Road Trip Photography: Capture Australia’s Beauty on a Travel

Road Trip Photography
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Planning for a Road Trip Photography? You will be glad to know that a photographer’s paradise is in Western Australia. The Western Coast is a prime site for stunning sunset photos over the water, and the landscapes and scenery are so varied that you’ll always have new scenes to photograph.

Here, Canon photographer Steve Huddy offers his best recommendations for where to shoot in Western Australia.

Road Trip Photography: Capture Australia’s Beauty on a Travel

Western Australia

Crawley Edge Boatshed

A popular photo subject and iconic location, the lovely boatshed gracing the Swan River outside the city centre is best photographed at daybreak. It was constructed in the 1930s and afterwards used as the Royal Perth Yacht Club’s base of operations.

During World War II, it housed an air squadron. It has now undergone renovations, been painted a brilliant shade of blue, and is close to Perth’s Kings Park and Botanic Garden, another highly recommended location for stunning early-morning photo opportunities.

Matilda Bay

The Matilda Bay shoreline is a fantastic location for sunrises that is just a short stroll from the Crawley Edge Boatshed. In the normally tranquil and smooth waters, yachts and boats are everywhere, perfectly backlit by the sun’s early morning rays. Hoping for a stunning pink and purple sunrise to capture on camera.

South Perth’s City Nightscapes

Photographers who want to capture one of Australia’s most beautiful skylines will find this the ideal place. Going to the South Perth Esplanade, located just south of the Perth CBD and spans the Swan River, you’ll see the city’s incredibly lovely nighttime scenery without interruptions.

The Island Point Reserve and the Thrombolites

The Thrombolites, a unique environment, are located on the Peel Lakes, about an hour south of Perth and about 20 minutes from Mandurah. These incredible living structures are called microbialites, which are tiny organisms-built structures resembling rocks.

This is the Southern Hemisphere’s highest concentration, and they are more than 2000 years old. Particularly at dusk, the thrombolites provide photographers with great foreground intrigue due to the fragility of these historic structures of concrete and wooden jetties.

Region of Dunsborough Cape Naturaliste

A short drive from Perth, on the outskirts of Margaret River, you’ll find a landscape photographer’s paradise with various spots that will reward the astute photographer. The most well-known include:

The best time to photograph Sugarloaf Rock is just before sunset when the sun is peeking over the corner and glaring off the rock’s side from the high viewing area.

Canal Rocks

The Canal Rocks are a little further south of Sugarloaf Rock. It’s not necessary to venture off the indicated boardwalk to capture stunning images, and I don’t advise it either because the Indian Ocean can be choppy at times.

In Shelly Beach, In Bunker Bay

A quiet little inlet known as Shelly Beach is tucked away from Sugarloaf Rock. This is a stunning location for the sunrise because of the numerous unique rock formations and tall cliffs framed by the rough shell sand.

Northern Territory


Uluru, which sits in Australia’s Red Centre, is undoubtedly the country’s most well-known landmark and has significant Aboriginal significance. The enormous red-orange rock formation shoots out of the Australian Outback and towers high above all else.

While Uluru is surrounded by a multitude of roads and easily accessible trails, it’s vital to know there are several highly important and delicate Aboriginal sites nearby. Please observe the guidelines and cautionary signs posted throughout the area.

Kata Tjuta

While Uluru frequently receives most of the attention, the 16-mile-away Kata Tjuta rock formation is almost as stunning. The other half of the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, which safeguards the entire area, is Kata Tjuta, a collection of 36 sizable rock domes. Be sure to pay attention to any trail markers you encounter while exploring because it also has some extremely sensitive Aboriginal sites.

West MacDonnell Ranges Gorges

The spectacular MacDonnell Ranges, a collection of impressive mountain ranges extending eastward and westward outside Alice Springs, is a major tourist attraction. You can find some incredible gorges, swimming holes, and walks inside those ranges that would make any outdoor photographer or casual traveller very happy.

