Port Augusta to Perth Road Trip: Ultimate Tour Adventure

Port Augusta to Perth Road Trip
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The distance between Augusta and Perth is 2387 kilometres, and in typical traffic, the trip should take 25 hours. The Port Augusta to Perth road trip is a long trip to go, and here you can find a lot of activities to do.

We did the homework if you’re on a road trip from Augusta to Perth. We came up with a list of fantastic spots to stop along the way, including Fremantle, Margaret River, Busselton, Cockburn, Yallingup, and Dunsborough, as well as popular attractions like Mammoth Cave and Leeuwin Estate, as well as the perennially well-liked Lake Cave.

Day 1

Port Augusta To The Tanks Rest Area

Travel Distance26.3 km
Travel Time by car21 minutes

South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula’s northeastern section contains the locality of Lincoln Gap. Its name refers to a space between two hills with sharp sides. The Eyre Highway and the Whyalla railway line traverse the gap. The Eyre Highway splits off into the Lincoln Highway southwest of the hole within the area’s boundaries.

Tank rest area
Credit Source: grumpygreynomads.com

One of Port Augusta’s top tourist destinations is the Australian Dryland Botanical Garden. There are wild dunes and clay flats in addition to interior display buildings. Many different desert plants and animals are shown. Many plants have unusual appearances and are unfamiliar to you. Good food is served at the botanical garden’s café, and the plant nursery sells various plants. The park is open to everyone without fee. The group tour will cost money. 

The Tanks Rest Area To Halfway Across Australia Sign

Travel Distance130 km
Travel Time by car1 Hour 22 minutes

The Big Galah, situated by the wheat silos, is Kimba’s most renowned monument. Australians seem to adore large kitsch objects of art, and the Big Galah, which is 8 metres tall, is no exception.

You can stop into the nearby Kimba Half Way Across Australia Gem shop while gazing at the Big Galah or gawking at it. Various Australian gemstones are available at Kimba’s Gem Shop, but the jewellery created with the locally sourced Cowell Jade is very striking.

Halfway Across Australia sign Kimba South Australia 2010

Many Cowell Jade specimens display a jet-black colouration, making them distinctive. Cowell Jade is a highly resilient gemstone polished model that can have a beautiful, mirror-like sheen. At Kimba’s Gem shop, Jade in the more popular garden green form is also available.

Halfway Across Australia Sign To The Big Galah

Travel Distance450 m
Travel Time by car1 min

The Big Galah is called that for a reason, after all! This magnificently large bird is an enormous 8 metres tall (taller than the typical adult giraffe), 2.5 metres wide (about the length of a king-size bed), and weighs 2.3 tonnes. If you’re having trouble picturing how heavy 2.3 tonnes are, think of a white rhinoceros. Whatever you compare The Big Galah to, it will nearly always become more prominent, and it is a sight to behold! It has vast bones, a big personality, and is just immense.

Big Galah Kimba

But it’s a different story if you’re approaching Kimba from the West. Turn right after around 900 metres in town after travelling west on the Eyre Highway for 88 kilometres from Kyancutta. Turning right will allow you to stay on the Eyre Highway as you go towards Port Augusta. Simply cross the railway tracks and make your first left after that.

The Big Galah will once more be sitting and waiting to greet you just to the right. The Big Galah is tough to miss, so don’t panic if you think you might miss them. You should include the Big Galah on your bucket list. You might even spot a real Galah soaring overhead or playing with some pebbles on the road if you hang around for a bit.

The Big Galah To Goyder’s Line Monument

Travel Distance69.3 km
Travel Time by car44 min

3 kilometres north of Melrose or 22 kilometres south of Wilmington is where you can camp. Numerous dirt entrances lead to turnarounds and parking spaces. The ground is level and covered in mud. The brook, which is currently dry, is traversed by a concrete causeway.

Goyders Line Memorial

There are only fire pits and trash cans in this camping area. It is isolated and covered in gum trees and vegetation. Despite being next to a road, there is little nighttime road noise. This region is accessible to all kinds of vehicles. Long vehicles might only be allowed in the park’s areas closest to the road.

Goyder’s Line Monument To Ceduna

Travel Distance69.3 km
Travel Time by car2 Hours 29 mins

The Far West Coast boasts breathtaking beaches and cliffs bordered by solitary woodland, far enough from busy city life to preserve its pristine environment and tranquillity. It is a peaceful, distinctively different location to reside in or visit.

Poynton Street Ceduna

The desire to promote this area as a prime vacation destination is as evident as the country’s charm and sense of community pride. For exploring the magnificent ocean and untamed coastline from Baird Bay to the Head of Bight and the Bunda Cliffs of the Nullarbor, the major towns of our area form an excellent starting point.

Winter months at the Head of Bight are whale-filled, Cactus Beach offers some of Australia’s most extraordinary surfing, and the stunning Gawler Ranges are an easy drive inland. Every season is excellent for fishing. Oysters from Smoky Bay and Denial Bay, cultivated and harvested in the area’s clear ocean waters and mild tides, are among the best in the world.

Ceduna Accommodations

You should stay in Ceduna because it’s a long journey. So just relax here and enjoy the night with whomever you go. The best place to stay in Ceduna is

  • Ceduna Foreshore Hotel Motel
  • Ceduna Shelly Beach Caravan Park
  • BIG4 Ceduna Tourist Park

Day 2

Ceduna To Eucla

Travel Distance492 km
Travel Time by car5 Hours 6 mins

The remote village of Eucla, located 1,430 miles from Perth by road and only ten minutes from the South Australian border, is a perfect pit stop on your Nullarbor trip. From Norseman in Western Australia to Port Augusta in South Australia, you can travel 1,675 miles on the spectacular Eyre Highway while passing the Great Australian Bight, caverns, a bird observatory, and Eucla’s old telegraph station.

