Rockhampton to Townsville Road Trip: Find Tropical Delights!

Rockhampton to Townsville Road Trip
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The 768 km travel from Rockhampton to Townsville takes 8 hours 53 mins. Make it a road trip instead, stopping at Mackay and Airlie Beach. This independent road trip planning guide for Australia is intended for tourists planning a journey from Queensland’s Rockhampton to Townsville.

Visit the Museum of Underwater Art in Townsville, take a ferry to the stunning Magnetic Island, and enjoy sunset cruises. Explore here for more Townsville encounters. Look here to get the most incredible lodging offers in Townsville. Continue reading to learn more about the Rockhampton to Townsville road trip, including the mileage, travel time, and best rest stations.

Day 1

Rockhampton To Peter Smith Memorial Grove 

Travel Distance3.6 km
Travel Time by car6 minutes

It is a nonprofit company that is self-funded and devoted to cataloguing monuments in Australia. The expenditures of operating this website have increased significantly over time, likely more than many for-profit businesses. 

If you find Monument Australia valuable, consider contributing to the continued availability of this historical and educational resource. We would be very grateful for your assistance.

Peter Smith Memorial Grove To Capricorn Caves

Travel Distance25.4 km
Travel Time by car27 minutes

A multi-generational family-owned attraction called Capricorn Caves is just minutes off the Pacific Coast Way, 23 kilometres north of Rockhampton. A unique bucket-list experience, the intimate Adventure Tour enables further exploration and offers breathtaking peak views. On tour, you can learn about the richness of natural fauna and endangered species that call Capricorn Caves, an Advanced Ecotourism site, home.  

On intimate interpretive tours, knowledgeable locals tell the enthralling tales of this ancient Australian region. The roomy, self-contained cabins and caravan sites, located on 80 acres, are ideal for a quick escape or extended stay. Visitors can relax in the bushland, catch up with loved ones, and marvel at the clear night sky while stargazing.

Capricorn Caves To Sarina Sugar Shed

Travel Distance278 km
Travel Time by car2 hours 49 minutes

The multi-award-winning Sarina Sugar Shed offers a genuine and authentic paddock-to-plate food tourism experience and highlights Queensland’s rich sugar cane industry heritage. Through their daily guided tours, Sarina Sugar Shed honours the contributions of the early sugar cane pioneers who brought great prosperity to the area through their arduous labour and mechanical ingenuity. They also show how the raw sugar cane plant is transformed into crystallised sugar that is ready for refinement and ethanol for the production of alcohol using their miniature mill.

The tour comes to a close with tastings of their products, showcasing the various delectable ways sugar is used. These products include rum, rum liqueurs, and fruit liqueurs manufactured on-site in the boutique distillery, as well as their selection of Sugar Shed chutneys, relishes, sauces and non-alcoholic ginger beer.

Sarina Sugar Shed is an actual food tourism experience that satisfies the sweet tooth of all ages with its products in the café, including house-baked scones with handmade strawberry jam, cheese and sample platters using their chutneys and relishes, and ten kinds of ice cream made in-house.

Sarina Sugar Shed To Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens

Travel Distance33.8 km
Travel Time by car28 minutes

The Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens, which are only five miles from the Mackay City Centre, include the stunning tropical flora of Mackay and the Whitsundays and other attractive Australian native and exotic species from regions with comparable conditions. This new botanic garden offers visitors a unique cafe and gallery high above the wildlife-filled lagoons, over three km of walking and cycling trails, wetland boardwalks, and superb bird viewing opportunities. It was just founded in 2003. 

The lavish Fernery, the Regional Forest, the rare and endangered flora of the tropical Shade Garden, and the unusual Coal Garden—tracing the evolution of plants and the significance of coal—are just a few featured gardens. While taking a stroll, exciting art installations and informational boards add to the fun. A cafe with options for indoor and outdoor eating with a view of the wetland lagoon offers a variety of cuisine and drinks.

Mackay Regional Botanic Garden’s Accommodation

Staying in Mackay Regional Botanic Garden would be best because it’s a long journey. So relax here and enjoy the night with whomever you go. The best place to stay in Mackay Regional Botanic Garden is

  • Mackay Oceanside Central Hotel
  • McGuire’s CMD Hotel
  • ibis Mackay.

Day 2

Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens To Colour Me Crazy

Travel Distance125 km
Travel Time by car1 hour 24 minutes

The fascinating, varied Colour Me Crazy is like Aladdin’s cave. Many jewellery, clothes, household goods, yard art, and more items exist worldwide. Visitors worldwide flock to this truly unique store and are astonished by what they discover. If you don’t, you’re crazy. Come and see! the Pros Vegas Jewel and Pressie Palace.

Colour Me Crazy To Bicentennial Walkway

Travel Distance23.2 km
Travel Time by car22 minutes

The nearly 4-kilometre-long Bicentennial Walkway in Airlie Beach offers some stunning coastal vistas of this region of Queensland. The Bicentennial Walk, an attractive coastal route with a refreshing sea breeze that makes it enjoyable even on hot Queensland days, extends from the lagoon of Airlie Beach to the sands of Cannonvale Beach. Walkers can anticipate spending about 45 minutes completing the entire walk at a leisurely pace. With its numerous lavish yachts and other vessels, Abell Point Marina can be seen at about the midway point of this well-maintained path, which is popular with locals and tourists. It also offers excellent views of the open water.

