Point Samson Caravan Park: A Good Place on Your Road Trip!

Point Samson Caravan Park
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Road trips in Australia are an extremely favourable adventure. Most people go on road trips when they get the chance. Because Australia is a country with beautiful landscapes and scenic views. There are mountains, beaches and also even forests all over. For this reason, there are parking facilities available all over the country.

One such place is Point Samson Caravan Park. Located in West Australia, it is a great place to take a break from long road trips. This Pilbara Region parking ground has cottage facilities with electricity power.

Point Samson Caravan Park

Suppose you are driving from Exmouth to Broome in Western Australia. During this long fourteen-hour journey, it is evident that you will need a break. As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of parking facilities available in Australia. One such parking place is Point Samson Caravan Park

The exact location of this parking area is on the Karratha to Port Hedland leg journey. To reach there, you have to take the bypass from North Roebourne. Although it was once a fireproof shipping port, it is slowly changing into a holiday village.

Point Samson Caravan Park Facilities

The Point Samson Caravan Park is sometimes called the Samson Beach caravan park. Its main aim is to provide facilities for road trippers. These facilities include vehicle parking, lavatories, shelter, and camping grounds. Apart from these, there are BBQ facilities, laundry facilities, and even fish scaling tables too.

You have to keep in mind that only twenty spots are available in this parking area. Therefore you have to pre-book a spot over a phone call only.

Point Samson Caravan Park Rates And Alternative Accommodations

As of April 2023, all the Point Samson Caravan Park parking spots will charge $55 per night. Because all the parking spots are powered to provide charging facilities for electric vehicles, all details can be found on the website.

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This caravan park is just by the beach so you can take a short walk to the beach tavern and general store. There are also alternative facilities for accommodation. You can stay in one of those if you need swimming pool facilities.

Cove Holiday Village

The picturesque seaside community of Point Samson is the perfect setting for The Cove Holiday Village. Enjoy the coastal vistas while pitching a canvas, putting up your caravan, or staying in one of our self-contained chalets.

With their handy amenities and location, you can take advantage of the following at the Cove Holiday Village:

  • Beaches are accessible on foot, including the famous “Honey Moon Bay,” which offers breathtaking vistas of the Indian Ocean and Jarman Island.
  • Close to the harbour boat ramp.
  • Most angling locations are accessible on foot.
  • Eateries and stores are all within walking distance.
  • Distance from the shopping centre hub is 9 km.
  • Rent bicycles and snorkelling equipment directly in the park.

Cove Holiday Village Accommodation

The variety of rooms available in Cove Holiday Village is given below.

  • One Bedroom Deluxe Cabin: Queen Bed, TV, microwave, cooktop, kitchen & living area with dining table & sofa.
  • One Bedroom Superior Cabin: Queen Bed, TV, microwave, cooktop, kitchen & living area with dining table & sofa.
  • One Bedroom Studio Cabin: One King Bed or two Single Beds, TV, microwave, cooktop & kitchen.
  • Two-Bedroom Cabin: One Queen Bed and two Single beds,  TV, microwave, cooktop, kitchen & living area with a dining table and sofa.
  • Three-Bedroom Cabin: One Queen Bed and four Singles beds, TV, microwave, cooktop, kitchen & living area with a dining table and sofa.

Most caravan parks in Point Samson have almost the same features. One major difference is in their location. If you are a beach lover, you can stay in any one of the caravan parks beside the beach. Room facilities are extremely affordable and comfortable.


Where Is Point Samson?

In the Pilbara area of Western Australia, Point Samson is a tiny coastal community 18 kilometres north of Roebourne and 1,579 kilometres north of Perth. The town is a well-liked vacation destination for the close-by mining communities of Wickham, Karratha, and Dampier.

Why Are Caravan Parks Important?

Australia is an ideal country for road trips. You may travel around the country with your vehicle. For this reason, parking sports are very important. Caravan parks are generally those parking spots where you can take a break from road-tripping.

What Kind Of Vehicles Can Be Parked?

Even though the name of the place is a caravan park, nevertheless, you can park any sort of vehicle there. But most importantly, you have to pre-book the places.

What Are The Accommodation Facilities Available?

There are various types of cottages and villas available in the parking spots. Travellers can spend the night without any trouble. Different villas have different facilities, for example, one bedroom, two bedroom, three bedroom, etc.

The Final Analysis

Point Samson Caravan Parks are the best place to break from endless road trips. It allows you to boost your energy and prepare for the next phase of your journey. It doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle you are driving.

There is an ample amount of space for parking. You will get all the facilities required in either patrol-run vehicles or electric vehicles. Plus the accommodation facilities are well comfortable and affordable. Therefore, you should take a break in one of these caravan parks rather than driving non-stop on a road trip.

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