Eucla Telegraph Station

Along this route stands the Nullarbor Links, the longest golf course in the world. Play 18 holes on the 1,365-kilometer system, which extends from Ceduna, South Australia, to Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, over the vast red plain and along the craggy coastline. At the same time, kangaroos, bush turkeys, and emus watch your drives and putts.

Eucla Accommodations

Given the distance, you should stay in Eucla. So unwind right now and have a good time wherever you go. The ideal lodging option in Eucla is

  • Border Village Roadhouse
  • Eucla Motel
  • Mundrabilla Roadhouse

Day 3

Eucla To Balladonia

Travel Distance491 km
Travel Time by car4 Hours 57 mins

Balladonia is ideally situated for a rest stop, just two and a half-hour drive east of Norseman and four and a half-hour drive from Kalgoorlie. This is true whether you’re starting on your Nullarbor Road journey heading east or reaching the concluding stretch of the Eyre Highway travelling west. Once you step foot on the 270,000 square km Norseman to Ceduna limestone karst, the most significant limestone karst in the world, you are faced with some spectacular landscapes. 

Take a look at the enormous clay pans. Visit the rocky outcrops at Newman’s Rocks, 50 km west of Balladonia, to look for wildflowers and fauna. Or travel to the Great Western Woodlands and discover a portion of this temperate woodland that is 160,000 square kilometres and has ecological value comparable to the Serengeti in Africa and the Amazon in South America. In Balladonia, you can practise your swing on the world’s longest course, the Nullarbor Links, which extends 1,365 kilometres from Ceduna to Kalgoorlie.

Balladonia Museum

The first American space station, Skylab, crashed into the ground in July 1979, giving rise to the name of this particular crater. The Balladonia Hotel’s dedicated museum proudly displays artefacts from Australia’s only spaceship crash site. Stay a night or two at the hotel/motel or caravan park, or camp out at Newman’s Rocks under the Nullarbor night sky. Stock up on essentials for the journey ahead.

Balladonia To Norseman

Travel Distance218 km
Travel Time by car2 Hours 18 mins

The Norseman gold mine significantly impacted Norseman’s history. The accidental finding of gold at nearby Lake Dundas in 1892 marked the beginning of gold mining in the Norseman region. Soon, a rush of gold attractions and Norseman horse statues started. The original Dundas fields, however, are now vacant. According to local lore, the town of Norseman was named after a horse. According to legend, Laurie Sinclair, the horse’s owner, chained “Hardy Norseman” to a tree that night in 1894. 

Tin camel roundabout Norseman

When Sinclair returned to his horse, he had the good fortune to see that “Norseman” had found a gold nugget. Since then, a statue honouring Norseman has been built, but unsurprisingly it is only made of bronze. With reports that the Norseman fields have generated more than 5 million ounces of the priceless yellow metal, gold mining is still a significant industry today.

Norseman Accommodations

You should remain in Norseman due to this distance. So relax right now and enjoy yourself wherever you are. The best place to stay in Norseman is

  • Norseman Great Western Motel
  • The Railway Motel And Woodlands Guesthouse
  • Fraser Range Station

Day 4

Norseman To Perth

Travel Distance721 km
Travel Time by car7 Hours 54 mins

On Australia’s west coast, Perth is the most distant city in the world. Adelaide, the closest major city, is around 2,100 miles away. It is one of the fastest-growing communities in the nation and is recognised for its laid-back culture, gorgeous beaches, and bright skies, although it is not the most accessible place to get to.

Perth Australia

The formerly peaceful backwater, located on the banks of the Swan River and the coastlines of the Indian Ocean, today hums with life and has a highly energetic atmosphere. Perth offers an abundance of fantastic pubs, cafes, and restaurants, great stores and boutiques, and a wealth of historical and cultural tourist sites. Due to the mild climate and the ‘Perthites” love of the outdoors, there are many fantastic locations for cycling, swimming, and walking throughout the city.


Does It Make Sense To Drive From Perth To Adelaide?

Perth and Adelaide are separated by a significant distance on the map, which makes it seem difficult to cross. There is much to see and do along the trip, which will delight you. This road trip from Perth to Adelaide is considered an essential part of every vacation to Australia, but it also makes for a fantastic adventure.

What Time Of Year Is Best For Car Travel From Adelaide To Perth?

Your Adelaide to Perth road journey offers seasonal highlights outside of the summer. Whales can be seen at the Head of the Bight throughout the winter. Spring is lovely at several stops because of the wildflower season.

Where Can I Stop On The Way From Melbourne To Port Augusta?

Sovereign Hill, Werribee Open Range Zoo, and Bendigo Art Gallery are the main attractions to see en route from Port Augusta to Melbourne. Other well-liked destinations include Lake Wendouree, Eastern Beach Reserve, and Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa.

Which Is Cheaper, Adelaide Or Perth?

Adelaide, Australia, has a 15% higher cost of living than Perth, Australia. A wealth of reliable data supports this comparison. Based on 342 prices submitted by 45 separate people.

Perth Or Adelaide, Which Is Better?

The coastal towns are known for their laid-back atmosphere and classic Australian feelings. Still, Adelaide is more connected to the nation due to its more straightforward layout and affordable housing costs. Perth, on the other hand, is essential to Western Australia.

Final Word

The car drive from Port Augusta to Perth is long and arduous but extremely rewarding. Although the Nullarbor Plain is a vast, lonely area, it is also home to some of Australia’s most extraordinary and breathtaking natural beauties.

You can stop at historic towns and landmarks and see kangaroos, emus, and other wildlife along the road. Port Augusta to Perth road trip is ideal if you’re searching for an experience that will push your limits and reward you with beautiful landscapes.

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