Stradbroke Island Day Trip: Enjoy Full Day Tour Plan

Stradbroke Island Day Trip
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Stradbroke Island is on the island known by the nicknames Straddie or North Straddie is located in Moreton Bay in the Australian state of Queensland, 30 km southeast of Brisbane. Dive into the world of Manta Bommie’s resident gentle giants, the curious and kind manta rays, for a genuinely transforming experience. You could swim alongside turtles and reef sharks at one of Australia’s top dive spots, well-known for its excellent diving.

Hundreds of pods of humpback whales and their calves may be seen playing and displaying from many viewing points around the island during the cooler months when migration season arrives.

Stradbroke Island Day Trip Overview

Want to have a weekend to remember? In Stradbroke Island, you will see more animals than humans, find breathtaking beaches where you could spend all day, go on challenging 4WD excursions, and learn about the rich Indigenous culture.

Things You Can Experience On Stradbroke Island

Ferry Ride To The Island

stradbroke ferries Island
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In Brisbane, you may still have a day of fun or work before travelling east to Cleveland to board one of the two boats that leave hourly from 6 am to 7 pm. Whether you have 4WD or not, travelling to and around the island is easy, owing to Sealink and a network of well-maintained, paved roads linking the seaside settlements strewn around the island. If you take the swift Stradbroke Flyer water transport for passengers, you will land on Straddie’s sandy coastline in only one hour or 25 minutes. 

Checking Into The Accommodation

On Straddie, you may choose from various accommodations to suit your preferences. The renowned Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel is the place to stay if you like your lodging to have four walls and be surrounded by white sand beaches and undeveloped forests. Additionally, suppose you’re visiting with a group or family. In that case, several vacation homes and Allure Resort and Samarinda Jewel by the Sea are nearby, where you can frequently see whales breach off the beach from your terrace during whale season.

On the other side, Minjerribah Camping, which runs six oceanfront campgrounds on the island, is where to spend time in nature. ‘Glamp’ in the fantastic Eco Shacks or bring your tent. Do you desire something a little wilder? To pick your location along Main Beach or Flinders Beach, bring your 4WD and sand-driving skills.

Enjoy Surfing On The Beach

Head to the beach after breakfast at the favourite neighbourhood deli, market, and café, The Island Barn. Cylinder Beach is the ideal location for a first swim, and the gentle waves make it suitable for a beginner’s surf. Surfers with more experience might like the action at Main Beach, which is close to Point Lookout Surf Club.

Enjoy Surfing On The Beach
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When it comes to surfing, are you more of a novice than a pro? The North Stradbroke Island, Surf School staff will have you hanging ten in some time. Dolphins and whales are frequently spotted during classes at Point Lookout, which operates all year round in pristine seas. Visit the beaches at this famous Queensland location, open to people of all ages.

Enjoying The Traditional Seafood Lunch

Enjoying The Traditional Seafood Lunch

Visit Fishes at the Point for delectable, classic fish and chips and beer on tap. As the locals affectionately know it, Fishes is situated across from the gorgeous North Gorge and provides all-day meals and outdoor eating.

Best Off-Road Beach Trials

Get some lunch at Point Lookout and prepare to explore even more of the second-largest sand island in the world. It’s time to go from bitumen to sand. If you have a 4WD, first obtain vehicle access permission. It is best to explore Main Beach. Drive along the water’s edge, enjoy the peace, or go fishing at The Pin. Alternatively, head inland along the sand trails to explore Blue Lake or choose a serene vantage point. 

Best Off Road Beach Trials
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Do you want to relax more on the beach? A small secluded cove at South Gorge Beach is ideal for a splash or a game of beach cricket. Head across the headland to Main Beach, patrolled by Point Lookout SLSC, if you’re itching for another surf or swim.

The Iconic Coastal Walk Track

Even locals will agree that you must do this when visiting Straddie. North Gorge Walk can only be described as breathtakingly lovely. This short, 1.5-kilometer stroll meanders around the canyon and headlands while tucked between the forest and the sea. If you’re lucky, turtles will pause from their busy schedules to play above the waves so that you can have a good look.

The Iconic Coastal Walk Track
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Look out for manta rays; they have been seen from the coast here. You could witness a few spouts and splashes during the winter when humpback whales breach while migrating. Let your sweet tooth lead you to Oceanic Gelati Bar in Point Lookout after your stroll and maybe another plunge in the ocean. The handcrafted Italian ice creams highlighting regional fruits in flavours like lychee, strawberry & basil, and iced vovo make deciding which scoop to have challenging. The answer is to order a triple scoop. You deserve it.

Then take a stroll to explore the local shops and art galleries. The Woven Arts Studio, Alan McKinnon’s Gallery, and Starfish Studio all stop on the Minjerribah Arts Trail, including artwork and textiles.

Viewing Sunset With A Drink

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On Straddie, a rush hour seems a little different. The locals relax for a drink with the best views in town while the kangaroos come out to play. Go for a stroll at dusk, spread down a picnic blanket, or drive into the bar for a sundowner. Do you want to see something unique? During sunset, wild dolphins visit the little fishing community of Amity Point to say hello.

Visiting The Mantas

Every Straddie resident tends to congregate at Blue Room for its beach shack ambiance and island-style brekky, so we recommend you follow suit. If you want a seat, go there early. If it’s already filled, get some food and coffee, cross the street, and picnic at Point Lookout. It won’t seem inferior in the least. Dive in to say hi to the manta rays and leopard sharks that congregate in the seas near Straddie every summer. 

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Manta Bommie, one of Australia’s top 10 dive sites, is the most fantastic place to find them. Divers frequently see turtles, shovelnose rays, stingrays, eagle rays, and groups of three to four manta rays swimming together along this rocky reef off the island. To have the divemasters lead your day, schedule a dive excursion with Manta Lodge & Scuba Centre. You may snorkel with manta rays or see them from above by strolling along the North Gorge Walk.