Ballooning In The Outback, Alice Springs

The experience of viewing a place from the air is unique. Even though people frequently choose a helicopter or a scenic flight in several situations, a hot air balloon ride is frequently more calming and quiet. Outback Ballooning is a terrific way to experience the MacDonnell Ranges, which are located in Alice Springs. You can see a spectacular light display if you get up before sunrise.


Darwin is the starting point for many NT adventures because it is the largest city in the Northern Territory. It is also the location of the NT’s only international airport, which offers nonstop service to Shenzhen, Singapore, and Bali. You can explore the historic city, adjacent national parks, waterfalls, and shoreline attractions that line the city thanks to the tropical climate’s warmth and laid-back atmosphere.

New South Wales

The Three Sisters

One of Australia’s top 5 most visited locations and the Blue Mountains’ main selling feature. It’s a great spot to start because it’s also one of the simpler destinations to travel to. It’s only a 1.5-hour drive from Sydney.

Crags And Canyons Of The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains canyons and crags require more skill than simple hiking prowess. Yet, Katoomba is home to tour operators who can take almost anyone to these mysterious locations.

Kociusko National Park

If you’re hiking in the summer or skiing in the winter, Kosci is a breathtaking area. In this beautiful but under-travelled spot, you’ll be able to capture a range of hues, forms, textures, and angles, and you’ll have the time and room to perfect your new skill.

Norah Head

You could go on and on about how many incredible locations to shoot on the Central Coast. One of these very beautiful locations to see the sunrise and usher in the new day is Norah Head Lighthouse. Make some beach sprints or leap into the ocean to finish it off.

Bouddi National Park Or Putty Beach

Another amazingly cool location to shoot on the Central Coast is this national park. Strong foreground details result from rock erosion from the water.

South Australia

Eyre Peninsula, Lake Macdonnell

You don’t need to go overboard in Photoshop to create wide stretches of dazzling baby-pink waves. Some of the brightest pink lakes in the world may be found in South Australia, mesmerizing tourists with their surreal hues from the desert to the sea. The bubble gum shoreline of Lake MacDonnell, set against the famous turquoise waters of the Eyre Peninsula, must be seen to be believed.

A high salt concentration produces incredibly strong colours, showcasing Mother Nature’s entire colour pallet. Cactus Beach, an oceanic wonderland that attracts surfers worldwide to its potent breaks and Southern Ocean swells, is located at the end of this road on the Eyre Peninsula. 

Pristine Beaches

Forget about Fiii or the Maldives. South Australia has long lengths of pristine white sand, clear turquoise sea, and brilliant blue skies. You won’t have to compete for space to spread your towel at these picture-perfect beaches since South Australia’s coastline surpasses any worldwide destination. Do you have beachside cocktail dreams? Sunset lovers can enjoy mojitos with their toes in the sand and unwind to summer music just minutes from the city. 

Outback Coober Pedy

The traditional outback colours of South Australia, red ochre and burnt orange, are always in style. The weird underground town of Coober Pedy is Australia’s opal capital. It offers a sun-baked lunar environment filled with ruins, strange artworks, and one-of-a-kind structures, the ideal setting for an original photograph.

Enter the quirky home of the fabled croc hunter of the outback as you descend beneath the surface, explore a maze of underground residences, hotels, and even shops, and then spend the night hidden beneath the earth’s surface.

Kangaroo Island’s Remarkable Rocks

Remarkable Rocks blown-apart stones are a common symbol of Kangaroo Island. One of the island’s most recognizable sights, these geological phenomena were carved out of granite over 500 million years by the island’s battering wind, sea, and rain.

Outback Coward Springs

Coward Springs, a true oasis along the famed Oodnadatta Track, may not be something other than your normal day spa. Still, after a long day of travelling through the parched, crimson outback, a soak in this natural spring is ideal for intrepid travellers to recharge.


