Rottnest Island Day Trip: Full Tour Guide

Rottnest Island Day Trip
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Set out on an exciting voyage to a hidden gem, Australia’s offshore Rottnest Island. This delightful day trip will take you to a place filled with breathtaking beauty and natural treasures. 

Explore the vivid coral reefs or submerge yourself in the beautiful turquoise waves that caress gorgeous beaches of white sand. The lovely quokkas, the island’s most well-known inhabitants, will meet and smile at you. Explore various outdoor activities like cycling, snorkelling, and hiking along stunning coastline trails. 

Get ready to be mesmerized by Rottnest Island’s picturesque sceneries and make lifelong memories.

Island Of Rottnest

Rottnest Island / Wadjemup is a vacation paradise with beautiful beaches, turquoise bays, bike paths, and walking trails. It is also home to quokkas, the happiest animals on earth. 

The Class A reserve, which prioritizes conservation above driving, is just a few Wadjemup / Rottnest Island, which is only 19 km from Fremantle, 33 km from the centre of Perth, and 22 km from Hillarys, offers a unique experience whether you visit for a day or spend some time. The preferred vacation island of Western Australia is easily reachable by ferry, airplane, or private boat.

The traditional custodians of Wadjemup are the Whadjuk Noongar people, and the island has a long and complicated history for Aboriginal people in Western Australia. Connect to the island’s historical, cultural, and spiritual significance by taking an interactive Aboriginal tour or visiting the Wadjemup Museum. With its dazzling white sand, crystal-clear water that you can see to your toes, and beautiful bays created by naturally carved rocks, Rottnest’s beaches are like a little paradise. 

There are 63 isolated beach coves connected by paved walking and riding pathways. Of course, the quokka, a lovable animal that sometimes seems to smile, is the primary draw.

How To Get There

Even though the ferry travel is short—about 45 minutes from Hillarys Boat Harbour in the north of Perth and 90 minutes from Perth City—it is infamous for being rough. SeaLink, Rottnest Fast Ferries, and Rottnest Express are the three firms that offer services on the island. To minimize disappointment, especially during the summer, get your ticket online. 

If you want to make an entry quickly and for a higher price, choose a seaplane or helicopter. Of course, a private boat charter is also a possibility.

A visitor’s centre, eateries, and shops can be found in Thomson Bay Settlement, close to the ferry station. You’ll notice a lot of quokkas scurrying around here later in the day. 

The most active area on the island is the best spot to get anything you want, including a bite to eat (try an organic meat pie from the Rottnest Bakery). There is also a tiny grocery on the island’s northern side, in Geordie Bay.

Rottnest Island’s Travel Season

Keep in mind that Australia is located in the southeastern hemisphere. Its summer months are from November to February. Winter and fall are relatively cold months, so don’t expect to find excellent beach conditions then. Over time, Rottnest Island has also grown in popularity as a place to go for “Schoolies Week” or visits to celebrate high school graduation.

Although the weather is nice at either end of the peak season in October or March/April, I advise visiting Rottnest Island on a weekday between November and February.

Rottnest Island Day Trip Total Costing

The chart is the minimal cost list for a day trip in rottnest Islan: 

Day Tour PackagePrice
Thrill Ride$132.00
Adventure Rottnest with Bike hire          $189.00
Adventure Rottnest$154.00
Discover Rottnest$134.00
Experience Rottnest with Bike and Snorkel hire $136.00
Experience Rottnest with Bike hire $114.00

Accommodation Facilities

The accommodation facility over here is quite flexible. The following options will be suitable for staying: 

  • Budget-friendly lodging options include family rooms and dorms at Rottnest Hostel. There are 17 dormitory rooms at Kingstown Barracks, most used by groups like schools.
  • The Main Settlement’s Caroline Thomson Cabins are cedar-sided. Apiece one has a double bed and two bunk beds, accommodating up to 6 people. 
  • Built in the 1920s, North Heritage Bungalows are the original Rottnest lodging. The Bungalows are best used in the summer because of their canvas sides.
  • The Rottnest Hotel is near the Samphire Rottnest in Thomson Bay. The 80-room hotel has a restaurant, a beach club, and pools that resemble lagoons.
  • Discovery Pinky Beach is home to the eco-friendly resort of Rottnest Island. The 83 luxurious eco-tents look stunning and add some glitz to the island.