Visiting The Beach Before Leaving

Just enough time remains before the boat returns to your house for a freshwater swimming hole Brown Lake trip. The tea trees surrounding the lake gave it both its name and its eponymous hue, which gives your skin a calming treatment and gives the clear water a brown tint. 

The distance between this parking area and Dunwich, where you must catch the boat home, is about seven minutes by automobile. Adding a few additional stops to your itinerary on the Minjerribah Arts Trail is worthwhile. Local artists are shown in the Historical Museum, Salt Water Murris Quandamooka Art Gallery, and Island Arts Gallery in Dunwich.

Attractions And Other Things To Do

Scooters On Straddie

When you arrive on the island, Scooters on Straddie, situated in Dunwich, may pick you up for no additional cost from any of the two water taxis that service North Stradbroke Island The Straddie Flyer and Stradbroke Ferries. There are 27 scooters ridden with just a car license. Before leaving, newbies receive full-ride instruction! One person per seat!

You can do various things on the island. Excellent for parties, couples, corporations, or anyone wanting a good time! There are options for half-, full-, and multiple-day hiring.

Amity Point Cricket Club

Amity Point Cricket Club
Credit Source: North Stradbroke Island

See the Amity Point Cricket Club’s Facebook page for information on upcoming cricket matches and events. Unwind while enjoying drinks or eating something in the laid-back atmosphere. Along with our Amber Grail event, our yearly highlights include our Tutu Carnival and Putt Putt Day.

Whale Watching

The perfect time to observe whales is between late May and early November. Locals and visitors enjoy it in Brisbane; each season is eagerly anticipated! Whale viewing often picks up in the latter months of the migration, with September and October being the best months for sightings.

Whale Watching

Although there isn’t much difference between morning and afternoon whale viewing regarding the time of day, mornings are slightly calmer than afternoons, which may be a factor. Cloudy days may also be ideal for whale viewing because fewer tourists and tour guides are around, making it less crowded than usual.

Bush Walks

The most well-known trek on Straddie is the Gorge trek at Point Lookout. There are stairs and a moderate 1.5-mile stroll. For additional details and maps of the coastal walks, look for the signs along the Point Lookout headlands.

Bush Walks

Within the Naree Budjong Djara National Park’s Blue Lake region are two primary bush walking trails on the island. Both tracks begin at the Blue Lake parking lot about 9 km up Alfred Martin Way from Dunwich.

Terra Bulla Leumeah Tours

terra bulla leumeah gall img1

Experience Terra Bulla Luemeah with a Minjerribah Moorgumpin Elder-in-Council (MMEIC)-led tour. The history of the Myora Mission, the Terra Bulla Bush Tucker Trail, and the Myora Cemetery will all be covered throughout the trip. Up to 19 persons can be transported in a minibus by MMEIC.

Straddie Kingfisher Tours

Straddie Kingfisher Tours
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A 6-hour North Stradbroke Island 4WD eco-tour, fishing, kayaking, snorkelling, and other excursions. Lunch may be enjoyed on the beach as you take in everything Island Paradise offers. Or go on a half-day tour to which you may add on more activities. Alternatives may meet everyone’s interests!

Straddie Cycles

Straddie Cycles is the only company that provides guided bike rides on North Stradbroke Island. The trips give visitors an exceptionally refreshing, close-up view of the island. A terrific approach to discovering the island is to join one of our trips if you are 12 years or older, healthy, and energetic.

Additional Information About Things You Can’t Do And Some Important Tips

Things you can’t do:

  • Drive on the beach.
  • Leave food or trash behind.
  • Feed the wildlife.
  • Pick flowers or plants.
  • Camp in unauthorized areas.

Important tips:

  • Be prepared for the weather.
  • Bring plenty of water.
  • Respect the wildlife.
  • Leave no trace.


How Do I Get To Stradbroke Island?

From Brisbane, there are several routes to get to Stradbroke Island. From Toondah Harbour in Cleveland or Manly, you may take a ferry or a water taxi. The most well-liked method, the ferry, crosses the water in about 25 minutes. Although the water taxi is more costly, it is also speedier.

How Long Should I Spend On Stradbroke Island?

A day trip to Stradbroke Island is a fantastic way to get to know it, but I suggest staying for a few days. You’ll have enough time to accomplish some of the above things and tour the island.

Where Should I Stay On Stradbroke Island?

Several different lodging alternatives exist on Stradbroke Island, including hotels, resorts, bed & breakfasts, and campers. I advise going camping if you’re on a tight budget. Stay at a motel if you want a more rich experience.

What Are The Must-Try Foods On Stradbroke Island?

On Stradbroke Island, several excellent dining establishments offer a range of cuisines. Try the seafood if you’re searching for something regional. You may sample some regional craft beer on Stradbroke Island, also home to several breweries.

What are the best shops on Stradbroke Island?

On Stradbroke Island, several fantastic stores provide everything from souvenirs to locally produced items. I suggest browsing the marketplaces if you’re seeking anything special. You can find some beautiful works to bring home in the several art galleries on Stradbroke Island.

Final Thoughts

Stradbroke Island Day Trip is Located in Moreton Bay, Queensland, 30 km southeast of Brisbane, on the island known by the nicknames Straddie or North Straddie. For a life-changing experience, explore the world of Manta Bommie’s resident gentle giants, the curious and kind manta rays. You could swim among turtles and reef sharks at one of Australia’s premier dive sites, which is well-known for its incredible diving.

During the cooler months when migration season begins, hundreds of pods of humpback whales and their calves may be seen playing and displaying from several viewing sites around the island.

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