Photograph Of Bridestowe Lavender Estate

The estate is a breathtaking location to explore throughout the year, but late December or early January are the finest times to see the lovely lavender in bloom.

Photo Of Launceston In Autumn 

Just before twilight, a storm had just passed over Launceston. The tree and its autumnal leaves were illuminated by the sun behind me, which also cast a faint rainbow in the distance.

Binalong Bay Photo

Binalong Bay, a well-liked site on Tasmania’s breathtaking East Coast, is undoubtedly beautiful. Visitors should see the white sand, red lichen-covered rocks, and crystal-clear blue sea.

Images Of The Central Highlands

The Highlands of Tasmania are accessible by car from many points. People adore the winter because the snow can transform the surroundings into an enchanted world.

Cradle Mountain Images

Like this one, Cradle Mountain photos from Tasmania are difficult to resist. Similar sights like those in this shot from Tasmania greet you when you first pull into the Dove Lake parking lot in the Cradle Mountain National Park.


The Lamington National Park’s Elabana Falls

Within Lamington National Park, Elabana Falls is a 1.5-hour drive from Brisbane. It’s a well-known spot for photographers because it’s one of Australia’s most beautiful waterfalls. You will be rewarded with numerous photo options for the slight climb from the parking lot. To obtain a better glimpse of this stunning natural landscape, tiptoe over the rocks once you arrive near the falls.

Brisbane’s Southbank

Brisbane’s Southbank is the best location for stunning cityscape photography. Spending a few hours admiring the cityscape and strolling down the promenade is a wonderful area. Get a breathtaking perspective of the city from the promenade or experience stunning panoramas by riding the Brisbane Wheel. The wheel itself is a great subject because it illuminates at night. Make sure you have a tripod for clear, crisp nighttime pictures.

Mount Coot-tha

Mt. Coot-tha is the best place to go if you want to see the capital of Queensland in all its glory. You will be amazed to see the city after only a twenty-minute drive from Brisbane. From Mt. Coot-tha, you can see why Brisbane is one of Australia’s most picturesque cities. The city appears to shine when the sun rises since it is surrounded by greenery, and the sky can change colours surprisingly.

The Great Barrier Reef

This magnificent natural wonder is something that one should watch in his lifetime. The Whitsundays region is ideal for viewing and exploring the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef can be enjoyed in many different ways, giving photographers many opportunities to capture its beauty. While an overhead tour will allow you to capture the size of the world’s largest coral reef, snorkelling will allow you to get up and personal.

Wallaman Falls, National Park Of Girringun

The Queensland rainforests are the ideal location for a photography tour. Just over two hours from Townsville, in the Girringin National Park, are the Wallaman Falls. The Wallaman Falls is the tallest continuously falling water feature in Australia. Girringun National Park is a fantastic location for photographs because of its breathtaking gorge vistas, amazing rainforest, and wildlife.


What Are The Laws In Australia Regarding Street Photography?

There is no legal restriction against shooting photos in public areas like streets, parks, or beaches, even if the people in the photos are present. Considering privacy laws, this may seem a bit complicated, but in reality, no rule forbids taking photographs of someone while they are in a public place.

What Regulations Apply To Photography In Australia?

Taking a photo of someone without their permission or, in other situations, sharing or publishing such a photo without that person’s permission is currently not a crime in Australia.

In Australia, Is It Legal To Take Pictures In Public?

You can often snap pictures in a public setting without requesting permission. This includes capturing pictures of people, places, and structures.

Last Words

In general, it is legal to snap pictures in public areas like streets, parks, and beaches, as well as on any land you own or have control over, such as a rental property. If the information is viewed as harassing or offensive, it is also illegal to record someone online or to post pictures or videos of them without their consent.

Distinct Australian jurisdictions have specific criminal laws about various forms of capturing photos without acknowledgment. So why are you waiting? Make a Road Trip Photography.

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