Things You Need To Take In Rottnest Island

You should bring the following goods for your trip to Rottnest Island:

  • Swimwear and a rash vest
  • Sunscreen
  • Shades and a hat
  • Camera
  • Strand towel
  • Bring your walking shoes and thongs if you’re considering hiking parts of the paths.
  • Bring a lightweight raincoat (depending on the weather in Perth) and a sweater for the return trip.
  • Bottle of Water

Activities On Rottnest Island

Find some of the top picks to spice up the journey here:

  • There are 63 beaches and 20 bays to swim and unwind while enjoying the beautiful waves.
  • On an all-inclusive seafood cruise, indulge in a delicious sea-to-plate experience.
  • (September–April) Take a 90-minute adventurous boat cruise.
  • Visit Little Salmon Bay to see the marine life and the underwater snorkelling trail.
  • Visit each of the must-see places on Rottnest Island via bus tour.
  • While hiking along the Wadjemup Bidi, take your route.
  • Discover a variety of plants, animals, and fauna, such as birds, quokkas, and wildflowers.
  • Take a catamaran excursion at dusk or a snorkel tour around the bays.
  • The Wadjemup Museum offers historical information about the island.
  • On a walking tour with a Noongar, discover the island from the perspective of the indigenous people.

Restaurant Options On Rottnest Island

The following places would be must-try places: 

Restaurant Options On Rottnest Island
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Cafes, Bars, And Restaurants

  • The Thomson Bay Settlement restaurant Frankie’s on Rotto is entirely licensed and offers breakfast, fresh coffee, and a selection of pizza, pasta, and salad meals.
  • Along with its selection of ice-cold beers, Gov’s Sports Bar in Karma Rottnest delivers standard pub fare. 
  • The excellent assortment of WA Craft, domestic, and foreign beers and wines at Hotel Rottnest makes it one of the most significant locations during sunset. 
  • At Samphire Rottnest, there is a chic restaurant called Lontara. The meal is meant to be shared and is influenced by South East Asia.
  • Thompson Bay’s Thomsons Rottnest serves share dishes, traditional beach fare, and family favourites.

Coffee, Snacks, And A Light Meal

Coffee Snacks And A Light Meal
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  • Maeve’s on Rotto, Lexi’s on Rotto, and Kalli’s on Rotto all serve the same outstanding coffee that Frankie’s does out of adorable vintage coffee vans. 
  • The Rottnest Bakery is a local landmark known for its bakery treats like sausage rolls, pork pies, vanilla slices, cream buns, and jam doughnuts.


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New inventory from the mainland arrives daily at the general stores in Geordie Bay and Rottnest. All your shopping staples, including meat, fish, dairy, fresh fruit, veggies, and liquor, are available seven days a week.

You Must Try The Food On Rottnest Island

You will have a wide selection of food and beverages to choose from. Isola Bar e Cibo offers beachside eating and fresh seafood; Pinky’s Rottnest Island serves regionally inspired fare; and Lontara lets you take a culinary tour of Southeast Asia. 

The Lane, Dome Café, and Geordie’s Café provide excellent coffee, while Hotel Rottnest is the place for delectable pub fare. Frankies on Rotto, Subway, Rottnest Bakery, and The General Store offer informal dining options.


Does Perth Provide A Day Excursion To Rottnest Island?

Some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and bays may be found on Rottnest Island. With frequent early morning and late evening boat departures from Perth City, Fremantle, and Hillarys, Rottnest is a simple day trip or weekend getaway destination.

How Much Time Should You Devote To Rottnest Island?

You will depart the island after three days of exploring with a new outlook and the enthusiasm that comes from time well spent. You’re guaranteed to return from Wadjemup/Rottnest Island with a unique view and the vigour from time well spent.

Can You Cover Rottnest Island On Foot In A Single Day?

Even if you only visit the island for a single day, you will have plenty of time to go on a few walks, have lunch, and go swimming. These paths are fantastic since they all connect at different spots, allowing you to select your adventure and proceed at your leisure.

Is A Trip To Rottnest Island Worthwhile?

Even so, staying a few days is a beautiful experience. Spending at least one night on Rottnest Island while travelling to Western Australia is best. It is challenging to squeeze all that needs to be seen and done into a single day.

What Makes Rottnest Island Renowned?

The seas surrounding Rottnest Island are a diver’s paradise thanks to its spectacular limestone reef, abundant marine life, and several classic dive spots, including underwater caverns. Discover the wonders that await below when you dive with Bucket List Diver.


Your experiences on Rottnest Island will stay with you long after the day ends. This island paradise offers a retreat unlike any other, from the serene beaches to the amusing quokkas. Your memories of the thriving marine life and magnificent coral reefs will last a lifetime. 

Take time to appreciate the beauty around you and inhale the clean sea air. Whether you’ve indulged in exhilarating water sports or have lain back and rested, Rottnest Island’s enchantment will make an everlasting impression on your soul. 

Say goodbye to this magical hideaway with the knowledge that it will be there when you return, ready to reignite your sense of awe. By night, unwind in a beachside hotel, a historic house, or an eco-glamping tent, or bring your camping supplies and live simply as the city lights glitter over the water. 

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