Port Hedland To Broome Road Trip – 7 Must-See Places Along the Way

Port Hedland To Broome Road Trip
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You can get to Broome from Port Hedland by Plane, bus, or car. The direct drive from Port Hedland to Broome via car is 604 km. You have to drive for 6 hours and 17 minutes to get there from Port Hedland.

Broome is famous as the best destination for a relaxed and unique holiday. The town is awesome, where the outback meets the beautiful sea. You have a variety of attractions in Broome that suit everyone. If you plan a trip from Port Hedland to Broome, I recommend you take a few stops on your route and enjoy beautiful attractions in those places.

You can stop at different places, but De Grey, Pardoo, Eighty Mile Beach, Lagrange, Roebuck, and Billignur are worth stopping. Things will be much more interesting; you can explore beautiful nature and have some rest. Stay tuned!

Port Hedland to Broome Road Trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions

Broome is almost 604 km far from Port Hedland, Australia. Your travel time to get there will vary depending on your mode of transportation.

Transportation ModeApproximate time 
Car6 hours 17 minutes 
Bus6 hours 25 minutes 

To make your road trip more enjoyable, I recommend you stop at the below destinations to have some fun and relax. You will get the chance to explore many beautiful things.

Port Hedland to De Grey

Driving Distance: 57.3 km

Driving Time: 40 minutes by car

De Grey is an excellent destination to stop and rest. It is approximately 57 km far from Port Hedland. You may need 40 minute’s drive to get there via National Highway 1. 

It is an excellent place to spend some time and enjoy romantic moments with your love in this calm and natural place. You can also plan a picnic party or have some fun with friends. 

The view of River De Gray is awesome; it is an excellent place to spend three to four hours. But remember to keep snacks and necessary items with you because you may hardly find the hotel, restaurant, or mechanical shops.

Top attractions in De Grey

The locality is calm and friendly, with wide natural lands. You visit the De Gray Riverside for fun and rest.

Accommodation in De Grey

Not Applicable

Restaurants in De Grey

Not Applicable

De Grey to Pardoo

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Driving Distance: 89.3 km

Driving Time: 57 minutes by car

The next stop on your road trip to Broome from Port Hedland is Pardoo. It is approximately 89 km from De Gray and will take an hour to get there via National Highway 1.

Pardoo is a good place to stop, have some rest or spend a night. You can find accommodation and a fuel facility to refill your car. You can also dine and explore some beautiful attractions nearby.

Pardoo is a small town that allows you to explore natural and rural life. You can enjoy the cattle stations to see many beautiful species if you love cattle. Pardoo is also famous for its milk-producing unit.

Top attractions in Pardoo

You have many attractions to explore in Pardoo, but the following are some worth visiting attractions for tourists.

  • Cape Kaurden
  • Cape Kaurden Coastal Reserve
  • Pardoo Station
  • Pardoo Wetlands
  • Pardoo Dunes

Accommodation in Pardoo

To stay in Pardoo following are some of the best and most affordable hotels.

  • Pardoo Homestead
  • Pardoo Roadhouse and Caravan Park
  • Pardoo Dunes Holiday Units
  • Pardoo Desert Oasis Tourist Village
  • Pardoo Bush Camp

Restaurants in Pardoo

Here is a list of some of the best restaurants to dine in Pardoo.

  • Pardoo Station Restaurant
  • The Pit Stop Cafe & Takeaway
  • The Homestead Restaurant
  • The Great Australian Bite
  • The Pardoo Hotel
  • The Pardoo Dining Room
  • The Pardoo Grill

Pardoo to Eighty Mile Beach

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Driving Distance: 172 km

Driving Time: 1 hour and 46 minutes by car

Eight Mile Beach is the next stop where you must stop on your road trip to Broome. It is approximately 172 km far from Pardoo, which takes 1 hour and 46 minutes to get there via National Highway 1.

It is a popular destination for fishing, camping, and 4WD touring. The beach stretches for about 160 kilometres (80 miles) along the Indian Ocean. It is known for its white sand, crystal-clear water, and abundant marine life. 

