immerse yourself in a landscape adorned with towering cliffs and unique rock formations, set against expansive heathlands decorated with vibrant wildflower displays. While some points along this coastline offer beach access, the awe-inspiring sea views are the primary attraction.

Please keep your eyes peeled for a rare colony of black-faced cormorants, as the Bay of Islands is their exclusive marine nesting spot in Victoria. Moreover, you may encounter various rare plant species, including the spectacular sun orchid and the fragrant spider orchid.

This region holds deep Aboriginal heritage, with the parkland still belonging to the Indigenous people who have called it home for centuries. They maintain their ancient traditions and a solid connection to this land and its waters. Understanding the significance of this land to the Indigenous Australian community and learning about its history can be achieved through heritage walks and informative displays along the Great Ocean Road.

Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village

Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village

When you arrive in Warrnambool, Flagstaff Hill is one of the first places you should visit. It’s like a special place with a bit of everything: a museum about old ships, a village that looks like it’s from the 1800s, and where you can get information if you’re a tourist.

Imagine walking down streets made of cobblestones that make you feel like you’ve travelled back to the 1800s. That’s what Flagstaff Hill’s pioneer village is like. It’s an excellent experience.

And then there’s the maritime museum, which is all about the history of ships that got lost near Warrnambool. There were about 200 of them! It’s a treasure trove of stories and things from the past, especially about the Shipwreck Coast.

In simple terms, Flagstaff Hill is a great place to start your visit to Warrnambool. You can learn about history, see life in the olden days, and enjoy some beautiful views from Cannon Hill Lookout right next door.

Logan’s Beach

Logans Beach

Between June and September, something unique happens in Warrnambool Bay. Southern Right whales come here to give birth to their babies, and this particular place is called the Logans Beach whale nursery. If you want to see these magnificent creatures, there’s a unique platform built just for that purpose. It’s only a short drive from town, right across the Hopkins River, and there’s plenty of parking available.

The whales can come quite close to the shore, sometimes just 100 metres away, but it’s a good idea to bring binoculars and patience because there are no guarantees for wildlife. You might be lucky and spot them on your first visit, or it might take a few tries. To increase your chances, you can check with the Visitor Centre for updates on whale sightings. Witnessing these incredible animals in their natural habitat is a unique opportunity.

Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve

Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve

If you’re in Warrnambool and have about 15 minutes to spare, check out the Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve towards Port Fairy. This place is particularly remarkable because it’s nestled inside the crater of an extinct volcano. It’s Victoria’s first national park, and over the years, much effort has gone into restoring it to its natural state.

Today, Tower Hill is a fascinating area teeming with native birds and animals. They even have a Visitor Centre where you can learn about the site’s history and find information about the different walks you can take. Keep your eyes peeled for kangaroos and koalas, especially around the picnic area near the visitor centre.

You have a few options for exploring this unique spot. You can join a daily guided park tour for expert insights or go on one of the four self-guided walks. The longest one takes about an hour and lets you explore the inside of the volcanic crater. All of these walks start near the visitor centre. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in nature and discover the beauty of this remarkable place.

Hopkins Falls

Hopkins Falls

During the winter season or after a good rainfall, it’s worth taking a quick 15-minute drive to Hopkins Falls. These falls are particularly striking for their impressive width, stretching over 90 metres. It’s quite a sight when a water curtain cascades over the 12-metre-high dark volcanic rocks. 

There are a few observation decks where you can soak in the awe-inspiring scenery, and there’s also a charming spot for having a picnic lunch or letting the children have some fun and play.

If you want to extend your outing, you can continue driving for about 10 more minutes to reach Cheese World and Museum. It’s a fun place to explore, and you can make a day of it by combining a visit to the falls with a stop at Cheese World.

Allansford Cheese World

Allansford Cheese World is a tourist destination situated in Allansford, Victoria. It’s a multifaceted complex that includes a museum, a cellar, and a cafe. The museum, known as Cheese World Museum, is dedicated to showcasing the history of Australia’s dairy industry, focusing on cheese and butter-making tools and equipment.

At the cafe, visitors can enjoy a delectable array of dishes made from fresh local produce. Some menu highlights include a Pecorino & Raclette Omelette, a 3 Cheese Sourdough Toastie, the option to create your own Cheese Board, as well as everyday favourites like Smashed Avocado, Caesar Salad, and White Chocolate and Strawberry Pancakes.

Before leaving, guests can explore the cellar and purchase their favourite cheeses and local products. Allansford Cheese World is conveniently located on the Great Ocean Road, approximately 15 kilometres from Warrnambool, making it an accessible and enjoyable stop for travellers.