As the path almost entirely follows the waterline, walkers can spot marine life, such as fish and turtles, by gazing down into the water. The walk also features several cafes, restaurants, and bars along the way that make for good spots for a bite to eat or a drop of a drink. For those looking to take top-notch vacation photos, especially at dusk, the Bicentennial Walk is a terrific option. Given that it is completely free, every tourist to Airlie Beach should partake in it there.

Bicentennial Walkway To Big Mango

Travel Distance23.2 km
Travel Time by car22 minutes

The tasty fruit that bears the namesake of the town “Bowen Mango” is represented by the ten-meter-tall Big Mango. It’s the perfect place to pause on the fabled East Coast of Australia’s Bruce Highway with its expansive vistas of the Whitsunday coast. The Big Mango may be near the Bowen Visitor Information Centre on the Bruce Highway, 4 miles south of Bowen. 

Take your picture with the Big Mango by visiting the summit of the Whitsundays! Visit the information centre while you’re there and sample some delectable mango sorbet from the region. Public art exhibits by regional sculptors are on display in the Big Mango Gardens. The Big Mango is pet-friendly, has an off-leash dog park area, and plenty of parking space for vehicles of all sizes.

Big Mango To Billabong Sanctuary

Travel Distance184 km
Travel Time by car2 hours 4 minutes

Australia’s Best Interactive Wildlife Experience is available at Billabong Sanctuary! It is about 20 minutes south of Townsville, Queensland, on Highway 1A, and it showcases local wildlife in eucalypt woodland, rainforest, and wetlands environments. It specialises in unique, intimate experiences as a tiny boutique park. Pose with a parrot, pet a dingo, feed the cassowaries, and get up close to a koala. Even a young saltwater crocodile could be in your hands. Kangaroos and pademelons will hike up for a pat in one of the three walk-through cages. 

Most interactive activities are free; you can use your camera to record the moment. Rangers deliver engaging and passionate wildlife talks all day long that are both motivational and entertaining. It’s fascinating to see the daily croc feeding demonstrations as these powerful reptiles leap out of the water to grab their prey. Billabong Sanctuary has gained Advanced Ecotourism Accreditation for its emphasis on conservation.

Billabong Sanctuary To Townsville Ring Road Construction Office

Travel Distance26.6 km
Travel Time by car24minutes

The Townsville Ring Road Section 4 project combines greenfield and brownfield construction to create an 11.5 km, four-lane, motorway-standard road link that connects Shaw Road to the Bruce Highway north of Mount Low Parkway at the western end of the Townsville Ring Road. The scope includes 68 cross-drainage structures, five flyover structures, three bridges and a new dual-carriageway alignment.

The Bohle floodplains, through which the dual carriageway is to be built, provide many issues the team will need to bear in mind throughout the project’s planning and implementation phases. The rainy season will be a significant factor in Townsville Ring Road Section 4 development, as it is with all projects in the tropical North Queensland environment. Weather-critical work will be planned to have the least possible impact as a way to mitigate this.


What Can You See Between Townsville And Rockhampton?

Airlie Beach Lagoon, Whitehaven Beach, and Billabong Sanctuary are the critical attractions en route from Rockhampton to Townsville. Capricorn Caves, Hamilton Island Marina, and Bluewater Lagoon are more well-liked locations.

Which Route Connects Rockhampton To Brisbane?

The Bruce Highway connects coastal population centres from Brisbane to Cairns across a distance of 1,677 km, serving as Queensland’s leading north-south trade and passenger route. One of the last significant bottlenecks between Brisbane and Cairns is the existing Bruce Highway through Rockhampton, which has 19 traffic signals to negotiate.

Which Australian City Is Closest To Townsville?

Everybody may find something to do in the town and its surroundings on any holiday. The coastal communities of Mission Beach, Tully, Cardwell, Ingham, and Balgal Beach are located to the north of Townsville, while Ayr, Home Hill, and Bowen are here to the south. Cities in the interior include Ravenswood and Charters Towers.

What Makes Rockhampton So Renowned?

This region of Rockhampton’s CBD is one of the highlights of any visit to the city because of the concentration of gorgeous old buildings, the tree-lined lanes, and the softly flowing Fitzroy River next to Quay Street. A sizable and prosperous city, Rockhampton is known as the unofficial capital of Central Queensland.

Is Rockhampton, Australia, An Excellent Place To Live?

The Rockhampton Region is more than just sunny days and comfortable temperatures. The Rockhampton Region provides residents and visitors with a world of opportunities with a bustling town, a wealth of natural sites to check out, an average of over 300 days of sunshine per year, and the friendliest people in Queensland.

Final Word

If you’re organising a road trip, you might be curious how far it is to drive from Rockhampton, Australia, to Townsville, Australia. Based on the current gas costs in your area and an estimation of your car’s optimum gas mileage, you can also figure out how much it will cost to drive from Rockhampton, Australia, to Townsville, Australia.

Finding the city’s location midway between Townsville, Australia, and Rockhampton, Australia, may be interesting if you’re meeting a buddy. Rockhampton to Townsville road trip is perfect if you want an adventure that will test your limitations and reward you with stunning scenery.

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