The area also has several historic shipwrecks and indigenous rock art sites. You can stay here for a few hours for a picnic or take some rest.

Top attractions in Eighty Mile Beach

Following are the two best places to spend a few hours in Eighty Mile Beach.

  • The Broome Bird Observatory
  • The Eighty Mile Beach Roadhouse

Accommodation in Eighty Mile Beach

I recommend you the following hotels to stay in Eighty Mile Beach.

  • Eighty Mile Beach Caravan Park
  • Eighty Mile Beach Tourist Village
  • Eighty Mile Beach House
  • Eighty Mile Beach Motel
  • Eighty Mile Beach Holiday Units

Restaurants in Eighty Mile Beach

Following are some best restaurants in Eight Mile Beach to enjoy tasty meals.

  • bP truckstop
  • Eighty Mile Beach Caravan Park Restaurant
  • Eighty Mile Beach House Restaurant

Eighty Mile Beach to Lagrange

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Driving Distance: 136 km

Driving Time: 1 hour and 26 minutes by car

LaGrange is the next best place to stop for refreshments and some fun. It is almost 136 km from Eighty Mile Beach, and that takes 1 hour and 26 minutes to get there via National Highway 1.

It is a good destination for tourists looking to explore the area’s natural beauty. LaGrange is known for its stunning beaches, breathtaking coastline, and beautiful forests and bushland, making it an excellent place for outdoor enthusiasts.

There are many activities to enjoy in LaGrange, including hiking and biking trails, surfing and swimming, and whale watching. Overall, LaGrange is a beautiful and diverse destination that will surely provide visitors with an unforgettable experience.

Top attractions in Lagrange

You have many attractions to visit, but I recommend the below attractions you must visit when visiting LaGrange.

  • The Stockland LaGrange Shopping Centre
  • LaGrange Beach
  • The LaGrange Art Gallery
  • The Old Convict Trail Walk
  • The LaGrange Lighthouse
  • The LaGrange Historical Society Museum

Accommodation in Lagrange

I recommend you the following hotels for accommodation which are affordable and provide excellent services.

  • The Grand Hotel
  • The Old Bank Hotel
  • The LaGrange Motel 
  • The LaGrange B&B

Restaurants in Lagrange

You can enjoy tasty meals in the following affordable restaurants in LaGrange.

  • LaGrange Bistro
  • The LaGrange Cafe 
  • The LaGrange Grill
  • The Old Bakery Restaurant

Lagrange to Roebuck

Sand beaches of northern Roebuck Bay Broome Western Australia

Driving Distance: 132 km

Driving Time: 1 hour 23 minutes by car

Roebuck is the next best place to stop on your route from Port Hedland to Broome. It is about 132 km from Lagrange and may take 1 hour and 23 minutes to get there via National Highway 1.

Roebuck is a small town that is known for its stunning natural beauty. The Roebuck area is known for its beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters. In addition to its natural beauty, Roebuck is also home to several cultural and historical attractions.

Overall, Roebuck is an excellent destination for anyone looking to experience the natural beauty of Western Australia and learn about the region’s rich history and culture.

Top attractions in Roebuck

I recommend the following attractions that are worth visiting.

  • Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park
  • Broome Bird Observatory
  • Barn Hill
  • Hartmann,s Garden Center

Accommodation in Roebuck

In Roebuck following are the best hotels to stay with family.

  • Peel Manor House
  • The Tree Top B&B
  • The Old Post Office
  • The Old Postmaster’s Cottage

Restaurants in Roebuck

You can visit the following restaurants in Roebuck for tasty meals.

  • Nando’s Roebuck
  • The Roebuck  Café
  • The Roebuck Steakhouse
  • The Roebuck Seafood Restaurant
  • The Roebuck Thai Kitchen
  • The Roebuck Italian Trattoria
  • The Roebuck  Sushi

Roebuck to Bilingurr

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Driving Distance: 17.3 km

Driving Time: 14 minutes by car

After Roebuck, I recommend you to stay at Bilingurr. It is just a 14 minutes drive far from Roebuck. You can get there by car via National Highway 1.