Port Campbell National Park

Port Campbell National Park

Port Campbell National Park is a highly sought-after tourist spot in Victoria, Australia’s southwestern region. It’s roughly 10 kilometres to the east of Warrnambool. Covering an expansive area of 1,750 hectares, The park is situated next to the Great Otway National Park and in close proximity to the Bay of Islands Coastal Park.

What makes this park genuinely famous are its remarkable wave-sculpted rock formations, with the Twelve Apostles being the most iconic among them. Park visitors can partake in a variety of activities, including picturesque drives, hiking adventures, and the chance to observe the local wildlife.

The park is easily accessible from Warrnambool, making it a perfect destination for a day trip. So, if you’re in the area, take the most of the chance to discover the natural beauty and stunning coastal vistas Port Campbell National Park offers.

Warrnambool Botanic Gardens

The Warrnambool Botanic Gardens is a stunning park in the heart of Victoria, Australia. These gardens are designed in a classic style, boasting wide, gracefully curving paths, ancient trees, a serene lily pond inhabited by ducks, a charming fernery, and a picturesque band rotunda.

What makes these gardens unique is their impeccable maintenance, providing visitors with a peaceful and tranquil experience. It’s an ideal place to spend a leisurely morning or afternoon, thanks to its spacious lawns, meandering paths, and the serene lily pond, which not only adds to the beauty but is also home to some friendly ducks.

Additionally, the Warrnambool Botanic Gardens are a sought-after location for weddings and various events. Whether you’re interested in a casual stroll, a delightful picnic, or simply unwinding and immersing yourself in the stunning surroundings, these gardens offer it all.

For anyone travelling to Warrnambool, a visit to the Warrnambool Botanic Gardens is a must-do. It’s a peaceful oasis in the city’s heart, inviting you to appreciate its natural beauty and tranquillity.

Thunder Point Coastal Reserve

Thunder Point Coastal Reserve, located in Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia, is a breathtaking coastal park that offers visitors a wide range of enjoyable features and activities. One of its standout features is the spectacular scenic views it provides. From this vantage point, you can take in panoramic vistas of the ocean, the rugged coastline, and the charming town of Warrnambool itself.

For those who love exploring on foot, the park offers a selection of walking trails suitable for various fitness levels. The Thunder Point Walk, in particular, is a popular choice. It winds through the park and treats hikers to mesmerising coastal landscape views.

Nature enthusiasts will be delighted by the opportunities for wildlife watching. Thunder Point Coastal Reserve is home to diverse wildlife, This includes observing birds, seals, and occasionally even catching sight of whales, making it a haven for animal lovers.

If you’re planning a leisurely visit, there are several designated picnic areas where you can savour a meal or a snack while surrounded by the park’s natural beauty. Additionally, Thunder Point Coastal Reserve is renowned for its stunning sunsets. Many locals and visitors gather here to witness the day’s end, either from the comfort of their cars or the elevated viewing platform.

The Warrnambool Art Gallery

The Warrnambool Art Gallery

If the weather in Warrnambool suddenly worsens, consider visiting the Warrnambool Art Gallery, affectionately known as “The WAG.” The gallery is open on weekdays from 10 AM to 5 PM and on weekends from 10 AM to 3 PM. This contemporary art space regularly features both permanent and travelling exhibitions.

The art collections at The WAG are diverse and often rotate, ensuring there’s always something fresh and exciting to discover. If you’re in town and the weather isn’t cooperating, pop into the gallery to explore the current exhibitions. You can also check out their website for up-to-date information on their displays and events. It’s a great way to spend your time indoors, appreciating the world of art, culture, and creativity.

Stingray Bay

Stingray Bay is a charming coastal spot behind the historic breakwater in Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia. It’s a gem that offers a unique and picturesque experience, mainly known for its crystal-clear rock pools waiting to be explored.

Here are some critical details about Stingray Bay:

  • Stingray Bay sits at the mouth of the Merri River, right behind Warrnambool’s iconic breakwater.
  • Visitors to Stingray Bay can delight in a variety of activities. They can lose themselves in the mesmerising crystal-clear rock pools, relax on the inviting beach, or stroll along the breakwater to soak in the coastal ambiance.
  • Access to Stingray Bay is easy, whether by car or on foot. There’s ample parking available, ensuring a hassle-free visit.
  • The best part is that you can explore Stingray Bay without spending a dime, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious travellers and families.

Stingray Bay is a hidden treasure in Warrnambool that offers beauty and intrigue. It’s a place well worth visiting for anyone exploring the area, providing a glimpse into the natural wonders of this coastal region.

Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road

Warrnambool is conveniently located less than an hour from famous attractions along the Great Ocean Road, including the 12 Apostles, London Bridge, and the Grotto. If this is your first time experiencing the Great Ocean Road Drive, Warrnambool is an excellent home base to explore these iconic destinations.

