St Helena Island Tours: Enjoy Day Trip Activities

St Helena Island Tours
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The island’s long history dates to the 1800s, when it served as a jail for criminal offenders. The prison’s ruins are still visible today and offer an enthralling look into Australia’s colonial past.

St. Helena Island Tours is an important historical site and a fantastic outdoor recreation area. On the island, several hiking, swimming, and fishing options exist. The mangroves, home to many animals like dolphins, turtles, and birds, can also be explored by tourists.

Activities You Can Experience On St Helena Island Tours

St Helena Island is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for an exciting adventure or a day for relaxation. Everyone will find something to enjoy on this stunning island. Here are some places you can explore on St Helena Island tours:

Visit The Ruins Of The Prison

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The prison ruins are a fascinating reminder of the island’s dark past. It is currently a national park after serving as a prison in the past. Visitors can walk through the ruins and learn about the history of the prison.

After Napoleon, an Aboriginal man from Australia was exiled there in 1827, the island, which the local Aboriginals of Australia called Noogoon, was given the new name St Helena. Wynnum, Manly, and Lota communities can see the island from the mainland.

Explore The Mangroves

The mangroves on St Helena Island are home to various wildlife, including dolphins, turtles, and birdsVisitors can take a boat tour through the mangroves to get a close-up look at the wildlife.

Go Hiking

There are several hiking trails on St Helena Island. Hikers can ascend the hill for breathtaking views of the island and the bay below. Always recommended to hire a professional guide for this kind of tour. Take plenty of water, even on the simplest of walks.

Also, take some small snacks. Always walk as a group with at least one companion, especially on walks rated five or above. Inform about your location to someone who can help you if any problem arrives. Take a mobile phone with you, take adequate sun protection, and wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect yourself from sunburn.  

Swim Out The Sweat

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There are several beaches on St Helena Island.  In the 1970s, fishing mishaps often resulted in drownings, and a poll of schoolchildren revealed that 86% couldn’t swim. The little pool at Ladder Hill Fort and the dam at the top of the town underwent unsuccessful renovation attempts.

The Swimming Pool Action Group (SPAG), a non-profit organization, was established to generate funds to construct a new pool. Strong public support for it was shown by those who pledged to contribute from their paychecks.

The St. Helena government promised that if the pool were completed, it would make sure that every schoolchild had the chance to learn to swim. Now it is open to visitors who can swim, sunbathe, or go snorkeling in the clear waters.

Grab A Fish

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We fished right until the sun set past the mountains before pulling in the rods and heading back to Vancouver for dinner.

There are plenty of fish in the waters around St Helena Island. The island is surrounded by several fishing grounds and areas along the shore where various fish can be caught. Marlin, Wahoo, and sailfish are familiar sights during the primary season, which runs from April to August. Barracuda, tuna, bullseye, and conger eel are more kinds. Visitors can go fishing and catch their own dinner. 


Q: Is Anyone Able To Visit St. Helena Island?

A: Without a tour guide, anyone can visit the island’s southernmost point. Only guided tours are permitted on the rest of the island, which includes the prison ruins.

Q: How Can One Go To St. Helena?

A: The regular commercial flight service is the main route to St. Helena. You can Fly Yourself Here if you can access a plane or rent one. Otherwise, you can travel here on a cruise ship, yacht, or a few more original methods.

Q: What Time Should I Go To St. Helena?

A: St. Helena’s primary tourist season runs from November to March, during the southern hemisphere’s summer when the days are typically sunny and warm. Rainfall is to be expected, especially outside of Jamestown in March, but it rarely lasts for an extended time at this time of year.

Q: Is Traveling To Saint Helena Safe?

A: St. Helena removed its COVID-19 immigration restrictions as of August 8, 2022. This entails the absence of testing, quarantine, and mask-wearing restrictions. Although the government of St. Helena highly advises travelers to be appropriately immunized, all travelers are welcome upon arrival regardless of their level of immunization.

Q: Why Do Travelers Travel To St. Helena?

A: St. Helena’s spectacular natural beauty and dramatic historical background provide all tourists with an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience. The island has much to offer regarding breathtaking landscapes, clear marine waters, sub-tropical weather, and hospitable locals.

Important Information

  • Walking on St. Helena is different, challenging, and can be hazardous.
  • Many walks are on steep, narrow coastal tracks with loose surfaces. 
  • Walkers should know the dangers of cliff-side paths, uneven terrain, loose grit, stone, dizzy heights, and difficulty following the route.

Additional Information

Some additional travel tips:

  • Get travel insurance. This protects you from unexpected expenses like medical bills or misplaced luggage.
  • Learn basic words and sentences in the language where you want to go. Your journey will be more pleasurable, and you’ll be able to connect with locals thanks to this.
  • Download a map of the city or region you’re visiting. This will help you get around and find your way to your destinations.
  • Take advantage of free activities. Many cities and towns have free walking tours, museums, and other events.

Travel Tips 

  • It is best to visit during the dry season from May to October.
  • From a variety of available tours, you can pick one that suits your interests.
  • The island can also be explored at your own pace by renting a car.

In The End

Go for a weeklong tour, where you will learn about the island of St. Helena Island Tour from an expert guide. Visit some breathtaking locations and sceneries. The history of the Island is rich, ranging from the exiled Napoleon Bonaparte to the Boer prisoners of war.

The island’s wildlife is equally fascinating, with 455 different types of invertebrate species and the chance to see uncommon birds like moorhens and fairy white terns.

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