Bilingurr is known for its rich cultural heritage, with many traditional stories and practices being passed down through the generations. The community is also surrounded by beautiful landscapes, with forests, wetlands, and beaches all within easy reach.

It is a good destination for those who love rural life. You can spend a memorable time in Bilingurr and can explore many worth-seeing sceneries.

Top attractions in Bilingurr

You can explore many beautiful attractions in Biligurr, but do not miss visiting the following attractions when you are in Bilingurr.

  • Bilingurr Aboriginal Cultural Centre
  • Bilingurr Beach
  • Bilingurr Community Market
  • Bilingurr Nature Reserve

Accommodation in Bilingurr

If you plan to spend a night in Bilingurr, the following are the best hotels.

  • Bilingurr Community Hotel
  • Bilingurr Beachfront Resort
  • Bilingurr Country Club Hotel
  • Bilingurr Luxury Retreat
  • Bilingurr Ocean View Hotel

Restaurants in Bilingurr

You can dine tasty meals in the following hotels in Bilingual.

  • The Bilingurr Hotel
  • The Saltwater Grill
  • The Bilingurr Kitchen
  • The Red Ochre Grill
  • The Busy Bee Cafe
  • The Bilingurr Bakery
  • The Blue Water Seafood Restaurant

Bilingurr to Broome

Broome Coast Western Australia

Driving Distance: 6.3 km

Driving Time: 9 minutes by car

Next to Bilingurr, you will get to Broome after a 9 minutes drive. Follow National Highway 1; you may affect by the flood if you visit in the wet season.

Broome has many attractions for its visitors to see and have fun with. You can spend a memorable time at beaches, parks, and historical landmarks.

Broome has a vibe of rural and urban life so that you can enjoy a versatile lifestyle. People from different cultures are also residing in Broome, so you can explore versatile cultures in Broome.

Top attractions in Broome

You have many beautiful attractions to visit in Broome. But take the chance to visit the following attractions.

  • Broome Historical Museum
  • Sun Pictures Broome
  • Town Beach
  • Cable Beach
  • China Town Broome
  • Gantheum Point
  • Black stump Gallery

Accommodation in Broome

Following are some of the best accommodations facilities to stay in Broome. They are affordable and safe places to stay with family.

  • Moonlight Bay Suites
  • The Continental Hotel Broome
  • Pinctada McAlpine House
  • Oaks Broome
  • Discovery Parks Broome

Restaurants in Broome

You can dine in your hotels, but for versatile and tasty recipes, you can visit the following restaurants in Broome.

  • Oasis Eatery
  • Good Cartel
  • McDonald’s Broome
  • The Aarli
  • Matso’s Broome Brewery
  • Mangrove Hotel


How Should I travel from Port Hedland to Broome without a car?

You can drive by bus or flight. The bus takes almost 6 and a half hours to get there. But the bus facility is available twice a week. So get information about the bus departure before planning your trip to Broome.

How much time does it need to fly from Port Hedland to Broome?

You can use the flight to get Broome from Port Hedland. It takes only 1 hour and 25 minutes to reach Broome via flight. 

How many days do I need to stay in Broome?

Broome is a beautiful town with many beautiful beaches, parks, and attractions worth seeing. You can spend many days in Broome, but it is good to reserve almost 4 days when visiting Broome.

What is the suitable month to visit Broome?

The weather in Broome changes with the months. You must have prior knowledge to visit Broome. May-October is the dry season in Broome, and those months are an excellent time to spend holidays in Broome. Otherwise, you may experience bad weather, which may spoil your plan.

Can you swim on Broome beaches?

Yes, you can swim on the Broome Beaches but only at patrolled beaches. You must ensure you are going to swim within the designated swimming area. Swimming areas are also marked with yellow flags.

Why is the water so blue in Broome?

Water in Broome Beaches is so blue because of an intense combination of tropical sunlight and dazzling geology. The sand on the beaches is white, giving viewers a very blue view.


Broome is a famous tourist destination in Australia that is worth visiting. You have multiple modes of transportation to get there. Not only Broome, but your route to Broome from Port Hedland also has many good destinations to rest and have fun. Make a 4 to 5 days plan to explore beautiful attractions on the way and in Broome.

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