It’s important to note that this stretch of road can get quite busy, especially during peak tourist seasons. To fully appreciate the breathtaking sights along the way, allocate sufficient time for your journey.

If you’re looking for a pleasant stop along the route, consider visiting Port Campbell. It’s between the 12 Apostles and London Bridge and offers an excellent spot for lunch. While it can also get busy, you’ll find ample parking options, various food choices, and some delightful views overlooking the bay. So, whether you’re embarking on a road trip or simply seeking a day of exploration, Warrnambool provides an ideal starting point for your Great Ocean Road adventure.

Simon’s Waterfront

Simon’s Waterfront is a versatile establishment in Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia. It offers a delightful combination of a cafe, restaurant, and bar, making it a fantastic spot to explore. The venue is charming, featuring spacious windows that provide captivating ocean views and a welcoming beer garden for patrons to enjoy.

Regarding the menu, Simon’s Waterfront boasts diverse dishes to cater to various tastes. Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast, a steak lover, or prefer vegetarian options like pasta, you’ll find something to satisfy your palate. Notably, their seafood chowder is a standout dish highly recommended by those who have dined here.

Simon’s Waterfront is a top choice for those seeking a laid-back yet delicious dining experience in the charming city of Warrnambool. Whether you’re looking to savour a signature seafood chowder or want to enjoy the scenic ocean backdrop, this venue has a lot to offer.

The Flume

The Flume Beach in Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia, is renowned for its natural beauty and surf-worthy waves. Here’s what makes The Flume a popular and enticing destination:

The Flume has gained recognition as a prime surfing spot. It attracts numerous visitors eager to ride the waves and experience the thrill of the ocean.

Beyond its surfing appeal, the beach offers breathtaking vistas of the ocean and the picturesque surroundings. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or simply seeking a moment of serenity, The Flume’s views are a treat.

For those looking to enjoy the great outdoors more relaxedly, The Flume presents the opportunity for leisurely beach walks. Breathe in the fresh air and immerse yourself in the beauty of the natural surroundings.

Getting to The Flume is hassle-free, whether you arrive by car or prefer to explore on foot. The convenience of ample parking ensures that your visit is easy and enjoyable.

Overall, The Flume is a must-visit attraction for anyone travelling to Warrnambool. Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or simply searching for a serene spot to unwind and relish the coastal scenery, The Flume offers an inviting experience that caters to all.


Why Do Tourists Visit Warrnambool?

Warrnambool has something to enjoy, including stunning coastlines, beautiful beaches, and ocean views. You can explore lovely parks and gardens, go for seaside walks or bike rides, and even spot visiting whales. The city has a rich history of notorious shipwrecks and unique volcanoes. Plus, there’s a vibrant city centre with great food options, exciting sports, and a thriving atmosphere. Come and discover the many wonders of Warrnambool!

Is Warrnambool A Nice Place To Live?

Warrnambool is a lively and dynamic city, making it an excellent option for those considering transitioning from a big city lifestyle to a more relaxed regional setting. It is the hub for healthcare, education, sports, culture, and professional services in the Great South Coast region.

Which Is Better, Port Fairy Or Warrnambool?

Warrnambool offers a broader selection of accommodation options. However, if you’re looking for a truly unique and picturesque place to stay, Port Fairy is a genuinely charming town. While Warrnambool has its attractions, it may not be as dramatic as Port Fairy, known for its scenic beauty.

Is Warrnambool A Town Or City?

Warrnambool is located on Victoria’s Surf Coast, approximately 260 kilometres southwest of Melbourne. It ranks as the eighth-largest city in regional Victoria based on its population. The city serves as the region’s primary hub for retail, business services, healthcare, and education.

What County Is Warrnambool?

The City of Warrnambool is a municipal district in Victoria, Australia’s Barwon South West region. It is situated in the southwestern part of the state and spans an area of 121 square kilometres (47 square miles). As of June 2018, it had a population of 34,862 residents.


Places to visit in Warrnambool; It is a fantastic destination for outdoor enthusiasts, history buffs, and those looking for a relaxing coastal getaway. The city is filled with stunning natural attractions, including picturesque beaches, the beautiful Lake Pertobe, and the awe-inspiring rock formations at the Bay of Islands. History comes alive in Warrnambool, with its fascinating maritime museum and the Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village, providing a glimpse into the region’s rich maritime past.

Additionally, families will love visiting the famous attractions such as the Warrnambool Botanic Gardens, Adventure Playground, and whale watching opportunities. With its diverse range of interests and activities, Warrnambool is worth a visit for anyone looking to explore the beauty and history of Australia’s southern coast.

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